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An introduction to our services & what we offer

THE PROCESS How this works

and what you’ll need to do


TIMELINE How long it’s going


PACKAGES Different assembly

to take from start to finish

options for our clients

HAPPY HUCKLEBERRY STUDIOS HappyHuckleberryStudios@gmail.com | 406.880.0592 | www.HappyHuckleberryStudios.com

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PRINTING We offer a variety

of printing methods

FONTS options to suit any of

your invitation style & color needs


Styles, sizes, and colors of available envelopes


Common sizes & styles of stationery

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Tips & tricks for mailing your invitations


More color options to elevate the design

ACCESSORIES Add-on opions

for your invitations


COLORS Our main line of paper product colors


www Email Us

HappyHuckleberryStudios @gmail.com


HappyHuckleberry Studios .com


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Welcome Woo Hoo! You’re engaged! What an exciting time. Here at Happy Huckleberry Studios, we’re ready to help make your wedding day one of a kind. If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re looking for something custom for your wedding stationery. You already know that wedding paper products are your guests’ first impression of your wedding. Give your guests something to look forward to, by making your invitations that “sneak peek” into what’s to come! Our specialty is creating professional quality, hand-crafted invitations. Note that whether you’re assembling the invitations yourself, or we’re assembling them, no two invites will be identical. That hand-crafted feel is what sets your paper products apart from the rest. We offer custom paper selections, a variety of printing options & plenty of color choices, accessories and upgrages - setting the stage for a truly unique wedding stationery suite. Compile that with a one-of-a-kind graphic design, and you’ll have wedding stationery that’s truly unique. We look forward to creating for you!


Lead Designer & Owner Happy Huckleberry Studios Stevensville, Montana


Photo by Jesse & Nelli Photography HAPPY HUCKLEBERRY STUDIOS HappyHuckleberryStudios@gmail.com | 406.880.0592 | www.HappyHuckleberryStudios.com

The Process 1. FILL OUT OUR INQUIRY FORM: Click HERE to be taken to our online inquiry form! We suggest printing out this Stationery Guide - it will make it a bit easier to navigate that form. Here’s some basic information you’ll need to know when filling out that form: KNOW YOUR QUANTITY NEEDS Remember when you’re mailing wedding invitations, that you send them to households. That typically means only one invitation is needed per couple or family living under the same roof. SELECT AN ASSEMBLY PACKAGE We have 4 different ways to create your wedding invitations, depending on how much time and effort you want to put into this project. Each package requires a different amount of time for us to create. Please refer to the timeline on the next page to ensure you’re ordering your stationery in ample time. SELECT YOUR PAPER PRODUCTS We’ll need to know if you’re ordering invitations, save the dates, “day of” products, etc. We’ll also want an idea of colors & envelope sizes. SELECT A PRINTING STYLE The type of printing you decide to do has a large impact on the price. There’s more information in this Stationery Guide to show you the different printing styles we offer. FIND 3 IMAGES OF INVITATIONS YOU LOVE We’ll want some inspiration! Send us no more than 3 images of invitations you love - we like to see fonts, layouts, and designs you prefer. WORD-SMITHING What information/wording do we need to put onto the paper products? Get as creative as you want! But we’ll need this information to even begin a basic design for you. 2. QUOTE & CONTRACT A contract is required to lock in our design services. Once the contract is signed & the deposit is paid (50% down), we’ll begin designing! In all packages where paper is included, we order paper as soon as the contract is signed & deposit is paid. Therefore we will not offer refunds on any material costs once a contract is signed. 3. DRAFTS & FINAL APPROVAL We’ll send you initial design options, and up to 3 rounds of “drafts” before we begin charging for edits. If you need more than 3 rounds of updates to any one design, we charge $5 per each additional update. It is your responsibility to spellcheck closely, double check event dates & times, and give us all your changes at one time to avoid unneccessary fees. You will need to approve any artwork before it is sent to print. Each round of edits typically takes 7-10 business days, depending on the complexity & quantity of edits. 4. PRINTING/CUTTING/ASSEMBLY Depending on which package you choose, this can take anywhere from 7-10 business days once you approve the artwork. 5. SHIPPING We ship all invitations priority mail through the US Postal Service. Please note, mail from Montana does typically take longer than your typical USPS timing. We will always provide a tracking number!


