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At Apex Cost Consultants, we are using new 3D cost estimate software for developing accurate detailed building cost models during the feasibility, conceptual and schematic design phases of a project. The 3D software we are using, which has seen great results, is called DProfiler. DProfiler is a “Macro” Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software that enables predictable outcomes, reduces risk, and fosters communication amongst team members for construction projects and planning. Lowers Risk: Utilizing DProfiler will lower the overall risk of a project by having much more information earlier during the design phase. With this information, you can eliminate much of the guesswork that normally occurs early on when estimators are trying to bridge the information gap with assumptions. Many times the success and viability of projects rely on simple, “back of the napkin” type of conceptual estimating. The product of conceptual estimating is made stronger and more reliable by providing better information about the project in the form of images and documentation to support the cost estimate. These images illustrate the type of information that can be portrayed through the use of a Macro BIM model based on limited information from the architect.

Increase Budget Accuracy: Because of the quality and quantity of data produced from a DProfiler cost model a conceptual estimate is a reliable tool for establishing an accurate project budget. Additionally, the cost model can guide the team toward a project that stays within an established budget. Images from the cost model serve to align the project team with the cost estimate while verifying that the estimate has captured the design intent of the project.

Communication: A DProfiler model enables team members to communicate project scope and cost in a format that is less tenuous than traditional environments. The use of the cost model in project meetings provides a platform for the team to discuss the cost, review critical estimating assumptions, and align team members with all of the available information. This exercise increases the amount of known data that is shared about the project, validating the multiple assumptions that have been created in order to develop a complete budget.

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What is DProfiler? DProfiler is a Building Information Modeler. It is labeled as “Macro” BIM because of the use in conceptual environments where detailed engineering is not necessary or applicable, but rather complete and accurate cost analysis is required. Executive Summary of DProfiler: 1.) Macro Building Information Modeler 2.) Enables communication among team members 3.) Enables real-time evaluation of hard and soft costs 4.) Provide better quality and quantity of information related to the project cost estimate 5.) Reduce risk

Above is a project we’ve just completed for the Texas Army National Guard; with our client Jacobs Engineering, we where able to bid this project on time and in budget. El Paso Texas in one of the hottest construction markets in the country.


At Apex Cost Consultants, we are using new 3D cost estimate software for developing accurate detailed building cost models during the feasib...

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