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o keep abreast with the growing demands of English teaching and learning globally, Modern Languages International is reshaping its seven-year-old curriculum set to take place this December.

Controlled and Semi-controlled Conversations, Survival English, Screen English, TOEFL Writing, TOEFL Reading, Business Writing and Speed Reading and Comprehension are some of the proposed subjects in the new curriculum.

During the deliberation meeting held on October 12, 2011 at the Function Room, MLI Vice-President Mr. Jeong Seung Ug wished to overhaul the existing curriculum into a more systematic approach suitable for the student’s level and skills.

Ms. Roxas indicated a number of writing and speaking subjects on the draft as per Vice-President’s request. She related that the proposed subjects and other major changes were just her recommendation and that she is open for any suggestions and opinions.

“I think some of our books are outdated already and we have many subjects in our curriculum, I hope we can make it more systematic and relevant to the student’s needs,” Mr. Jeong related.

Mr. Bebedor, being one of the pioneering teachers in MLI, however, implied that the alteration was not a problem but how to strictly implement it was the question. He also elaborated the need to carefully determine the students’ level and learning capacity From the said meeting, teacher and prior to the implementation of the said assigned Research and Development plan. Officer for curriculum change, Ms. Lani Roxas presented and discussed Ms. Tugade, on the other hand, her proposed curriculum to the panel suggested that if there would be a need composed of Mr. Jeong, Human to modify everything, it should be done Resources Officer, Mr. Gerard Manalo deliberately as it is not the first time for and MLI long-time teachers, Mr. Alejo MLI to experience the said curriculum


1-15, 2011

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Today’s Scripture Reading:

"Lord Jesus, free my heart from all possessiveness and from coveting what belongs to another. May I desire you alone as the one true treasure worth possessing above all else. Help me to make good use of the material blessings you give me that I may use them generously for your glory and for the good of others."

The Chronicle Staff Rhina Reyes Moderator Section Heads Ken Amante (MLInform) Janice Tugade (MLIn-Style) Marco Salazar (MLInspired) Lina Tavera (MLIn-Depth) Alejo Bebedor (MLIntrospect) Contributors Pinky Sanguir Marion Kenn Balladares Hiedee Corpuz Tara Tupas Richard Nogales (Circulation) Consultants Mr. Kim Jin Nam Mr. Jeong Seung Ug Ms. Tess Gutierrez Mr. Gerard Manalo MLI’s The Chronicle #23 Panay Avenue, Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City, Philippines Tel. Nos. 332-4147/332-4172



Let me share with you an old tale. A man and his son were once going with their donkey to market. As they were walking along by its side a countryman passed them and said: "You fools, what is the use of the Donkey if not to ride upon?" So the man put the boy on the donkey and they went on their way. But soon they passed a group of men, one of whom said: "See that lazy youngster, he lets his father walk while he rides." So the man ordered his boy to get off, and got on himself. But they hadn't gone far when they passed two women, one of whom said to the other: "Shame on that lazy lout to let his poor little son trudge along." Well, the man didn't know what to do, but at last he took his boy up before him on the donkey. By this time they had come to the town, and the passers-by began to jeer and point at them. The man stopped and asked what they were scoffing at. The men said:"Aren't you ashamed of yourself for overloading that poor donkey with you and your hulking son?"

the donkey to their shoulders. They went along amid the laughter of all who met them till they came to market bridge, when the donkey, getting one of his feet loose, kicked out and caused the boy to drop his end of the pole. In the struggle the donkey fell over the bridge, and his fore-feet being tied together he was drowned. "That will teach you," said an old man who had followed them: "Please all, and you will please none." This tale thus connotes the saying—we can’t please everybody.

In life, no matter how hard you work for other people to appreciate you or to see you the way you want them to, still at the end of the hard try not all of them would do. So there’s no sense exerting the best of your effort to please all of them. If you think you are doing your job well, where you feel satisfied and useful, then end the trail there. Don’t go aspiring for people to be satisfied with your work as well. Give your best shot to everything that you do without The man and boy got off and tried to think contemplating on the idea of pleasing the whole world! We are not given an what to do. They thought and they thought, exclusive contract to do such thing. We till at last they cut down a pole, tied the are only licensed to please no one but donkey's feet to it, and raised the pole and God. Continued next page >>


MLIn the News


Bin’s side of story….. MLI’s Curriculum Change and to this young lady aged Development Committee, formed A ccording 19, (yes, just 19!) many people


n line with the recentlyconcluded proposal on curriculum change, MLI with the initiative of Human Resources Officer, Mr. Gerard Manalo has formed a committee that shall lead the planning and development of the anticipated curriculum change last October 14.

