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Wellness For Life

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The Odessa Family Y


Thursday, October 3, 2013

to benefit the permian basin rehabilitation center

2012 Steakout Grill Competition Co-Winners: Zombie Grillers and Liberty Fishing & Rental

Grill Competition & Cash Bar Opens - 6:00 p.m. Steak Dinner - 7:00 p.m. Commemorative Air Force Museum 9600 Wright Drive . Midland International Airport


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$100 each


Reserve your table or register your cook-off team


Contact: Kathy Y. Hollmann, 432.332.8244 or

Grill Competition • Steak Dinner • Cash Bar • Live Music by The Geezerz Raffle for 2014 Ford Mustang Premium Coupe • Live & Silent Auctions Bobby & Leona Cox

Better Results + Faster Recovery =Total Program • Complete program including pre and post surgery education

Total Joint Center • A wellness approach for all total joint pain and replacement needs • Only local program offering patient specific partial knee replacement surgery AND total knee and hip replacements using computer assisted navigation. For a treatment plan that will work for you, call us at 432.221.2400 or 855.26JOINT

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Wellness For Life



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ON THE COVER Ten-year-old offensive lineman Julia Butler is part of a small, but growing, number of girls playing tackle football at the Odessa Family Y. Julia discusses how she proved that she has the skills and dedication to play the rough and tumble game.

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Our priority is to educate.

What we do in the classroom is hands-on learning. Students are engaged. We prepare our students by working together, and planning lessons that allow them to be engaged, active, and learning.

Families and teachers connect. The Parent Portal allows you access to your student’s grades, attendance, homework, and more. I use it constantly. Parent Portal makes it easy to stay connected to your kids, their teachers, and the school.

We inspire learning.

New Tech Odessa has been recognized nationally for excellence and is a model school for the nation. The purpose of the design at New Tech Odessa is to make it more like a college setting. New Tech Odessa is a very different environment that inspires learning.

Helping students succeed.

ECISD and The Education Foundation have been noticed around the country for their success. Over the past three years, the AVID program has graduated 193 students and of those students, 190 of them have been accepted into college.

A college dream realized.

I feel that ECISD and my education here through the whole system have shown me that even though we struggle through certain things, if you work hard at them you can be successful. I want my Harvard experience to be as amazing as my ECISD experience at Permian.


Visit us online at


educate connect inspire succeed dream


tudents in Texas are required to receive certain immunizations to prevent disease. Immunizations are an easy and safe way to make sure every child is healthy and ready to learn. Please take the time to make sure your child is up to date on required immunizations, so that they and others are protected from preventable illnesses and don’t miss valuable classroom time.


Some parents are scrambling to get their students vaccinated, due to last year’s state cuts that no longer allow those with private health insurance Parents are urged to work to receive low-cost with their healthcare vaccinations at state providers well in advance health departments. of the upcoming August The state health school start in order departments are only to meet immunization giving vaccinations requirements. to the uninsured or underinsured. If a student has CHIP or Medicaid, he or she is eligible to receive immunizations at the Health Department. In all other cases, parents should set up appointments with their physician or go to immunization providers. Parents are urged to work with their healthcare providers well in advance of the upcoming August school start in order to meet immunization

requirements. Many local pharmacies are providing walk-in service as well as insurance billing. Texas ranks below the national average of immunization rates. Receiving the immunizations before school starts is a must for students attending Ector and Midland County public schools. Students who have already been enrolled with the district must have up-to-date immunization records on the first day of school or else they’ll have to stay home. Students new to this district may attend classes but will have 30 days to show proof of vaccinations. This policy is in place to protect all students and faculty. For those going to a private physician, vaccination doses are more limited and more expensive. For example, the TDap vaccine, which prevents tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis, costs $10 at the health department. At other providers, those with insurance will pay roughly $60. Historically, the health department has always been the “go to” place for all children needing immunizations. All first-time incoming college freshmen this year are required to receive a meningitis vaccination regardless of whether they live on campus. These can be obtained at local pharmacies and doctors’ offices. Continued on page 15 an apple a day august 2013


by Ben McCampbell

ome of you may remember, eons ago, when there were no video games, computers were the size of SUVs, and cable TV and the internet didn’t exist. How on earth did we survive our childhood? We went outside and played, sometimes with nothing but our imagination, from morning ‘til our moms called us home for supper. And not only did that get us out of the house, it taught us some valuable life skills, like how to get along with others and how to play fair, how to win with grace and to accept defeat the same way. Our play also provided vital exercise, and most of the time we were just playing, not aware that the physical activity was an essential part of growing up healthy.


