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awareness on self-appreciation


By: Sittie Amanoding

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With this issue, we encourage you to embody positivity, open mindedness and love. The articles written here express different states of emotions which aim to promote appreciation and awareness of the whole self. The models featured here are just like you, your friends and your loved ones. We did not retouch or enhance any of the models as we try to keep it raw and real, just how we see them in the flesh. With this, we hope to imprint a new and wider perspective of the world and a new level of self-awareness within you. I also encourage you, as you go by this magazine, to reflect on your thoughts and understand where they are coming from. Relate them to the society, the world and the universe. Question why you react that way? Why you feel that way? Be curious and learn yourself. Our mission is to promote a culture of self-appreciation to young woman. A future where woman help each other up, where woman are secure and accept themselves, where woman have a positive and wider perspective of themselves, the society and the world. When we hear the word ‘self-appreciation’ it is often related to the words; self-love, self-image, self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-realization, self-actualization and self-fulfillment. All of those words help each other and primarily falls under self-appreciation. Self-appreciation affects your state of mind and in turn affects the people around you. When you start appreciating yourself, your mind and soul is in a good state of being. You won’t be fazed by shallow things; you will look at situations with deep understanding and appreciation, just as you see yourself. No hate, no judgments, just pure appreciation. No makeup or with makeup, natural or filtered, long hair or short hair, whatever floats your boat we support you because hey, that’s what you like and we respect that. What we’re promoting is having a good relationship with yourself. I encourage you to appreciate your qualities, emotions, whatever flaws or assets you have and celebrate your whole self. Take time to appreciate ones’ self for the better, future you! You owe it to yourself and the people you love, ok. Cheers!

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“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha


About the Cover photograph and words by Sittie Janainah B. Amannoding

Positivity. Accepting yourself. Being YouNique in your own right is what the covers about. All what we want to embody and show the world.


“Being YouNique in your own right”


model: ela popa

A combination of different concepts. The first idea. A minimalist cover. The second idea. A doodled cover. Third idea. A cover with a reflectant mirror. The fourth idea. A pastel themed cover. The fifth idea. An unlikely model.


The doodles on the skin of the girls shows positive words and symbols. The mirror symbolizes the reflection of how you see yourself and the world. The doodles on the background signifies the love the world has and the beauty that surrounds us.


model: summer domingo


illustration by ela popa


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, mea viris probatus vituperatoribus an, cum exerci qualisque te. Vim ei vulEla,putate Munikscripserit, and Sittie are Miriam Colnec from eu audiam NoDesign. sumo posse legebonorum studyingantiopam. BA Visual They all dolorum ius, in vix nostrud habehave positive dreams for the and they mus, mucius periculis anfuture qui. Nomhope to share the goodness within them to inavi definitiones cu quo, mel enim mentitum referrentur cu. Debet verthe world. ear in mea, ut eros veritus recusabo sea, at tamquam comprehensam mea. Has zril discere delicata ne, pri ad dico eripuit mediocritatem. Te partem tibique forensibus sea, vide duis dolorum id eum.


MUNIK MARTINEZ I live up to what the better world should be, where everyone is equal, people appreciate every little thing, everyone is smiling and everyone is contented. Superficial? Maybe, but it depends on how you look at it and for me I know it can be, little by little it will. It just need some people to start it off and I will with my own little ways like this campaign that we are making. More than that I do more than I could and I always challenged myself to the things that are most likely unattainable but finishes it, I don’t like having undone things, beyond that I myself is your kind of simple girl with an out of this world personality and thinking. I like to wander, travel, dress up, eat a lot, music, photography and everything in between but most of all I like to expand my horizon.


SITTIE JANAINAH AMANODING believes in spreading love and kindness. She enjoys drawing weird things, looking at architecture and design magazines, playing with her nintendo ds, making notebooks and stuff (doing it all the same time basically) while a cool tune plays in the background and a scented candle lit nearby. She’s a girl with big dreams and a gold heart. She believes in the beauty of her dreams, the universe and the future.


ELA POPA is a 20 year old entrepreneur and self proclaimed artist. She loves to experiment and create new things. Ela’s love for creating led to putting up her own business by herself. Business is where she sees herself in in the next few years. She gains inspiration from her favorite places like the city and her province in Bicol where she grew up. She loves adventures and trying out new things. Her ultimate dream is to make her parents proud and happy.



what does the dictionary say about self-appreciation ? SELF noun 1. a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action. synonyms: I, oneself, persona, identity, character, personality, psyche, soul, spirit, mind, (inner) being AP·PRE·CI·ATE verb 1. recognize the full worth of synonyms: value, treasure, admire, respect, hold in high regard, think highly of, think much of, be grateful for, be thankful for, be obliged for, be indebted for, be in your debt for, be appreciative of

by sittie amanoding


self-appreciation is very important for our soul. it nourishes our body and cleanses our mind. it widens our perspective of the world around us. and most especially we appreciate the body, the soul, the mind we have.


