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He’s 5. Is that too young to talk with him about alcohol?

Brendan, son of Jeff, Anheuser-Busch employee

Knowing what to say—and when— can help prevent underage drinking. The truth is, it’s never too soon to talk about alcohol. When our kids are young, they count on us to provide guidance and establish boundaries. Now’s the time to set consistent rules and attitudes about alcohol. You’re not just talking; you’re laying a foundation of trust on which you can build your future relationship. To learn more, join us on Facebook and download our free Parent Guide. © 2012 Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis, MO

Better Results + Faster Recovery =Total Program • Complete program including pre and post surgery education

Total Joint Center • A wellness approach for all total joint pain and replacement needs • Only local program offering patient specific partial knee replacement surgery AND total knee and hip replacements using computer assisted navigation. For a treatment plan that will work for you, call us at 432.221.2400 or 855.26JOINT

400 Rosalind Redfern Grover Parkway Midland, Texas 79701

your home for healthcare

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Wellness For Life



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9 5 To Lose Weight: Skip the Fad Diets 6 Y Fitness 9 Breast Cancer: Detection & Prevention

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Events in the Permian Basin

19 Get Fit With Kim: The Answer to the Big Question 20 Woof Woof! The Dog Blog by Mindy 23 Health & Beauty: What to Wear for a Family Portrait 24 Recipe: Baked Apples: Quick Method

ON THE COVER NursEx Home Health Services, LLC, is using the most advanced clinical methodology in the Permian Basin—integrating a new model of patient care that utilizes an individualized treatment regimen to meet every patient's needs.

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It’s All About You When you feel good about yourself, you have a better outlook on life. Our caring and professional staff uses the best science has to offer to help you look and feel your best. We have many great options for every need and every budget. We also offer thorough, private consultations with a medical professional and every client is treated like an individual.

Dr. Robert L. Chappell, Jr. 432–580–8060 •

I want the hospital where my health is worth a deeper look During the month of October, when you schedule your mammography screening, you will also receive a complimentary bone density exam. ORMC will not be filing insurance for the free exam. ORMC is directly or indirectly owned by an entity that proudly includes physician owners, including certain members of the hospital’s medical staff.

FREE Bone Density Exam when you have your mammography screening at ORMC. Now through October 31, 2013 • Some restrictions apply.

420 E. Sixth Street, Ste. 206 Odessa, Texas (432) 582-8677

to lose weight: skip the fad diets by Joy Harriman

f you want to lose weight, skip the fad diets. It’s as simple as that. Yet we’re always responding to the diets that promise what we know can’t really happen. Small, sustainable lifestyle changes over the long-term are much more effective than yo-yo dieting. Fad diets always result in the same weight gained back, usually with a few extra pounds for added insult. You already know the best path for weight loss: • Eat less • Choose healthier foods • Exercise for about an hour each day • Eat breakfast every day, limit take-away meals to once a week, drink water, exercise most days


We often think we’re failures when we can’t keep such a strict and unrealistic diet going. Nutritionists are trying to get the message out that the truth is, it is the diets that are failing women! CHOOSE HEALTHIER FOODS Learn about nutrition. Learn about what you’re going to put into your body. For example: in London, England, more than 85 percent of those surveyed didn’t know calcium was important to their diet and half didn’t know calcium was found in white bread. Six out of 10 people said they’d been asked by their children not to give them foods such as bread, potatoes, and fruit, believing they are bad for them, when they are healthy as part of a balanced diet. The down side of fad diets includes constipation, fatigue, and heart problems.

There is almost no way to lose weight quickly. Weight gain is a chronic problem that takes a long time to achieve. Weight loss also should take a long time to achieve. The Oschner Center for Weight Management gives their patients a list of questions to ask themselves about every diet they try. A diet that fails the test is not worth the effort. The questions include: • Is this a diet you could live with indefinitely? • What percentage of people using the diet reaches their goals? • Who advertises or endorses the diet? • How much does it cost? Diets that ask dieters to buy a certain company’s foods or products are of questionable credibility. It’s not how much they charge for the food, but that the diet is completely self-regulated with no educational support programs, no professional superviBy following these fad sion, but with a lot of diets for an extended celebrity testimonials. period of time you will