It’s a different world today. As you know, with the advent of video games, hundreds of TV channels, and the internet, getting kids away from the screen can be a major undertaking. Kids’ bodies, like everyone else’s, need to move. They need exercise. 6 august 2013 an apple a day

So how can you get your kids to get moving? First, if possible, start them moving when they’re very young. If learned in a positive framework, exercise can become a lifelong habit. If you need any incentive to get your kids moving, look at the amazing benefits of exercise for children. Studies show that kids who exercise regularly have stronger bones, a lower risk of getting sick (including a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes), improved executive function (the aspect of intelligence that controls our attention span, planning, and the ability to resist distractions), and are less likely to be overweight. Exercise also improves one’s overall mood and attitude, increases the quality of sleep, helps develop fine motor skills, and builds muscle strength. Kids who exercise have higher self-esteem and self-confidence, make better grades, and have a lower risk of developing ADD or ADHD. They also have stronger socialization skills. Continued on page 16

“ I

’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” Almost everyone remembers that TV commercial with the elderly woman sprawled on the floor, terrified because there’s no one there to help her. People still make fun of the TV spot, but it’s a very serious situation when a medical emergency happens to a senior citizen who is alone.

The commercial in which the lady fell was for a medical emergency device; if she had been wearing one, she could have pushed the button to summon immediate medical help. Let’s learn more about them, because you or your parents might be glad you have one some unlucky day. The elderly make up the greater percentage of customers for medical alert systems, but these systems can also be useful for disabled people as well. For seniors, most look forward to retirement as “golden years,” but for many of that age, these years become increasingly fraught with health problems as their bodies decline through the years. This is when medical alert systems can be useful, if not vital, in maintaining seniors’ quality of life. If a senior should suffer a bad fall or some other type of medical emergency such as a stroke or heart attack, having the capability to call for immediate medical attention is extremely valuable, particularly with strokes. You’ve heard the line, “Time lost is brain lost.” The sooner a stroke victim can reach the hospital, the better the long-term outcome and chance for return to the patient’s previous normal level of health and self-reliance. Personal medical alert systems have been on the market for about 30 years, and the technology continues to improve. The typical system consists of a unit which is worn by the user, either a bracelet or a pendant around the neck or clipped at the waist, and a base station connected to a phone line or the internet. When the wearer pushes the alert button, it sends a signal to the base, which in turn contacts a system operator, who then contacts emergency services. Even though the various personal medical alert systems all operate basically the same way, there are some things you can look for to help you choose which one is right for you. Most medical alert companies offer 24-hour medical monitoring services. It’s a system’s most basic function. But some go beyond the “panic” button 8 august 2013 an apple a day

Next, consider the cost. Most companies charge a for falls, heart attacks, strokes, or other medical monthly fee plus the cost of setting up the system emergencies. Many systems enable the caller to in the home. Look for a company that doesn’t actually talk with the operator on duty; the base require a long-term contract and has inexpensive unit acts as a powerful speaker phone. And on activation and cancellation fees. You can ask for a some systems, the pendant has a microphone and 30-day free trial and a speaker for easier commoney-back guarantee munication. Some offer Faster access to vital care if you’re not satisfied. carbon monoxide demeans that the situation and tection and fire monisymptoms don’t become And don’t forget the toring and can contact emergency services worse because of delay, and it most important part— during those situations. translates to a better outcome. service. If you’re paying for 24-hour service, make sure they will be Many companies in the medical alert industry use identical equipment. there at 3 am if you have to contact them. They should offer 24-hour technical support (toll-free) in As mentioned earlier, the wireless unit is worn or carried, and it communicates with the base station, addition to 24-hour monitoring. You should also ask how often and by what procedures the company which contacts emergency services via phone or tests its alert system. If the system is down, you internet. The important consideration here is the range of operation between the two components— can’t call for help. obviously greater distance capability is better. Also, it’s best to get a waterproof pendant (wireless unit). There are three alternative systems to the conventional pendant-base type. The no-fee type Many falls are in the bathroom, and a unit that’s been shorted out by water is useless when it may Continued on page 17 be needed most.

It’s All About You When you feel good about yourself, you have a better outlook on life. Our caring and professional staff uses the best science has to offer to help you look and feel your best. We have many great options for every need and every budget. We also offer thorough, private consultations with a medical professional and every client is treated like an individual.

Dr. Robert L. Chappell, Jr. 432–580–8060 •

Matthew B. Furst, m.d., p.a.

