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For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge 2 Peter 1:5

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15-30, 2011

What’s Inside!!!

By: Rhina Reyes


Selected students and one teacher also shared their singing prowess that night. Student Bin (Kim Su Bin) jumpstarted it with her powerful rendition of Adele‘s ―Rolling in the Deep‖. Sharing the same stage was Mana (Kim Ha Na) who sang ―Destiny‖ followed by Daniel‘s (Kim Jun Ho) heartfelt performance of ―This is the Moment‖. Teacher Jeff Saligumba, on the other hand, once again wowed the crowd with his trademark doble kara performance of ―Always‖.

fun-filled evening participated by students, teachers and staff marked the 7th year celebration of Modern Languages International (MLI) on November 11, 2011 at MLI Grounds with the theme MLI as One!

The very first MLI Jingle was also launched in the early part of the program performed by the composer himself Teacher Marco Salazar (lead vocals and guitar) together with student Mir Noh (guitar) and Teacher Marion Balladares The celebration kicked off with a get- (beatbox). together dinner sponsored by the Management followed by a program hosted Series of exciting games wrapped the by Teachers Ken Amante and Hiedee whole event with a bang administered by Corpuz. MLI‘s School Master, Ms. the following teachers: Ms. Pinky SanTess Gutierrez formally started it with guir (Hoola-Hoop Relay and Trip to her opening remarks. In her speech, she Jerusalem; Mr. Alejo Bebedor (Balloon recognized the hard work and dedica- Relay); Ms. Lina Tavera (Pass the Mestion of the President, Mr. Kim Jin Nam sage/Sack Race); Ms. Rizalyn Dumol in making MLI one of the strongest (Let‘s go to the Market Relay) and Mr. language academies in the Philippines. Marion Balladares (Are You Smarter Ms. Gutierrez also commended several than a Fifth Grader?). teachers who have been giving their The celebration ended with the awarding of remarkable contribution to the acade- the Top Performing Teachers and the distribution of certificates for the In-House Semimy‘s eminent glory. nar.




Today‘s Scripture Reading:

Only True and Living God, may your glory shine forever in the lives and faithfulness of your people. May your praises always be on my lips and in my heart. May people see your love for them in Christ Jesus, both now, and forevermore and use my life to influence others to bring you praise. In the name of Jesus I praise and proclaim your glorious majesty. Amen.

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A Short Ride to Consciousness… In this issue‘s editorial, I‘d like to put the short story entitled “Biscuits” submitted by Teacher Cynthia Bauyon. As I was reading the story, it has ticked a part of my consciousness and made me realize something worthy. I have come to realize that in this world, it‘s not fair to judge someone by what you seem to know about the person or by what you seem to understand about the person‘s actions or doings, for what you seem to know based on your own perception may be wrong. Thinking over the lesson I‘ve just learned from this story, I‘ve decided to share it with you as how it was shared to me by Teacher Cynthia. Enjoy reading the article and be inspired by it! A young lady was waiting for her flight in the boarding room of a big airport. As she would need to wait for many hours, she decided to buy a book to spend her time with. She also bought a packet of cookies. She sat down in an armchair, inside the VIP Room of the airport, to rest and read in peace. Beside the armchair was where the packet of cookies lay, a man sat down in the next seat, opened his magazine, started reading and grabbed a piece of cookie. She felt irritated but said nothing. She just thought: “What a nerve! If I was in the mood, I would punch him for daring. For each cookie she took, the man took one too. This was infuriating but she

didn’t want to cause a scene. When only one cookie remained, she thought: “Ah…what this abusive to man do now?” then, the man taking the last cookie, divided it into half, giving her one half. Ah! That was too much! She was much too angry now! In a huff, she took her book, her things and stormed to the boarding place. When she sat down in her seat, inside the plane, she looked into her purse to take her glasses and to her surprise; her packet of cookies was there untouched, unopened! She felt so ashamed! She realized that she was wrong… She had forgotten that her cookies were kept in her purse. The man divided the cookies with her without feeling angered or bitter. While she had been very angry, thinking that she was dividing her cookies with him… And now there was no chance to explain herself…nor to apologize! There are four things that we can’t recover: 1.) The stone, after the throw 2.) The word after it is said. 3.) The occasion after the loss! 4.) The time after it’s gone! We are not perfect and just like us, what we perceive about other people is not always perfect. So we have to be really cautious of what we say or do toward others. Because once said or done, the end result whether good or bad will affect the person one way or another!




