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Continued from page 5 back, keeping it level until it touches the wall. Most people will have to tilt their chin up in order to get the back of their head against the wall. That is not the kind of posture you Posture can be improved want. If you cannot get your head back without in as little as a couple of tilting it, push it back as far weeks with practice. as it will go while staying level. Hold it there for 20 seconds. In time, you will improve your alignment enough so your head will reach the wall.

Extra baggage. Use these tips when carrying a heavy purse, gym bag, etc.: • Choose a lightweight bag, made of durable material with padded straps. • A loaded backpack or bag should not exceed 15 percent of your body weight so leave all unnecessary items at home. • If you’re using a bag with one shoulder strap, alternate carrying sides. • Distribute the weight evenly throughout the bag or backpack for better balance.

Work on movement. Using a balance ball (those large inflatable “anti-bust” balls often found in gyms), sit down with your knees at a 90-degree angle. Sitting in your best strong posture, and keeping your knees, torso, and head still, use your pelvis to move the ball in circles. First try three circles toward the left and then three circles to the right. Do the circles slowly: move slowly and smoothly.

It’s never too late to start straightening up. Better posture can not only save your body from some nasty conditions but it can also help you breathe better, feel better, be more energetic, feel more powerful, and look younger than ever before!




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An Apple a Day May 2014  

The May 2014 issue of An Apple a Day magazine.

An Apple a Day May 2014  

The May 2014 issue of An Apple a Day magazine.