HAPPY HUCKLEBERRY STUDIOS HappyHuckleberryStudios@gmail.com | 406.880.0592 | www.HappyHuckleberryStudios.com

Timeline The below timeline is merely an example - some clients will mail pieces to guests much earlier (or later) than listed. It is up to you to respond as quickly and accurately as possible to our requests for feedback or information, so we can get designs returned to you in a timely manner.

Mail Save the Dates

Rsvp by Date

8 months - 1 year before the wedding

4-6 weeks before the wedding

Mail Invitations

Create Guest List Using our excel list

5-8 weeks before the wedding

Order Save the Dates 4-6 weeks before you need them

1-6 months after the wedding

Your Wedding Day The best day ever!

Order Day of Stationery 4-6 weeks before you need them

Order Invitation Suite 6-12 weeks before you need them

Photo by Johanna B Photography

Send Thank You Notes

Photo by Stella Kelsie Photography


Order Thank You Notes 3 weeks before you need them

Photo by Johanna B Photography

HAPPY HUCKLEBERRY STUDIOS HappyHuckleberryStudios@gmail.com | 406.880.0592 | www.HappyHuckleberryStudios.com

Photo by Sealight Studios

Packages We offer a variety of styles of invitation assembly options, depending on how much time and craftiness you want to put into your own wedding paper products.

Full service production

Partial assembly required

We: Print, cut & assemble your stationery.* You’ll receive finished products in the mail, ready to address & stuff. You: 1. Address all envelopes 2. Add postage to main invitation & RSVP cards 3. Stuff invitations into envelopes 4. Mail!

We: Print (and stamp) & cut your stationery. You still have to assemble all the pieces before addressing & stuffing. You: 1. Glue all invitation pieces together 2. Add any accessories - belly bands, monograms, etc. 3. Address all envelopes 4. Add postage to main invitation & RSVP cards 5. Stuff invitations into envelopes 6. Mail!

*You’ll still need to stuff your RSVP postcards or envelopes into the invitation suite, because they’ll need postage before they’re mailed

Design Only

"Do it yourself"

We: Mail your designs on a USB drive, along with full sheets of paper, and any other supplies you’ve ordered from us. You: 1. Print (and stamp) your invitations 2. Cut all pieces 3. Glue all invitation pieces together 4. Add any accessories - belly bands, monograms, etc. 5. Address all envelopes 6. Add postage to main invitation & RSVP cards 7. Stuff invitations into envelopes 8. Mail!

We: Email your designs.

You: 1. Buy paper & envelopes 2. Print (and stamp) your invitations 3. Cut all pieces 4. Glue all invitation pieces together 5. Add any accessories - belly bands, monograms, etc. 6. Address all envelopes 7. Add postage to main invitation & RSVP cards 8. Stuff invitations into envelopes 9. Mail!

The Signature Event by Autumn

When you hire Events by Autumn for their Signature Event by Autumn, Full Service Production paper products are included AT COST. That means you only pay printing, paper & postage (no graphic design, cutting, or assembly fees - it’s a HUGE savings!) If you’ve booked this option with Events by Autumn, we’ll send a separate pricing list, not included in this booklet.


HAPPY HUCKLEBERRY STUDIOS HappyHuckleberryStudios@gmail.com | 406.880.0592 | www.HappyHuckleberryStudios.com

Printing Printing styles greatly change the aesthetic of your invitation. You may request a hard copy proof of your inkjet invitations for $25.00. However, because of the customized nature of foiling, letterpress & embossing, we are not able to provide a hard copy in advance - only visual examples through our online portfolio.