Modern Languages International (MLI) through the Students‘ Evaluation of Teachers (SET) conducted on October 28, 2011 named its top performing faculty members with Teachers Kathy Music and Lyrics by: Marco Salazar Munoz and Vivian Ema topping the list. More than thirty students as respondents participated in the said survey. Teachers were evaluated according to their teaching performance, attendance and character. The highest score given to each teacher was 5 and the lowest was 1. Teacher Vivian Ema garnered a perfect score of 5.000 making her the top performing teacher in the 1:1 class category while Teacher Kathy Munoz led the 1: group category with an overall rating of 4.918. Top Performing 1:1 Teachers Top 1 – Vivian Ema Top 2 – Cynthia Bauyon Top 3 – Raquel Mamaril Sherlyn Abao Top 4 – Jen Leuterio Top 5 – Jon Jon Tolentino

5.000 4.918 4.890 4.890 4.857 4.833

Top Performing 1: Group Teachers Top 1 – Kathy Munoz Top 2 – Joshua Navarrete Top 3 – Janice Tugade Lina Tavera

4.925 4.897 4. 833 4. 833

Do you want to be competitive? Or maybe even more active? Confident in everything that you do? Oh! So do you?

Looking for friendly faces? As well as better your English? Then I'm sure it's the best place for you, Oh! For me too~~~~ Chorus: (2x) In MLI world, No one's too young or no one's too old, English Writing, practice Speaking, Listening and more, Discover new things and explore... Bridge: Though people come and go... Everyone should know, Farewells and goodbyes as you see... Open NEW WINDOWS of OPPORTUNITY~~~~ (Repeat Chorus)

We encourage all teachers and students to submit their originally-composed articles for the succeeding issues of The Chronicle. All contributions must be type written, well organized and relevant to language learning and development of everyone as we are the primary readers of our newsletter. Submit your articles in USB or send it through email: Thank you! :)

The MLI‘s 7th Anniversary Celebration!

Ken and Ray




The Music That Inspires Me By: Mir Noh Do you feel what I feel See what I see Hear what I hear There is a line you must draw Between your dream world and reality Do you live my life or share the breath I breathe These are some lines from the song called "The Philosopher" by Death, a metal band. The first time I heard this song, I thought "What cool lyrics!" Chuck Schuldiner, the band leader of Death, passed away on December 12, 2001. But he died with the title “Father of Death Metal" and a great legacy releasing 8 albums and 2 concert videos. His music inspired me to play the guitar and dream about being a musician like him with three of these: technicality in playing the instrument, lyrics which contain the emotions of human being such as sorrow, fear, anger; and his character. In the beginning of his music career, his songs were a little simple like other bands at the same age though it was great. But as soon as he released his new album, his music progressed in a way that he's using his own-style scales and progression of songs. His solos in songs were apparently influenced from former era. His songwriting ability reached the acme in the last album "Sound of The Perseverance". This album has also been one of my favorites and because of it I tried to learn some songs by myself. Secondly, he wrote songs with themes on death, philosophy, fury and sometimes gore of human beings. There are many great songs such as Suicide Machine, Scavenger of Human Sorrow, Spirit Crusher, Voice of Soul, Mentally Blind, Zombie Ritual and so on. For one, in a song entitled, Bite the Pain he shouts "Beware of sharp-edged weapon called human being" and "I'll not feed your hunger, instead I'll bite the pain". In my opinion Chuck seemed to never compromise on being a victim to evil (I think that this evil means some human beings). So by biting the pain, he would overcome this and be against it. Reading his lyrics, I'm always surprised at his genuineness. Finally, I really like his humanity. He was an animallover and a peaceful-minded person and was even very polite. I learned it from interviews. He is definitely the one who can never be forgotten in the metal history by metal kids, at least for me. Rest in peace, Chuck!

