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You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might.—Deuteronomy 6: 5

I SSUE 10 VOL . 1


M ARCH 9, 2012

What’s Inside!!!

By: Rhina Reyes and Joy Esteves The top five scorers are as follows: First - Teacher and Event Coordinator Ken Amante; Second - Teacher Rizalyn Dumol; Third- Teacher Dion Gaba; Fourth - Teacher and The Chronicle Moderator Rhina Reyes and Fifth - Teacher Joshua Navarette.


MLI also initiated the ‘Most Liked Teacher’ survey from students. The top performing teachers according to this survey and the top scorers of the pen and paper test were combined to come up with MLI’s Most Outstanding Teachers which yielded the following result:

o systematically evaluate its teachers’ performance and skills, Modern Languages International (MLI) conducted a series of evaluation tests carrying three major components: Macro-Skills Test, Students’ Evaluation and Management Evaluation on February 22 – 23, 2012. 1:Group Class Category: First- Teacher Lina Tavera; Second- Teacher Ken MLI teachers were evaluated based on Amante and Third- TOEIC Teacher the following percentages: Macro-Skills Hiedee Corpuz. Test - 50%; Students’ Evaluation- 25% and Management Evaluation- 25%. 1:1 Class Category: First- Teacher Jon Jon Tolentino; Second- Teacher and Under Macro-Skills Test, teachers were now HRD Officer Alejo Bebedor and given oral and pen and paper tests faciliThird- Teacher Angelo Yecla. tated by the MLI School Master, Ms. Tess Gutierrez and former HR Officer, The Most Outstanding teachers were Mr. Gerard Manalo. The pen and paper awarded with a certificate and cash test was composed of reading, listening, incentive on March 2, 2012 at the vocabulary, grammar and writing. The MLI Function Room. test lasted for 30 minutes.





The trouble of doing nothing is that you never know when to stop… Procrastination replacing





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doing tasks where you derive cite such action as a coping enjoyment or putting tasks mechanism to stress and at a later time.

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Procrastination is something low will power, low ambithat most of us experience. tion, or just simply laziness. The Chronicle Staff Rhina Reyes Moderator Joy Esteves Assistant Moderator






well- So what should you do if you

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doodling your hours away carefully planning an aca-

Regular Columnists

(watching TV, your Face- demic task and improving

Ken Amante MLInform

book, your cell phone, etc.) time management skills are when you should have been all effective ways to fight

Alejo Bebedor MLIntrospect

wasting your time reading procrastination.



Sherlyn Grace Abao Consultants Mr. Kim Jin Nam Mr. Jeong Seung Ug Ms. Tess Gutierrez MLI’s The Chronicle #23 Panay Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines Tel. Nos. 332-4147/332-4172






your Remember : procrastination your is a bad habit. If you can’t

lessons, accomplishing your run a mile, run a block acschool-related projects or cording to Piers Steel. If working on your next goal. you’ve done that, try two Whatever you do whether blocks…your personal stories you are intentionally put- of triumphs can bolster your ting off studying, ignoring, spirit in years. or avoiding your priorities, procrastination can have a major impact on your life.

Ms. Tess Gutierrez



Mother and Son Speak Up Their Mind…


By: Jung Hwa

We heard a lot of Mindoro stories from students every Hi! My name is Kelvin. I want to talk now and then. Then one Sunabout the interesting and uninteresting day, I had a talk with my chilthings about the Philippines for me. dren about going to Mindoro When I came here, my mom and I rode ourselves and try to experia taxi that would bring us to MLI. The ence what others have already moment I arrived, I started to have experienced. So we prepared some interest in everything. At first, I had interest in food. Secsome food like samgyeopsal, ondly, before coming here, other people said, “There, the water is juice and snacks. First, we dirty.” But now I think it’s clean. I only had the stomachache during arrived at Batangas Port by my first week. Maybe it was just a part of my adaptation period in bus. Batangas also has a very another country. I think the most interesting part is when my beautiful beach. But it wasn’t the end of our journey for we mother and I went to Cebu. We stayed at Radison, Blue Hotel for had to head to a better place for our destination. That’s Minthree days. We went to Samanda Badra School and met my brother. doro. My brother was studying there that time. When I met him, I felt Going to Mindoro, we rode on a small ship. I was scared at good so I want to go back there. first because there was a strong wind and the waves were high. Eli Speaks Many people wore their life vest. But when I saw the rainbow If I were to describe myself in one word, it’d outgoing-but-shy. I can in the sky, I forgot about the scary ride. I began to be in an say that I am an outgoing person but still I am not the type of person who talks a lot. Maybe it has something to do with my birth year exotic mood. When we arrived in Mindoro, I saw that the and what I studied back in college. I was born on May 14, 1973 in beach was clean. We went to our lodging house then we went on for a jungle tour and went straight to the beach to swim. In South Korea. I majored in Tourism. I chose to be in the Philippines because I think that English is very the evening, we ate samgyeopsal for dinner. The next day, we important that’s why I came here in MLI. I had studied in MLI for did snorkelling. I like to snorkel because I can swim well. nearly a month. I had to stay close to my son, Kelvin. I came and After that, we went fishing but we couldn’t catch any fish. chose to study here because of my brother’s friend’s recommen- Then we had some barbeque for lunch, spent some quality dation. Going back to Korea, I will continue to study English with time together and decided to go back to MLI. We really enmy children. And maybe some other time, I will come back to the joyed that trip! At last, we had our own Mindoro experience Philippines again! too! By: Kelvin and Eli