Self-appreciation means valuing yourself, regardless of what others think about you. You don’t conform to what the society expects you to be. You appreciate what you have and what you are. It is a good start in learning to appreciate other because you value and appreciate yourself.


By: Munik Martinez

Why fit in when you were born to standout -Dr. Seuss

on-Repeat feel good music

“IN THE MORNING“ J. COLE FEAT. DRAKE Really cool tune to play on background when you just want to chill and relax

“ I ’ L L ALWAY S B E AR O UN D” BRIGHTEN This song makes me believe in love

“SO HIGH” GHOST LOFT A feel good song to listen to when you want to relax and light some scented candles

“ AS SO O N AS I WAKE UP” MACKLEMORE Whenever I feel down, I listen to this song and I feel more positive

“ T RY “ COLBIE CAILLAT this song makes me feel liked

“ AL L AB O UT T H E B ASS” MEGHAN TRAINOR makes me feel pretty

“ K E E P YO U R H E A D UP ” ANDY GRAMER makes me stand up again

“ B EAUT I F UL ” ALICIA KEYS i just dont care

“ B R AV E“ SARA BAREILLES This will surely put you in a good mood!

“ C H ASI N G T H E SUN ” HILLARY DUFF This song will brighten up your day!

“LIVE IT UP ” COLBIE CAILLAT A song about standing out even though youre afraid. Now that’s courage!


“ T H E DAY S” AVICII Dance with the beat of EDM to take the stress away

By: Sittie Amanoding

“I truly, truly believe that beauty is something that comes from within� -Emma Watson

Meditation for the soul photograph and words by Sittie Janainah B. Amannoding


a simple meditation in your life can help boost your self-awareness by sending out positive vibrations through your soul to the universe

model: cris go

Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can be alone with your thoughts Inhale, Exhale.. and Close your eyes


focus on your breathing calmly imagine yourself as you are a part of the city the country the earth the universe

As you breath deeply say.. i a m one wi th the uni ver s e i lov e an d a ccept m ysel f unc ond i ti onal l y i tru st a n d r es p ec t mys el f al ways my min d is f ul l of gr ati tud e and my h ear t i s f ul l of ki nd ness th e uni ver se sup p or ts me i a m lov ed and i f or gi ve mys el f repeat this words loudly with your voice or silently in your head


when you’re ready open your eyes accept the positivity around you and inside you

Meditating doesn’t have to be complicated, a minimum of 4 minutes can do wonders for your life. Our souls need a break too, to center our self and to just plain rest. Have a dedicated time of the day for just yourself. You deserve it.


Dear Self.. background illustration by ela popa


“If only you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.” – Fred Rogers

Me in Progress words by Hollie Reamico

Maybe this is the year that marks that awkward transitions from being a kid to being responsible, I don’t want to call it grown up, because in most people’s terms growing up is taking away the kid you once was... So I’ll just call it my breaking free phase. I mean up until now I am still sort of scared to accept that truth about me leaving a comfort zone or distancing myself away from a sanctuary that I have always felt more secured in. I mean, the me I thought was really me was a silent awkward kid, speaking to walls and pillars, I am that person who wants to remain that kid inside my own bubble, but I was forced, really forced to start with, to leave my bubble and lie amongst the real people. I wasn’t really sure at first, if I will be able to go back, but you know what? Day by day I am progressing, well... I am currently in the process. To be honest to you, I missed out on a lot of the world, because I was too locked up in my own. Coming out from the case I was in, I saw potentials I failed to see then, connection I would have never tied with if I didn’t give it a chance, it showed me strengths I didn’t know I possess, but, not being biased, I learned a lot in my world. Why is that? You say, well... I found out an ability, I consider unique... Unique in a way that not all can understand or possess. I’m proud to have found in myself the ability to turn pain and grief to an abstract, a work of art, the power to twist and mold the written art. I’m not good, but I’m learning. Being able to go out of that world, I never knew that the real people can consider my work and appreciate its beautiful essence. I am that girl in progress, I am still in the process, figuring out the right beat to the dance, a company to walk with me, a word to fill the spaces and remind me of who I truly am, a person that has the ability to make people smile, finding out and learning that I am someone people considers an upgrade among the rest, I’m still going about it day by day, but don’t worry, I’m enjoying the thrill of the method.. My goal, is to keep figuring out the person inside me and help those to see the beauty in then. I hope I can do it. #HAPPYSOULS - 32

model: munik martinez


These are the days photograph, illustration and words by Sittie Janainah B. Amannoding

There are days when we feel all kinds of emotions Whether we like it or not, these are the emotions that makes us human. these are the emotions that makes us who we are. Embrace them because they are part of our growth.