Members of the newly formed committee are Teachers Ken Amante, Joseph Lim Navarrete, Marco Salazar, Alejo Bebedor and Janice Tugade while Teacher Lani Roxas was the designated the Committee Chairperson. The committee is set to meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to carry out the said task. Official work starts on October

Below is the proposed curriculum prepared by Ms. Lani Roxas to be discussed and enhanced by the Curriculum Change Committee.

think she’s rude and somewhat strange. But for her, people just don’t understand her. They misinterpret her words and actions in many ways. Let’s see what she has to say and know more about her as she relates her other side of story… I am Bin. I consider myself as a special girl with special skill—it’s designing. I have an attitude that most people dislike—it’s being rude. Yes, I may be rude to you but you don’t know me well. You only know my face, of course, my loud voice and my overall appearance. But let me tell you this: there are some teachers who sincerely see and appreciate me like Teachers Lani, Michelle and Demi. They always help me and remind me about everything especially those for my studies and behavior. They are like mothers to me. I have been in MLI for six months and when I go back to Korea, I will truly miss them.

When I had an accident last October 2, I was rushed to the hospital. It was because of a mosquito that was buzzing around me. It made me annoyed so I got out of bed with eyes half-opened because I was still sleepy. I pushed the window three times that it cut my right wrist. I was very shocked! I could clearly see the flesh and my wrist bone. It was bleeding profusely. Mr. Jeong, Mr. Kim and Mr. Luke along with Seiki brought me to Capitol Medical Center. I stayed in the hospital for two days. Besides the awful experience, the bill was terribly unbelievable that we paid Php70,000. I was not prepared enough for an accident like that. First I am still young and second I am just a foreigner in this country. I realized that if we met an accident like this, it would cost much so it would be wise to have a medical insurance. So, to avoid anything like this, I must say, “We have to be careful all the time”. I was also having thoughts that maybe, because of my attitude that horrible accident occurred to me. But my teachers and other friends told me things happen for a reason. Please Nobody from page 2

So why clamour for other’s opinion In fact, even the greatest and praise? philosophers, the finest inventors, the supreme It’s you and your hard work that is valuable and not the harsh, good-forteachers, the most renowned nothing words of the countable! people ever lived had taught us not to please everybody Let me leave you this advice: Just do because we would end up the right thing and keep up the good work!

Each one of us has our own distinctive personality.




On Varieties of English: Creating a Tolerant Atmosphere among Teachers and Students By: Ken Amante the Philippines. Accordingly, you will find it strange when you hear your Korean students going on eye shopping for the weekend or might consider buying a hand phone. These non-standard English words used by Koreans are entirely odd to Filipino English speakers. Sometimes, it may even be a cause of misunderstanding if both parties failed to arrive at a comprehensive meaning of these words.


nglish is no doubt the global language of today. There is no denying in its significant influence in almost all facets—media, business, education and so on. This is the language that more than half of the world wants to learn and be proficient in. But as the language stretches further to fully embrace both hemispheres of the world, we are all compelled to master it in order to effectively communicate with the rest of the world. However, this mastery involves complexities as English is definitely not a one-face language; meaning it comes in several forms depending on the region and the people using the language.

Traditionally, the English that most people would follow is British English. For one, that’s the origin of the language and second, some of the modern nations born out of the British Empire exert a great influence on the world today like the United States to name one. However, for the past decades there has been a major shift in power. If British and American varieties of English were the standards before, today other variants grow to an increasing rate of legitimacy thus posing a challenge to the dominance of the two varieties. In fact, scholars say that English no longer belongs to

depends on the country where you are. If this is the case, then why do we push for a strict adherence to conventional forms of Native English? Why do we have to limit ourselves and our students to the standards of the Anglosphere? This is the notion that most of us have: that there are only two kinds of English—British and American, and to use an English which deviates from the two is an unforgivable mistake. Well let me tell you this: you are living under a rock if this is still your perception. Today, English has morphed into several kinds that roughly each country in the world develops its own brand. To give an example, let’s take our very own Philippine English also known as Filipino English. If you refer to the toilet as comfort room or CR, you are obviously using Philippine English. This is a classic example of Filipino distinctiveness, quite peculiar from those of the British and the American variants. Another example is the word salvage. I’m sure that the first thing that comes to mind if you were a Filipino is the negative association to violence. However, that’s not the case when you try to look this up in the dictionary. You’ll be disappointedly surprised that it actually means good and the definition

