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Good sense makes one slow anger, and it is His glory to overlook an offense. Proverbs 19:11

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F EB . 13, 2012

What’s Inside!!!

By: Rhina Reyes


ressed in their chosen literary character and equipped with their creative props and background, eight Junior students competed in the 2nd Literary Pageant held at the MLI Function Room on January 27, 2012. Kelvin (조경서) with his Harry Potter portrayal bagged the Championship title after being trained by Teacher Marie Fe Agustin. Jin ( 윤 경 진 ) snatched the First Runner-Up title with the assistance of Teacher Moneth Reginaldo. She played the role of the Prince in Rapunzel. Kelly (퀀예현) bagged Second Runner-Up as Alice in Wonderland. She was trained by Teacher Venussa Agner with the assistance of Ms. Rhina Reyes. Other Junior students who joined the recently-concluded contest were: Messi, (신민창) as the Three Little Pigs; Peter (심준용) as Harry Potter; David (이병준) as Juliet of Romeo and Juliet; Christy (송채연) as Snow

White and Willy (임호평) as Silverback Gorilla. They were trained by Teachers Cynthia Bauyon, Carly Ruiz, Jeff Saligumba, Jackie Lou Libores and Demi Espejo, respectively. Literary Pageant 2 was originally conceptualized by MLI’s Event Coordinator, Mr. Ken Amante. It kicked off in July of last year. It is included in the two-part speech contest dubbed as Speech Fest and Literary Pageant. The first part for this year was participated by selected university students on January 20, 2012. “I remember how we first started this last year. It was my goal to provide a venue for students both Juniors and adults to practice their English. I’m glad that we were able to continue this up to this year. Creating a series competition such as this allows us to imprint into the minds of our students the legacy that we have here in MLI. This is something that they will never forget unlike one-time events that are easily forgotten.”-- Mr. Amante recounted.





Who could ever forgetValentine’s Day?


ell, I truly believe that Love must be in the air whatever season of the year. Anger, jealousy, envy, guilt and fear separate us from our capabilities of being a kind and loving person. Love and time heal all wounds but in order to avoid any problems in the future, one must have an honest relationship with the person we offended or have offended; otherwise, it won’t solve the problem. It will just grow even worse to the point that it can no longer be fixed. The Chronicle Staff Rhina Reyes Moderator Joy Esteves Assistant Moderator Regular Columnists Ken Amante MLInform Alejo Bebedor MLIntrospect Contributors Maricel Candongo Hiedee Corpuz Pinky Sanguir Richard Nogales (Circulation) Consultants Mr. Kim Jin Nam Mr. Jeong Seung Ug Ms. Tess Gutierrez Mr. Gerard Manalo MLI’s The Chronicle #23 Panay Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines Tel. Nos. 332-4147/332-4172


Good communication is essential in any relationship. But if the other person won’t want to communicate and listen from the heart, then it is impossible to restore the relationship. The only piece of wisdom that I can share is this: Relationship with the other person won’t work unless you learn how to love yourself first. Learn to have a good sense of yourself first. Know your strengths and weaknesses. You’ve got to be strong in all aspects in order to love someone in a healthy and spiritual way otherwise you will always be travelling in their orbits and you become their slaves. I would like to strongly make a point that this applies to ALL RELATIONSHIPS in general not only the romantic kind. Let’s make God the center of our life. But for those whose love fails, it does not mean that love is s…o s…o..elusive. Do not let the pain turn you into a bitter and cynical person. When it comes to LOVE, the right thing is not always that real and obvious. Sometimes, the right thing for one person is the wrong thing for someone else. It does not match yet it can be done again through communication. For the young-at-hearts, you are always deluded in thinking you are in love. But actually, you are just in love with love.

You are driven by your hormones. So stop the impulse! You have to remember to follow your heart as well as your head. Don’t be crazy! That is only temporary madness… it will soon fade away… that obsessive, needy, clingy and desperate feeling towards the other person. Stop and control yourself or you will lose your dignity. I firmly believe that the true act of love is sacrifice. Everything happens for a reason. Certain people enter your life for a purpose. When you let them go, it does not mean they have to leave you completely but it might mean they would just embark on a role that they were really meant to play. Just keep in mind that knowledge is gained by lessons taught in school. Wisdom is gained when you learn from your own mistakes. No matter what happens in your life, you still stick to God and family/friends. Romantic relationships are about compromises not sacrifices. They are about giving and taking on both sides of the relationship. Love is not just about accepting the person’s flaws but accepting his family and friends. No one can truly decide what is right for yourself… except YOURSELF. Be wise. Romantic love can fade away but the love between true friends and family will never die. So learn to forgive and forget the past but never forget the lessons you have learned from them. Love unconditionally for life is not all eating, studying, working, and marrying. Life is living to the fullest with God at the center… minus the hang-ups. So love with care… and care to love! Happy Valentine’s! Miss Tess Gutierrez