First I‘d say ‗Hi‘ or ‗How are you?‘ Then I‘d welcome him. If he‘s new, I‘d tell him what he should do and not do around the place. If he‘s kind, I‘d be friends with him. I will ask his/her name then ask about his/her occupation. I will start the conversation this way because it‘s common for Koreans to do just like that… I‘ll introduce myself and start to ask some personal questions. First, I will introduce myself to the stranger by telling him information about myself including my favorite things. I will try to find our similarities by asking him questions. Then, we can continue our conversation from there. First, I will smile at the person then I‘ll introduce myself. I will give comments such as ‗You look good!‖ I will say ―Hello! My name is Lily!‖ Then I will ask about his/her information.

I would size up the person first before saying anything. For me the right approach is on a case-to-case basis. Generally, I would say ‗Hi‘ first.

It would be better to start a conversation in a polite way by saying, ―Excuse me, is it your first time here?‖

I‘d say ‗Hi‘ or ‗Hello‘ then ask if he or she wouldn‘t mind me joining him or her and have a nice talk and just be comfortable being around. I‘d probably ask him or her, ― Hey, care to tell me your name?‖…



By: Grace ―Hiedee‖ Corpuz

RAY a.k.a. Moon Tae Hee


hoi Tae Hee also known as Ray arrived in MLI on September 24, 2011, at the mid crest of the season. Among the language academies in the Philippines, he had chosen MLI because it‘s the only academy in Manila that offers a Sparta Curriculum where tough training and strict learning system are being implemented. Discover Ray in a lighter aspect…

While doing the interview and in the middle of our conversation, I thought I knew much about Ray, but I was wrong! I learned that Ray appreciates white colors as they show cleanliness and neatness. When asked about his favorite food, he blithely replied, ―I love Korean food particularly kimchi jji ge and sam gyup ssal (well, obviously!).‖ But of course, he is also into foreign food like sushi. He sometimes squanders in Coliseum bar simply because the owner is his friend. FYI, Ray admitted that he listens to rock ballad and the song ―Incomplete‖ by Sisqo is his recent favorite song.

Knowing Ray in a deeper outlook … Ray believes that his best friend ByoungJoo has inspired him at some point. In spite of the sufferings, as well as the poverty that his friend had undergone after his father‘s demise, Byoug-joo still manages to smile facing the world and shows his strength in dealing with life. But of course, Ray‘s ideal person is none other than his father. He said he wanted to follow his father‘s footsteps being a generous father to his family. What more can we say about Ray? Surprisingly, many teachers and students find him extraordinary. When I asked him to describe himself he timidly enumerates these: I am attractive, jolly or cheerful, kind, honest; has a unique style of clothing, cooltempered, and with pride even though I am mad and lastly an ideal guy. Ray will be leaving MLI on December 27. Consecutively, he will transfer to Palawan to continue his studies for two months, after that he will be flying to Sydney, Australia for a six-month working holiday before his few countries‘ exploration in two months. Then, he will be returning to Korea to finish his studies at the university. Definitely this guy is extraordinary that lightens up our day when we see him smile.




A Memorable Trip in the Philippines By: Mana (Kim Ha Na) The most memorable trip I have in the Philippines is the one I had in Mindoro with my MLI friends—Grant, May, Ted, Terry, Nicky and HIM (You know him, teachers!J). Prior to the trip, I was mentally and physically exhausted so I fainted and badly needed a rest. Fortunately, HE suggested to me to go to Mindoro. We rode Jam bus for 2 hours and got off in Batangas to use a boat. We spent a long time there so we were hungry as a bear. At a Sabang Beach restaurant, we ate traditional Filipino food like adobo. I ate it for the first time. I like it. It‘s so delicious! Later, we checked in a hotel, but it didn‘t have any special activity. Maybe, it was late so we went to the White Beach instead. There were no activities too so we just played beach volleyball. Later, we met a Korean owner who manages a scuba diving site. He gave us his proposal, so we carried this out the next day. Before that, we had a good time. We had swimming in the beach and at the pool of the hotel the previous day. The hotel was very convenient, too. In the morning, we went scuba diving for 2 hours after taking some training. Under the sea, it was so beautiful! I touched a starfish and saw lots of fish. On that day, my friends and I became very familiar with each other. Finally, on our way back to MLI, we stopped by Woorijib and ate samgeupsal. For me, this trip is truly refreshing because I got good rest and revitalized my energy. I also like my newfound friends. When I go back to Korea, I‘ll meet them again. And to my teachers and friends whom I‘ve met in the Philippines, thanks for everything and for your kindness. I will never forget all of you. I have experienced a lot of things in the Philippines and all have been memorable to me. I will miss all of you when I return to Korea. I hope to keep in touch with you. Let‘s not forget each other. Meeting all you was one of the greatest things for me. Thank you and see you again!