But should we laugh or belittle these little deviations from the Native English? Is it right to say that these are wrong and should not be used? If you have been reading intently from the start of this article and have managed to understand the underlying meaning of this essay, the answer to these questions should be clear by now. As what was mentioned, English does not belong to England anymore. It is now the language of the world and consequently it has given birth to several varieties that are partly unique from one another. The answer therefore is a partial NO! In the Philippines, we can understand when one says presidentiable, accident prone area or masteral. The Native English equivalents of these words are presidential aspirant, high-risk area and Continued on page 7...




To See Within Me By: Ken Amante

Quiet Break for Teachers, With Attitude By: Pinky Sanguir How Teachers Deal With the Small Anxieties in Our Daily Lives "Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” – Matthew 6:34 Many of us experience some level of stress or anxiety in different situations we encounter every day. Yes, these undertakings may provide important opportunities for us to grow; however, they must be dealt with utmost care. We must handle every little situation positively. No matter how much workload we do each single day, we must act accordingly and happily. Many teachers find themselves overwhelmingly busy these days—work hours are getting longer, vacations are shortened or skipped, not to mention our individual obligations at home and a lot of other things that give us the so-called stressful lives.

overtaken by these minor frustrations of life, we must catch ourselves, take a deep breath, and lift our thoughts upward. Teachers, we should be strong indeed by the Grace of God. We are here for a reason. In season and out of season, we should do the work God entrusted us to do. We should lift our thoughts and prayers to Him to help us. God is a God of possibility, not of negativity. He will guide you through your difficulties and beyond them. So whatever is making you anxious, whether finances, family issues, health problems, or the dog on the other side of the fence, turn it over to God and allow Him to calm your spirit! Then, you can thank the Giver of all things good for blessings that are simply too numerous to count. SMILE a lot! Though things are not as good as they should be. That’s wha t you ca ll WITH ATTITUDE!!!

Like the traffic jams, the piles of home works on our desks, the stubborn students, the unpredictable weather that we all have to face every day. No anxiety is too small for God to These are just among the many occurrences of our handle. So pray and turn your fears over to him. Knowing that everyday lives. He loves us, allow him to calm

How many times have we talked? How long have we spent time with each other? You had some doubts about me You wanted to understand me a little bit better We’ve had such wonderful days We have memories we can always recall You stood the test of time You stayed till this very moment Many have already trodden on this path They left me just the same I confessed to you the real me The man who longed to be Eve And you’re still here… Right beside me The warmth of your words The sincerity of your tongue Blew all doubts in me Restored the confidence in me There shall never be another you A friend for life, a friend for real To heavens be my gratitude

An angel is beside me





For our first Featured Student, we are glad to introduce to you MANA also known as Kim Ha Na. She’s got the look of a typical Korean girl—the eyes, the white skin, the fashion style, the gestures and mannerisms. All these attributes point to her as being a true-blue Korean girl. But there are things about her that make her stand out among other students in MLI…

religiously and ahead of time. She’s friendly, warm-hearted and kind. In terms of studying, she gives her heart to it. When she doesn’t understand something, she asks questions. She’s a very determined lady. “If I want something, I always have determination and passion,” she related. She always believes in “no pain, no gain” that is why when she sets some goals along the way, she makes it a point that she’d reach these goals no matter how painful or hard they may be.

About the column: Featured Student Section is dedicated to a particular MLI student who catches the attention of everyone in MLI in his/her very special and positive ways. It is made to serve an inspiration to other students and to tap their purpose of coming here. The featured student is someone who outshines others by means of studying hard, being attentive to class, being friendly and warm to everybody around him/her. It is intended to give a special citation to an impressive student who has been showing the burning interest in studies, who has been very hard-working, outstanding and cooperative as well.