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Table Tennis



My Unforgettable Memory in MLI


My Great Experience in the Philippines

By: Jin (유경진)

By: Jin (홍진형) I will not forget the Literary Pageant You know the Philippines really because I won first runner-up and it has many interesting things and I was very exciting! I felt nervous while was able to experience a lot of I was delivering my speech but I was them, but the greatest experience also enjoying it. was the trip I had in Pagsanjan Falls. Teacher Moneth was the one who helped me with everything. She Why? Read my story. prepared my costume and did my make-up. When I first heard that First, we took a bus at Cubao station. It took us 2 hours to go I was going to be a PRINCE, it was okay with me because I was there. And then we rented a boat. I didn’t know anything that thinking that my character was unique and I had a good chance of time. Next, I went to the forest. It was really big and the winning the first prize. But when I didn’t, it was still okay because temperature was humid. There were many rocks. The boatat least I won! I also realized that I was doing that to create good man pulled and pushed the boat most of the time. I thought the memories in the Philippines. I’ve built my self-confidence because I boatman was getting tired. Then, I reached the falls! And I rode on a raft. Finally, I went into the falls. I got wet. But it’s was able to perform in front of many students and teachers! It’s really fun. We went down the stream. It felt great rafting. It’s really the best and most unforgettable experience for me. I will really fun! miss all my teachers in MLI. My friends, too! They are very funny and kind to me.

Good Things and Kind

My Life in the



By: Amy (심예은)

By: Kevin (강층현)

The first time I came here, I had not so good impression. But now, after six weeks in the Philippines, I know Filipinos are very kind During my stay in MLI, I met my classmates, roommates and and friendly. friends. Filipino teachers have been very kind to many students For six weeks, I’ve had lots of experiences. I went to the beach, the and I think the very important thing is that I am now able to amusement park, movie theaters, Japanese restaurant, Korean speak English. Before, I just spoke a little English. Now, I’m church, Jollibee and many department stores like the ones in able to communicate with many teachers in English. I am very Greenhills. I think when I went to Greenhills, it is the activity that happy because I have met many people and learned English. So has the most impact on me because I love window shopping. It to my English teachers and friends, I want to say “Thank you”. looks like a Korean East door street and underground stores. I have joined many events in MLI and I enjoyed each event. My While in MLI, I met many friends, teachers and “Ate”. First, my life in the Philippines was enjoyable because of these and the friends were only Rachel, Nikita, Hera and Carrie. I loved them the most among my friends. But everyone is very kind. Teachers too chance to meet a lot of friends. I like MLI! As you read this taught me very hard and then there is “Ate”. Ate who cleans my newspaper I am already in Korea so I would like to say thank room is very beautiful. Her name is Wilma. I always say thanks and you to: Teachers Ken, Kelly, Lina, Rhina, Julie, Vhang, Geena, sorry to her because my room seems always dirty. But she makes JonJon and Rose; also to Richard, David, John, Jim, Kelly my room so clean when I leave. I will miss her. (Junior), Jin, Christy, Willy, Peter, etc. Thank you for teachLastly, I love pandesal! Pandesal is the most delicious Filipino food I ing me and for being my friends when I was there! My life in have eaten. I will miss its taste, too! I will stay here for only two the Philippines has been great because of you! Thank you! weeks. I will enjoy the rest of my time in the Philippines.



Now, I like the Philippines and MLI! By: Nikita (장유경) In the Philippines, my first impression was—dirty, bad and dangerous. So, I hated the Philippines the first time I came here. But now, my opinion has changed. Filipinos are very kind. Like in MLI, all teachers are kind. And it is not dangerous here! You can go to many good places like Tagaytay. In MLI, most lessons are fun and useful. One-by-one classes are useful because they improve my English pronunciation. Group classes are helpful too because their explanations are simple so I can understand it better. I think I improved my English skill… a little. In MLI, most Korean students are kind, in my opinion. “Ate” is also kind. Though I feel sorry for her sometimes because when she cleans the hallway and I walk along, it becomes dirty again. MLI guards are funny too, especially Nelson.

