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Alpha Kappa Psi the professional business fraternity

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carnegie mellon university pittsburgh, pa 2011/12

Dear Employer, A

s America’s largest and oldest business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi has long been recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders. Our rich tradition of success is evidenced by our well-known alumni, including former President Ronald Reagan, Forbes Magazine Editor-in-Chief Malcolm Forbes Jr., and Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton among many other notable names. At Carnegie Mellon University, the Omega Psi chapter has established itself as a leading student organization, consistently attracting the best and brightest minds on campus. When our members graduate, they join a worldwide alumni network boasting over a century of history and 200,000 members. I invite you to see for yourself why supporting Alpha Kappa Psi would be a rewarding experience for you. Due to our extensive influence within many of the university’s most recognized organizations, we offer an unparalleled ability to reach out to the Carnegie Mellon community. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me through email at or through my phone number at (609) 933-2312. Sincerely,

Hayden Tang, President of the Omega Psi Chapter

we are especially desirous of having only the very best men in this school of commerce as members of this fraternity.


howard jefferson, founder

ABOUT US { established in 2004


t h e

average gpa 3.5

o m e g a


p s i

c h a p t e r

82 active members

Alpha Kappa Psi is committed to pursuing personal and professional excellence in all capacities. Our members continually engage themselves in activities which allow them to increase their campus impact, hone their skills, and lead others in their areas of interest.

corporate networking dinner

case competitions

1000+ service event

brain teaser competition

This Spring, Alpha Kappa Psi hosted the first ever Corporate Networking Dinner on campus. We brought in 10 different tech and business oriented companies for a dinner and mocktail reception. The dinner was a great success and we intend to host a significantly larger dinner this fall.

We recognize the importance of practicing business skills in a variety of settings, and we seek to foster this by hosting Case Competitions. Our latest competition was sponsored by Capital One, and succeeded in attracting 15 student teams to compete for corporate interest.

A business education is not easy to come by, and this year we are volunteering at local high schools to offer professional tutorship. Honoring our values, we hope to teach public speaking, resume building, networking, and other skills to students who cannot otherwise gain them.

Alpha Kappa Psi prides itself on mental fortitude and intellectual rigor. In our campus-wide annual brainteaser competition, 15 teams comprising 75 students competed for glory and gift certificates, and we succeeded in raising $250 for charity.

recruitment Each Fall and Spring, Alpha Kappa Psi hosts two weeks of rush during which students attend events to get to know our members and experience what our fraternity has to offer. In the Fall of 2011, 250 students attended our rush and we received 68 applications for membership. This year, Capital One was the premier sponsor for our rush process and received exclusive placement on all rush materials. With the funds from their sponsorship, we were able to greatly increase quality of our promotional media, receiving 150% more student interest - the highest turnout in the history of our fraternity.

SHAPING PEOPLE vp finance tedxcmu

Members of Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity are heavily involved on campus. Our presence and influence can be seen nearly everywhere and we continually make an impact on our peers and the campus around us.

president treblemakers

project leader sife

vp membership panhellenic council

president rotaract club

founder microfinance brigades

president lambda sigma honor society

president mayur south asian student assoc.

president amnesty int’l

president modern languages sac

co-chair dance marathon

president chinese student association

co-chair technical opportunities conference

president undergraduate marketing association

alpha kappa psi is recognized as a premier developer of principled business leaders. vision statement

executive board capital mgmt.

SHAPING BUSINESS A breadth of experience is essential in ensuring that our members are ready to enter into the professional world. As such, our members are encouraged to seek out the best internship opportunities they can achieve, and have been employed in companies across all industries.

SPONSOR US Alpha Kappa Psi is an established organization on campus and take great strides each semester to increase our presence. Sponsors are featured in every endeavor we embark upon; from online to print, we proudly display our sponsors in all public channels. We strive to ensure that you are given the opportunity to network with the talented members of Alpha Kappa Psi, as well as the Carnegie Mellon campus at large. With your contribution, you have the ability to take advantage of all we have to offer, and ensure that our promotional resources are at their finest to market our partnership.

main sponsorship benefits

rush | shirts, posters, pamphlets, presentations, workshops

semester-long | workshops, marketing initiatives, print ads, and major semester events

resources | use of our resources and talent to advertise and market your on-campus events

corporate networking dinner invitation

blue sapphire sponsor


The Blue Sapphire is the official gemstone of Alpha Kappa Psi.

prominent placement

prominent promotion for all events

available for all events

early invitation CONTACT

Nathaniel Eliason, Corporate Relations Director, at with inquiries and details.

phoenician sponsor


The Phoenician Galley is the official symbol of Alpha Kappa Psi.

featured placement

promotion for event of choice

gold sponsor $250 Gold represents the currency with which trade was first financed, and is one of Alpha Kappa Psi’s representative colors.

promotional placement

early invitation

available for event of choice


early invitation

alpha kappa psi partner

Interested in working with Alpha Kappa Psi in a non-sponsorship capacity? We can work with you to host events such as Case Competitions, Networking Sessions, Company Presentations, and anything else you’d be interested in doing on Carnegie Mellon’s campus for nothing more than the cost of the event. Just contact us!

Spring 2012 Corporate Sponsorship  

The corporate sponsorship initiative was launched with the idea to send a digital booklet to companies utilizing the extensive Alpha Kappa P...