not get the nutrients your

Many of the fad diets body requires. There’s focus exclusively on no such thing as a magic carbohydrates, proteins, bullet to lose weight. or fats, while ignoring vitamins and minerals. By following these fad diets for an extended period of time you will not get the nutrients your body requires. There’s no such thing as a magic bullet to Continued on page 15

an apple a day october 2013


by Wendy Hilliard


itness is constantly evolving. It seems the bar is raised a little more with each new program. Aimed at a growing number of above average exercise enthusiasts, the Odessa Family Y is offering a new fitness program to challenge the serious athlete in everyone. “Y Fitness is the next logical progression for those ardent exercise enthusiasts,” said Odessa Family Y Health and Wellness Director Steve Talbot. “This high intensity program uses all the health components. Y Fitness incorporates muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and, of course, flexibility. Focusing on these components will dramatically change your body’s composition,” said Talbot. Described as a boot camp on steroids, this powerful program offers rapid results. “It takes dedication,” said Odessa Family Y member James Rudolph. “I lost 50 pounds in about 7 weeks.” Results like Rudolph’s are not uncommon in a program like this, but it takes squeaky clean eating and a heavy investment of sweat equity to earn it. “It’s hardcore. I felt pretty rough the first two weeks. My arms were dead. I could barely move them.” Instructed by Odessa Family Y Personal Trainer Rocky Garcia, classes last anywhere from 45 minutes to

6 october 2013 an apple a day

an hour, it all depends on the W.O.D. or workout of the day. Garcia creates new and original workouts daily. Certified as a level one CrossFit instructor, Garcia has the experience and knowledge to design and safely lead the tough workout sessions. To get an idea of what to expect in the class, the trainer began reciting a seemingly boundless list of equipment and moves used in the class. “We use bars, kettle bells, sleds, boxes, sledge hammers, ropes, gymnastic rings, running, plyo, Olympic lifts, push and pulls, and we have a rig with monkey bars that incline up and down.” With an ever so slight gleam in his eyes, Garcia sums it up by saying, “pretty much nothing is off limits.” The rig is one of the central pieces of equipment used in the class. Imagine an adult-sized tinker

toy fused with both typical gym and gymnastics equipment—the perfect fitness toy for any athlete. “It’s never boring,” Rudolph chuckled. “I never know what the day will bring. You could love today or hate today. Either way, Rocky will push you. ”

Garcia has successfully competed in several similar fitness events. He placed first this year at the Lubbock Throw Down Fitness Competition, and also placed in the top percent of two local fitness just as mentally tournaments.

The workout is challenging as it is physically. You’re pushed to the point where you want to quit. You are so tired, but you keep going

As demanding as this class sounds, Garcia insists this is for everyone. “Yeah, it’s hard, but we can modify the moves to fit the person. I make sure form is tight, form is important to keep it safe.” In Y Fitness each move is timed, the goal is to complete as many reps in good form as you can within that designated interval. Burgeoning fitness competitions modeled around this type of program are becoming increasingly popular.

Even Rudolph plans to compete in the future. He recognizes his main competitor is ultimately himself. “The workout is just as mentally challenging as it is physically. You’re pushed to the point where you want to quit. You are so tired, but you keep going,” said Rudolph. “The longer you do this type of workout, the better you get. It becomes borderline addictive.” A 1-Day pass to try the class is $10 for members and $20 for non-members. Class size is limited to 5 participants per class. Cost is $75 per month for Y members, $150 for non-members. To learn more about Y Fitness class times and availability, contact the Odessa Family Y at 432–362–4301.

for youth development for healthy living for social responsibility

experience fitness at the odessa family y • Latest equipment and technology • Nursery care for members • Certified instructors and personal trainers • Fun classes to fit your schedule • No initiation fees or contracts 3001 e. university odessa, tx 79762 432–362–4301 •

Breast Cancer:

Detection & Prevention by Joy Harriman


dds are you know someone with the disease—the most common young women’s cancer. Rates increased 23 percent in women ages 20 to 24 between 2000 and 2008, and according to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a breast cancer education and research foundation, it will kill almost 40,000 women of all ages in 2013. Experts believe the cell mutations that cause breast cancer are triggered by everything from X-rays to hormonal shifts during your period and pregnancy.