What I Will Miss in the Philippines… By: Potter (오은성) I will miss playing table tennis with my friends and teachers. I often play with them during break time or lunch break. I will also miss my teachers and my roommates. My teachers are very kind and friendly. I’ve learned many things from them. I have also gained a lot of friends during my stay here in the Philippines. I will surely miss the friendship and the memories. Lastly, I will miss my English classes. I’ve learned a lot in my short stay in this country. When I go back to Korea, I will tell my friends about the Philippines and its wonderful people. My Best Memories in the Philippines By: Jake (황총현) I’m glad to experience many good things in the Philippines. The Junior activities are the best! The best memory I had is when we went to Tagaytay and I saw Taal Volcano for the first time. It is only a small volcano. I also can’t forget the time when we watched movies and the way I studied English. It’s so much fun and my teachers are very kind. I also met good friends in MLI. I also visited some shopping malls, Filipino food and experienced many things!


The Philippines Is NOT Scary! By: Harry (박경주) Before I arrived at MLI, my mother told me the Philippines was very dangerous and dirty. But when I came here and stayed for sometime, I realized it wasn’t really dangerous! I had some problems but I had fun. I met many friends, especially Filipinos. I thought they were scary but they weren’t. All of my teachers are very kind. I want to have more time here but I also miss my family. I think I’ve improved my English skill. When I go back to Korea, I will study hard. I want to be able to talk to my English teachers.

My Life in the Philippines By: Messi ((신민창) ) I have many experiences in the Philippines. I went to almost all places for tours. For example, Enchanted Kingdom, Nine Waves, City Tower and many more. Those were great experiences for me in the Philippines. Filipinos are very kind to me. But I felt very sad because there are also poor people in the Philippines. I think there is a big gap between the rich and the poor because I saw very big buildings and nice houses. Those I think are rich people’s houses. Next, I saw people without houses. So they live, near the public roads. I felt very sad and sorry for them. When I grow up, I will donate something to them. Also, the Philippines weather is hot. I like summer in Korea. But the Philippine is hotter than Korea. So the worst thing for me in the Philippines is the weather. But I am OK now! Actually, before I think the Philippines is a poor and a dirty country but that thinking was my own mistake. Because I think the Philippines is not yet fully developed. So I think the Philippine president must have a good government.



What Is Love (Nymph’s Love) By: Bin (양승빈)


ow can you define what love is? In this world, there are a great number of people who love. Someone used to define love as “agape”, “eros” and “philia” but others justify love as merely the thing that of lovers or love that speaks highly about the shirt I’m wearing. Today, I become a person who wears that shirt every day. My partner’s praise… anyway justice about love may come in many forms. However, I want to show you my own justice about love through this story.


"Love is all, gives all, and takes all" By: Aaron (최호준)


here is a wise saying that goes"Love is all, it gives all, and it takes all."