Diplomate American Board of Surgery Diplomate American Board of Plastic Surgery

Providing specialized assessment & treatment through a full range of plastic surgery solutions. BREAST SURGERY • Augmentation • Reduction • Reconstruction • Lift

BODY CONTOURING • Abdominoplasty • Liposuction

(432) 580-8044

318 N Alleghaney, Suite 400 Odessa, TX • 79761

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• National Dog Day • National Women’s Equality Day



• National Kiss and Make Up Day • National Banana Split Day

• National Aviation Day • National Potato Day • Mr. Snuffleupagus’s (Sesame Street character) Birthday



• National Bad Poetry Day • International Homeless Animal’s Day (the Third Saturday of August every year)

• National Middle Child’s Day



• National Presidential Joke Day • National Son and Daughter Day • National Play in the Sand Day

• International Beer Day • National Underwear Day • American Family Day • National Friendship Day • National Waffle Day • National Work Like a Dog Day • Neil Armstrong’s Birthday

• National U.S. Coast Guard Day • National Mustard Day • National Chocolate Chip Day • The Returners - Kitty in a Casket – Blue Max (Midland)


• Global Forgiveness Day • National Banana Lovers Day • 6th Annual Ponderosa with Panache – Celebrity chef dinner in support of Safe Place of the Permian Basin – The Odessa Country Club (Odessa)


• National Radio Day • Three Days Grace – La Hacienda (Midland)


• International Left-Handers Day • Chinese Valentine’s Day (or the 7th day of the 7th Lunar Month) • National Filet Mignon Day • Chicago at the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center


• National Wiggle Your Toes Day • Kim Richey (Odessa) • The Blind Pets – Blue Max (Midland)


• National Race Your Mouse Day • National Dream Day – Martin Luther King Jr. gave the “I Have a Dream” speech on this day in 1963


• National Senior Citizens Day • National Sit Back and Relax Day


• V-J Day • Rosewood & Stone – The Shack in the Back (Midland)


• National Lighthouse Day • National Sea Serpent Day


Week long Observances: Week 1: National Simplify Your Life Week • Week 2: Elvis Week • Week 3: Friendship Week Week 4: Be Kind to Humankind Week

Have fun this August with local events, summer activities, and wacky celebrations all month long!

• National More Herbs, Less Salt Day • Rosehill – Rockin’ Rodeo (Midland)


• National Tooth Fairy Day • National Be an Angel Day • Loretta Lynn at the Wagner-Noël Performing Arts Center • Gary Allen – Citibank Ballpark (Midland)


• National Relaxation Day • YMIC Youth Aquatics (Midland)


• National Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day • National Dollar Day • Matt Kimbrow – Rockin’ Rodeo (Midland)





Month Long Observances: American Artist Appreciation Month • Family Fun Month • Food Health Month • Home Business Month National Catfish Month • National Golf Month • National Inventors Month • Peach Month • National Picnic Month

Monday • National Sport’s Day • Rock the Desert – Aug. 1-3 (Odessa/Midland) • Flappers to Fighters, the Changing Role of Women in WWII – CAF Airpower Museum


by Joy Harriman

• National Frankenstein Day • The Adventures of Fred Brown and His Amazing Pandimensional MultiShip – Aug. 30-Sep. 14 –The Globe Theater (Odessa) • Midland Bike Fest (Midland)


• National Ride the Wind Day • National Sponge Cake Day • Casey Berry – Lone Star Bar (Midland) • Texas Treetop Flyers – Horseshoe Arena (Midland) • Junk – Blue Max (Midland)


• National Roller Coaster Day • Beat the Heat Shoot – Benefit for PBRCADA – Jake’s Clays (Midland) • Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans Legal Clinic – Odessa American Legion (Odessa)


• National Book Lover’s Day • Back to School Tournament – Aug. 9-11 – UTPB Girls Softball Fields (Odessa) • The Complete Works of William Shakespeare – Aug. 9-18 – Globe Theatre (Odessa)


• National Ice Cream Sandwich Day • A Time to Remember: War Memorabilia – White-Pool House Museum (Odessa) • Aaron Einhouse - Charlie Stout - Sam Riggs Band – Lone Star Bar (Midland)



• National Trail Mix Day • Stewart Mann & the Statesboro Revue – Lone Star Bar (Midland)


• Mustang Stampede – CAF Main Hanger • Permian Basin Gun Show Aug. 24-26 – Ector County Coliseum Bldg. G (Odessa) • The Midnight Ghost Train Blue Max (Midland)


• National Thrift Shop Day • National Archeology Day • Shane Rogers Band – Lone Star Bar (Midland)


• National S’mores Day • George Ducas – Lone Star Bar (Midland) • All About Women Expo – Midland County Horseshoe (Midland)


• National Watermelon Day • Marco Antonio Solis – Ector County Coliseum (Odessa) • Summer Science Class: Ready, Set, Dough – The Petroleum Museum (Midland)



by Wendy Hillia


ame day on a hot West Texas Saturday, Odessa Family Y Vikings Football Coach Mike Hinojos begins his pregame rally. “What time is it?” Hinojos shouts. “Our time!” respond the players “Who are you?” “The Vikings!” “Whose house is it?” “Ours!” Viking offensive lineman number 52 is ready to take the field. Two brunette braids peek out from under her helmet. Athletic and spirited, Julia Butler is part of a small, but growing, number of girls playing tackle football. Julia, or Hoo-lee-ah, as her coach and teammates refer to her, using the Spanish pronunciation, wears the white, yellow, and purple jersey of the Viking team. Like a Viking, she is fearless. “I love football and I like to tackle,” the ten-yearold said. Two years ago, the Blackshear Elementary student brought home an Odessa Family Y Tackle Football flyer. “I was doing Tae Kwon Do, but I wanted to do a new sport. I started begging my dad to let me play football,” Julia said.