Morgan and Dia, the father and daughter students here at MLI, have been to many vacation spots in the Philippines. They took several trips along with other families here. They went to Mindoro, Pagsanjan Falls, Laguna Hot Springs and they had been to different malls every week! Dia loved shopping, her father said. Dia has been to Tagaytay and Enchanted Kingdom for school trips. But their most memorable vacation was when they went to Mindoro. It’s when they rode the boat, went swimming and had a big picnic together with their MLI family. Morgan recalls it was so much nicer to eat meals even though they may be as simple as ramyon, kimchi chige and samgyupsal. Dia has grown close to sisters Hera and Carrie. he’ll surely miss them. She will also miss all her teachers and all the MLI activities. Morgan said he chose MLI because of three reasons. First, the location is perfect. Second, MLI is childfriendly. Lastly, MLI is known for having excellent teachers. And these teachers are the ones he will miss the most when they go back to Korea. He said he will tell his family and friends all the good experiences and good friends they have had in the Philippines.



The Problems with Status Symbol in Korea By: Bin (Yang Seung Bin)


Right Method of Brushing Your Teeth By: Aaron (Choi Ho Jun)

These days, most people are interested in teeth. Teeth whitening products and orthodontics are eveI’m always proud that I am a Korean. Especially nowadays, I rywhere. People are also interested in aesthetics. appreciate my country because I’ve been in the Philippines Teeth are used in chewing food. If you want to preserve and mainand I have witnessed how Korean culture is known here. Ktain the health of your teeth, you have to brush your teeth very well. pop is widely listened to here. Korean dramas are televised But do you really know the right method of brushing teeth. on national television and even Korean fashion is deeply appreciated by some of the Filipinos especially the young I would like to introduce the right way of brushing teeth and its adults. It seems that Korean culture is spreading around the purposes. world especially in Asia. Of course, my country has a lot to There are four main purposes of brushing. The first one is be proud of in our culture but there are also some parts of ‘Prevention’. Brushing our teeth can remove dental plaque. So, our culture that need to be amended. Actually I am wishing we can prevent dental cavities and periodontal disease. If we brush to be the president of Korea because there are customs that I our teeth and scale our teeth very well, we don’t have to worry would change if I were the president of my country, and I am about tooth disease. Besides, if you have regular checkups, well, you going to discuss with you the most important things that can prevent all of those dental diseases. need to be changed in my opinion. That is the preference of Second, ‘Cleanliness’, right-brushing will help you remove stains, an academic clique and status symbol in Korea. food residue, and bad breath. Of course, it is not the perfect solution. For many years, Koreans have considered that status symbol You have to use dental floss and do scaling regularly. is undoubtedly a big deal in our society. So, for a long time, if we graduated from a reputable university, we can enter Third, ‘Strength’, right-brushing can stimulate the gum and tooth. good companies or be qualified to get a high class lifestyle. I It helps make a healthy gum and teeth. However, you must not think this kind of situation can be observed in other coun- brush your teeth strongly. It will hurt your gum and teeth. Suitable tries, too but in Koreans’ case, it is much observed than the strength and right direction of brushing can make good effects. others. It is not an exaggeration that people who have only Last, ‘Aesthetics’, right method of tooth brushing makes good proof of graduation but lack of real ability about their field of aesthetical effects. It’s not perfect, but if you do that in time, you can study can actually succeed in the society or be respected by get and see the effects of it. other people. This untoward situation has gotten worse even more, and it has become one of the bad customs in the pre- Now, I’ll show you ‘The right method of brushing’. Most people sent. For this reason, several factors that affect our lives have don’t realize the right direction of tooth brushing. The biggest been arising nowadays. problem is that they brush their teeth cross-way which can hurt the First, most students don’t wish to study in a university teeth and the gums, also, when it does not work very well it can anymore if that particular university isn’t included among cause teeth abrasion. the top universities in Korea because in the long run, only You have to the diploma from a reputable university will matter the most brush your teeth and not their passion for learning or the skills that they have with this method. acquired from studying. So scholars and skilled professors And if you want have been insufficient for quite a long time now. to prevent all Second, this preference only affects the gap between the rich tooth diseases and the poor because most people’s ultimate goal is to study like dental caries until high school. When you finish only high school there is and periodontal no assurance that you will land a good job in the future. So it disease, you need is true that the gap between the rich and the poor is proa regular check-up, portioned to the gap between good and bad universities. and scaling every 6 In conclusion, Koreans have to forget this bad culture. So months. It will someday we can live in a country where people are accepted help you prevent tooth-related diseases. according to their own ability and skills not only because Thank you for reading. they are from a good university or from a good company.