BREAST SELF-EXAMS Start by standing with one hand behind your head. Using the pads of your fingers of your other hand, move gently over each breast, checking for lumps or thickened areas. Repeat on the other side. Next inspect your breasts in front of the mirror. Then raise your arms. Look for swelling, dimpling, or changes in or around your nipples. Finally, lie down, and using your left fingers, press your right breast, making small circular motions. Squeeze the nipple and check for any discharge and lumps. Repeat on your left breast. Avoid doing self-exams right before your menstrual cycle begins, since that’s when they’re most tender and may even swell. Instead, pick one day every month and commit to doing your self-exam then.

Pick one day every month and commit to doing your self-exam then.

YOUR EARLY-DETECTION PLAN Staying ahead of this disease is the biggest lifesaving step you can take. Work with your ob-gyn to create a screening schedule that makes sense according to your risk level. Here’s what every woman should be doing.

CLINICAL BREAST EXAMS At your annual visit, your internist or ob-gyn will an apple a day october 2013


of needless biopsies and expense, as well as the misplaced fear that they have cancer when they really do not.

examine each breast and check your underarms and collarbone area for changes in breast size, skin texture, bruising, and redness, which could signify anything from an infection to cancer. MAMMOGRAMS—TODAY’S OPTIONS In this annual screening, your breasts are compressed one at a time between an X-ray plate and a plastic plate. Ask your doctor for a digital mammogram, which 80 percent of centers use, since it’s the most up-to-date technology. Guidelines recommend starting at age 40, but if you’re at a high risk of developing breast cancer, you’ll likely need an earlier baseline mammogram. If you’re uninsured, there are several organizations, including the Komen Affiliate Network, that provide free mammogram screenings. Keep in mind that the majority of mammogram findings aren’t cancers. There are other benign conditions like cysts and fibroadenomas that can be detected via mammogram. But if you’ve had a normal mammogram and then feel a lump a month later, don’t assume the lump is normal. Get it checked. Mammograms miss up to 20 percent of tumors, and an average of one out of 10 readings mistakenly identifies healthy breast tissue as possibly malignant. Those false positives mean that women who try to do the right thing by going in for routine cancer screening face a substantial risk 10 october 2013 an apple a day

Mammography misses some cancers and wrongly suggests the presence of others because it is based on lowdose x-rays, which have limitations in their ability to identify tumors. X-rays are not good at spotting tiny tumors, partly because of a lack of contrast and partly because the calcifications associated with tumors are much smaller than benign deposits and therefore easy to overlook. Nor are x-rays good at detecting tumors in dense breast tissue; many women younger than 50 have dense breasts. Finally, mammograms cannot indicate for sure whether an unusual mass is cancerous. Two other commonly used imaging techniques— magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound—often supplement mammography to detect breast cancer but are not yet reliable enough to be used by themselves for screening. MRI uses magnetism and radio waves to measure differences in the water content of tissue, which provides more detail about differences in the composition of breast tissue than do x-rays. But because a benign cyst often looks like a tumor on an MRI, screening with MRI also increases the rate of false positives. For that reason, the American Cancer Society recommends annual MRI screenings only in women with a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer. In addition, breast MRIs are too expensive for routine use in the general population. Ultrasound relies on high-frequency sound waves to characterize the internal structures of the breast. Unlike MRI, it can determine if a lump is a harmless, fluid-filled cyst. But its images cannot distinguish malignant tumors from benign growths filled with harmless breast tissue. It thus gives more false negatives than mammography does, which is why it is less than ideal as a stand-alone method for initial screening. WHAT’S NEXT Ask about these alternate techniques for spotting cancer:

• Ultrasound: Using sound waves to make a picture of your breasts; it helps radiologists see glandular and underlying tissue. Best For: Those with dense (less fatty) breasts, common in younger women. • MRI: This test uses magnets and radio waves to produce a 3D image of your breasts. Contrast dye may be injected into your vein to help potentially cancerous tissue show up more clearly. Best For: Women genetically predisposed to breast cancer or who have dense breasts. • Breast Specific Gamma Imaging: It’s like a mammogram without the compression, and it shows if there’s more blood flow going to certain cells. Cancer cells have more activity. Best For: Women who can’t have an MRI because they’re claustrophobic or have an implanted hear t defibrillator or kidney problems. • Tomosynthesis: It takes multiple x-rays to produce 3D images. Physicians can look at the breast in one millimeter slices. The first large-scale observational study in a U.S. clinical

