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A dishonest man spreads strife, and a whisperer separates close friends. Proverbs 16:28

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A PRIL 2012

What’s Inside!!! By: Rhina Reyes

(Moon Hwan Jin), on the other hand, delivered a stunning performance of Open Arms followed by a show-stopping dance number of students Kyle (Hwan Woo Cheol), Kenneth (Kim Hun Gi), Judy (Baek Eun Hye), Chan (Kim ChanWoo) and Edmund himself to win Second Runner-Up.


total of 28 contestants composed of teachers and students competed in the 4th season of MLI’s Got Talent on March 30, 2012 at the MLI Function Room. The energetic dance group of Teachers Mary Rose “MC” Ereno and Rose Lopez together with students Steven (Kang Tae Gu), Ryan (Kim Young Hyun), Shawn (Lee Seong Geon), and Chloe (Jeong Da Som) wowed the audience with their winning dance moves as they captured the grand prize in the recently-concluded talent contest. Meanwhile, the magnetic duo of Marco (Yeom Ji Un) and Andrea (Min Bo Gyeong) was named First RunnerUp with their soulful rendition of Falling Slowly. The singing tandem of Teacher Kathlea Albar and Edmund

Other contestants who showcased their brilliant talents were: the Stinga-like trio of Phillip (Hwang In Ho), J-Rolf (Jeong Seung Ho) and Jack (Hwang Soon Kwang) with their version of Sting’s Shape of My Heart; the promising band of Leo (Lee Sang Yong) and Charles (Lee Sang Min) made their own version of the song 9 Crime backed up by Teacher Marco Salazar; the “Way Back into Love” duet of Edu (Kang Dong Hyun) and Kate (Kim Yeo Jin) spiced up the stage with Teachers Hiedee Corpuz, Erick Naval and again Teacher Marco Salazar; the twosome performance of Q (Kim Kyu Jin) and Melani (Hwang Ha Jeon) delivered an intensifying duet of Monday thru Friday; and the perfect side-by-side number of Carrie (Jo Si Eun)and Jasmin (Jeong Ji Hyun) featured a dance mix from BoA and Girls’ Generation.





What’s Age Got to Do with It?


osh! Ouch! The subject matter is AGING. A modern woman lives usually about 65 – 70 years old in our generation today. If you get to reach 70 onwards, it is already a bonus and blessing from the Almighty God.

The Chronicle Staff Rhina Reyes Moderator Joy Esteves Assistant Moderator Regular Columnists Ken Amante MLInform Alejo Bebedor MLIntrospect Contributor Marie Fe Agustin Consultants Mr. Kim Jin Nam Mr. Jeong Seung Ug Ms. Tess Gutierrez MLI’s The Chronicle #23 Panay Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines Tel. Nos. 332-4147/332-4172


I, for one, feel still young at heart and sometimes I think that I have only started to enjoy my life. I am FREE to do what I want now. No more going to the hassles of waking up early to cook, rushing to the office to work, and coming home late just to find out that I still have to cook dinner for the family and tutor the kids.

A lot of our young people drift through their life without any goal or purpose until it’s too late to retrieve the lost time. You are not a momentary whim of God experimenting in the laboratory of life… You are made with a purpose. Don’t wait for a magic gift. Does being alive matter to you?

Accept changes in your life. Create your own opportunities. Take a shift in perspective. Keep your mind active and energetic. Be positive and have a Nobody argues the fact that such healthy life. Learn to be gratelifestyle is good. Actually, it’s so ful for whatever you have. At stressing! From the time we were times, we do not deserve what we have. born, we start to get old. So how would you handle this? Are you There’s nothing wrong with going to let it happen? having dreams and goals and Of course, aging is inevitable. Neither you nor I can deny it… defy it… nor delude it. Are we going to let it happen without us doing anything? We all have a choice, right? I firmly believe that no matter what age we are at the moment, we can be the most energetic, vibrant, and beautiful (inside and outside). Everyone is born into this world to do something unique and something distinctive. We’re all here to do what’s all there to do.

desiring more out of life. I also dream BIG at my age. Remember: Gratitude attracts positive energy. Always keep your sense of humor. People like to be around with people who find humor even in awkward moments. Believe that you are in charge of your destiny. Not making a decision is

already a choice by itself. Choose the best for you. There is no limit as to how much you can accomplish. Enjoy life. Be proud of your accomplishments! Surely, you Let your soul be hungry for mean- will come to realize that age does not hinder you to grow… glow… ing. and go! A good and godly day to all!