What do you think about love? Let me ask you, what is your ideal love? These days, so many people fall in love. Is it the most important thing in your life? We can all experience loving and being loved by someone, and so does it mean we do agree with that saying? May I share with you my point of view regarding this saying--- LOVE is all, gives all and takes Long time ago in the world, there was no feeling about love between all! people. So, God sent four nymphs to the world, and gave them some duties to make people feel the emotion about love. The names of the Love is all: Let's talk about "Love is all". In men's case, he nymphs were: gives his everything to the one he loves. Even if he sacrifices “SAtisfaction”, “CRisis”, “IFfy” and “ICE Cream” The one whose name his life for her, we think that love is all when we fall in love. was “SAtisfaction” presented people with satisfaction by using his own Actually, It can't only apply to man & woman's case. We live sorcery. in the world full of love. We love our family, friends, and At first glance, most of the people were so satisfied with his sorcery even our enemies. So we can't live without it. If you love that they could fall in love with their partners easily because they someone, you should love someone with all your heart. could be gratified with physical appearance, money and so on. How- Love gives all: Yes, we are living in this world which has ever, every couple broke up soon after because there was no reason to full of love! That means love can give us everything. Sometimes that can make us worthy. Lee Yong Dae, an Olympic keep on loving each other. gold medalist said, "If I didn't have my parent's uncondiThe second nymph whose name was “CRisis” provided people with tional love, I can't be the best player." Of course he did his insight of crisis by binding them with a spell. Likewise, people could best. But he said 'Love makes me'. If we do a broad interprotect themselves against their partner’s immortality, adultery and pretation, it means 'Love gives us many important things'. If bad things around them and keep on maintaining relationship be- we fall in love, we want to do everything for our love. It is tween lovers while in a relationship. But, they were also fed up in a just a common thing. Most of the people are still doing that moment because there was no reason to keep on loving each other. these days. Giving all that you have is one of the greatest acts The third nymph whose name was “IFfy" also spread the emotion of of LOVE. doubt. Similarly, people achieved a complete mastery of the skill that Love takes all: Sometimes many people sacrifice for their they got iffy emotions before they were in love. At the beginning, love. If we just see the little things, we can see some little they could distinguish a good partner from a wicked one. Those who sacrifices in our lives. Our parents always sacrifice themfeel iffy parted from their partners because they kept feeling uncertain selves for their children. In other cases, we can see the serin the relationship. In addition, there was no reason anymore to keep vants who always do something good for our society. But they do not get anything in return. They just do those things the love burning. for the well-being of the society. It's also a kind of love. The last nymph whose name was “ICE Cream” also tried to maintain people’s love by imparting the skill of using sweet words in a con- However, sometimes 'Love takes all' means a sad thing. versation like his name “Ice Cream” to each other. But unfortunately Why? Because love takes 'everything'. Even if love takes our people broke up soon after because excessive interest in each other lives. Someone will die for the one he/ she loves. made them sick. Of course, there was no reason to keep loving each When you love someone, that person will get everything other. that you have. Loving someone is like giving up your freeFor these reasons, all the nymphs gathered together and tried to find dom and giving up even your life. out what the problem and the reasons were. But, they didn’t find the solution. After a minute, God suddenly said, “The solution is related to each of your names.” They said together, “SA.CR.IF.ICE! Right!!!” “Now you were able to realize the formula: Sa + Cr + If + Ice = Sacrifice.”

In conclusion, love is the most powerful thing in this world. Maybe some will say 'Money is more powerful.' But that is not true. Love can make money, but money can't make love. Love can do everything. Love is a more powerful and meaningful thing. We have to think about love in our life. There is no growth at loving without sacrifice. There is no affection at It's L O V E. Sometimes it takes all, but sometimes it gives loving without sacrifice. There is no compassion at loving without all. So we can't live without love. "Love is all." compassion and at loving without sacrifice.




You Are My Sunshine

Do I love Thee? Let Me Count the 3 Ways!

By: Hiedee Corpuz

By: Maricel Candongo You are my sunshine, My only sunshine Who brightens up my day Every time I see your sweet smile

When someone says “I love you” it could mean many different things. Here are three kinds of love: FIRST KIND OF LOVE:

You are my sunshine, You showed me the love That restored in my heart For quite some time in my precious life.

The “If kind of love” says “I will love you ‘If you do things my way” “If you become a good provider.” “If you get a good report card at school.” It is a conditional kind of love based upon future expectations. If these conditions were not met, then like a legal contract, love is broken. This is a selfish love because it is solely based upon future expectations. It is love that must be earned.

You are my sunshine Cause you wake my desire to write in my diary Like how to fall in love, as well as to give love without expecting to receive it back.

Thus, the IF kind of love is a fickle, unstable love. This is the childish love we are all born with. It is a worldly love of natural instincts. We need to mature out of the IF kind of love!

You are my sunshine, Never stop to shine So I won’t forget to spread, The sunshine you’re giving me every time you come out!

SECOND KIND OF LOVE: The “Because of” kind of love says, “I will love you BECAUSE you are now young and beautiful, BECAUSE I now desire you, BECAUSE you are now popular, BECAUSE you are now in good health or wealthy, BECAUSE I feel good when I’m with you.” This kind of love is common among teenagers because it is solely based upon the current status. When someone proclaims, “I have fallen out of love”, they have fallen out of the BECAUSE OF kind of love, not true love. This kind of love is not in tune with reality when it demands that things stay the same in an everchanging world. Like the “IF” kind of love, it is unstable and fickle. It is full of doubts and fears for what tomorrow might bring. TRUE LOVE: True love is the “IN SPITE OF” kind of love. It says, “I love you” IN SPITE OF the times you were selfish and inconsiderate, IN SPITE OF when you sin against me. True love is unconditional. It is the love that God loves us with. It is a love we don’t naturally possess but must learn. It is an enduring love that doesn’t even keep a score card. It will always be there tomorrow regardless of what we have done today. Which kind of love do you love others with?