practice comparing breast cancer screening with 3D mammography technology (breast tomosynthesis) with conventional 2D mammography alone showed a significant reduction in recall rates and a sizeable increase in cancer detection, particularly invasive cancer, across all breast tissue densities. The findings indicate that 3D mammograms overcome many of the limitations of conventional mammography, namely missed cancers and unnecessary recalls. The use of 3D images allows radiologists to see distortions of the breast tissue in greater detail than with 2D mammography alone. This results in earlier detection of cancers when they are easier to treat and a reduction in false positives that may look worrisome on conventional digital mammography. Best For: Dense breasts, but could work for most women as the technology becomes more available.

Wednesday, October 16th at the office of Dr. Stephanie Beidler from 3 - 6 p.m. Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be provided.

With special guest..


Stop by for an in house preview of their fall lingerie collection.

Attendees will receive exclusive offers from both Julian Gold and Dr.Beidler! For more information, contact us at:

(432) 498-2927 or Dr. Beidler’s Office: 1900 West Wall Street, Suite B • Midland, TX

12 october 2013 an apple a day

Advancing Home Health


by Angie Awbrey

re you or a loved one in need of skilled medical services in your home environment? Various health conditions may need home health care and may be triggered by one of the following situations: • Have you recently received a new diagnosis and need training to overcome or properly manage the new problem? • Do you have a chronic health issue that is worsening or is requiring an increased level of care to manage and can be offered to you at home? • Are you being released from the hospital following a surgery, illness, or injury? • Do you find it increasingly difficult to care for yourself at home? • Have you recently suffered a fall or are you having difficulty walking? • Do you require physical, occupational, or speech therapy?

By using our methodology and targeting the goals of you, the patient, we are redefining home health care.

If you or your loved one are experiencing any of the above, then you may qualify for home health services.

NursEx Home Health Services, LLC is using the most advanced clinical methodology in the Permian Basin. We have integrated a new model of patient care that utilizes an individualized treatment regimen to meet your needs. Our skilled professionals incorporate your environment and ability to get your needs met safely and consistently in order for you to successfully manage your medical condition. We are using targeted clinical measurement tools, that are exclusive to us here in the Permian Basin, to achieve the desired outcomes that will allow you to be successful in the environment of your choice.

By using our methodology and targeting the goals of you, the patient, we are redefining home health care by decreasing the number of readmissions to the hospital up to 4 times greater than the current model of home health care. NursEx offers the following skilled services in your home environment: • RNs and LVNs • Physical therapists • Occupational therapists • Speech therapists • Certified Nursing Assistants • Social workers We provide skilled nursing care including but not limited to management of high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and dementia; orthopedic aftercare such as joint replacement or trauma; wound care and management; pain management; nutritional management; preventative foot care; medication management; safety and fall prevention; as well as all therapy disciplines and social services. All NursEx employees are trained on our model of care and are required to pass certification to utilize our approach in the field. NursEx services the seventeen Texas counties of Andrews, Brewster, Crane, Dawson, Ector, Gaines, Glasscock, Howard, Jeff Davis, Martin, Midland, Pecos, Reagan, Reeves, Upton, Ward, and Winkler. We maintain multiple accreditations, certifications, and memberships that help us stay on the leading edge of treatment and provide assurance of quality of care. We are Medicare certified, CHAP accredited, and licensed by the Texas State Department of Aging and Disability.

an apple a day october 2013 13

Advanced • Accredited Imaging Services Medical Center Health System has you covered with the latest technology and most expansive line of imaging services in the region, including the only PET/CT, 3 Tesla MRI and SPECT CT in Odessa. Our centers are led by board certified, fellowship-trained radiologists and nationally registered imaging technologists, and have received American College of Radiology Accreditation in CT (Computed Tomography), Mammography, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound.

Odessa’s Only Breast Imaging Center of Excellence The MCH Women’s Imaging Center is the only center in Odessa designated as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology.

Four Convenient Locations in Odessa Medical Center Hospital 500 West 4th Street Diagnostic CT – 128 Slice, 3 Tesla MRI, PET, Nuclear Medicine, 3D & 4D Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy Wheatley Stewart Pavilion 540 West 4th Street Diagnostic CT – 16 Slice, MRI and Ultrasound MCH Center for Health & Wellness 8050 East Highway 191 at Faudree Rd.