My Boracay Experience By: Miela (Kim Ji Hae) Finally, I‘ve been to Boracay! To tell you honestly, I‘d been dying to go to Boracay before coming to the Philippines. Since last summer, I‘d been trying to book a flight going there but to no avail. Luckily few weeks after arriving in MLI, I was able to book myself a flight to Boracay through the help of my dear teachers in MLI. Teacher Kel was the one who helped me reserve a ticket. Teachers Ja, Jen and Demi helped me reserve a hotel. And then it was Teacher Marion who helped me find a pick-up service going to the airport. My Boracay trip was really an amazing one! I fell in love with the fantastic sceneries there! The sky and the beach seem to have the same color! It‘s really blue! The place is really beautiful, the people were nice and the food was great! The best experience I had there aside from getting attracted with the wonderful place was the night when I met some foreigners in some club. Actually, I couldn‘t understand them well. When they spoke to me slowly, I could understand them. I realized the importance of English through that experience. Also, the guide in the hotel where I‘d stayed tried to explain to me the rules to follow during our stay. And I couldn‘t understand any of what he was trying to say either! ^_^ All in all, my Boracay trip was really unforgettable! It‘s one of the best things that happened to me here in the Philippines! I will never forget the places, the people and everything that I have met and encountered here... See you all soon!



T HE C HRONICLE By: Vivian Ema

Villa Escudero! V

illa Escudero is a very exhilarating venue and a must-visit destination in San Pablo, Laguna. This historic plantation and hacienda are owned by the well-known Escudero family in Laguna. It was opened to public in 1981 to share the family‘s pride to the tourists and travellers who wanted to have a one-stop experience to the historical 800-hectare plantation. Visiting the place would either bring you the old time spirit or would make you feel the Philippine country life. Tourist guides and ushers are dressed by the country‘s traditional costumes; Nipa huts are everywhere to make the visitors feel the life back in time. Upon entering the entrance, a carabao cart ride will take you to the plantation while being serenaded by the town‘s hired singers. You will be amazed to see a huge museum that looks like a church when you explore further, the church-like museum is full of family‘s great artifacts preserved and kept way back in the Spanish era. There are boat rides to try and swimming pool to take a plunge into with fresh water to warm you up especially during hot weather. To satisfy your hungry stomach, you can have a sumptuous buffet near the freeflowing water. From the waterfalls, you may need to go on barefoot or may even have your slippers on. On Fridays and on weekends, there are cultural shows to entertain guests. You can relax, watch and enjoy the traditional songs while eating. You can dance with them together. You can also see how the locals get coconuts from the tall coconut trees and witness how they amazingly open them with incredible speed and accuracy.

At night you can stay and chill out in the melancholic ambience of VILLA ESCUDERO, but if you feel like singing through the night you can avail of their videoke. The rooms are good and spacious. You can stay overnight or for days.


Carabao Cart Ride

Take a jeepney or taxi bounding to Kamias and Kamuning. Get off at Edsa corner Kamias and walk a little to JAC Liner terminal. Get on the bus with a signboard of LUCENA CITY. Tell the conductor or the driver that you are bounding to VILLA ESCUDERO, otherwise you may reach the wrong destination as Lucena is a very big town. It is located at the boundaries of San Pablo and Tiaong Quezon Province. It will take you about 2 hours from Manila. It‘s about 90km bus ride. The bus will pass through SLEX (South Luzon Expressway). Along the way you will pass by the cities of Calamba, Laguna; Santo Tomas, Batangas and along the towns of Alaminos and San Pablo, Laguna. Immediately after San Pablo, you will see the QUEZON PROVINCE ARCH and right after that you will see VILLA ESCUDERO from a close distance. From Manila, it‘s on the left side. One-way fare estimate would be around Php150-170. A one-price combination ticket for attractions is amounting to Php1400 per person/per visit. This includes museum admission, waterfalls sightseeing, lunch, water buffalo cart ride, and the Philippine cultural show viewing.