12 august 2013 an apple a day


Julia’s father, Rhett Butler, had always hoped to have a football player in the family. “I have three girls and every year I would ask them if they wanted to play. Julia was the only one who wanted to. I told her she could play as long as she was about the same size as the other players.” Julia’s mom, Celina Butler, felt apprehensive about her daughter’s fervent desire to play. “It was unavoidable. I was hoping she would grow out of it. I didn’t even know if the Y would actually let her play.” “We never deny a kid,” said Odessa Family Y Youth Sports Director Dorian Gentry. “It’s at the parent’s discretion. We always have at least one or two girls in the program. We keep it positive. Football teaches good sportsmanship and teamwork, great lessons for both boys and girls.” In the past, most girls who ventured onto the gridiron held the position of kicker. In fact, Julia herself has a great short offside kick, a skill learned from playing soccer. Today, female athletes are playing much more than just kicker in the male dominated sport. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, the number of girls’ high school football programs has never been higher and is on a

significant upward trend. Last year, there were 658 girls’ high school football programs in the United States, indicating a 111 percent increase in five years. Utah peewee division football player Sam Gordon received national attention, in part because her father posted her game videos on social media, but also in earnest, due to her impressive season.

“Whenever we’re done with a game and I take my helmet off, people squint their eyes and look at me. They can’t believe I’m a girl doing this.”

The nine-year-old quarterback scored 35 touchdowns on 232 carries. In addition, she had a recorded 65 tackles and received a special invitation from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to the 2013 Super Bowl. USA Football Regional Manager Matt DeLuzio said their organization estimates that 1% of all youth tackle football players are girls. Tackling stereotypes about gender in football takes finesse. Coach Hinojos recalled the players’ initial awkwardness when Julia joined the team. “At first the boys were a little freaked out. For a short time both Julia and the guys were standoffish,” said Hinojos. “I felt bad for her,” said Viking teammate Nakai Hinojos. “I didn’t think she was going to make it.” Earning her teammates respect wouldn’t be easy. Julia worked hard proving she had the skills and dedication to play the rough and tumble game. “She proved me wrong,” Nakai said. “She takes down the hard hitters. She’s not afraid to do what the guys can do.” Drill after drill, play after play, Coach Hinojos watched as Julia’s confidence grew. “She can hit with the best of them. We have some big guys that no one wants to go against. Julia stepped it up and started a trend by wanting to practice with the biggest and baddest players. She’s not one of the girls, she’s one of the Vikings,” the Y coach said.

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Standing Ready for High Risk Injury

When the unexpected hits close to home you have the best-in-class emergency care to depend on at Medical Center Hospital (MCH). We’ve been designated as a Level II Trauma Center – the only hospital with this designation in the Permian Basin. This means we’re prepared to manage most any emergency. Last year MCH cared for over 51,000 patients in our Emergency Department and we have seen increases in industrial and auto accidents in our area. This, along with our booming population makes this designation more important than ever. Whether you’re close to home or hours away, day or night... we’ll be ready for you.

500 West 4th Street | Odessa, Texas 79761 (432) 640-6000 |

Designed by: The Laster Group

Any Emergency

What this means to our community: • Board certified physicians and specialists on call 24/7 • Advanced support in our Emergency Department, Operating Room, and ICU 24/7 • Advanced life support via air, 911 and long-distance transport • Full spectrum of care for trauma patients – from admission to discharge

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Texas requires all children to be immunized against diphtheria, whooping cough, red measles, tetanus and polio, mumps, and German measles prior to entering a classroom. State law also requires entering kindergarten students to have Hepatitis B vaccine. Children entering first grade must show evidence that they have received a complete health assessment within 18 months prior to entry or 90 days after entry to first grade. Pupils may be exempt from these rules for medical or religious reasons. For those seeking exemption, a physician’s statement or a waiver is required. For actual Immunization Record information for schools in the Permian Basin, please contact the school directly. IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS Grades Kindergarten through 12th: • DPT/DPaP/DT: 4–5 doses; last dose must be after 4th birthday (may receive vaccine 4 days or less prior to birthday). • Polio: 3–4 doses; last dose must be after 4th birthday (may receive vaccine 4 days or less prior to birthday). • Hepatitis B: 3 doses required (series requires 6 months to complete). • Varicella: 2 doses required or parental statement of history of chickenpox for incoming kindergartners and 7th graders. • Measles, Mumps: 2 doses on or after 1st birthday (may receive vaccine 4 days or less prior to birthday). • Rubella (MMR) • Hepatitis A: 2 doses required for incoming kindergartners as of 2009. • Meningitis vaccine: 1 dose required for incoming 7th graders. First Time Entrant to Texas Public Schools: Student is required to have a current immunization record to enter school, unless proper documentation from the Department of State Health Services for medical reasons or reasons of conscience is submitted. Students Transferring from Another Texas School: Students are allowed a 30-day provisional enrollment while their current immunization record is sent from the former Texas school.