Interesting Facts on Valentine’s Day

Around 15% of U.S. women are believed to send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day.  It has been estimated that as many as one billion cards are sent world-wide each year, on Valentine's Day.  It has been estimated, by Greeting Card Association, that of all the people who purchase cards on Valentine's Day, around 85 percent are women.  St. Valentine's Day was declared an official holiday in 1537, by England's King Henry VIII.  It is believed that it was on February 14th, that St. Valentine was put to death. Before dying, he wrote a note for his love - the jailer's daughter, signed "From Your Valentine".  In Victorian times, if you got a card on Valentine's Day, it meant bad luck.  Sweden is the only country that does not celebrate Valentine's Day.  It was believed that 14th February is the day when birds and fowls select their mates. (From a web source)




By: Joy Esteves

If people were to describe him, most would him on his endeavors. But his biggest say, “Mr. Nice Guy”. He is polite and he support comes from his girlfriend, always greets people with a beaming smile. Melissa. Ed shares she is his ideal person. Kim Bo Ram, known in MLI as “Ed”, was She is considerate and kind. Melissa helps born on January 2, 1987. A graduate of him in everything and she is very supporBusiness Administration two years ago, he tive. He proudly claims that whatever dreams of becoming a bank president Melissa does, she does it perfectly. When someday. His father works as a government Ed first came here, he was alone. But a employee and his mother is an accountant month and a half later, she followed. for a private firm. He has a younger sister When asked if she became a distraction, who’s a university student and is 20 years he shook his head and adamantly said, old. According to him, family is very im- “Not at all!” She inspires him and pushes portant. In fact, his mother inspires him the him to do better. And yet he claims he most. She does many things and gives her isn’t romantic! best despite her age. Even his favorite place still pertains to his family. It’s his home! Ed reasons out that his house is the most convenient place. While staying in another country is an option he is contemplating, he would want to retire in Korea. He just couldn’t imagine being away from his family for a very long time. Ed arrived in MLI on November 12, 2011 and planned to stay until March. He said he chose MLI among the choices on the internet because of the good reputation of the teachers and also, for its location. He is happy with his decision; he says. He has met good teachers and nice friends who support

When I start something, I rarely give up. It can be a bad thing because it sometimes affects me negatively. And I don’t like beggars. Well, it’s not the beggar really but it’s the bother, the dirt and the noise they do. They can be so annoying. But I try to be nice and I analyze people’s minds. I listen closely to what people are saying and I read between the lines. That way, I am able to be more understanding so maybe it comes across as kindness. I know I am diligent and I play all kinds of sports. But I don’t excel in any of them. I wish to be more active. I am also too calm.”

“I will go to Australia in a month to be a working student. I hope to speak fluently. I want to travel all over the world after Australia to meet a variety of people. Although I have a lot of plans for my future, I still give importance to the present. You only live once. You’re only young once. Happiness should be achieved now, not in the past nor in the future. We can’t turn back time, so we must live in the He has a good reputation for being one of present. Carpe diem! Seize the day!” the polite students here. But he humbly He isn’t simply Mr. Nice Guy. He is a disagrees. “I don’t think so. I am flattered mishmash of nice and not-so-nice things. that they regard me as such, though. But I To quote from a popular song in the early also have my not-so-good points. I hate 2000s, Ed is “32 flavors and then some”. losing. I feel really bad when that happens. I always do my best in whatever I do. Ed likes the color blue because it is cool and relaxing. He gorges on samgyeopsal and sashimi. He prefers watching action movies and is a fan of The Bourne Series. He listens to ballads and RnB. I’m Yours by Jason Mraz is his favorite song. A selfconfessed technology addict, he insists he can’t live without his cell phone. He gets excited about the latest gadgets.




Love Notes from the Heart To: My lover I’m going out for dinner with you. It might be a great time. If I have the chance, I’ll make some chocolates and cook for you. I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day! I love you so much my baby! From: Melissa

To: Eun Hye, Hyo Lim and Myeong Eun Please come back! I miss you! I’m still waiting! I still remember all the good times that we had! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you wherever you are!