We offer standard inkjet printing as our base option for all paper products. Any of our posted pricing is for our 4-color, single sided printing option.

This entails using a custom stamp to create a raised element to your design. Embossing is $0.50 per invite piece, plus the cost of each custom stamp. We suggest using a metallic emboss, like gold, silver, or copper.



Foiling produces a mirror-like metallic effect to an invitation piece. Foil printing requires additional time & materials, and costs $1.00 additional per invitation piece. Foiling color options consist of gold, silver, or rose gold. We cannot foil any of our textured papers.

Photo by Johanna B Photography,

Letterpress costs and average $1.00 additional per invitation piece, using one ink color. The plates required to produce a letterpress design also cost additional, and vary in price depending on the size. An average cost for plates ranges from $30 - $50 each.

Photo by Marianne Wiest Photography

Photo by Autumn Kozimer

Envelopes Printing Service

Save some time and have us print return addresses or mailing addresses on your envelopes! If you’d like us to print mailing addresses for you, it is required to use our Excel/Numbers template AS IS. We will not accept alternate forms. Please note, we do not make changes to any documents you send, therefore we are not responsible for any printing errors pulled directly from it. Please note, printing mailing addresses is not available on all envelope styles & colors. We suggest hiring a calligrapher for darker envelopes. Also, embossing is only available on the bride & groom’s return addresses (no individual guest mailing addresses available).


HAPPY HUCKLEBERRY STUDIOS HappyHuckleberryStudios@gmail.com | 406.880.0592 | www.HappyHuckleberryStudios.com

Fonts This is just a small sampling of the fonts we have available to use - we are frequently adding more to our catalog. If you have a specific font in mind, and we do not currently own the rights to use it, you will need to cover that expense. When you fill out our inquiry form, you’ll have the option to upload images of invitations you prefer - we use those images to select fonts which best fit your needs. If the fonts below show numbers 1-4 in text format, that means that particular font does not have a numerical version - only text.


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios one two three four


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry STudios One Two Three Four


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios one two three four


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


Happy Huckleberry Studios 1234


HAPPY HUCKLEBERRY STUDIOS HappyHuckleberryStudios@gmail.com | 406.880.0592 | www.HappyHuckleberryStudios.com

Envelopes Square Flap Envelope Square flap envelopes are our standard option for paper products. They come in most colors listed on the “colors” page, and are the most cost effective. The basic color options are included in our pricing guide, however, some upgrade fees do apply for ordering any upgraded paper styles. We can order these envelopes in a variety of sizes, including A7, A4, A2, and A1.

Contour Flap Envelope Contour flap envelopes are an upgraded envelope option. They come to a point on the back flap of the envelope, and have a more elegant look. We can special order these envelopes in nearly any color you can imagine. These also come in a variety of sizes as well, including A7, A4, A2, and A1.

Standard Envelope Sizes A7

5 1/4” x 7 1/4“

Wedding invitations


4 1/4” x 6 1/4“

Save the dates


4 3/8” x 5 3/4“

Thank you notes


3 5/8” x 5 1/8“

Response cards

We can provide additional envelope sizes, but custom pricing will apply.

Photo by Sealight Studios


HAPPY HUCKLEBERRY STUDIOS HappyHuckleberryStudios@gmail.com | 406.880.0592 | www.HappyHuckleberryStudios.com

Paper Products Each piece of stationery is professionally printed on a minimum of white or ivory 80lb. cardstock, in either a flat or linen texture. Any colored paper is also a high quality, thick cardstock. We offer a cotton paper upgrade if you’re looking for something even more high end.. These are our options for inkjet, foil & embossed printing. Letterpress invitations will use an even thicker off-white stock, necessary for that printing style. Prices shown are typically for single sided printing, but we are able to offer double sided printing on request, for an additional fee. Please note that we can customize wedding invitations to be any size, as long as we have an envelope to fit! The sizes shown below are merely examples of our standard options.