And for the small details that others may want to know about her, her favorite colors are black and red because she believes these colors give her more confidence. She likes Daenjang Chige and Kimchi as her favorite Korean food; and Most of her teachers say that adobo, pansit, barbeque as her she’s punctual and very favorite Filipino food among diligent as she comes to class others. G-Dragon from the famous K-pop group Big Bang is her favorite singer and ideal person. As for her, G-Dragon’s passion for music and his dedication to his craft give her so much inspiration.

She’d like to convey her message to all people who have been very supportive of her here in MLI:

She loves listening to IU’s Someday and to 4Men’s My Girlfriend. She wants to go to Cebu, Boracay and Palawan if she would be given a chance to travel. Her favorite place is at some café with her f ri e n d s. B e ca u se sh e

Thank you to all my teachers who put me on this section. I am shy but I am very thankful to you. I will always remember you when I leave MLI. Teacher Stella, I dedicate the song ‘Price Tag’ to you; Teacher Ken— Christina Aguilera's ‘Beautiful’ and to my inspiration Jeon Young Hwan; I can relate with you so much when I hear and sing the song ‘My Destiny’ by Jim Brickman. ♥ -Mana

Mana with friends Jin and Amanda Mana with her friends Jin (left) and Amanda (right).



On Varieties of English… from page 4

Since English has come to a new form in this country and molded both by our culture and history, we have unconsciously dictated its mutations with the help of media which popularized them. There is no sin, however, in using these terms since they are generally understood by the Filipino pubic and it is the English that we have come to cultivate. This case is true also for Koreans who find convenience in using both eye shopping and hand phone.

My Top 3 Priorities in Life limitations.

On the global scale, we still set some guidelines as to when and where to use them. In the case of Filipino English, we use CR and salvage only to Filipinos and foreigners who are familiar with our brand of English; otherwise, we expect a communication breakdown to take place. Similarly, we do not encourage our students to use eye shopping when they’re talking to foreigners unless they are familiar with the so-called Vocabulary is not only the Korean English or Konglish. component worthy of attention here. In the spoken Keeping this in mind, it is language, accent is the obvious not entirely correct to say distinguishing factor of the that Konglish or Filipino varieties of English. You can English is wrong. These tell by listening that one is a varieties of English were Briton, an American, a Filipino born simply because the or a Korean speaking in English. language has gone global and Because of this greater penetrated the different tolerance and acceptance of countries in the world. As a other kinds of English, result of this global standardized language tests are phenomenon, English has also made flexible so as to entered different cultures include non-native speakers in and has therefore adjusted the recording. If you have itself based on the needs of taken the IELTS or at least the people. Instead, what we familiar with its listening test, need to do now aside from you will notice that not teaching the language is to everybody speaking in the make our students aware of record is a native speaker. its different varieties and Some would include Asians help them adjust to the and Europeans among others English that is used in a who are non-native speakers of particular country. Let us English. And why is this so? develop in them a sense of Because the tester wants you to tolera nce and openbe prepared for a multi-culture environment where you would encounter people from other countries and adapt yourself as well to the kind of English that they use. This only shows that the growing consciousness on the different varieties of English is going widespread and global.

By: Mir (Noh Yong Gyun)


used to think how my life will be after 10 or 20 years. When I was 6 years old, I dreamed to become the president of my country. Soon, I realized I wanted more things in life. Summarized into three, they are family, work, and special arrangement. They come in no particular order. Priority A, Family- There are four members in my family— my mother, elder sister, older brother and me. My father passed away when I was 3 years old, so I can hardly remember him. My mother went through a hard time raising us, but, in the long run, we all grew up well and made it on our own. Actually, in my case, without my family's support, I couldn't have finished my studies at university with high tuition and I couldn’t get a nice job easily. Now I'm paying them back by supporting them with great pleasure. Priority B, Work- To be satisfied in a chosen job is not that easy. We have to consider money, nice welfare, company’s stability and so on. But for me, every person has to prioritize what his heart is really telling him or her. When I applied for a job in Korea, I asked myself "Is this what I really want?" To be honest, I only wanted a high paying job. So when I was still in my university, I was asked what career do I want to take after graduating from college, I chose those with high salaries. Fortunately, my previous company where I’ve worked for almost 5 years gave me a very good compensation. My annual salary was about 50 million won. I admit the payment was really great, but I had to quit six weeks ago for my desire to pursue a degree in Architectural Design in another country. My friends were against my decision because they were worried about me. But I stood firm with my decision and I persuaded them. Now I am challenged to get a better life and profession. This time around, I will prioritize what I really want. Priority C, Special Arrangement- The last one is the arrangement I had with my ex-girlfriend. We were together for seven years but we broke up 5 years ago. Now she’s married and has a pretty daughter. They are living in Munster, Germany. Sometimes, we still communicate through e-mails. Though, she is happy now and I'm also on my way to being happy, we agreed to meet again when we reached 80. In order to do this, we need to live our own lives successfully and happily. This could be the reason why I should achieve my two priorities I mentioned above. Setting up goals and priorities in our lives is no simple task. But as long as we have determination and persistence, we can surely achieve them! That’s why I always tell myself— “ You can do it, Mir!”