There are days when I feel hella good about myself


There are days when I feel just plain sad

There are days when I fear the future and feel anxiety


There are days when I’m just happy for no reason

There are days when I don’t feel like myself

There are days when I feel full of hope and inspiration


Empowered Beauty poetry by Maria Advent Emmanuel photographs by Munik Martinez


model: charrie escober

in mirrors i stand stout and tall i crinkle my nose stick my tongue as i cringe and crawl i can do better than this i can bloom i will bloom like a flower on a desert or a sprout on a dry season i am the poem i myself is the poet i am beautiful despite creased crevices and unfinished sentences i am beautiful despite damaged soul and unrectified wrongs i am beautiful because i is i and me is me i am beautiful just because i let me be


Beauty Within photograph and words by Sittie Janainah B. Amannoding


“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, mea viris probatus vituperatoribus an, cum exerci qualisqu� model:

summer lanuzo

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, mea viris probatus vituperatoribus an, cum exerci qualisque te. Vim ei vulputate scripserit, nec eu Flowers alwaysantiopam. perceivedNobeautiful. You audiamare bonorum sumo posse dolorum ius,what in vixan nostrud habemus, never hear “oh ugly flower”, onlymu“wow ciusbeautiful periculisrose” an qui. Nominavi definitiones what “look at that sunflower, it’s cu quo, mel enim mentitum referrentur cu. so pretty”. Debet verear in mea, ut eros veritus recusabo sea, at tamquam comprehensam mea. Has zrilwhy discere ad dico eripuit So can’tdelicata we say ne, thatpri about ourselves? mediocritatem. Te partem tibique forensibus sea, vide duis dolorum id eum.

There’s so much beauty within us. The ones’ we consider flaws and imperfections are God’s masterpiece. We are uniquely our own.

illustrations and words by Sittie Janainah B. Amannoding


plant the seed for the better you it all starts with what you allow to grow in your garden of mind water positive, endearing thoughts in your mind with these exercises you can start the positive change

font by ela popa

ex. I like that i am goal oriented

Positive affirmations are used to create a positive internal dialog. It creates a positive subconscious thoughts that inturn replace our old way of thinking into a more refreshing thoughts

I trust and respect myself I love myself unconditionally

when happy i can listen to..

when angry i can listen to..

when frightened i can listen to..

when sad i can listen to..

when anxious i can listen to..

when lonely i can listen to..



what i can do


what i can do

what i can do


what i can do

A Letter to Myself

art by: Sittie Amanoding

To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are -Ellen Degeneres

bg illustration by ela popa

Society Standards words by Munik Martinez

People don’t seem to notice but we live in a world where we cope up to what the society wants us to be. By standards that hones us to someone we are not, hide the real us, and keep our real beauty off the map. We try so hard to be what the society wants us to be for their conformity.


What are these standards that the society wants to see? • You just need to be either a woman or a man • You need to be white or whiter • Wear clothes appropriately • Perfect physical appearance • Intellectually competent • Go by the rules


But everyone isn’t like all of these. Some will lack or isn’t one or two of those mentioned. When we are boxed that we should be like this and that, we tend to try so hard and forget who we truly are. We see these young beautiful women on magazines with skinny body, perfect face, clear skin and we think that we must be like them; we must wear the same clothing as them. We read about these smart people who are known and people look up to them and listen to them, and we think we must be like them. We see white women who are appreciated by more people and we feel the need to be as white as them. Our parents thought us to be a woman from the time we were born stating pink is our color and we should be that. These are things that seem to not matter but really does, these are the standards that we are born with and live up to. But it doesn’t mean we’ll die with these norms and standards within ourselves, we can change that and make a stand and free ourselves to whatever that we are hiding. We don’t live our lives for these standards. We should wake-up to the reality that this is what we are, and let us ourselves shine. We should not let anyone tell us what to do or what to be. We should stand up and do things for our likeness for we are the first person that should appreciate what we do and what we are, then everything else follows. We must learn to let go of the judgments. Who cares what they think, this is us and so be it. So what if we don’t have that perfect body or clear skin, this is what we are, who we are and they must learn how to appreciate it as it is because we are beautiful the way we are.