Recommended Immunizations: • Pneumococcal vaccine • Meningitis vaccine for all ages • Yearly influenza vaccine • HPV (Human Papillomavirus) series for girls ages 11–12 For Entering 7th-Grade Students: All incoming 7th graders must have these new immunizations by the first day of 7th grade, or they will not be allowed to begin school. As of the 2009-2010 school year, updated immunizations were mandated by the State of Texas for incoming 7th graders. Those immunizations are: • Meningitis vaccine. • A booster dose of Tdap if it has been at least 5 years since the last dose of DPT (Td will be acceptable if a pertussis containing vaccine is medically contraindicated). • 2 doses of Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine if the student has not had chickenpox disease. To help you along, a phone app is available. An iPhone mobile app on iTunes named Belmmunized is now available for free. Building on the success of the Belmmunized bowser version, the new Belmmunized app enables parents to provide school administrators proof of required immunizations right from their iPhone, saving time and eliminating hassles and confusion. Belmmunized is particularly important and helpful for parents of school-aged children because it is a quick, easy-to-use tool to fulfill proof of vaccination requirements prior to school semesters.

an apple a day august 2013 15

Continued from page 6 According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, it’s possible that as many as one-third of children and adolescents are obese (study results vary widely). And research shows that a child who is obese between the ages of 10 and 13 has an 80 percent chance of becoming an obese adult. Experts say that the key to preventing childhood obesity is to encourage kids to exercise and to make it fun for them. The best way to “get kids off the couch” is for parents to set a good example Be a role model for by pursuing a healthy your kids’ physical lifestyle themselves. development; it’ll keep If parents convey the you in shape at the attitude that exercise is same time. a dreaded chore, kids will learn that. But if exercise is approached as fun, an enjoyable way to maintain health and well-being, then kids will learn to appreciate exercise for the good it does for their bodies and how good it makes them feel—both physically and mentally. So how do you persuade your children to get away from the screen and exercise? As mentioned above, start early to get them into the lifelong habit of being active. One of the best ways to do this is to get them to exercise with you. In other words, make exercise into family time. Here are some suggestions. One of the easiest things to get your kids to do with you is walk. Walking as a family can take many forms, from a before-dinner brisk jaunt to a leisurely after-dinner stroll around the block. Kids will venture away, so you have to be watchful, but they may also love the exploration aspect of this family time. Take along a Frisbee to throw around. You can take the family on longer hikes to local nature areas, with a picnic lunch. And there’s nothing more basic than walking the dog, which your pooch will enjoy along 16 august 2013 an apple a day

with the rest of the family. If you’re a runner, kids can run with you, depending on age, and this can get more enjoyable and more competitive through the years as they grow. At some point you’ll be just trying to keep up. Another way to exercise with your kids is on bicycles. You can explore the neighborhood, have short races (in safe areas out of traffic), and enjoy the fresh air that bike riding provides. Just remember to make sure all the bicycles are road-worthy and in good repair, and have helmets for all riders. Invite another family or the neighborhood kids along for the ride. A basketball goal can be a magnet for the whole neighborhood. And one of the nice things about it is that you can play lots of different games with a basketball, and anywhere from one to ten people can play. Plus, you can play all afternoon or just shoot hoops for a few minutes before dinner. And basketball is just one example. If the sports equipment is on hand, it’s really easy to play in your own back yard. Every time you play a game, you exercise. Teach your kids to take pride in their home’s appearance by having them join you in working in the yard. Once they are old enough for the responsibility, they can rake a few leaves in the fall, help clear the occasional snow from the front porch and driveway (snowballs!), and mow and trim the yard when they’re old enough. Kids like to play in the dirt, so get them involved in the garden. It’s great exercise, and they can be proud that their efforts helped produce the flowers and vegetables you grow. The key is to present exercise as a natural, enjoyable part of everyday life. Be a role model for your kids’ physical development; it’ll keep you in shape at the same time. They’ll see the self-discipline you practice as you exercise regularly (whether you feel like it every day or not). Encourage them in their physical activities, and reward their accomplishments. Enroll them in organized activities, including sports, dance, and/or martial arts. They may discover a talent they didn’t know they had that could literally shape their life. Get moving and have fun!