My Wish for Korea By: Philip (Hwang In Ho)


Korean Culture By: Rachel (Kang Sung A)

To be honest, I don't know well about the best things in Korea. But don't be confused about it. I'm certainly a Korean. And I know definitely that my country is great because of our ancestors. We learned that from our history. Tracing back our history, it seemed that Korea had a great public security. It’s still safe to live in Korea nowadays but still, those who have finished their military training understand that our public security is still weak because until these very days, there is still a possibility of war between the two Koreas. South Korea and North Korea are the only divided countries in the world. Sadly, it has the worst dictators in history. Even now that Kim Il Sung and Kim Jung Il are dead, their descendants still have a military regime and political power in North Korea that could threaten South Korea. If I could, I hope to get rid of the military regime in North Korea. And then we could certainly attain security, achieve unification and maybe our countries would be one again.

Countries of the world vary in their own culture. To fit well, we should understand each and everyone’s culture. Being a Korean, I’m writing about my country’s culture and geography. Korea has a 500-year-old history. Its peninsula extends from southward to eastern end of the Asian continent. It has a lot of mountains that cover 70% of the land mass, making it the most mountainous region in the world. It has four seasons and many old traditions. Koreans are sports–minded people. There was a time when Seoul, the capital of Korea, opened the Olympics in 1988 and the 17th FIFA World Cup in 2002. The world was surprised by how dynamic and passionate Korea was. During the World Cup season, Koreans show their support to our team by wearing red shirts. national parks and public places were full of people wearing red clothes and they went there to cheer for Korea. Families and friends watched the World Cup together. Our traditional costume and it is called hanbok. Our ancestors have worn hanbok and it emphasizes the beauty of straight and curved lines. Koreans wear hanbok on Chuseok ( Thanksgiving Day) or on Solar (New Year’s Day). From the old times, Korean people believed that courtesy was very important. So, most Koreans learned about etiquette. As children, we were taught to respect and treat older people in a wellmannered way. We respect our elders, our older brothers and sisters and these have been a part of our learned etiquette.

During the World Cup season in Korea




By: Joy Esteves

Messi was sitting on a chair beside the ping pong table, patiently waiting for his turn to play when I approached him to ask for an interview. He smiled and shyly gave his consent. He stood up and looked for a quiet place to have the interview. Then he gamely and politely answered all my questions.

There are many things that make Messi happy. Aside from playing ball games, he also enjoys playing computer games, reading comic books, watching cartoons and seeing movies. He’s partial to color blue and Chinese food. He also loves the summer. He seems to be a contented kid.

Messi is mature for his age. He still acts like a kid and plays like a kid but his maturity is impressive. When you look at him, you’d notice that he looks just like any ordinary kid. But when you talk to him, you’ll see the sensibilities of a young man. He claims his best trait is his mind. He’s intelligent and smart. He thinks he isn’t cute but he’s certain he’s kind. He doesn’t brag about his achievements. Although most teachers in MLI think he’s cute, he didn’t want me to mention it here. He blushed when I told him the teachers like him because he’s a well-behaved kid.

Messi’s real name is Shin Min Chan. He chose the nickname “Messi” because of a soccer player. He was born on July 13, 2000 to his businessman father and housewife mother, he has an 11-year-old sister. An elementary school student whose favorite subject is Physical Education, he is very much into sports. He likes playing basketball, baseball, beach volleyball, table tennis and loves playing soccer. Even his favourite computer game concerns soccer. It’s FIFA Online 2! He was so polite and calm during the whole interview. He cracked jokes but he was never offensive. I asked him who or what he will never forget in the Philippines and he replied, “R-H-I-N-A”. And Teacher Lani, too. I will never forget Clark because it is very beautiful. Last December, my grandfather and I stayed in a hotel in Clark. The next day, we went to a beach in Subic and after that, we went shopping in a mall in Makati before heading home. That was fun. I’ll treasure these memories. You know, when my mother told me I’m going to the Philippines to study, I was furious! I didn’t want to come here. My mom packed my bags for me and told me I should go.