...MLI’s Got Talent from page 1

Solo contestants also blazed the event. With red roses in his hand, Teacher Philip Reyes serenaded the crowd with his “Beautiful in My Arms” rendition. He was soon joined by Teacher Vivian Ema in a surprising duet. The other solo performer was Teacher Moneth Reginaldo who didn’t only showcase her singing ability but her versatility as well singing






MLI’s Got Talent Season 4 Champion! From left: Chloe, T. Rose, T. MC, Ms. Tess, Steven, Shawn, Ryan and T. Ken

The man behind MLI’s Got Talent, Event Coordinator Mr. Ken Amante also enlivened the floor with his rousing rendition of Lady Gaga’s Born this Way. He was soon joined by the energetic Teacher Tara Tupas entertaining the crowd with Take Your Shirt Off. Host and performer Teacher Marco Salazar also showcased his vocal prowess while playing the guitar during the intermission. He was assisted by the very talented Teacher Erick Naval.

The winners of the event were judged according to delivery (40%), stage presence (30%), costume (20%) and overall impact (10%). They were judged by the panel of judges composed of Teachers Maricel Candongo, Jon-Jon Tolentino, Cynthia Bauyon and Human Resources Officer, Mr. Alejo Bebedor. The winners were awarded with cash intensives and certificates.

For the complete photos and videos of MLI’s Got Talent 4 visit and like MLI’s official Facebook page at


By: Rhina Reyes

nother English-related event dubbed as English Clash was launched in Modern Languages International (MLI) headed by the Event Coordinator Mr. Ken Amante on March 30, 2012 at the MLI Function Room. A total of 16 students participated in the competition and were given their respective match namely: Aaron (Choi Ho Jun) vs. Kelly (Song Ju Hwan); Jessy (So Ji Hyun) vs. Rad (Ma Gi Won); Richard (Lee Tae Hun) vs. Veronica (Jang Ji Hyun); Aileen (So Young Joo) vs. James (Moon Joo Young); Chan (Kim Chan Woo) vs. June (Choi Jae Joo); Linda (Park Hye Young) vs. Tom (Kim Seok Ho); Jason (Yang Tae Yeong) vs. Jim (Kwon Tae Sik); and Jina (Lim Shin Suk) vs. JJ (Yang Jeong Jin).

Each pair was given a question derived from the categories of Grammar, Spelling, Writing, and Vocabulary. The winners of this match proceeded to the next round and were then grouped into two teams. The same categories were asked and the team that scored the most number of points at the end of the round was declared the winner. The champion of the first-ever English class was the team of Kelly (Song Ju Hwan), Jim (Kwon Tae Sik), Richard (Lee Tae Hun) and June (Choi Jae Joo) scoring a convincing lead. Judges of the competition were Teachers Lina Tavera and Erick Naval. Certificates and cash incentives were given to the winners at the end of the program.



MLI’s Got Talent 4 Photos!!!


The Many Faces of Addiction By: Jessy

There are many kinds of addiction. Among the most dangerous are drug and gambling addiction, and alcoholism. Drug addiction could cause low blood pressure, palpitations that may cause difficulty in breathing like taking a stimulant. It will result in the convulsion of hands and feet, and in a reckless behavior. It could also lead the drug addict to some illnesses, internal diseases, or worse, death. So the guidance of the people around is really important. For example, the cause of death of Michael Jackson was due to lack of guidance of his physician. The cause of his death is an overdose of drug intake similar to the situation of the recentlydeceased singer Whitney Houston.

1st English Clash Photos!!!