1900 West Wall Street, Suite B • Midland, TX 79701


simple treatments

minimal downtime

Continued from page 9 of alert device doesn’t work with a professional 24hour monitoring service, so there’s no monthly fee, but the initial cost of the unit (as much as $300) is usually higher than other setup and activation costs. The device, when activated, is pre-programmed to dial personal contacts (family, friends, caregivers, or 911). Most devices can store about four phone numbers, and when the button is pushed, the device dials the numbers one after another until someone answers one of the calls. Then they can call 911. Some no-fee devices allow you to speak through the unit to the person at the other end. There’s another system, a completely mobile alert unit, which is portable outside the home; it doesn’t depend on a base unit to contact the 24/7 system operators. It essentially acts like a little cell phone that calls only one number—the medical alert switchboard. One big advantage with this system is the built-in GPS; help can find you quickly. The third system uses the mobile alert technology as an app which you can buy and install on your smartphone.

dramatic results

When you need help, you just open the app and call, and most smartphones have on-board GPS. Both mobile systems charge monthly fees like the conventional type alert system plans. The costs for equipment and services typically include setup and activation ranging from $50 to $200, with monthly fees from $30 to $60. Medical alert apps for smartphones are about half the cost of the conventional system plans. Private insurance and Medicare generally do not cover these devices and plans. The ability for a senior who lives alone to be able to immediately summon help in the event of a fall or other medical emergency is extremely valuable for that person’s long-term health outlook. Faster access to vital care means that the situation and symptoms don’t become worse because of delay, and it translates to a better outcome. Medical alert systems and devices can play an extremely important role in an elderly person’s life. Seniors can be confident that help is as close as the push of a button. an apple a day august 2013 17

Continued from page 13 Keeping up with the boys hasn’t always been easy. In a contact sport, injuries are a certainty. “That first year she bruised her elbow pretty bad. It was bad enough she had to wear a brace for about two weeks. She never missed a practice or a game. I talked to her coach and he agreed to let her kick the ball and run off the field,” said Rhett Butler. Game days are a Butler family event. Celina routinely helps Julia prepare by braiding her shoulder length hair. The Butler family, grandparents included, gathers to see their favorite player. “It’s exciting to watch. It’s a positive experience and the kids learn good sportsmanship,” said Celina Butler. Julia relishes her big reveal at the end of the game, much to the astonishment of some of the spectators. “Whenever we’re done with a game and I take my helmet off, people squint their eyes and look at me. They can’t believe I’m a girl doing this.”

confessed to being a screaming fan of the boy band One Direction. Her dad divulged that like most little sisters, she raids her older sibling’s clothes, shoes, and makeup. This season marks Julia’s third year in the program. Depending on her teammates’ inevitable growth spurts, it could be her last. Coach Hinojos sees the positive impact Julia has made on other young girls, namely, his own 7-yearold daughter, Aryoni. “My daughter has been in soccer for three years. Aryoni says she trains hard to be just like Julia. She really is an inspiration.” Late registration for Y Youth Tackle Football runs until September 1st. For more information call the Odessa Family Y at 432-362-4301.

In spite of her tough football persona, Julia is all girl. Purple is her favorite color and she has even

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2013 Fall Class Schedule

August 22 – Back to School—Lunch & Snack Options Learn simple and healthy meals that will help you and your kids go back to school with good nutrition. September 5 – Old Favorites Revved Up: Part 5 A healthier twist to an old family favorite—spaghetti! September 19 – Sushi 101: Part 2 Learn to make your own sushi without the MSG, dyes, and other harmful ingredients that are found in your store-bought fare. We will prepare cooked and raw varieties in this class. This class will be $30—you get to keep your sushi rolling mat! October 3 – SOUP-er Hearty Meals: Part 3 This soup gives comfort food a brand new meaning! October 17 – Appetizers & Starters How to serve your guests tasty and healthy food and have time to enjoy your own party! Each class is $25 (payment and registration required prior to class). To register and pay, or ask questions, contact me at 432–557–5001 or Classes are filling up quickly! Classes for private groups and parties are also available–choose your own menu and class date! You can also prepay and register for every scheduled class and you are guaranteed the recipes for those classes whether you can attend or not. Contact me for details!