Standard Invitation Pieces

Wedding Invitations Insert Cards Response Cards

5” x 7“ 4” x 6“ 3 1/2” x 5“ 3 1/2” x 2“ 3 1/2” x 5“

Invitation Pieces

Additional mailed pieces

Save the dates Folded thank you’s

4” x 6“ 4 1/4” x 5 1/2“

"Day of " Products

Wedding Programs Escort Cards Place Cards Menu Cards Table Numbers Welcome Letters Bar Menus Buffet Food Labels Cocktail Napkins

4” x 6“ 5” x 7“ 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” 3 1/2” x 2“ 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” 3 1/2” x 2“ 3 1/2” x 7 1/2” 4” x 4” 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” 2 1/2” x 4 1/2” 7” x 7”

Outer Envelope Monogram The Invitation Insert Card Response Card Response Envelope “Belly Band” Mat Backing

Additional paper products available upon request - we can design all your wedding paper needs! Just let us know what you need, and we can customize a quote..


HAPPY HUCKLEBERRY STUDIOS HappyHuckleberryStudios@gmail.com | 406.880.0592 | www.HappyHuckleberryStudios.com

Accessories Adding accessories is a relatively inexpensive way to update the look of your invitation! Below are some examples of accessories that really change the look of an invite suite.

Mat Backing

A mat backing in your choice of standard color comes with all invitations in our full service package. However, you can add a backing to any of the other invitation elements as well. We will adjust the sizing of the design to accommodate the mat.

Monogram Tag

A monogram tag is a small piece that attaches to the front of the invitation suite. It can be square, round, or any other shape, and is a fun place to put your new initials, a symbol, your wedding “brand,” etc. It can be tied on with a twine or ribbon, or it can be affixed with a paper belly band for a more polished look.

Belly Band

A belly band is essentially what holds your invitation suite presentation together. To keep all those insert pieces from sliding around in the envelope, this helps finish the look. We’ve seen all sorts of belly bands, from printed paper & basic colored paper, to ribbon, baker’s twine, and even strips of leather. This is a fun element for any invitation suite, but you’ll want to be careful about how thick your belly band makes your envelope - it will still need to run through a machine at the post office.

Specialty Envelopes

We can create invitations with elongated envelopes, pocket flap envelopes, and more. Just show us an image of what you want and we will work up a custom quote.

Photo by Stella Kelsie Photograhy

Envelope Liner

An envelope liner is a beautiful way wow your guests upon opening their invitation. Envelope liners add an additional pop of color or contrast to the inside of your selected envelope style. They work with both square and contour flap envelopes.


HAPPY HUCKLEBERRY STUDIOS HappyHuckleberryStudios@gmail.com | 406.880.0592 | www.HappyHuckleberryStudios.com

Mailing Tips Mailing your invitations at the Post Office can be quite the experience. Each post office handles wedding invitations differently. Don’t lose hope! It’s also important to know that once an envelope reaches a certain thickness, it becomes “non-machinable,” and that can be an added expense. Weight can also become a factor in your stamp costs. Hopefully this page helps you understand the process and avoids possible frustrations or complications. Once your paper products leave our shop, we are not responsible for what the Post Office does to them during the mailing process. But we do want to help you be successful in the mailing adventure!

Postage Rates

1. DO NOT order or purchase stamps until you bring a finished & sealed invitation to the post office. 2. Let them weigh the invitation & tell you what the postage rate will be. Most of our invites come out to be about $0.91 each to mail. But no two invitation suites are the same! 3. A “postcard” style save the date or response card typically qualifies to use a postcard rate stamp, whereas a standard “forever” stamp is typically sufficient for your save the dates or response cards with envelopes. 4. Again - take one to the post office to have them confirm!

Post Office Tips

1. 2. 3. 4.