He was smiling all throughout the interview. There were moments when he got serious but would suddenly break into a sweet smile. I asked him what makes him happy and he answered, “My life. I have a good life. Life isn’t perfect. I’m sometimes happy, sometimes sad. But still, life is good!” But as time went by, I slowly started enjoying it here. I like playing ping pong and that’s how I met friends here. Willy is my best friend in MLI. All the activities here are fun. I even like studying English now!”

The interview ended when the bell rang. He didn’t have the chance to play table tennis and I told him sorry. He smiled and said, “It’s okay. Thank you!”



a. Melanie Roxas otherwise known as Teacher Lani is renowned in MLI for her sweet and friendly personality. She’s a devoted teacher, very passionate in her task but her greatest trait is her generosity. She loves sharing and giving whatever she has especially to someone whom she think is very nice. She never hesitates to give anything that comes to her mind. Not only can her friends and closest colleagues attest to this golden trait, but also her dearest students who really appreciate her charity and warmness of heart. She’s been teaching in MLI for nearly three years now but the teaching blood was already flowing in her system long before she started teaching in MLI. She has taught in some Korean academies before. She considers herself fulfilled because she has pursued the career that she wanted; she has seen places in 3 continents and most of all, because she has her loving and solid family. Her greatest achievement so far is balancing her career and family successfully while staying in the academy and travelling to her dream destinations alongside with. The Students’ Feedback Her students often describe her as a MomTeacher. In fact, Ed (Kim Bo Ram) once said that she treated her students with motherly love but when she teaches, she does it with utmost concern.


By: Rhina Reyes

T HE C HRONICLE But according to Teacher Lani, the Hello Kitty collections she has in her room are not yet all! All her favorite and most treasured collections are kept in her house. One would have his or her eyes grow big when he or she would have the rare chance to take a look at her priceless Hello Kitty gift packs and collectibles that she’s been collecting ever since Hello Kitty has been invented!

She first embarked herself into collecting Hello Kitty stuff ever since the famous kitty was introduced in 1976; she was a grade five student in Maryknoll. That time Hello Kitty collectibles could only be bought in a boutique called Gift Gate. Back then, these items could not be found in Greenhills’ Bargain Areas or in Divisoria and other economical stores for that matter. This means she herself had spent quite a fortune just to be able to satisfy her burning desire to collect her favorite Sanrio character. Her The Other Side of Teacher very first Hello Kitty item was a Hello Kitty doll, the original one colored white and red Lani which was her aunt’s souvenir gift from Aside from being a loving mom to her Hong Kong. It was given to her as an adonly daughter, Roxanne, a caring wife vanced Christmas gift. to her husband, Boyet, a very pleasant teacher to her students (too many to To date, she has a room full of Hello Kitty mention), a charming friend to her items and collectibles excluding the ones in intimate work buddies Ms. Tess and her MLI classroom. Teacher Vivian, she’s also famous because she’s a true-blooded Hello Kitty fanatic! Students see her as a very loving momteacher to them. She’s also a great listener. She’s got the ears that always open to listen and a good heart that is always open to care. Many of her students confide to her their deepest secrets and feelings. “Teacher Lani has a heart of gold” as Messi (Shin Min Chang) one of her students defined her.

Her students can prove that she’s crazy for Hello Kitty stuff as her room is all decorated by Hello Kitty items. From table cover, down to wall paper, to room decoration, to file holders, to notebooks, to pencils, to erasers, to tissue holders, to trash bin and to the very ID straps that she’s wearing not to mention her wrist watches and even earrings! She has it all!




Why Koreans Want to Go to Other Countries to Work? By: Ed (Kim Bo Ram)

What are the things you enjoy doing with your Have you seen Korean workers anywhere in the world? Its answer is “Sure!!!” whole family? We can see them easily from every corner of the globe these days. Why are they crazy about going to other countries to work? There are several reasons for this phenomenon. We often go to the spa. We enjoy it while bonding. It is very important to our family. We often go shopping and eating out. We love sushi so whenever we go out, we always eat it. Sometimes, I travel with my relatives. That makes us united and get to know each other better. We can also have happy moments. My family loves to climb mountains. There’s fresh air, trees and cool water. We feel good.