By: Munik Martinez

Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are -Beyonce


Wake-Up Call words by Ela Popa

The social media is probably one of the most influential technologies that we have nowadays. It can reach millions of people online and information is within our reach. Once posted, friends, families, and even strangers is your audience. Influences from the social media can create a big impact on every person’s life. One of the most “in” thing right now that almost every girl is doing is going on a diet. In a world where the society’s standard of a perfect body is truly high, it can either be achieved naturally or surgically. Camille* is a college student born with a medium figure, she wanted to lose weight because most of the people she looks up to are trying to get fit and she wanted to be like them. “I see their posts on instagram and how fit they are and it inspired me to take care of my body as well. I think it’s a good thing that I became aware of myself, of what I put inside my body and it feels great to change my bad habits.” Said Camille. For her, it was not a bad thing but rather a wakeup call to start being mindful of what you eat. On the other hand, sometimes these examples or influences we see online can be faked that can lead to bad health habits. Dana* is a plus sized woman with curvy features. She is honestly unhappy with what she looks like that is why she changed her bad eating habits into a more dangerous one. “People would see me work out but when im alone I couldn’t help but to eat more. I started snacking on more chocolates and junk foods and it made me feel worse. I was faking my own diet which is really depressing on my side because I lied to people and the only person who’s suffering is me.” Dana knew that what she was doing isn’t right and she was thankful enough that she prevented it. “It was really bad and I am happy that it’s over now. I’m starting to be more honest to myself and im keeping all the positivity inside of me. I can be healthy without lifting weights in the gym or restricting myself to good food. Everything should be in moderation and that is what im learning now.” Every experiences that we encounter plays a big part of who and what we are. In every diet or exercise, there should always be a promise—it is a promise to love yourself no matter what. A person should not be pressured to lose weight, it should always be a choice of happiness and well being. *Names were changed for their anonimity #HAPPYSOULS - 64

True Beauty photograph and words by Munik Martinez


How do you describe a person who is beautiful? Does she need to have long brown hair, rosy cheeks, pointed nose, big brown eyes, long eye lashes, perfect eye brows, sparkling white teeth, cute clothes, gorgeous bags, stunning shoes, skinny body, big boobs, thigh gap, big butt, long legs, collar bones? If that so maybe only 5% of the world’s population is beautiful, but does that really define beauty? Beauty is actually defines as (noun) the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind. (plural)The quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the sense or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit: loveliness. (Definition from Merriam Webster’s dictionary) with that definition it all takes in to the perception of people. So it depends on your perception on what truly is beauty or beautiful in your eyes or on what you feel. But do you think those are really the true perception of beauty? Which is to be perfect? And can everyone be that? Beauty is all about perceptions and this is where we are wrong about. We are blinded with the wrong perception of what should beautiful and since everyone wants to be beautiful we tend to lock up ourselves to what they are feeding us to be which is their perception of beauty but actually should be coming from you. Ellen DeGeneres said “To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are” which contradicts the by standards that everyone knows but is actually the right one. Your perception should come from only you, your standards, and your ideal self without any comparison from other people, coping with the trends, or even blending in. It is what you are happy off without even trying because when you try it only means that you are pleasing somebody else and that somebody else should actually be you. If there is anyone else that you please it’s only yourself and not anybody or even social standards because this is where you start to love yourself and that is the true beauty when you actually really love yourself for who and what you are without even trying for anyone else but you. 67 - SELF BEYOND THE MIRROR

model: andrea vargas



photograph and words by Ela Popa

model: charrie escober maria advent emmanuel andrea vargas cris go belle go

Who run the world? GIRLS. We are all born to be beautiful and different, each individual oozes with unique appeal that makes a person distinct. Each girl should always feel confident even with or without makeup. These girls are our perfect examples of natural beauty that everyone should appreciate. We don’t have to look up to girls who are being photoshopped for print ads. These girls arrived at our scheduled shoot without makeup and still looked gorgeous. They all have different body types, they hold various facial features, but all equal in beauty.


Place I’d rather Be words and photographs by Munik Martinez


Have you ever felt like you don’t belong, where people are staring at you, looking at you from head to toe, whispering, looking back, taking a second look etc.? And felt like “I need a place where everyone accepts me and doesn’t care” A lot of us feels that way and some just tend to blend in, hiding the real them to skip the glares and judgments, but that is not the answer.