MCH Cone Building Offering Saturday Morning Mammograms 318 North Alleghaney, Suite 101 Digital Mammography, Computer Aided Detection, Advanced Diagnostic Breast Ultrasound, Osteoporosis Bone Densitometry, Breast MRI, Stereotactic and Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsies and special procedures For mammography appointments please call (432) 640-4208

CT – 40 Slice, Ultrasound, Osteoporosis Bone Densitometry, Digital Mammography and Computer Aided Detection

For Information and Appointments* call (432) 640-2255.

*Physician’s referral required.

Continued from page 5 lose weight. They also operate on a one-size-fits-all approach that isn’t right for individual dieters. These diets may work at first because they cut calories, but they rarely have a permanent effect. All foods have many components and they fit together like puzzle pieces. When you take out one significant part then you risk missing essential nutrients that can help support a healthy weight and prevent chronic disease. The latest diet fads are more high-tech than the cottage cheese or grapefruit versions. These diets include complex explanations of insulin levels (“Sugar Busters” diet) or eicosanoids, the hormones that regulate inflammation and the immune system (“Zone” diet). The idea of dieters trying to manipulate their own blood sugar levels in order to lose weight also allows for excessive levels of fats than are considered healthy. No one knows the long-term effects of such diets.

If no diet works, then how do we lose weight? The researchers and health care providers unanimously answer the questions with one reply: “Change your lifestyle.”

If no diet works, then how do we lose weight? The researchers and health care providers unanimously answer the questions with one reply: “Change your lifestyle.” Most dietitians, nutritionists, and physicians put their clients on a diet approved by the American Dietitians Association. The rules are simple and familiar. The diet calls for five servings of fruit or veggies a day, with a small amount of grains and lean meats tossed in. The diet recommends that fat intake be restricted to between 30 and 40 grams a day. Most dietitians recommend that dieters consume at least 1,200 calories per day; anything less fails to provide enough vitamins, minerals, and protein. The key to making the diet work is the addition of a regular exercise program. Skipping a meal is out; instead dieters should eat small, healthy meals regularly throughout the day. Try not to lose more than one or two pounds a week. That can mean getting rid of the bathroom scale. For those who are increasing their exercise levels, the scale can be deceptive. Decreasing stored body fat and increasing lean body muscle isn’t always represented correctly on a scale: it may say you weigh the same, but the skirt that didn’t fit three weeks ago will now fit. Dieters should set an attainable goal and then be patient. In the end, those who stick with the basics will persevere. an apple a day october 2013 15

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Events in the Permian Basin by Joy Harriman

The seventh annual Pink the Basin Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon presents Geralyn Lucas, author of Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy as this year's luncheon speaker.

All Regis Style Salons: Help Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research

After 6 years, the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon has not only grown in size and popularity, but it has also successfully provided hundreds of free mammogram vouchers to women in our area who need them the most.

To help raise money and awareness for breast cancer research, Regis Corporation will host Clip for the Cure, their annual, one-day haircutting event on Saturday, October 19. This year more than 7,000 Regis corporate salons and over 50,000+ stylists will host the daylong event, which is held during Breast Cancer Awareness month in October.

Tuesday, October 22 MCM Grande Fun Dome • 6021 E. Business 1-20, Odessa 11:30 am – 1 pm Brought to you by Pink the Basin, Inc. P.O. Box 62122 Midland, TX 79711 432–940–7465 (PINK)

To take part in Clip for the Cure, simply visit a participating Regis corporate salon on October 19 and get a haircut; 10% of proceeds from each cut will go to the Regis Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, which supports early diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and research to find a cure for breast cancer.

Saving True Pairs: One Mammogram at a Time 2nd Annual Sporting Clays Event, a Charity Shoot

Regis Corp. also offers other opportunities to raise money for this important cause: from Sunday, September 1 through Thursday, October 31, salons will sell breast cancer awareness products including $2 rings and $12 bracelets as well as other limited-edition pink products. In addition, salons will accept guest and business cash donations to the Foundation.

