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Easy choices for healthy happy living

Setting SMART Goals Winter Hair Care

03 JAN.27.2012



When there is a busy week ahead of you, don’t ditch your workouts completely. Instead, try talk a 20min walk or bike after lunch & dinner -- add these simple toutine during a busy week will keep you mentally and physically sharp. Plus, if life is stressing you out, there’s nothing better than a nice walk/bike ride around the block to refresh & recharge.

Thanks to all contributors for another wonderful issue! Art Direction: Dannie Gao Contributor: Sofia Burke, Kerry K, Laura Carrell, Scott M, Amber Deaton

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Easy choices for healthy happy living HappyGreenEasy magazine is a free weekly lifestyle magazine distributed online and on portable devices. Each issue we are dedicated to create a health, happy and balanced lifestyle.

Like the name itself, H.G.E. magazine simply focus on quality living for the Mind, body & Heart. The goal of our magazine is to connect, share and promote those who inspires us. HAPPYGREENEASY.COM | 3

Co nt en



Giveaways W hen: Every week H.G.E will host a giveaway W here: Take a look around our magazine to find the link page to the giveaway H ow: Click on the giveaway link page in the magazine and follow instructions W ho: Due to delivery limitations, all giveaways are open to U.S. and Canada residents only!

4 | H.G.E.WEEKLY /// JAN 27 2012

7x7 : Weekly mini Goals Health Goal: We all know veggies are good for us, yet it’s so hard to install healthy eating habits in our brain. Let’s use Kaizen’s small step technique to help us improve our health by getting familiar with cooking and eating more vegetable based meals. This week’s goal: Cook three super simple veggie meals. See recipe inspirations from bloggers (click the photo for full recipie) got a simple & heathy recipes? let us know

Choice 1: Black Beans & Sweet Potatoes

Choice 2: BroccoliniSpring Onion Soup

6 | H.G.E.WEEKLY /// OCT 21 - OCT 27

3: Roasted Potatoe s with Lemon thyme vinaigre tte

sup e r easy and tasty



Savings Goal: Sa ve j u s t $ 5 a d a y, towards a new pair of stylish winter boots.

in 1 w e e k



$70 i n 2 w eeks

in 3 week s


in 4 weeks


five dolla r ove r b udg e t , to t a lly wo r t h i t .

Find 20 mins in your day to Exercise 3 times this week.

When you improve a little each day, eventually big changes occur . . .

Yet, anothe r five dollar ove r b udget.

Fitness Goal:

Smallsteps to a better life



Feb. 5|


JASON WU X TARGET The new Target collaboration is almost here! The Jason Wu for Target collection drops February 5th, market your calendar and make a game plan, it certainly will get wild.

8 | H.G.E.WEEKLY /// JAN 27 2012

Q: How can I add healthy snacks to my busy life? A: We have some quick snacks to help you stay health & full to fit your busy lifestyle.

1 Hummus:

dip and veggies (baby carrots for the ultimate time saver)

2 Apples with peanut butter: remember

to advoid brands which contains high doses of fructose corn syrup

3 Smoothies: delicious & easy to make-at-home for onthe-go. With with milk or juice and frozen fruit.

What are som e of your go-to he althy snak s w hen yo u are busy and hung r y?

4 Edamame: (takes just 2 minutes to boil and can be eaten hot right way, or saved and eaten cold later!)




Ferocious winds, colder temperatures, hotter showers It’s often overlooked of the damage winter can cause to your strands. These extreme conditions make your strands split and lose hydration. Just like you switch to a thicker body moisturizer, your hair need a routine update to stay healthy & beautiful: To prevent your hair from drying out, upgrade from regular shampoo to color-protecting or extra-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Also, use a hair mask once a week to put more moisture back into your locks.

1. Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil Slather this cult-favorite onto the ends of your hair before you go to bed, then wrap your head in a warm towel so your strands really absorb the oil.

2. Fixx™ Argan Oil Shampoo vand Conditioner Gently cleanses while infusing hair with rich argan oil and omega fatty acids. Helps fortify each strand for visibly healthy-looking hair.

3. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque The Deep Repair Masque is an intense, revitalizing hair treatment that will replenish moisture in all hair types and textures. It contains Macadamia & Argan oils with Tea tree oil, chtamomile oil, aloe and algae extract.

