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Teachers trust it … students love it! Inside: ● Meet Project author, Tom Hutchinson ● Genuine reviews and stories from teachers ● More about the new third edition

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25 years of Project Meet Tom... “This year Project celebrates its 25th anniversary. It’s been an amazing journey. Over the years I met thousands of teachers and students in many different countries, including Poland, Slovakia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, and Argentina. And some of the students grew up to be teachers themselves and also use Project! I’ve always had overwhelmingly positive and encouraging feedback about the books, and the thing I’ve heard most often is that teachers and students love Project. Thank you all for inspiring me to take Project to its current, third edition. I wish you every success with your teaching, and I hope Project will help you and your students for many years to come.”

“I originally wrote Project to get learners both to use language and to enjoy the process of learning. The third edition contains additional vocabulary work and revision in every unit, expanded culture sections and a more specific focus on CLIL. The continuing popularity of Project is living proof that the original concept of a stimulating and interesting approach to learning really does work!” Tom Hutchinson, author of Project

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day Happy Birth


Teachers and students all over the world love what Tom has given them with Project. Here’s what teachers say about it!

My Project story When I started to teach English 15 years ago, we started with Project. Children loved its comics, “ pictures, its projects. They made a lot of posters, our classroom was always full of their work. During the years I’ve met a lot of course books, but I still use Project. Why? It was able to renew itself – as life goes by, books have to follow the changes, too – but its spirit, its message, its humour remain as close to the children as it was 15 years ago. Medvéné Kovács Ágnes, Hungary

My Project story This book combines the best of contemporary and traditional approaches to language teaching. “ ” Julia Remelska, Poland

My Project story The third book includes very “ interesting stories and my students love the comics, without even realising how much everyday English is being learnt.

Katarzyna Monkiewicz, Poland

December 1999, Ljubljana, Slovenia, at the launch of Project

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Project: New and improved … b Third edition

With Project third edition, Tom Hutchinson takes his tried and tested methodology, and updat

1 wash up

2 cook the dinner

6 set the table

7 feed the cat

● Vocabulary focus in each lesson presents new language in context and adds a real-life dimension to their learning




cows lions




3 James Bond One of the most famous characters in British films is the secret agent, James Bond (007). Ian Fleming created the character. He wrote the first James Bond book in 1952. Ten years later, the first James Bond film appeared. Dr No starred Sean Connery as James Bond. In 2006, Daniel Craig became the sixth James Bond in Casino Royale.

● Culture sections in each unit help the students understand the customs and traditions in English-speaking countries.

1 I’m going to play the violin.

mpphibians Amphibians Am



● ‘English across the curriculum’ pages enable the students to talk about their school subjects n iishEngl

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2 I’m


● Revision after every unit helps students remember the new material

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day Happy Birth


… but still with your favourites updates it to inspire a new generation of young learners.



We’ve got lots of dog food. I decided to put it in the cupboard.

What to do 1 Tell people about your last holiday or your ideal holiday. Write about these things: What was the weather like? Where did you go? What things did you do? Who did you go with? How long did you stay? Where did you stay? What was it like? 2 Illustrate your project with pictures and photos. 3 Write a postcard to a friend about your holiday.

● Projects get students involved and make them feel proud of their work. They can actively participate in their learning, but most importantly, they have fun!

i introduce i t d l lif element l t into i t the th ● Comics a real-life classroom, and stimulate students’ imagination. The comics resemble a lot of the kind of texts students like reading in their own language.

Our students love Project ... they appreciate the book’s structure, clear and regular revision “ of grammar, vocabulary and real life stories.... ” Jirina Merhulíková, Czech Republic 25 years ago, Project brought revolutionary changes in teaching English as a foreign language. “ I fell in love with it, my students fell in love with it as well, and they fell in love with English, too. ” Slavica Klancnik, Slovenia We really like these books with colours, comics and stories! “ ” Živa, Sara, Keli, pupils at S. Kladnika Primary school, Sevnica, Slovenia

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New Digital Resources For Students Project third edition gives teachers and students an integrated learning package which focuses on what you and your students need, both inside and outside of the classroom.

● Workbook CD-ROM with interactive practice, games, and video

● Student’s website with more interactive practice

The MultiMedia CD-ROM is, naturally, our favourite. “ Kids are experts with computers and they love working on them. Györffy Ágnes, Hungary

Learning English with Project is easier. We can practise it on the computer, too! “ ” Anže, Kristjan, pupils at S. Kladnika Primary school, Sevnica, Slovenia

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day Happy Birth


For Teachers Project third edition helps teachers embrace the latest classroom technologies, and it offers students interactive practice to recycle and consolidate what they have learnt.

● Project iTools interactive whiteboard resources to make your Project classes interactive

● Culture DVDs featuring real interviews with schoolchildren in England and documentary-style clips from different English-speaking countries

● Teacher’s website with extra resources, an ‘Ask Tom’ section, and sample projects completed by students learning English with Project

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day Happy Birth


Now Available – Project iTools Project iTools are new digital resources for interactive whiteboards which give you: ● Material pre-selected from the coursebook ● Culture DVD content ● All course audio ● Letter, sound, and number charts for easy reference any time ● Comic stories – enlarged and with audio! ● Games – for increased motivation and enjoyment Project iTools works on interactive whiteboards, PCs, data projectors, and laptops. Find out more and watch a demo at

For more information about Project third edition and Project iTools go to or email

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Happy Birthday Project!  

Oxford University Press Poland - 25th Anniversary of Project

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