Friday, October 18 Jake's • 13301 FM 1379, Midland 432–570–0304 Think Pink Tournament Girls fast pitch softball tournament for teams in divisions 9U, 11U, 13U, and 15U. For breast cancer awareness. Sponsored by Odessa Girls Softball Association Friday, October 18 – Sunday, October 20 UTPB girls softball fields • 4901 E. University, Odessa

16 october 2013 an apple a day

To date, Regis stylists and guests have raised more than $10 million for the Regis Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, which supports research projects at leading research institutes including the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic. For more information or to find a participating salon near you, visit

13th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Chili (CASI Sanctioned) and Bar-B-Que Cook Off Saturday, October 12 American Legion Woods Lynch Post #19 501 Veterans Airpark Road, Midland The Gifts of Hope organization provides help with day-to-day expenses for patients at the Allison Cancer Center and West Texas Cancer Center in Midland. Gifts of Hope also support Hope House, an organization that provides, at no expense, a "home-away-from-home" for out-of-town patients undergoing treatment. Overall, last year's cook-off raised $42,750. Over the last 12 years, the cook-off has raised $202,000. The following food categories will be judged at this year's cook-off:

• Chili (CASI Sanctioned) Entry Fee: $25 Turn-in Time: 2:00 pm Trophies: 1st through 10th Showmanship: 1st through 3rd • Barbeque (Lone Star Barbecue Society Sanctioned) Categories: 1/2 Jointed Chicken, Pork Spareribs, Beef Brisket Entry Fee: $25 for each entry Turn in Times: Chicken - 12:00 Noon, Pork Spareribs - 1:00 pm, Beef Brisket - 3:00 pm Plenty of room for motor homes, trailers and pits. Set up Friday, October 11th.

Matthew B. Furst, m.d., p.a.

Diplomate American Board of Surgery Diplomate American Board of Plastic Surgery

Providing specialized assessment & treatment through a full range of plastic surgery solutions. BREAST SURGERY • Augmentation • Reduction • Reconstruction • Lift

BODY CONTOURING • Abdominoplasty • Liposuction

(432) 580-8044

318 N Alleghaney, Suite 400 Odessa, TX • 79761

Cooking With Kim 2013 Fall Class Schedule October 3 – SOUP-er Hearty Meals: Part 3 This soup gives comfort food a brand new meaning! October 17 – Appetizers & Starters How to serve your guests tasty and healthy food and have time to enjoy your own party! Each class is $25 (payment and registration required prior to class). To register and pay, or ask questions, contact me at 432–557–5001 or Classes are filling up quickly! Classes for private groups and parties are also available–choose your own menu and class date! You can also prepay and register for every scheduled class and you are guaranteed the recipes for those classes whether you can attend or not. Contact me for details!



hat should I do? Do cardio on an empty stomach. Never do cardio. You must eat grains, but gluten (in grains) will make you fat. Lift heavy weights. Only do interval training. Eat every 2 hours. Eat only 3 meals. Don’t eat at night. Drink a protein shake right before bed."

These days, everyone has a solution for losing weight, gaining muscle, having the body of your dreams, and being healthy. It’s no wonder we are all confused and skip from one failed promise of health and beauty to another. Watch Dr. Oz for a week and your head may explode from all the contradicting advice. Endlessly, people ask me about food and exercise— “If, when, what kind, how much, how long. Should I do ——— and/or eat ——— ?” The questions don’t bother me; it’s the disappointed look on the faces of people after I give them the answer that’s hard. I feel for each one of you. It’s so frustrating when all you want is the right program to help you reach your goals, only to get conflicting answers and no results. Today I’m going to answer all your questions about diet and exercise. And I will tell you exactly which exercise and diet program you should do. Sound good? WELL, THE ANSWER IS: “IT DEPENDS” Because everyone is unique, choosing the right exercise and nutrition plan depends on all kinds of things which are specific to you. • It depends on your exact situation. • It depends on your specific needs and preferences. • It depends on what you actually want to do. • It depends on what you actually have the time, capability and work capacity to do. And most importantly, it depends on your goals. • Are you trying to lose fat? • Build muscle?