10 | H.G.E.WEEKLY /// JAN 27 2012







is a common misconception that the primary focus of yoga is bending the body like a pretzel ~ yoga is much more than a series of postures, it is a way of life. The word yoga translates to "unite" or "be whole" ... When you integrate the practices of yoga into your daily life you can achieve a great level of vitality, calm and wellbeing.

Start each day in a positive frame of mind Yoga teaches us to be thankful for the the things around us. It is beneficial to start each day with a positive mantra and a few energizing stretches. Even if you have had a bad sleep, this should help improve your mindset.

c o r r e c t breathing Yoga teaches students to breathe slowly and deeply, this can improve the supply of oxygen to the brain, which in turn improves virtually every function of the body.

Keep your spine aligned correctly all day Even during meditation we are taught to sit with an erect spine. Poor posture can lead to many health complaints like; back pain, circulatory problems and breathing difficulties. If you make an effort to maintain the posture you learn in physical yoga practice throughout your day, your back and health will thank you.

Re - e s ta b l i s h

Passport to Prana, with it you

From location to schedule, mem-

have the freedom to travel & dis-

bers can now experience the

cover yoga studios across differ-

budget friendly ways to discover

ent negihborhoods in their city.

yoga studio and styles which

Passport To


14 | H.G.E.WEEKLY /// JAN 27 2012

suits them the best.

$30 for 30 classes more info.

Integrating principles of yoga into daily life

Develop spiritual awareness

Unwind at the end of the day

Many of us virtually run around chasing our tails in life. We seek wealth to buy material things, which often don't end up fulfilling our needs as human beings. Yoga teaches us to look within to the only place we can find true happiness. Learning to look inwards for happiness can prevent us from overspending or developing damaging relationships.

A few evening stretches and a short mediation can help relieve the tensions of the day and aid sleep. From the time you wake, till the time you go to bed, It is quite easy to integrate yoga practices into your daily life. Doing so will not only ensure you have a great day, but a great week ... year and life!

Practice love not hate "Hate never conquered hate, only love conquers hate." Practice humility, tolerance, restraint and calm, each and every day. This will enable you to love yourself and create a greater level of intimacy with the people who are important to you.

Spend time relating to nature “There is no pressure of time in nature. Each organism operates according to its own rhythms and cycles.” It is very beneficial to spend some time coexisting with nature on a daily basis. This could be as simple as feeling grass under your feet or sitting outside and listening to birds and insects.

Relax, we have some-

and secure your yoga

thing you’ve been

mat with the attached

waiting for. Core is

straps to carry every-

a combination yoga

thing to and

mat strap, water bottle

from class in

and carrying case for

one neat pack-

your phone, keys and

age. Take a deep breath

small items you need

and buy one today!


to keep with you. Roll


16 | H.G.E.WEEKLY /// JAN 27 2012


BEAUTY / Who doesn’ like a glowing complexion ... we are always in the search of the latest vitamin and foundation that is going to make our skin look flawless. But as with other parts of our body ... more than half the battle is in the food we eat!!! Heard the phrase “you are what you eat” ?, well here is another one -- your skin is what what eat! Love sweets? there is your problem, try to cut back on refined sugars for one month & see the improvements on your face. Next, Add Omega-3 to your diet (remember hummus) also salmon and walnuts to reduce inflammation. Drink at least 8 glasses of water, but do make sure to cut back on caffeine (as in coffee). Finally, take at least one beauty food per meal. (see

18 | H.G.E.WEEKLY /// JAN 27 2012

Healthy Diet

our list of beauty food below)

1. Blue be rries: full of antioxidants and antiinflam matory. 2. Walnuts: Full of Omeg a-3 help fight ag ainst skin alignments also.

7. Dark Chocolate: full of antioxidants and nutrient. Helps boost hydration & smoothness.

3. Low-Fat Yogurt: Full of calcium (even more than milk). 4. Tomatoe s: Great source of lycop ene, a potent anti-oxidant. 5. Spinach: a great source of beta=carotene and lutein (protects eyes). 6.Kiwi fruit: ric h in potassium and vitamin c, which promote glowing, (yay! wrinkle free skin)

8. Wild Salmon: prime source of Omeg a-3 fatty acids which reduce skin inflammation preventing sagging and wrinkles! 9. Oy ste rs: top source of zinc, which helps build collagen and speed s up skin renewal. 10. Sw eet Potatoe s: chockfull of beta carotene, which help smooth skin.