T HE C HRONICLE Part 2 of 3

Capture captivating moments in the beautiful island of Camiguin! Grab your notes and jot down

Sunken Cemetery

Text and Photos By: Lina Tavera

what Teacher Lina has to teach us. Post-it her what-to-do-there tips, bookmark her how–to-get

This destination is the beautiful island born of fire, Camiguin, Philippines. It is called ‘the island born of fire’ because it Come on! Let’s all sail to Camiguin! literally has seven volcanoes. This paradise has a lot to offer to travelers. If you want to run away from the stresses of the city Must Try: life, this beautiful island will just get you redefined. This haven will let you enjoy the beauty of nature, the flavorful food and Local Delicacy the warm-hearted people. You could swim in a falls, in a hot called spring water park, in a cold spring water park, in a soda water “pastel” park (which you could also drink) and at its beautiful sea. -there short cuts and memorize her itinerary list!

Bura Cold Spring ( Soda Water Park)

Camiguin Sea

Mt. Hibok-Hibok

Hike at Mt. Hibok-Hibok to have station of the cross.

How to get there: From Manila, you can take direct flights from Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific or Air Philippines to Cagayan de Oro City. Flying time takes approximately one hour and 20 minutes. From Cagayan de Oro airport, you can take a cab to the bus terminal located at the Agora Market and get on a bus bound to Balingoan, a town 88 kilometers outside the city. At Balingoan, take a ferry bound to Camiguin Island. The trip usually takes an hour before you reach Benoni Wharf of Mahinog, which is 17 kilometers from the capital town of Mambajao.

Witness sunset at the Sunken Cemetery.

Seven Must-See Tourist Spots in Camiguin 1. Sunken Cemetery 2. White Island 3. Katibawasan Falls 4. Ardent Hot Springs 5. Sto. Nino Cold Springs 6. Bura Cold Spring (Soda Water Park) 7. Ruins of the Old

The brink-open pizza at Luna Ristorante

Ruins of the Old Church

Katibawasan Falls



By: T. Marion


(Kenn B. Balladares)

How do you use your leisure time away from the hassle and dazzle of our daily school life?--life?--- Be engrossed with Teacher Marion as he reveals to us his secret love affair, his passion and his indulgence when he’s off the English grill… “Surfing entails perseverance. Practice makes perfect! Whenever I see beginners on the lineup making their first stand, squealing and hanging loose, I can still feel the same way in high spirits which is close to addiction. Surfing is a way of life. It is a passion that involves love for the nature and the ocean. And for me, the feeling of getting stoked still illuminates in me every time I think of the beach.”- T. Marion The Passion I have been an avid fan of extreme sports. The passion in me all started when I was playing on the long stretch of shoreline in my hometown. There were a lot of times when I needed to wait for the low tides because it’s perfect for “Skimboarding”. Later on, I have found myself dealing with the bigger waves. That’s when I shifted to “Surfing”. Because I was literally disgruntled with small shore breaks I normally endure in skimboarding. My strong ardor for surfing was not just for a pastime. I didn’t even know that it would turn out to be a lifetime sport for me. Surfing is indeed a lifestyle. Despite the fact that it is quite perilous, an individual may get hooked to it as well. Though, I am not yet a Pro in this sport, I can still