• Get stronger? • Improve cardiovascular health? • Are you training for some kind of endurance or power event/sport? • Improve mobility or flexibility? • Burn additional calories? • Improve your overall level of fitness and conditioning? The list goes on with specific individual factors that play a role in determining which exercise and nutrition plan is right for you. Take time to set yourself up for success by answering these questions. Also, don’t forget to have a physician give you a clean bill of health before you start any kind of exercise or nutrition plan. Once you’ve decided on a program that fits your goals, there is one key component to ensure your success. BE CONSISTENT Consistency is crucial for getting results from any activity you choose whether it’s for weight loss, training for a sport, learning a language, or quitting smoking. The way to get results and excel at anything is to practice consistently. The little things add up to big results. Plus, you will know if your current program is not right for you. Without consistency, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what does and does not work for you specifically. If you need additional help with choosing a healthy exercise and nutrition program, go to and message me. I will be happy to consult with you.

Special thanks to this month’s contributor: Kim Clinkenbeard, CPT, FNS

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woof, woof! Keliree Mitchell founded Pet Spotters, a Facebook site dedicated to connecting lost pets with their owners after losing her own pet Chihuahua, Mindy. Woof, Woof! represents stories related to this site and is dedicated to Mindy.


eople tell me that I have a strange way of looking at the world. Or that I am too sensitive and always think with my heart. Oh well, I am what I am. I don’t watch scary movies and I don’t watch movies that make me cry. I see too much of real life that is scary and upsetting, so why waste time deliberately watching something that is upsetting. I don’t see the point. These past two weeks watching the devastating floods in Colorado have just had me on the verge of tears. The stories of destruction and loss are overwhelming and I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to find something good. So I started looking for those wonderful stories of rescues and survival that will warm your heart and let you know there are amazing people in this world that go beyond the necessary to save lives. I remember feeling this way when Oklahoma had the bad tornados. One of the many rescues I saw was a woman who was stranded at her home with her dog. There were several neighbors stranded as well. The water was rising quickly and there was no way to evacuate. All the roads were washed away and dangerous. The woman was alone with her dog when her husband showed up from a business trip. They were able to put together ropes and make a pulley system to transport them across the raging water. Of course, she wasn’t going to leave her dog, and someone took a picture of her being pulled across the water with her dog on her body. The dog looked pretty

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the dog blog by mindy

comfortable and I’m sure it was because he was with his owner and he knew he was safe. There are several rescue organizations that swung into action and started rescuing animals across the flood zone, but most animals are rescued by people in other counties who came to help. They were rescuing dogs, cats, horses, and cows. It didn’t really matter what kind of animal, if they found an animal, they picked it up and took it to a safe place in their county. Those people are true angels and actually risked their own lives to save animals. That sounds wonderful but it reminds me of how important it is to have your pets microchipped. During those floods, I’m sure a collar could come off easily, and without a microchip, no one will ever match your pet back to you. That would be just as heartbreaking as the flood itself. I recently was told about tattooing your pet. It seems that farmers and ranchers have been doing that for years. It is a simple procedure­—usually a number tattooed to their ear. Bounty Skin Art is our local tattoo artist that tattoos pets and then registers them in an online database where they are registered forever. However you choose to protect your family pets is fine, just choose a way. And remember that we have Petspotters, where you can find many angels that will go above and beyond to help reunite you with your lost pet. Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. -Albert Einstein Special thanks to this month’s contributor: Keliree Mitchell Founder, Pet Spotters

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very year when family portrait time rolls around, chances are you’re like most people who stress to the max about what you should have your family members wear. Whether you’re visiting Sears, JC Penney, or hiring your own private photographer to take your family photograph, there are certain family portrait outfit rules you should be sure to follow. DON’T DO IDENTICAL MATCHING OUTFITS Never, under any circumstances, have your entire family wear the exact same outfit. The idea is to coordinate clothes that aren’t exactly the same, but outfits that complement each other. DO CHOOSE TO COORDINATE If you choose a two color theme, like black and khaki, and work with it, you’ll see better results. This might seem a bit overwhelming, but it can be really easy to put together. You could choose to dress yourself in an all black dress, your husband in a black polo and khaki pants, your daughter in a black and khaki flower patterns dress, and your son in a black sweater vest, white button down shirt, and khaki pants. This will help your family look as if they are coordinating, but not identically matching. Just be sure to keep patterns to a minimum, because if two family members are wearing different patterns, they can certainly clash on film.

To ensure all family members look bright and cheery, think about choosing bolder or darker shades of clothing for your family photo session.