You should not hide your true self to blend in, for people to accept you, not talk behind your back, and skip the judging stares. In our country where the people are really conservative, it’s really hard to find places where you can be whatever and whoever you want to be. You get the need to blend in and go for what the society wants you to be, but beyond that there are places where everyone’s welcome to whoever you are, maybe not fully but at least minimal than what is it in general places. Usually these places are on the high end side, where people are high profile and practically where famous people go to, since everyone accepts their level. So they don’t care who or what you are since they have their own thing already which is wealth or fame. The down side of that is still the social standard that you should be or have something, but beyond that you can be whatever you want. There are also places like universities where people are radical or can express themselves and express their independent self. This is where the good side comes in since it’s a place for youth to gather, it prepares the upcoming generation to have an open mind and see beyond the social standards and norms. There is practically no place where people 100% accepts you for whatever you are. People will continue staring, pass judgments, talk behind your back and rationalize, but the thing here is why would you care? There are maybe countable places that you can be you but still with the down sides, but are you just going to box yourself in those places and skip the places where everyone judges you? Exceptionally No, No one should box themselves in this places and no one should hide what they truly are to blend in the crowd. Everyone should embody themselves and forget about what people may think. This is you, and it is not them. They just see the first layer and doesn’t know you from within, so why will you let them break that real self of yours to skip them from judging the first layer of yours without even knowing your true self. This states how shallow their thinking is and that they have no place in you, since they are influenced by the whole social standards. You should be better than that, let them know that you are better than them, that you don’t rationalize and you stand up for your true self. You don’t care about them or anyone’s opinion since it makes you happy and it is who you are. Let your true self out and be you! Because the place you’d rather be is actually everywhere and anywhere. So don’t ever let them make you feel that you don’t belong because being you states that you belong in a place everyone should be.

model: liza quiray


model: maria advent emmanuel

A POEM BY PATRICA RAMOS I remember when you told me my freckles were like stars I remember when you told me My lips were like strawberries I remember how it felt How your voice resonated within my bones My skin my ears my muscles I remembered how I lived for it How I craved your tone every time you said it And then I remembered the day The day you stopped thinking The day you stopped thinking about me altogether And then I felt my bones They cracked and they broke Because I never noticed How I gave you the strings Connected to my limbs and my heart How when you pulled away I crumbled on the floor And things don’t make much sense I was reckless And you were good with words I didn’t know how not to believe But I learned Sometimes it’s okay to believe That my eyes are filled with constellations That my hair could grow flowers My mistake is that I anchored myself To your mouth Because when you detached yourself I sank And I drowned



The first time I saw her, Everything in my head fell silent. Her eyes were reflection of galaxies, So many have gotten lost in before me. Her uneven lips formed a smile like a Flickering candle, But a smile nonetheless. Her kiss like strawberries on a sunny day, Refreshing and pure. Her hair let loose like a restless ocean, She was breathtaking, And it was when I felt my heart skip a beat, That I knew I had to have her. But days grew colder as my heart grew weary, I never wanted this, but we couldn’t be sadder. I just wanted us to make it. I hope you don’t take it personally. I hope you remember the day I told you, The day I said I stopped thinking about you. I hope you take care of yourself, As much as I did before. I hope you understand I need to do it. For you to bloom like the flower I’ve always wanted. I hope you remember how I told you. That I loved you more than my own.

Berlin-Artparasites by Ela Popa

Facebook is a place where you update your friends, post pictures and chat with people. It is also a place where you can learn so much about poetry and art. No im not talking about museums now, it’s still about facebook. If you happen to stumble upon this page named BERLIN-ARTPARASITES, you most probably liked the page already. Jovanny, the curator of this page combined art and poetry that resulted in all kind of beautiful. Every post will make you feel either happy or sad, sometimes it will leave you poetic. Here are some of our personal favorites from their page:



By: Sittie Amanoding

“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.” – Jean Shinoda Bolen

D.i.y photograph and words by Ela Popa

Bored and feeling down? Try this DIY that will definitely make you extra creative! This can also be used as gifts for friends and family if you’re feeling super crafty. Perfect for the you!



Background illustrations by: Sittie Janainah Amanoding and Ela Popa


By: Sittie Amanoding

By: Sittie Amanoding

By: Sittie Amanoding

By: Sittie Amanoding

By: Sittie Amanoding

By: Ela Popa

By: Ela Popa

By: Ela Popa

By: Ela Popa

By: Sittie Amanoding

By: Ela Popa

By: Munik Martinez

By: Munik Martinez

By: Munik Martinez

By: Munik Martinez

Alyanna De Jesus writer

Maria Advent Emmanuel writer

Patricia Ramos writer

Hollie Reamico writer


Cheers to a Good Life

By: Sittie Amanoding


Awareness on Self-Appreciation


Awareness on Self-Appreciation