Another kind of addiction is related to gambling. This disorder is not only a mental suffering but an economic one. Gambling is illegal in Korea. However, only Gang-won Land casino is legalized in Korea. Gang-won Land has a fast growing rate of net income even during economic depression. Being exposed to gambling may lead to addiction. For instance, one famous comedian Jung-Hwan Shin can no longer be watched on television because of his addiction in gambling. As of today, he is convicted by the law. Third and the most common addition is alcoholism. It is inhabited genetically and by socialization. If you have a family history of drinking too much alcohol, the risk is increased about 3 to 4 times. Addiction may start from a simple try-out experience. After learning the terrible consequences of addiction, we might as well kill the idea of trying them. In these cases, there is really harm in trying!



T HE C HRONICLE By: JJ (Yang Jeong Jin), Kenneth (Kim Hun GI and Kyle (Han Woo Chul)


ast Holiday, I went to Cutud, Pampanga. I went there with my friends Tom, June, Jina and Emily. We decided to go there to have a different experience in the Philippines. Last Holiday was special for Filipinos because it's their big church holiday. It's their special time to remember how Jesus died on the cross. In Cutud, I learned that they do the reenactment of how Jesus saved the world every year. So there are men there who acted like Jesus and got bitten by other people.

First I was surprised. Some people even hit themselves and they shed too much blood. It was really surprising for me because the hitting was so real. While watching, some blood also splashed on me! They said when blood splashed on your clothes, it means luck. The main part of the event was the crucifixion. Some men really made themselves nailed on the cross. What they did was really difficult I think. Just like the many foreigners, media men and bystanders who witnessed the event, I was also really amazed by the whole thing. It was really an amazing experience for me! Aside from the fresh new experience, I also had a great time with my newfound friends in MLI. We became closer because of that experience. And I am still looking forward to having more times with them as long as I am here in MLI!

The re-enactment of Jesus dying on the cross...

The soldiers and the parade...

good it’s quite big and when you go there you will feel the nature because there are also a lot of trees all over the place and it’s clean You can also eat Korean foods inside the resort and it's delicious! It's just one hour travel period from MLI so we highly recommend the place!


uring the Holiday, we spent our free time in 88 Hot Spring in Laguna. It's a swimming and recreational place owned by a Korean. We went there because we heard it's a good place to hang out with friends. The place is really beautiful! It's calm and enjoyable. There are many scenic views for sightseeing.

We really had a great time with our friends. We did a lot of activities. We especially enjoyed playing games while swimming in the pool. In that place, there are a lot of swimming pools and the water is hot. So our bodies were able to relax. There are also spas and sport grounds. The swimming pools are great and the ambiance is really



Smaller World By: Phillip ( (Hwang In Ho) Do you believe that today’s world is getting smaller? For me, yes. I believe it is so. Why? Look how our transportation has evolved. To start with, transportation such as ships and planes had been developed, so we can take a trip or migrate to another country comparatively easy. Likewise, because of the superb method of transportation like rocket technology, we could save more time when we travel. The Internet is also one factor why the world is getting smaller. Through search engines and websites, people have been communicating instantly with each other even those who live on the other side of the world. This alteration changes our planet as an asteroid which can be observed in the blink of an eye. In particular, because it’s necessary to use Internet shopping, banking, ticketing, and so on nowadays, somebody who doesn’t use this might as well have a backward life rather than someone who is using it— penny-wise, pound-foolish! The third part is that numerous gadgets have contributed powerfully in making the world small. After the appearance of tons of high-tech devices like smartphone, various applications have been born out of our imagination. They offer unimaginable amount of information—chatting anywhere, searching realtime subway and traffic information, etc. I can say squarely that transportation that uses a GPS is one of the best discoveries in the world. Through this system, not only can we go anywhere as soon as possible, but we can also find specific locations such as famous restaurants and sightseeing’s. Currently, a public institution which needs to use a high-tech GPS also uses a tracking device to search for criminals and lost items. Above all, how can we look for plenty of information on the Internet without effective devices? However, some people don’t adapt to this. Too much change in the environment and fast development always involve side effects. For them, it’s time to recognize their nearest neighbors and families, but they can’t deny the fact that with modern technology the world is unified into one.


