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ake some life lessons from your dog and look at the world through a simpler perspective. You may just get some insight on how to lead a much more balanced life. Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re full. Drink when you’re thirsty. Sleep when you’re tired. Get dirty! Being out in nature and getting sunshine daily will add years to your life. Studies show that a daily dose of sunshine gives your body the vitamin D it needs, helps you sleep better at night, eases stress, and makes you feel more at peace in general. Learn to play again. And play hard! Skip, jump, run, bound, leap, go swimming, roll around, walk, play ball or Frisbee—and grab a friend to do it with you. Playing with others keeps you motivated, connected, accountable, and it’s more fun!

Be happy to see people who come to visit. Greet them warmly and practice hospitality. Share your stuff. Trust. Drive with the windows rolled down, and let the wind blow your hair back—if you have hair. Be grateful. Say thank you. And mean it. A dog’s way to say thanks is with a big slobbery “kiss.” I don’t recommend that unless you’re married. A verbal “thank you” or even handwritten note will suffice. Get groomed. Treat yourself once in a while to a mani-pedi, a massage, or get your hair done. We all feel better—canines and humans alike—when we’ve taken special care of ourselves.

Love deeply and honestly. Protect and fight for those you love…to the death if necessary. Give of yourself. And expect nothing in return. You will be surprised what you will gain. Be a best friend and a loyal companion. Comfort those who are hurting. I don’t recommend licking anyone in the face, but a hug or a friendly phone call will do the trick. Be friendly. If you want friends, be a friend. People who are outwardly friendly to others are generally happier and more successful. Correct those who overstep their boundaries— sometimes gently and sometimes hard. But forgive completely.

Dance, jump up, and spin around if you’re happy. Get the whole family involved. In case you haven’t heard; happiness is contagious. Don’t chase your tail or you will just get dizzy, sick, tired and go nowhere. Most dogs, like people, figure this out fairly quickly. Although there are always a few who just don’t ever seem to get it. Don’t be one of those few. Don’t take yourself or life too seriously. Enjoy every moment. Life is short, so make every moment count!

Special thanks to this month’s contributor: Kim Clinkenbeard, CPT, FNS

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An Apple a Day May 2014  

The May 2014 issue of An Apple a Day magazine.

An Apple a Day May 2014  

The May 2014 issue of An Apple a Day magazine.