To: My Boyfriend I always thank you for waiting. When I go back to Korea, I will be a good girlfriend to you. Anyway, I love you and I miss you!

To: My Dear and John You changed my life in a moment. I love the way you are. Thanks for all the sweetest things you’ve done for me… I love you both! Happy Valentine’s!

To: Someone Special – I knew from the start that you are praying for me. I wanted to let you know how much To: My favorite friend I want to meet you again in Korea. How do you do? I appreciated it. Only God knows how you lifted up my spirit, for what brings joy to my heart is not so much as Please do your best and I miss you! your gifts but as much as your love as a friend. To: Jon Jon To: Dagger, Hot 6 and Ferrari My new teacher Jon Jon, have a nice day... I hope to “However much you have given and however much time learn from you... I love you! I’ve left to live I would give it all for you” I would like to say thank you for accepting the real me! To: Tina Tina, I miss you! Did you arrive in Korea? I’ve had good times during your stay in MLI. I was happy because of you! I can’t forget you! I will never forget you!

To: My Heart The years I have spent with you and the many more years that I’ll be spending with you will always be the best times of my life. I love you forever!

To: You To: Philip Goodbye my friend! I will go to Australia. Don’t cry A heart that has love and contentment always celebrates Valentine’s every day. Thank you for making me because my mind is very sad now. See you again! To: T. Charo (former MLI teacher) To: T. Rhina Hi ~ Teacher! You’re my favorite teacher! You’re You’ll always be my baby! Hope to see you again! See very kind and funny! So I like you and your class very yah! Have a happy happy Valentine’s Day to you! much! To: All the people in MLI Always have love ready to be shared to anyone… It’s a precious gift from God… Let’s give love… love… To: My mom Hi mom! I’m studying very hard. Don’t worry. Happy love! New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day, too! To: K. M. B. (former MLI teacher) To: T. Joshua Nothing compares to you. You will always be in my Teacher is a very kind and good teacher. I met you. I’m heart. You will always be my standard for all those very lucky. Teacher, thank you and I will always be who would come after you. Aishiteru! thankful!

P AGE 10



How I Fell in Love with… By: Ken Amante the meanings of affixes and the lesson behind each story published by Nido (a powdered milk supplement manufactured by Nestlé) in booklet series. This plus the rigid training I had with my maternal grandma infused in my mind the idea of becoming a teacher.

I wanna know what love is I want you to show me I wanna feel what love is I know you can show me

Do these lines ring a bell? I bet! For 80s -born or 21st-century music lovers this has been a staple song on the radio including those immortal love songs which are popularly aired at Valentines and even all-year round. We sing to the tunes of these hits because we feel that love is in the air. But what truly is LOVE? Most of us think that it’s always contained in a romantic relationship. But some will disagree for there are several forms of it like the love that we have for our work. In my case, I first fell in love with teaching when I was ten years old. Believe it or not! It was as if this love has long been ingrained in me. It started when I finally gave up playing toys and instead focused on studying. Science was my first love. I remember being inspired by the educational show Sineskwela. It was because of this program that moved me to collect specimens to explain to my younger cousin the concept of Matter. Woah! Too much for a kid, I should say, but it had only fueled my desire to teach. The inspiration it gave me pushed me further to teach my cousin basic arithmetic,

At school, I was inspired by several teachers, some of them teaching Math, Science and English. I remember loving Math for the first time as a freshman student in high school. My teacher was an expert in the subject. In the elementary days, I came to appreciate the beauty of language through my grade six English teacher, Ms. Clarivel Antonio. She tapped all four macro-skills including speaking, writing and listening. It was through her that I had developed a perfect picture of a teacher. She had it all—the grace, the knowledge, the passion and the expertise. She was also our class adviser so I experienced in her that pure motherly love, the single-most attribute that most of us cared about. As I went on with my school life, I had met several teachers who were just like her. There was my college professor, Dr. Rosario Alonzo who is now the Director of Instruction at the University of the Philippines (UP). Her immense knowledge in the field of language teaching encouraged me to be just like her. Even before I graduated from high school, I already dreamed of becoming a teacher. But sadly that dream was met with doubt and hesitation. Every time my friends and teachers asked me, “What would you like to major in college?” I always answered, “Education.” “What? You want to be a teacher?”