My Macao Experience By: Rachel ( Kang Sung A)

Most people like to travel. Traveling makes people happy and excited. I also like to travel to other countries because I know that it can give me a new experience. When I was in Korea, I used to be sick of my monotonous life. So one time, I decided to travel in Macao. It is one of the most famous places in the world. And it is also considered as the “Asia of Europe” by many people. In Korea, one famous drama called “Boys over Flowers” also used Macao as its location. It was televised some years ago. That was a very popular series not only in Korea but also in the Philippines. So when I arrived in Macao, I yearned to see the hotel where the drama was shot. Surprisingly, when I arrived there, I saw a lot of casino buildings. It seemed like the whole place was blinking with lights. And then when I went to a place called Largo do Senado, I could see beautiful buildings like those in Europe so it gave me a European atmosphere. It was maybe because Macao had been a colony of Portugal a long time ago. After I looked around the city, I finally went to Venetian Hotel where I’d stayed for a day. That was the hotel where “Boys over Flowers” was shot. When I saw it for the first time, I felt amazed at how splendid it was. I roamed around the hotel with great awe. That was more beautiful than I expected. I wanted to stay there long. The hotel had a beautiful sight with many works of art. Inside were casinos with lots of people. There were also concerts held at most of the places. There were many shops and shopping malls. And since the hotel was bigger than most of the rest, I even asked some people for direction. People talked to me kindly. Actually when I first met the people of Macao, they looked scary to me. But I was wrong. They were kind especially to travelers. If I had another chance to travel, I’d like to go to Macao again! Not only because the place is amazing but also it was unforgettable to me!



Melisa’s Food & Trip

She loves to eat. She is adventurous when it comes to food too. She prefers spicy food like Thai, Mexican and of course Korean cuisine. Her boyfriend said one of the reasons he loved Melisa was because she's a hearty eater. Her passion in eating is as strong as her passion in cooking. He stated Melisa may binge sometimes but she knows when to stop. If she ate a lot today, expect her to do more exercises the next day. She is responsible for her health and she thinks the same way regarding other aspects of her life. She needs her parents' advice and uses them as her inspiration to do and give her best every time. She makes her own decisions but still consults her parents' opinions. She's independent and trustworthy because she believes that with freedom comes great responsibility. As of press time, Melisa is already in Australia. She wants to be a working student there. She wants to speak English fluently as she believes English has become an international language and it's used everywhere. She's open to the idea of working in the US again or maybe in other countries. So she must really be prepared. Even if she decides to work in Korea, she still needs English speaking ability.

Melisa is a self-confessed traveler. As of her age, she has been to many countries already. She’s been to the USA and has explored the cities of Missouri, Kansas, St. Louis, Chicago, New York and New Jersey. She has been to some key destinations in Asia too. She’s been to Japan, Hong Kong and China and has visited some of the big cities there like Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara and of course Tokyo in Japan. Then in Beijing, Tianjin, and Datong in China. She loves traveling and trying out everything. She can go to any country and not be afraid. She's an independent woman who's living life to the fullest. Although she doesn't have any siblings, she said she wasn't spoiled when she was a child. She was given freedom to make her own decisions. She has worked in America as a chef for a year. Because of her love of traveling, she has acquired a lot experiences and has felt the particular country’s culture. She can even cook some of their food specialty and even speak basic of their languages. "Have you seen the movie Serendipity? Do you remember the coffee shop? I've been there!"


By: Joy Esteves

Melisa gushed during the interview. Also, she always makes it sure that she takes pictures of every place that she goes to. Aside from the traveling thing she’s also into photography!