lanting a backyard garden can seem like a great idea until midsummer when your tomato plants suddenly shrivel under the West Texas sun or perhaps grow 7 feet tall without producing one single tomato! It can be a frustrating venture for some. But it may not be your black thumb holding your garden back. Here are some tips from the Permian Basin Master Gardeners to help you get started growing your own food successfully. First, you must decide what you and your family like to eat. There is no sense in planting several squash plants if nobody will eat squash. The next step is planning the size and location of your garden—how much direct sunlight, shade, and wind will it get? Where is your water source located? Is there good drainage? And finally, how much time do you have? From this information, choose the vegetables that will grow best in your specific conditions and are also in season. Unfortunately, you’ve missed your window for planting tomatoes, squash, and peppers (summer veggies). But some great fall vegetables to plant now are carrots, spinach, chard, peas, beets, asparagus, herbs, lettuces, and broccoli. But whatever crops you choose to start planting, start small! Your garden can get out of control in a hurry if you overplant. One of my best friends is a new Master Gardener, which I love since she is able to pass along all of her newly-learned knowledge. She says that the most important thing to a successful garden—no matter what season you’re planting in—is composting. Soil preparation is key, especially in West Texas where you can have a mix of sand, clay, and rock all in a small area. You can make your own compost pile if you have a large yard. But for those of us in town who are gardening in the back yard, purchasing compost at the local garden centers like Home Depot or Lowe’s works just as well. Be sure to till

the compost into your existing soil well before you plant anything. Once you have planned, prepped, and decided on plants for your garden; you must decide on a watering system. The Master Gardeners have several suggestions on watering systems not only for your garden but for your lawns and flower beds as well— sprinklers, drip or trickle irrigation, soaker hoses, and semiautomatic drip systems to name a few. And finally, mulching is definitely a necessary component in our area. Mulch helps retain water, regulates soil temperature, and controls weeds. There are many options out there (some of which are free and recyclable) for mulch. Some great resources and books are available to help guide you through planning, planting, and harvesting your backyard garden. But our local Master Gardeners may be your best resource of all. They have a booth at the Midland Downtown Farmer’s Market every Saturday, and they are willing to help you with all of your questions. They will even help you plan your garden so you will be successful. How great is that? Here are some recommended contacts for you: • Permian Basin Master Gardeners—Jeff Floyd • 432–498–4070 • vegetables For local advice on seasonal vegetables that grow well in our area: • All New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space! by Mel Bartholomew Special thanks to this month’s contributor: Kim Clinkenbeard, CPT, FNS

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woof, woof!

the dog blog by mindy

Keliree Mitchell founded Pet Spotters, a Facebook site dedicated to connecting lost pets with their owners after losing her own pet Chihuahua, Mindy. Woof, Woof! represents stories related to this site and is dedicated to Mindy.


o often these days, when I see a dog on the street or am deciding if I can foster one, the first thing I need to know is what breed it is. I’m always a little scared of dogs. I know that doesn’t seem like something that I should say, but it is the truth. Pit bull dogs scare me. I hear that pit bulls get a bad reputation for no reason, and it’s the owners who make them mean. However, I have also witnessed their natural aggressive nature. This debate can go on and on, and I am on the fence because I could argue for them or against them.

her family. Finally, since she was having no luck finding the owners, Becky decided to get the dog spayed, update the vaccinations, and put her up for adoption. Becky even took her to two different trainers to get help with learning how to handle this solid muscle mass that was so very strong. One of the trainers told her, “It’s not if this dog will bite someone, but when.” As she continued with the training, she noticed the dog was responding and she was changing.

One of the trainers told her, “It’s not if this dog will bite someone, but when.” As she continued with the training, she noticed the dog was responding and she was changing.

Either way, the question is, would you rescue a pit bull or a pit mix dog from the street? I probably wouldn’t stop if I was alone, but if my husband was with me, then maybe. I received a wonderful story from Becky Page on how she rescued a pit mix when she was alone with her children. That’s brave and/or crazy! I wouldn’t recommend putting a strange dog, especially a pit, in the car with children. Some dogs have a very short fuse and you could miss the warning signs.

Becky picked up this dog one stormy evening and took her home. The next day she began her due diligence in locating the owners. She made flyers and posted on all the lost pet sites. The dog was healthy so she believed she hadn’t been gone from home long. A neighbor led her to possible owners but that was a dead end. During this time, she noticed the dog did have some aggressive behavior and it worried her to keep the dog around

20 august 2013 an apple a day

Six months later, Becky has continued with the training, and now this girl “Sadie” won’t be going to a new family because she is home. The training techniques that Becky and Sadie have both learned have kept Sadie’s attitude under control. She does have protective instincts and will definitely use them but she also has learned not to use them. Everyone loves her, especially the kids.