Buffet near the flowing water


Cultural Show



CITY OF ANGELS LOS ANGELES…. the ―City of Angels‖ - either I love it or I hate it. It‘s just like Metro Manila with its hustle-bustle lifestyle, the unique neighborhoods of Filipinos, Chinese, Mexicans, Koreans, Vietnamese, and Italians --- the extreme diversity of people that sets it apart from other cities. We arrived at Tom Bradley International Airport on a Saturday afternoon. To my surprise, there was a long queue of passengers from different countries in the Immigration Booths. There's always a lot of traffic coming into the airport and the traffic continues inside this terminal with tons of people pulling their luggage around. BTW, for some of those people lugging their bags around, watch out for others!!! The check-ins and security were slow. It took us about 3 long hours of waiting when we finally got out. We weren‘t asked much by the Immigration Officer. He just took a look at us and that was it!

It‘s the dreariest airport I have frequented with no pictures on the walls to make your arrival exciting. But it all slipped out of my head when we finally saw our eldest son and wife whom I have not seen for three years after their wedding. It is one of the reasons why I went to the US in the first place.

Talking about my exciting trip, we never missed to see ―Hollywood‖ – the big sign that says it all. Universal Studios Hollywood is packed with lots of entertainment.


By: Miss Tess Gutierrez We also had picture takings with the famous animals in the movies (saw them did their tricks), Sponge Bob, Shrek, and posed at the shops of Betty Boop (my favorite cartoon character) and Hello Kitty.

We went into Studio Tours with a Studio Tour Guide who introduced entertaining clips on HD monitors on trams. We went on the Go-BehindThe-Scenes to explore the famous backdrops of each movie like Back to the Future, Desperate Housewives, etc. The King Kong 360 3-D experience, the eerie plane crash from the War of the Worlds, explosive special effects of the Fast and the Furious : Extreme Close-Up, and Jaws - the movie were some of the things we have witnessed as Norman Bates stood in front of the legendary Bates Motel from Psycho.

When I visited LA, it was also my husband‘s birthday. We proceeded to eat dinner at Hokkaido Sea Food Buffet Restaurant in downtown West L.A. with his siblings at $18 per person courtesy of his brother. Hmmm….there‘s a huge seafood counter with boiling crabs, shellfish, steamed fish fillets, sushi bar with rolls and sashimi plus some soup, salad, desserts, and a helluva great deal of food!


P AGE 10


My Gratitude to the Koreans: How They Have Helped Me through the Years By: By:Ken KenAmante Amante


have originally intended to write on experiential learning, but somewhere along the line, as I was pondering on what to write about, I stumbled on the idea of recounting my past and present experiences with the Koreans. I would like to take a break from my usual stance on the English language and devote this column to a personal account—my very own experience with the Koreans and how they have helped shape my life. My first encounter with them was in 2003. I was a freshman student in the University of Santo Tomas where I was taking up Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSE). That time, I was pleasantly surprised to know that a Korean was also majoring in the same course. I thought it was odd for I never really thought that someone like him would aspire to become a teacher. I thought maybe BSE was one of the easiest courses to take so he chose it and grabbed the chance to study in the Philippines. I had instantly developed an interest in him. Why not? That was the first time I had a foreign classmate! What‘s more? He looked like Bae Yong Joon from Winter Sonata, the Koreanovela I religiously watched that time. He was so close to me that my classmates deemed us inseparable. It was not until I moved to the University of the Philippines (UP) that my seemingly inextricable connection with the Koreans solidified. In my first year in UP, I organized my schedule to accommodate part-time jobs in the afternoon. I responded to an ad looking for an

English tutor. My first assignment was in Ortigas. I was offered Php70/hour—that I immediately grabbed after learning that my classmate only received Php50. The Korean family that accepted me treated me like one of its own. The wife would even prepare a delicious meal for me, something which I always looked forward to. It was because of this job plus my stint at San Beda College that I got my first cam phone solely from my hard work. This pattern would continue on throughout my college life and sustained my wont for material things. But everything soon changed as they took on a deeper level. I developed a strong relationship with the Koreans going beyond the teacher-student relationship. It was in year 2007 when I met my Korean best friend. He was the first foreigner to accept me the way I am though I hadn‘t revealed my real identity yet. We had a lot in common like our love for trivia and the cheesy pop songs of the early 2000s. It was like magic! For the first time in my life I could totally relate with somebody outside my race. He made me feel important and he made me realize so many things. He also introduced me further to Korean culture and taught me Korean thinking. He To this day, I remain indebted to this people. As you all know, I‘m working in MLI as an ESL teacher. This is my bread and butter which serves to provide for my needs. Without them, I can‘t imagine how my life would be and where I‘d be right now if not for their invaluable love and support for me.

