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Every IT professional knows that SAP skill is one of the highest paid in the industry. With the recession going on every one wants to get a job first and may be a better paying job. So here are my tips to you.

First get trained in SAP. You can select any module. You can get trained as a technical professional or as a functional professional. There are many self teaching material available on the net, but I would recommend that you go through a good training institute or an individual. Many individuals train over the internet and they charge very reasonable amount. You can get a good training on a particular module for less than $500 Usually the training will include access to a SAP system. Bargain and ask for extended system access for few months. This will allow you to prepare for the interviews. Do as many exercise as possible. The kind of questions in the interview will be all related to day to day activity and not only theory questions. If possible get SAP certification. This adds lot of value in getting a job. This costs around $1000. Talk to people who are already working in SAP projects and get some insight and tips handling the job and interview Join active SAP forums and monitor the forums for updates on the modules you are trying to learn. Try to do lot of reading on the help pages, white papers, how to documents. This will give lot of information about the module and will help you in facing interviews.

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==== ==== For SAP Jobs and Reputable SAP Consultants, check this site out. ==== ====

How to get SAP jobs.  

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