That was their constant reply. They probably couldn’t imagine that an achiever like me would choose an underpaid job instead of going for Nursing which was the most popular and lucrative job at the time. Even when I was already in college, I felt embarrassed every time they reacted in surprise about my major. In UP especially, those who majored in other courses would size you up, ridiculing you behind your back for taking up an “easy” course. But that did not stop me from pursuing this. It was in the actual field that I have come to love my profession more than ever. Seeing somebody grow from scratch gave me a sense of fulfillment. Teaching indeed is the noblest profession! I have seen students improve not just in the subject area but in the way they see the world, their interaction with other people and the way they handle things. It is because of this that I have fully embraced this profession. Apart from teaching the content, you get to share your insights about life and learn from your students as well. Isn’t that amazing? There is a continuity of learning in all aspects of life. As a piece of advice, for those of you who plan to stay in this career, sharpen your skills and enhance your craft to be an effective, well-rounded teacher. For those who are already in the field for several years, keep the fire burning. Constantly ignite your passion so as not to fall prey to apathy and mediocrity. Remember, love comes in many forms and loving your work is surely one of them! Love your profession as much as you love your special someone!


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Preserving our Food Tradition By: Thomas (Bong Chul Shin)

By: Pinky Sanguir Sometimes, when I go out to eat dinner with my family, we usually go to an Italian restaurant or to a westernstyle family restaurant like Outback, TGI Fridays and so on. Whenever we eat international cuisine, my mother always says something while eating, “I am concerned about this generation, because they don’t think of preserving our own food tradition.” I agree with my mother’s opinion. I’m guilty of this. I usually prefer western food to Korean food. But we should think deliberately about the problem that might occur when we stick to western food. First, western food is not good for our health because most part of it usually comprises of hamburger, pizza, pasta, chicken—the so-called fast food. It doesn’t mean, however, that it is always unhealthy for us, but it is normally high in fat, and is likely to make us bulky, and may even cause us heart disease. Second, the primary ingredient of western food is wheat but our country doesn’t produce a large amount of it. These days, farmers suffer from a drop in the consumption of rice and its products. Even if it can cause financial crisis, perhaps we will be brandished by wheatproducing countries. So we won’t be able to have selfsufficiency in food. And also, rice is better for our health than wheat.

How long does it take before complaints and discouragement overpower your enthusiasm for the new school year? Do you make it until the second or third week of school? Or are you mumbling under your breath before the student even start? We usually or sometimes find ourselves grappling with complaints in the very first hour back. THIS is the new schedule? I'll be teaching in THAT classroom? HE'S the student assigned to me? You'd think a solid eight weeks of rest, relaxation, and traveling would immunize you against complaints for longer than twenty seven minutes, but it just doesn't work that way. Over the last few months, I've been trying something different. When I feel a complaining spirit rising up in me, I just have to stop and pray, LORD, THANK YOU. Sometimes out loud, sometimes in mind. Usually when I say it, I don't even know what I'm saying thank you for. But as soon as the words leave my lips, the gratitude starts flowing. Irritated with a stressful situation at work: I can't believe this is happening. I'm so angry right now...but...thank you. Thank you, Lord. I'll keep saying it to myself until I figure out what I'm thankful for. Thank you for giving me this job. Thank you for equipping me to handle everything that comes my way. Thank you for the chance to be a positive influence when other people have been creating a discouraging situation. Thank you for helping me figure out what to do next. Thank you for working everything together through YOUR GRACE. It's amazing how just the utterance of these words shifts my whole outlook and mood almost instantly. One moment I feel like I could moan and groan forever about what's going wrong, and suddenly I am deep in conversation with God, completely refocused on everything that is right in my life. Next time you find yourself complaining--whether it's about something legitimately awful or a simple overreaction—I hope you'll give this practice a try. Just say THANK YOU. Watch the way these words can humble even the hardest heart, and take the most frustrating events and put them in the proper, eternal perspective. God tells us to give thanks in ALL things. More and more, I understand that this directive is not for His benefit, it's for US! We're the ones who are most blessed as His peace and contentment flow down to us. When we recognize a complaining spirit and take just a moment to cultivate a grateful heart, we bring our thinking in line with God's Word and open ourselves up for Him to work. The negative feelings which were overwhelming us then subside, leaving us refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes next.

