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Yearbook 2009 – 2010 This is the yearbook for 2009 to 2010. The first year book will tell you how we made Happy Red’s Club Penguin News. Turn the page…

Happy Red’s History We first started a website called Wix. Then, we made one on Websketch. And after that, the one that we made, was Weebly. Happy Reds Club Penguin News started on April 17’th. The first day, we had a Welcome Party to welcome people to Happy Red’s Club Penguin News. The old name of it was And now, its The old one was made on November 10’th, 2009

April 2010 On April 1’st, we were designing the picture where it says Happy Red’s CLUB PENGUIN NEWS. On April 17’th, we saved the website and made cards to go onto it. On April 3, me and my friend made a video in my igloo.

May 2010 On May 1’st, we celebrated the Medieval Party and we made a voting poll of what the name of the new room would be. The most people voted for The Knights Room. Then we added new games to our site that Happy Red made. And Club Penguin was setting up the Medieval Party on May 7’th.


yearbook of happy red club penguin news