was my backbone when I was at the lowest point in my life. If not for him, I would have given up easily on my struggles with my practicum at the UP Integrated School. It was during this time when I was finishing my studies at the university. Around this time, I became fully independent from my mother‘s financial support so I had to work and study at the same time. It was at this point when I learned to depend on myself. And on this road I wasn‘t alone for my Korean friends were with me to help me get through. Can you believe it? I paid my expenses— room rent, food, fare and so on solely from tutoring Koreans? Yes, I was able to cross the bridge in the next chapter of my life because of them. One friend even saved me when I went utterly broke and even offered to let me stay in his house. After two months, I started my work in high school and never taught any Korean since then. It was the following year, however, that I found my way back to ESL teaching and met the person I now consider my second father. This man who gave me a chance to travel abroad became my student first before we nurtured this relationship as father and son. It is to him that I owe my TESOL certificate for he was the one responsible for my education. To this day, I remain indebted to this people. As you all know, I‘m working in MLI as an ESL teacher. This is my bread and butter which serves to provide for my needs. Without them, I can‘t imagine how my life would be and where I‘d be right now if not for their invaluable love and support for me.


P AGE 11

Blast from the Past (things happened from the past, but not so distant past) By: Bhudz Bagtas Reyes As I was thinking about the article that I‘m going to submit for the next issue of The Chronicle, I noticed some old romantic quotes that I wrote some time ago on a scratch paper. It caught my attention that I wanted to rewrite them on a cleaner sheet of paper. The reason why I wanted to write them down again was that I think those messages are meaningful. Come to think of it, those messages are now fading away… I am talking about the QUOTES that we used to send to our friends and families when text messaging was booming. Remember those forwarded messages? From what I observe, sending romantic or friendly quotes through text was truly a big hit in the late nineties; I think it was the period when sending and forwarding messages through text was born. You get a very nice quote then you would send it to your friends or families. But where are they now? Saving the best for last, I have compiled the quotes/messages that I have kept with me for a long time. Here they are: Can I keep you and never let you go? Can I hold your hand and hug you tight? Can I tell the world how lucky I am to have you in my life? or simply… Can you be mine till the end of time? When you like someone, You like them in spite of their faults. When you love someone, You love them with their faults. True love has no definition for if you define the love you say is true, you had given the boundaries and conditions and love, true love has neither. To realize the value of one peso, ask a person who gambled a text message just to say ―I LOVE YOU‖. I choose to love you in silence for in silence I find no rejection, I choose to love you in my loneliness for in my loneliness no one owns you but me.


Kiwi Facts By: Jack (Kim Tae Seong) Do you know what a Kiwi is? I‘m not pertaining to the kiwi fruit that we eat. I am referring to the bird called ‗Kiwi‘. A Kiwi bird has a long beak and has dark brown feathers. Unlike other birds, they don‘t have wings! And they can‘t fly. They just hop, hop and hop! They hop and move very fast! There are many kinds of kiwi; haastil, owenii, mantelli, anaustrallis and rowi among others. Kiwis are the smallest living ratites and the only ones who lay the largest egg in relation to their body size among any species of bird in the world. They lay eggs in summer and winter. Their eggs can be hatched within 75- 77 days. They lay 1-2 eggs at a time. They grow so slow that you don‘t have to worry if other animals will attack them, why not? Because they have sharp claws on their feet. They are the only birds which have four claws and when they are in trouble they just stretch their legs and kick their opponent and run away. When they mate, the birds or the couple always goes together forever. They are omnivores and they usually hunt or move at night. They live in a rainforest where big trees are. The kiwi bird has been called kiwi because of the Maoris‘ Tribe. (The Maoris are the native people of New Zealand). They have found out that the male bird cried and sounded like ―kee wee, kee wee, kee wee‖. So they are called ―Kiwi‖. Nowadays it‘s very hard to see a single kiwi. In New Zealand, they can be found in a little town called Kiwi Zone where they are kept and protected. Since they are endangered, the government of New Zealand wants to protect them by making a law that will prohibit hunters from hunting them.