My family goes picnicking. It’s exciting and joyful. We ride a bike and take a rest. Sometimes I travel with my family. We go to the beach because we like to swim. Watch TV program specially news program and debate after. We usually sleep the whole day and then during the afternoon, we go shopping and buffet-restaurant hunting. We love eating!

First, unemployment rate is getting worse in Korea. As Korean society becomes an aging society and automatically, young Korean people seldom find their jobs easily. In addition, the major factor affecting the Korean economy, as always, is the condition of the global economy. These days the global economic crisis is deepening and spreading so there are warning signs ahead for the Korean economy now. That’s why many companies in Korea have trouble hiring new recruits. Second, in other developed countries, we can earn more money than in Korea. Actually, although Korea is a nation of OECD and G20, Korean minimum wage is at the lowest. Korean minimum wage is set at about 4 U.S. dollars an hour but minimum wages in Australia, U.S., Canada and European countries are set at more than 10 U.S. dollars which are two and a half times as much as Korea’s. Also, the countries obviously provide much better benefits than Korea. Many Koreans know the wage gap between Korea and other developed countries so they cannot help going there. Lastly, many Koreans want and should experience the countries’ languages and cultures due to the globalization of the world. Today, as many Koreans are exposed to other countries’ cultures, languages and news, they are interested in them naturally. Furthermore, many companies want to select capable people who are good at English or other languages and experienced various jobs and cultures. So, it is essential for them to learn and experience other countries’ cultures and languages for their own purposes.

Many Korean people think about their reality and future seriously. Unfortunately, they feel that working in Korea has some limits so they try to find their hopes in other countries, not in Korea. Therefore, many KoreWe usually have dinner together with other members of ans go to other countries to work. Going to church and eating out with the whole family. Bonding time with kids and watching horror movies. the family circle on weekends, sort of a reunion every weekend.



Let’s Talk about Language! (Part 1: Language Varieties)


A Dear You By: Sherlyn Grace Abao

By: Ken Amante


oo often we are confronted with terms in our field which sound quite familiar but are nonetheless vague to us. For example, we often say that the Philippines has many dialects. But how many of us really know what ‘dialect’ means and how it differs from a ‘language’? The truth is, what most of us claim as ‘dialects’ are actually languages in themselves. The common notion that Cebuano, Ilokano, Waray are ‘dialects’ in the Philippines is absolutely wrong! They are languages! This arose from a common misconception of these terms. Let us examine these terminologies and see which among them you have mistakenly identified. DIALECT

SLANG, ARGOT and JARGON These terms are defined by their specialized vocabularies. Slang refers to informal vocabulary, especially short-lived coinages, that do not belong to a language's standard vocabulary. Argot refers to a nonstandard vocabulary used by secret groups, particularly criminal organizations, intended to render communications incomprehensible to outsiders. Jargon comprises the specialized vocabulary of a particular profession, especially when it is incomprehensible to others, as with medical jargon.

REGISTER Register is a variety of language used for a particular purpose or in a particular social setting. For example, in a formal situation, a person might say, “You are requested to leave,” whereas in an informal one the same person might say, “Get out!” This also spells the difference between “coming” and “comin’” where the social setting dictates which pronunciation is appropriate. Register differences can affect any of these language elements: grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

Dialect is commonly defined as a variety of a language that is characteristic of a particular group. It is distinguished in terms of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. To put this into context, British English, American English and Australian English (though slightly different in terms of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary) are all dialects of the same language— English—in the same way that Manileño Tagalog, Marinduqueño Tagalog and Batangas Tagalog (more properly Batangan) are dia- In the next issue, I will discuss more about lects of the same language, Tagalog. The Language with special attention to how term, however, extends to class and re- languages change foregrounding English. gional distinctions. A dialect associated with a particular social class is termed sociolect while one that is associated to a region is regiolect or topolect.

When you came things have changed Each time you smile it’s like a blue sky And each day you are there to say There’s a lovely day every step of the way

You are like a thunder That comes from nowhere The biggest star that shines everywhere The moon that guides through the weary nights The sun that says ‘Hi’ with a gentle smile And the radiant Ray that lights the day The wave that hits the blue bay

You have taught wonderful things Have shared the greatest dream Laughed with simple things And have talked what live would bring

As the day passes by I want you to satisfy Where else could I find

DIALECT vs LANGUAGE How does one distinguish a dialect from a language? A simple test is by means of mutual intelligibility. When two people understand each other's speech, most likely they are using dialects of the same language. If they don’t, then they most likely speak in different languages.

A friend to gratify The moments with you is worthwhile Because it’s you, it’s you The dearest friend to glorify So promise me no goodbyes…..

P AGE 10



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