DON’T WEAR ALL PASTELS One of the trendiest ideas in casual family photo sessions is for the family to wear all white or all pastel colors. This is extremely popular for outdoor photos, but only truly works with evening lighting, in outdoor locations with many vivid surrounding

colors, and with families with darker or tanner skin tones. So, be sure to avoid all white clothing. Otherwise, your family members will sort of blend together like a runny painting and will all look washed out. DO CHOOSE BOLD COLORS To ensure all family members look bright and cheery, think about choosing bolder or darker shades of clothing for your family photo session. You can think about choosing colors to match the time of year you’ll be using the photo. For example, if you’re trying to take a family photo for a Christmas card, think about using red, black, green, or navy blue for your clothing theme. If you’re getting photos taken in the fall, think about using browns, oranges, reds, or yellows. DON’T GET TOO FORMAL While it might be fun to think about dressing up in formal attire for family photos, the best photos always capture your family in a more natural setting. Sure, you can choose nice clothing you might wear to church or to a party, but renting tuxedos and bringing out the evening gowns is rarely necessary. DO KEEP IT CASUAL If you want to capture a family portrait you can pass down through your upcoming family generations, it’s important to ensure you keep your attire casual. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like a stuffy family who is merely uncomfortable in their clothing and no one wants to be remembered that way!

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Baked Apples: Quick Method by Kim Clinkenbeard, CPT, FNS 1 medium apple (I like Honeycrisp, Fuji, or Gala. They are sweet, so you don’t have to add sugar. And they hold up well to baking.) 1 Tbsp. dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, blueberries, dates, etc.) 1 Tbsp. chopped nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds, etc.) Cinnamon to taste Pinch of sea salt ½ cup hot water or unsweetened organic apple juice or cider Place dried fruit of choice in a bowl and pour the hot liquid over them. Allow them to soak until plump and remain in soaking liquid until you are ready to cook. Wash an apple and remove most of the core, leaving about 1/4-inch at the bottom. Remove a thin strip of peel from around the cavity. Place the apple into a deep microwave-safe baking dish or bowl. Sprinkle the inside with a little cinnamon and sea salt, and then fill the apple with drained fruit and nuts. Pour a teaspoon of the soaking liquid over the dried fruit and nuts. Microwave the apple, uncovered, on high until tender, 3–5 minutes. (Test with a fork after 3 minutes.) Allow to cool for 5 minutes before serving. (Caution: Inside can be very hot, so do let them cool before eating.) Drizzle with maple syrup, honey, or brown sugar for a little extra sweetness. To cook more than one apple at a time, increase the cooking time by about 1 minute per extra apple. Remember, microwaves vary so yours may take a little less or more time. Serves 1

distribution points MIDLAND Albertsons Pharmacy 1002 Andrews Hwy. 4706 N. Midkiff Rd. 3317 N. Midland Dr.

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Midland Memorial Hospital West Campus 4214 Andrews Hwy.

Harmony Health Food Shoppe 3110 E. University Blvd., Ste. A

Flat Belly Organics 3326 N. Midkiff Rd. Graham Pharmacy 1601 W. Wall St. HealthSouth 1800 Heritage Blvd. HEB Pharmacy 3325 W. Wadley Ave. Midland Memorial Hospital 2200 W. Illinois Ave.

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St. Jospeh’s Home Health 24 Smith Rd., Ste. 500 Walgreens Drug Store 330 N. Midland Dr. 215 Andrews Hwy. 4313 Andrews Hwy. ODESSA Albertsons Pharmacy 1350 E. 8th St. 4950 E. 42nd St. 2751 N. County Road W.

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Odessa Regional Medical Center 520 E. 6th St. Permian Basin Rehab Center 620 N. Alleghaney River of Life Health Food Shop 2601 N. Grandview Ave. Smith’s Shoes 5101 Twin Towers Super Shapes 5000 E. University Blvd.

University Pharmacy and Medical Supplies 4850 E. University Blvd. Walgreens Drug Store 801 Maple Ave. 2161 E. 42nd St. 1305 W. University Blvd. 1707 W. 8th St. Walmart Clinic 4210 JBS Parkway 2450 West Loop 338 Wendover Family Medicine 4222 Wendover, Ste. 600 Westview Medical Clinic 1220 W. University Blvd. Wheatley Stewart Medical Pavillion 574 W. 5th St.

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