Let’s Learn Tagalog! By: Hanah Jeong What‘s your name My name is… How old are you? Why? What are you doing? What time is it? Really? How much is it? I am studying. I am hungry.

Anong pangalan mo? Ako ay si…. Ilang taon ka na? Bakit? Anong ginagawa mo? Anong oras na? Talaga? Magkano ito? Nag-aaral ako. Gutom na ko.




Health is Wealth CROSSWORD by Hiedee Corpuz

By Alejo S. Bebedor PTRP 1


A well-balanced eating plan






8 9

No EIGHT weight loss LOSS diet can DIETS be heralded a one-size-fits-all W : PasART 3

model, because everyone's physical and emotional needs WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW are different. Weight loss diets aren't necessarily bad things because they do prompt us to look at making healthier choices, but the key is finding an eating pattern that works for us.We don't just eat food for health, we do actually eat it for pleasure and for social reasons so we have to embrace our eating behaviours. At the end of the day it is something you need to believe you can continue to do. Fortunately, there are a range of general eating principles – backed by solid research – that we can look to when searching for a healthy approach to losing weight. Simply following these principles most of the time will result in weight loss for many people with a long history of poor food choices. But an additional step of reducing portion sizes may be needed for others. Gradually introducing exercise – starting with say a 30-minute daily walk – will also help turbo charge results (and help regulate appetite). But seek medical advice about exercising first if you have been inactive or have health conditions.


11 12 13

14 15









24 25



28 29 31




1. I am good _____ Math. 7. Please go _____ your notes. 8. When a Brit said, ―Bloody amazing.‖ Bloody means _____ in American English. 9. There‘s always an _____ing of a story. 11. Dude! Do you know that _____ woman wearing a red dress? 12. I have ____ leave you now. 13. Cigarette is so _____. 15. Jo and Mandy had a vacation in _____ remarkable mansion. 17. Could you pass _____ magazine next to you please? 18. Will you _____ me your pencil sir. 20. Everyone goes _____ to check their Facebook account. Some healthy eating principles to aim for are: 22. Let‘s ride in a merry-go--- -_____ in Enchanted Kingdom. 24. Would you rather choose a tea _____ a coffee after a meal? 25. Women _____ men when they are angry at some point.  A balance of protein, carbohydrate, fruits and vegetables: She gets _____ a dark room.  i.e. at mealtimes, try dividing your plate into half a plate of 26. 28. The _____ of the party turned out to be a real beauty. vegetables, one quarter carbohydrate and one quarter protein 29. Let‘s _____ each other, in other words teach one another.  get your protein from lean meats, fish, chicken, eggs, leg- 31. Road _____ must be observed. 32. Let _____ finish this! umes and nuts

get your carbohydrates from wholegrains, brown rice, fruits and vegetables  Adults should aim for four serves of wholegrain bread or cereals per day, two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables.  Include some dairy in your diet (preferably low-fat)  Snack on healthy foods between meals, such as nuts and fruit  Limit foods with excessive sugar (aim for less than 10%, i.e. less than 10g per 100g)  Choose low-fat options when possible (aim for less than 10%, i.e. less than 10g per 100g)  Allow yourself treats occasionally  Try to eat fresh as much as possible, and limit overly processed foods


2. Walk ______ that guy over there! 3. You can sit ____ to me. 4. We should ____ reading in school. 5. The soldier is _____, he‘s just sleeping like a log.. 6. People dislike saying ―Good _____.‖ 10. You are _____ but a copy cat! 13. We should create curiosity in English, _____ it gives us the hard time. 14. Homework or an assignment always has a _____. 16. The driver hit the ____ furiously. 18. Never _____ to me! I hate Liars. 19. Wilson _____ the story in the class. 21. There are _____ that I barely sleep well. 23. Everyone has its own _____ personality. 27. ―_____ of the blue‖ means ―suddenly.‖ 30. I think he‘s _____ honest man.

MLI - 5th  
MLI - 5th