I was really proud to read Becky’s story and I’m sure I didn’t do it justice but the point is… follow your heart. If you feel led to pick up a strange dog, on a stormy night and put it in the car with your children, then you probably should because it could turn out to be your new family member. Special thanks to this month’s contributor: Keliree Mitchell Founder, Pet Spotters

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hile you’ve likely been focusing on getting all of your vitamins via your nutrition, the good news is vitamins are also beneficial to your skin through skin care products! One of the most popular vitamin additions to skin care products is Vitamin C. This anti-aging vitamin has been studied and confirmed as being an extremely effective addition to skin care routines. When antioxidant Vitamin C is added to your skin, it helps your skin get rid of free radicals. Since free radicals can greatly damage your skin, the use of Vitamin C is vital to your skin health! In addition, Vitamin C can help your body rev up its production of collagen.

silky skin on your face and body. It works to protect you against UVB rays and can help you combat sun damage, wrinkles, and photodamage.

BEAUTY BENEFITS OF VITAMIN C On a beauty note, adding Vitamin C to your skin care routine can help you look great on many levels. The topical use of Vitamin C revitalizes your skin, allowing for improvement in the tone and texture! You will instantly look younger with smooth and

BENEFICIAL VITAMIN C IN COSMETICS When you start your venture for Vitamin C induced skin care products, there are a few things to remember. First, remember there are many claims being made from various companies on their skin care products. To find the best products with Vitamin C, be sure to look at the color of the product. Those products with a yellow or brown tint should be avoided. Vitamin C often turns these colors when exposed to air and thus becomes ineffective in creating collagen and elastic.

EFFECTIVE TOPICAL PRODUCTS WITH VITAMIN C FOR SKIN CARE Cosmetic gurus and their sources are taking note of the power behind Vitamin C and are adding it and its derivatives to many products on the market. Derivatives like ascorbyl palmitate and ascorbic acid are commonly used, because they are less irritating than Vitamin C itself. Those with sensitive skin can still reap the protection and natural benefits of Vitamin C, without any irritation.

VITAMIN C OFFERS COSMETIC BENEFITS Many women would rather sit through a chemical peel or a microdermabrasion session for skin care repair and conditioning. However, using a daily Vitamin C product can help you repair and prep your skin every day. You can get products which include Vitamin C derivatives (L-ascorbic acid and others) for use at home. That way, you can continuously reap the benefits of Vitamin C, without heading to the spa.

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Quick Jalapeño Pickles by Kim Clinkenbeard, CPT, FNS 2 cups distilled vinegar 1/2 cup water 3 tsp. kosher salt 2–3 tsp. dill seeds 2 large cucumbers 2 jalapeños, stems removed 2–6 garlic cloves (to taste) Boil water, vinegar, and salt in a saucepan until the salt dissolves. Cut cucumbers into thick slices. Place the cucumbers, garlic, dill seed, and peppers in a large mason jar. Pour the hot liquid over the cucumber mix and put the lid on the jar. Place in the refrigerator overnight. You must refrigerate for at least 4 hours, but the pickles are best served the next day. They will keep several weeks.

distribution points MIDLAND Albertsons Pharmacy 1002 Andrews Hwy. 4706 N. Midkiff Rd. 3317 N. Midland Dr.

Midland Memorial Hospital Scharbauer Patient Tower 400 Rosalind Redfern Grover Parkway

Fit Family Fitness 3404 N. Midland Dr.

Midland Memorial Hospital West Campus 4214 Andrews Hwy.

Flat Belly Organics 3326 N. Midkiff Rd. Graham Pharmacy 1601 W. Wall St. HealthSouth 1800 Heritage Blvd. HEB Pharmacy 3325 W. Wadley Ave. Midland Memorial Hospital 2200 W. Illinois Ave.

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St. Jospeh’s Home Health 24 Smith Rd., Ste. 500 Walgreens Drug Store 330 N. Midland Dr. 215 Andrews Hwy. 4313 Andrews Hwy. ODESSA Albertsons Pharmacy 1350 E. 8th St. 4950 E. 42nd St. 2751 N. County Road W.

Furr’s Music City Mall Harmony Health Food Shoppe 3110 E. University Blvd., Ste. A Heaven Bound Daycare 507 Elliot HEB Pharmacy 3801 E. 42nd St. Hunt Advertising 3527 Billy Hext Rd. Medical Center Hospital 500 W. 4th St. Mission Fitness 8050 Hwy. 191

The Odessa Family Y 3001 E. University Orchard Park Odessa 8050 Dr. Emmitt Headlee St. Permian Basin Rehab Center 620 N. Alleghaney River of Life Health Food Shop 2601 N. Grandview Ave. Smith’s Shoes 5101 Twin Towers Super Shapes 5000 E. University Blvd. University Pharmacy and Medical Supplies 4850 E. University Blvd.

Walgreens Drug Store 801 Maple Ave. 2161 E. 42nd St. 1305 W. University Blvd. 1707 W. 8th St. Walmart Clinic 4210 JBS Parkway 2450 West Loop 338 Wendover Family Medicine 4222 Wendover, Ste. 600 Westview Medical Clinic 1220 W. University Blvd. Wheatley Stewart Medical Pavillion 574 W. 5th St.

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