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and dreaming people :)

by Marine

Happydesses = Simple concepts + Ready to wear + A touch of humor • Simple concepts: smart remarkable details added to standard clothing shapes • Ready to wear: washable materials, so you can live actively your life • A touch of humour… and a lot of love: are the ingredients of the following pieces. Isn’t it all what we need to feel good?

Pacman T-shirts

Pacman Gloves

HUG ME Scarf

Even when you’re not around, the one you love remembers how much you care‌ A must have this year :)

Emotion Skirts

Unlimited Hat

Unlimited T-shirt

BigFoot Slippers

Available in all races! HappyDoggyBag

Hairy Pully

Princess charming

PickPocket Trousers

A simple elastic to protect your goods.

Almost not remarkable ;)


Outline Shirts

Party dress alternative: with glowing material on the outline.

Art direction for WE.DO design service & chocolate performances

Apron and cooking hat

Marine Lavaupot Art & creative director GSM: +386 41 265 309

Copyright ©Marine Lavaupot 2007-2009- All rights reserved. back cover photo : Matjaž Očko

Happydresses Collection  
Happydresses Collection  

Fashion collection by Marine Lavaupot, art and creative director.