The Waves

The Beaches

I started hitting the heat of every wave six years ago in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union, which was considered as the surfing capital of the north. It is blessed with a magnificent beach break facing the South China Sea in the west during the seasonal months of August – October and December – February. Waves reach five feet overhead during a perfect season. During my first surfing lesson, I hired a surfing instructor who was a local in the area. Learning the basics was very informative. It’s just like you have to study the essential parts of a Longboard used for most of the beginners. One must also learn the etiquette in surfing; dropping in; snaking; and being in, or standing in, being in, or standing in, the takeoff zone. By the time I started to paddle out on the water, I have felt the relentless force of the waves rushing over me. It took me about six times of pull-and-push to stand and balance on the board wherein I felt like it was one of my greatest achievement. So on, I continued the basics until I reached the intermediate

I consider La Union to be my “home break” as far as the surfing spots where I have surfed. A number of beach resorts are also visible in the surfing area with a variety of accommodation types and rates. It is accessible through a commuter bus or private-driven vehicle. However, travel time may vary. Driving a car takes about four hours and a half from the normal sixhour travel by bus.The means of transportation traveling to La Union has some relevant factors for most of the surfers. As usual, pros and cons need to be considered. For instance, using a privatedriven car makes the surfing experience faster and heady. On the other hand, a commuter bus is quite time consuming because of the stopovers. Aside from La Union, surfers can hit the waves of Cloud 9 in Siargao Island, can stumble upon the bluest water of Crystal Beach and Magic Left in Zambales and can explore the paradise ocean of the Sabang Beach in Baler, Aurora. Other surfable beaches are not in turmoil but yet to be discovered. Surf’s up!



Health is Wealth By: Alejo Bebedor, PTRP

CROSSWORD PUZZLE By: Hiedee Corpuz 1

2 5





8 9


11 12







18 19

Nutritionists say a good weight loss diet is one in which the food choices are ones people can continue long-term. We can have a successful weight loss diet as long as it is somewhat aligned to our normal food preferences, lifestyle and health. If a diet is totally dissimilar from our normal way of eating, it's difficult to establish a sustainable eating pattern and we're more likely to return to the diet we are comfortable with – the one that resulted in the weight gain in the first place. Another common mistake is relying solely on dietary changes. If you're not active while you're trying to slim down, you risk losing muscle as well as fat. Muscle is the dieter's friend because it burns more energy than fat tissue, even when it's not being used – boosting our slimming efforts. And don't expect to shift extra kilos overnight. Give yourself at least one year or even two if you have gained a significant amount of weight, such as 15 to 20 kilograms. To lose five kilograms, it is realistic to expect it to take

More helpful tips next issue..






ACROSS 1. Let’s ___ to a movie? 5. Did you ___ TV last night? 7. Please put the book on the ___. 8. She ran ___ her dog. 9. I got up at ___ 6:30. 11. ___ you like baseball? 12. Please give this to ___ man over there. 14. I have a dog and a ___. 16. It’s really hot ___. 18. ___ is my book. 19. Can you ___ some cold water here, please. 20. A ___ has long ears. 23. There is no available ___. 24. He has a dog, a cat ___ a rabbit.

Issue 2 Answer to English Trivia

What to look for in a diet

Here are some good points to look for in a diet: • it features a balance of different foods • it is sustainable – you can continue the eating pattern long term • it advocates regular physical activity • it allows the occasional treat • it encourages regular eating times throughout the day • it teaches you how to make healthy food choices • it emphasises fresh foods, and limits overly processed foods • it recommends a slow and steady approach. Things to watch out for in a diet include the following: • it cuts out or heavily restricts whole food groups • it has periods of fasting (i.e. only liquids for days or weeks at a time) it has rigid phases that are recommended only for a short time (because this can mean the activity has negative health effects in the longer term).

DOWN 1. My ___ is 30 years old. 2. ___ time will you go home? 3. The police tried to ___ the thief. 4. How old will you be on your next ___? 5. Have you seen the ___ forecast for tomorrow? 6. She has ___ dogs. 10. We climbed ___ the tree. 13. How ___ are you? I’m 180 centimeters. 15. Please go to the ___ and buy some bread. 17. What time did you eat ___ yesterday evening? 21. The baseball player picked up the ___.


Courtesy of Tara Tupas

The oldest word in the English language is "town" The phrase "rule of thumb" is derived from an old English law which stated that you couldn't beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb. The longest word in the English language, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis!

The 11 words are the,there,he,in,rein,her,here,ere,I,therein,herein/Uncopyrightable/Portmanteau /Queueing /Proprietor/ALMOST/Bookkeeper

P AGE 10

MLI - 3rd