Because of these reasons, we should be aware of the importance of preserving our own food tradition. Nowadays, we can see a big wave of ‘well-being’. So, more people prefer Korean food than before. It’s inspiring. Our traditional food is good enough for our health and we cannot live without rice, maybe it’s impossible to Koreans. Rice is a staple food. In conclusion, we have That’s With Attitude… to make an effort to eat our food for our health, for our tradition, and for our economy. Thank you, Lord!


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Why Chocolate for Valentine's Day?


By: Alejo Bebedor, PTRP

alentine's Day is many things to different people—a chance to start new relationships, rekindle old ones, or remind that special someone how wonderful they really are. Others feel, it is just another "Hallmark" holiday where they are expected to do something for unknown reasons. Regardless of your hopes, expectations or reservations about Valentine's Day, chocolate has long been a favorite gift for lovers. Since the days of the Aztecs chocolate has been used as a gift. Today a box of luxurious quality chocolates says a thousand "Thank you's", "Good luck", or "I love you". Chocolate can be given as a way of saying "Congratulations!", "I am sorry" or "Get well soon". On Valentine's Day chocolate clearly says "I LOVE YOU!" Chocolate is more than food, it not only fills your belly but also makes you feel soooo good. Chocolate is heavenly, mellow, sensual, deep, dark, sumptuous, gratifying, potent, dense, creamy, seductive, suggestive, rich, excessive, silky, smooth, luxurious, celestial. Chocolate is downfall, happiness, pleasure, love, ecstasy, fantasy ... chocolate makes us wicked, guilty, sinful, healthy, chic, happy." What more could you want to say to your lover on Valentine’s Day? Even the scientific name for the tree from which chocolate is derived, theobroma cacao, translated from Greek, means "food of the gods". Why does chocolate evoke so many feelings and emotions for us? Chocolate has long been associated with passion, romance and love. This association may go all the way back to the Aztecs. They believed chocolate was a source of spiritual wisdom

served at wedding ceremonies. The Aztecs did not know chocolate as we do today; they consumed the cocoa as a drink. Reports indicate that the Emperor Montezuma consumed large quantities of the drink every day and always fortified himself with a cup before entertaining his harem. The explorer Cortes reported to Carlos I of Spain that chocolate is "... the divine drink which builds up resistance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink enables a man to walk for a whole day without food." From the earliest times, chocolate was considered a substance of power and a source of vitality. Chocolate has been a subject of study since the first shipment from Veracruz arrived in Spain in 1585. But modern science has made some interesting findings that may help explain our lust for quality chocolate. Chocolate contains organic substances known as alkaloids. The most important of these substances is theobromine, which works as a stimulant to the kidneys. Stimulants in chocolate also affect the central nervous system, with effects similar to caffeine, which is also present in chocolate. A chocolate bar may contain as much as 200mg of theobromine but only about 25mg of caffeine. Another important substance found in chocolate is phenylethylamine, which is part of a group of chemicals known as endorphins. Endorphins have an effect similar to amphetamine and are found naturally in the human body. When endorphins are released into the bloodstream, the mood is lifted and feelings of positive energy are reached. The sensation known as "runners high" is caused by endorphins released during exercise. Phenylethylamine levels in the brain have also been linked to "falling in love". One more chemical found in chocolate is seratonin.

Seratonin is known for its calming properties. The presence of these chemicals may explain the multitude of feelings chocolate evokes. Debra Waterhouse, author of “Why Women Need Chocolate”, conducted a survey and found 97% of women reported cravings, 68% of which are for chocolate, 50% would choose chocolate over sex, and 22% were more likely than men to choose chocolate as a mood elevator. These findings could easily be interpreted as a result of how chocolate makes us feel. I don't know why more women choose chocolate than men. Critics would say that the benefits of eating chocolate are small when compared to the sugar and fat contained in a chocolate bar. The best chocolate, dark chocolate with high cacao butter content has no added fat, as well as a high percentage of cacao solids and correspondingly less sugar. Although chocolate will never be considered a health food based on its nutritional value, it is still good for you! Good for your heart and soul -anything that helps relieve stress and makes you feel so good. Receiving a nicely wrapped box of chocolates causes a sense of anticipation. The pleasure of unwrapping the box, the sensual smell, lifting the soft seductive papers, the look of the smooth dark chocolates. When it finally passes your lips and starts to instantly melt filling your mouth with exquisite pleasure. The taste and smell flood your senses with overwhelming ecstasy. Eating it slowly, taking time to enjoy and savor every bit. What better way to start off an evening of love?

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