Call ahead - ask for the local Post Master and let them know what you’re trying to do. Ask what time would be good to go into the Post Office. When they’re busy, they are not helpful! Remain calm, and do not be in a rush. They may let you cancel your own stamps - if they offer it, do it! It’s easy. Come prepared - all envelopes addressed, stamped, and ready - don’t waste their time.

Hand Cancelling

1. Cancelling a stamp is the Post Office’s way of marking your stamps as “used.” 2. Today’s post office uses machines to cancel stamps & sort mail. There is really no way to avoid sending the invitation through the sorting machine. But the initial machine, which marks the stamp as used, can be bypassed by a process called “hand cancelling.” 3. Some employees will tell you they cannot hand cancel at all (because they don’t want to do it). 4. Others will tell you that hand canceling a small quantity is free. If that’s the case, you’ll want to bring invites in small quantities to avoid any fees. 5. Some will charge to hand cancel (which is about $0.10 - $0.20 per invite.)

Custom Stamps

1. Once you know how much your invitations will cost to mail, you can order stamps! Custom stamps can be purchased online, and are a fun & modern way to spice up an invitation. 2. Vintage stamps can also be purchased online once you know how much postage is needed. Vintage stamps can be fun - you can add a variety of stamps to your invitation until you reach the correct postage amount! 3. Otherwise, check out the Post Office’s stamp offering online before heading in to meet the Post Master, so you’re ready to tell them which stamps you want. 4. Not all Post Offices carry the same stamps, so you might have to visit a few to get the quantity you need.


HAPPY HUCKLEBERRY STUDIOS HappyHuckleberryStudios@gmail.com | 406.880.0592 | www.HappyHuckleberryStudios.com


Bright White


White Linen* Natural Linen*

Your invitations will be printed on premium quality, thick cardstock. You have a choice between white or ivory cardstock, in either flat or linen texture. Please note graphic design coloration can vary from one computer to the next. We can only guarantee a color match to your envelope selection if we are responsible for the inkjet printing. Some colors shown below are not available as envelopes in every size.


Midnight Black

Black Linen*

Smoke Gray



Pastel Gray





Tobacco Chocolate

Ruby Red

Holiday Red


Terra Cotta




Pastel Orange


Bright Orange

Tangerine Mandarin

Bright Gold

Golden Rod


Sun Flower

Bright Canary

Pastel Yellow




Holiday Green

Racing Green

Bright Green

Lime Light


Dark Wash

Boardwalk Blue

Bright Blue

Pool Blue

Baby Blue

Light Wash

Pastel Blue

Vintage Plum

Deep Purple

Bright Violet




Candy Pink

Pastel Pink

Electric Lemonade Pastel Canary Yellow

Flourescent Electric Green Green


Sea Foam

Split Pea


Pastel Green


Electric Flourescent Magenta Pink Pink

HAPPY HUCKLEBERRY STUDIOS HappyHuckleberryStudios@gmail.com | 406.880.0592 | www.HappyHuckleberryStudios.com

Bright Fuschia

Upgrades UPGRADED PRINT OPTIONS All paper selections on this page can be added for are an increased cost. Metallic papers are matte, but have a shimmer to them. Pearlized papers are slightly glossy with a shimmer. White Cotton Natural Cotton Natural Recycled





















Rose Quartz


Glowing Green

Trendy Teal

Boutique Blue


Black Satin

Purple Power

Hottie Pink


White Birch





Grocery Bag



HAPPY HUCKLEBERRY STUDIOS HappyHuckleberryStudios@gmail.com | 406.880.0592 | www.HappyHuckleberryStudios.com


Photo by Green Door Photography

Photo by Pine Cone Photography

Photo by Green Door Photography

Photo by Marianne Wiest Photography


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Custom Stationery Ordering Guide 2018  

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Custom Stationery Ordering Guide 2018  

Details on how to order custom stationery from Happy Huckleberry Studios