Paulova Ceramics


Hand crafted fine art for your kitchen

Influenced by the simplicity of Scandinavian design, Paula Lopez Otero details her fine crafts from the smooth glaze to the textured cork ~ every piece in her shop are sure to bring out a sense of nature & enjoyment.



Seeing dots

LARABEE DOT DOUBLE OLD FASHIONEDS Set of four $120 via kate spade Wall stencil Polka Dot Allover $29 Sprinkles cupcakes: Strawberry

Polka-dot bralette $34

is Inspired by th lovely sw eate r l Stella Doneg a dot crew by Cardig an 22 | H.G.E.WEEKLY /// JAN 27 2012

TOUCH - Polka dot silk handkerchief $16


Sites of the Week VITIS offers fantastic wines via limited-supply

offerings at the best available online prices of up to 30% - 70% off. It’s like Groupon for the wine lovers.

24 | H.G.E.WEEKLY /// JAN 27 2012

check it out

check it out

Punchfork uses real-time data like tweets and

Facebook shares to measure which recipes are grabbing the attention of users. Their proprietary rating system assigns each recipe a popularity score from 1 to 100. The higher a recipe’s score, the more it has been talked about and shared on the web.



ften times we start a resolution with the

best intentions but soon all motivation are lost and we find ourselves back into old patterns. The fact that, many people set resolutions seldom personals goals kept us for achieving the height we want to get to in life. First let’s make it clear, resolutions aren’t real goals. They’re more like wishes, and we are often well intentioned with nothing substantial to back up those intentions. What we should be doing is not making resolutions, but setting goals -- A wish becomes a goal the moment you put it in writing. When you write your goals in a certain way, following scientific principles of success psychology, your chances of getting what you want improves dramatically. One of the most tried-and-true methods for goal achievement is the S.M.A.R.T. goals formula.

26 | H.G.E.WEEKLY /// JAN 27 2012



pecific: Set goals with clarity. Your mind does

not respond well to vague generalities. If you say your goal is to lose weight, how will you know when you’ve reached it? Be precise. Be specific, about when, where, how, & how much.


e as u rab le : S e t goals that can be quantified in measurable units. Performance goals can

include strength and repetitions completed. Savings for a trip can be measured by the monthly funds saved … etc

A able to.

ccountable: set goals you can held account-

if you’re trying to lose weight, be accountable to yourself by using a weekly progress chart, a daily nutrition diary or a training journal. Then double your motivation with external accountability by submitting your results and journals to someone else who will hold your to your commitments.

28 | H.G.E.WEEKLY /// JAN 27 2012


ealistic: set goals that are attainable and maintainable. If you set a goal to

make one friend/business contact in your life per month, you have set one that’s not only attainable, but a major confidence booster once it’s realized.


ime Bound: Set goals with deadlines. Time

limits are highly motivating. With no time limit, there is no urgency for completion. Also, setting goals based on routines are just as effective. If you plan to hit the gym four times per week, there’s some flexibility, but there’ s a quantifiable element to it as well.

The S.M.A.R.T. formula can help achieve goals by itself, but tie it with other elements to improve its effectiveness: Tap into your emotions. Goals give you

a direction, but strong emotions are the propulsion system that drives you in that direction. Build up a burning desire by focusing on the emotional reasons why

you want to achieve your goal. What’s most important to you about reaching your goal? If you reach a desired health image what will that do for you? what will your life look like thin? how will it make you feel?

Review often. Reso-

lutions fail because they are casually set once at the beginning of the year and easily forgotten. Stay

laser focused by writing and reading your goals every day. Repetition is one of the keys to reprogramming your mind for success. Write your single most important goal on a small card, and then carry it with you everywhere you go, reading it several time a day.

Do you have personal stories, travel insights, life coaching lessions or tips? Share your experience with us and we’ll reward you with a $5 Starbucks Giftcard.


Weekly Giveaway Enter our Jan 27, 2012 giveaway: One lucky winner will receive Fixx Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner set. CLICK HERE TO ENTER

one of l, i o n a g r a ro c c a n r inContains Maond most sought-afitnedustry the rare stin the p e rsonal care g r e d i e nt s visi b ly r o f d n a r t s y ea c h Helps forteiaf lthy-looking hair h h ai r w i t h g n i s u f n i le i se s w h d s and Gently c leaann oil, omeg a fatty aci r i c h a r g o t h e r n u t r i e nt s a g e d h ai r m a d , y r d s R e s to r e s c e nt s u io c li e d , h Ric


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