Belly dancing keeps the doctors away... By: Andrea (Min Bo Kyeong)


My Nirvana By: Marie Fe Agustin

When I was in high school, I hurt my Another woman used belly dancing to waist and I wanted to treat it through treat her urinary disorder. She couldn’t exercise because I didn’t want to un- control her pee before she enrolled in dergo a medical treatment. While look- our class. She didn’t know that it would ing for another way to treat my waist, heal her disease. Belly dancing can heal my mother told me that belly dancing back pain and malfunctioning organs in could do the trick. So I joined and have the stomach. done belly dancing since 2008. In my I learned a lot of things in my belly class, I learned that belly dancing shakes dancing class. It did not only teach me women's pelvis, hip, and belly, and has how to dance gracefully but it also excellent effects to treat women's mus- taught me social skills and time managecles in the back.

ment. I did belly dancing while studying

In my first class, other students and I so I learned to partition my time approfelt ashamed of changing our clothes in priately. I also learned to talk to differfront of each other. So our teacher told ent people and say my compliments and us, "If you don't wear a uniform, you opinion to them. After a while, I be-

Can you see what I see That you and I are meant to be Like sugar to my coffee And I love thee Can you hear what I hear That you are so dear And this heart is in tears Coz the future is unclear Can you feel what I feel That this is real And there is no other deal But for us to seal Can this be our destiny the lyrics to the melody That you are for me and we were born to be

can't come to class.” So we followed her came talkative and friendly. resolutely. After repeatedly doing it, all I don't know whether I’ll continue to of us became comfortable with it that attend my belly dancing class but I'll

…..Let’s Talk about Language from page 9

Borrowing is not only limited to vocabulary we never felt shy anymore. One day, never forget all the lessons that I’ve but may also extend to grammar. The Engour class had dinner where we had to learned and the experience of dancing lish suffix -er, which is added to verbs to form nouns, as in the formation of baker introduce ourselves and share the reason with happy people. from bake, is ultimately a borrowing from Latin. The suffix has been incorporated to why we chose to belly dance. An old such an extent, that it is used with indigewoman who got a melancholic disease nous words, such as bake. started belly dancing to chase away her illness and recovered from it faster than she expected. She had a quick recovery because in belly dancing she could hear the sound of shaking coins, the sound of laughter and the feeling of having someone to talk to.

In all these examples, we can see the immense changes that the English language has undergone over the centuries. It is a proof that English is a dynamic language that continues to grow as time goes by. Who knows? The grammar that you know today may no longer be applicable one hundred years from now? It’s simply a matter of change, the only thing constant in the world.




Let’s Talk about Language! (Part 2: How English Continues to Change) By: Ken Amante

Did you know that the word nice meant “foolish,” and sometimes “shy” in Middle English? Very surprising, isn’t it? But this is just one example of how languages, particularly English change over time. As my college professor once said, “Language is dynamic.” This is one property that allows it to grow and not stay stagnant over the ages. But what have been the changes that took place in the English language? To give you a better understanding, I would like you to be familiar first with some of the important terms that you will encounter in this article: Old English: an early form of the English language that was spoken and written by the Anglo-Saxons in parts of what are now England and Scotland between the mid-5th century and the mid-12th century. Middle English: the period in the history of the English language between the late 11th and the late 15th century. It came as a by-product of the close contact between the English and the French during the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. Modern English: the form of the English language spoken since the Great Vowel Shift in England in 1550. To be more specific, works from the early 17th century, such as those of Shakespeare, are classified as Early Modern English or Elizabethan English in contrast to the English that we use today.

Phonology: the study of the sound system English speakers use both the who and whom of language. forms for the object of a sentence, saying both “Who did you see?” and “Whom did Morphology: the study of word formayou see?” An explicit illustration of this tion. phenomenon is found in Basic Grammar in Lexicon: vocabulary Use (2nd ed.) where Unit 46 was even entitled Who saw you? Who did you see?, a testaThe journey to change comes in many ment to the ever-changing nature of the forms like sound, word formation, or language. borrowing from other languages. A language may even give birth to new Lexical Change words that have never existed before. Such is the case of modern words in the For centuries, English has continued to English dictionary. Merriam-Webster's evolve undergoing permutations in its voCollegiate® Dictionary, for instance, up- cabulary. One famous example is the Old dated its lexicon and published a list of English thou. It is now known as “you” in its new words in 2006. It listed a string of modern usage. Other examples of these are new words such as unibrow “a single con- the Old English thine meaning “your” or tinuous brow resulting from the grow- “yours,” and the Middle English syn and been ing together of eyebrows” and polyamory equivalent to “since” and “are.” Of course, “the state or practice of having more not all words evolve. Some of them disapthan one open romantic relationship at a pear along the way. This is where obsolete time.” These words were born out of words come into play, words that are no popular usage and coinage by some re- longer in use due in part by the creation of nowned personalities. other words or borrowing from other languages. Examples of these are freck “to Phonological Change move swiftly or nimbly” and widdendream “a state of mental disturbance or confusion.” In terms of the sound, English has gone through a tremendous change which had Change Due to Borrowing found its pinnacle in the so-called Great Vowel Shift. In Middle English, the Because of intercultural exchange and other word house was pronounced with the factors that lead to borrowing from other vowel sound of the modern English languages, alterations to the system of a word boot, while boot was pronounced language may occur. Let’s take the example with the vowel sound of the modern of the French-derived very. This word has English boat. The change that affected replaced the native English word sore as in the pronunciation of house also affected the vowels of mouse, louse, and mouth. This, along with other phonological changes, marked the great evolution in the English sound system.

Morphological Change Great Vowel Shift: a major change in the pronunciation of the English language The morphology of English has also that took place in England between 1350 changed. An example of this is the loss and 1500. This shift affected the pronunof the distinction between the subject ciation of all English long vowels. form who and the object form whom.

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Things You Might Not Know

T HE C HRONICLE MLI Inbox - What is one thing that many people don’t know about you?

About Aspirin By: Alejo Bebedor, PTRP Chances are you've got aspirin in your 4. There is some hope for Alzmedicine cabinet or a kitchen drawer. heimer's protection. But do you really know everything about Research has been inconclusive, but a aspirin? Take a look at these: 2008 review published in Neurology found that people who used aspirin had a The Benefits 13 percent lower risk of developing Alzheimer's. 1. It could lower cancer risk. Aspirin benefits were strongest with daily use or usage of three to six times a week, and were less clear-cut for use only once or twice a week. The research shows "quite convincingly" that aspirin reduces cancer incidence and death... with an apparent delayed effect," according to a commentary published alongside the new studies.

5. It may help prevent strokes— unless you also take ibuprofen.

A small study published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found that stroke patients who took daily aspirin to prevent another stroke and also took ibuprofen— say, for their arthritis—reaped no antiplatelet benefit. After a patient stopped the ibuprofen, the aspirin became effec2. It may even lower risk for breast tive. The Food and Drug Administration warns that aspirin's benefits may be dicancer. minished by ibuprofen use. Aspirin may lower a woman's risk of breast cancer recurrence, or possibly 6. It may protect against Parkineven its development. son's disease. A 2010 report based on data from the Nurses' Health Study suggested that women who had breast cancer and took a low-dose aspirin two to five times weekly were 71 percent less likely to have a deadly recurrence than those who took little or no aspirin.

A 2007 study published in Neurology suggests that women who used aspirin regularly (defined as two or more times a week for at least a month at any point in their lives) may be 40 percent less likely to develop the disease.

3. It could help during pregnancy.

7. It may prevent asthma in middle -aged women.

A research published in the Lancet suggested that pregnant women who took aspirin or other antiplatelet drugs were 10 percent less likely to develop preeclampsia, which involves high blood pressure and potentially serious complications for mother and fetus. Aspirin therapy during pregnancy should definitely be discussed with an obstetrician.

A 2008 study published in Thorax found that women 45 and older who took 100 mg of aspirin every other day were 10 percent less likely to develop asthma than women given a placebo. The study noted that aspirin could exacerbate symptoms in about 10% of people already diagnosed with asthma.

Andrea— Many people think that I’m shy, but I’m not! Jack— I am not a Casanova! I like one girl only because I have many sisters! Marco— I can do magic tricks! I’m a Korean amateur magician!

Chan— I am just 17 years old! People think I’m older for my age because I’m tall. June— Many people don't know that I once played the piano. T. Geena— People think that I’m a guy but I'm not! T. Tara— Many people don't know that I’m sensitive and I am a basketball addict. T. Rose— I love SpongeBob!

T. Sherlyn— Many people don't know that I love being alone or that I’m a sensitive person and I cry easily.

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