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Happiness Initiative Leadership Training Developing leadership in the happiness movement since 2011. Happiness Alliance happycounts.org

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Gain knowledge and skills you need for taking leadership in the happiness movement. Explore how to leverage your experience and expertise for spreading happiness. Join a community of leadership and make connections for a lifetime.

What Leaders who took the Happiness Initiative Leadership Training have to say:

In May of 2014, I attended the Happiness Leadership Training as part of my research into the Happiness Movement. As a PhD candidate writing my dissertation on the happiness movement, the training exceeded my expectation in terms of what I learned about how to bring purpose and meaning of one's own life, and happiness and well-being to one’s community. This training is done in an interactive and loving way that contributes to your life as an individual, and as a member of a company, an organization and a community. -Anat Fanti, Doctoral Candidate, Bar-Ilan University

I have had the pleasure of participating in the excellent Happiness Leadership Training events. I highly recommend these workshops for those who want to develop practical skills to build happier communities or learn about the GNH philosophy. -Tom Barefoot, Co-founder of Gross National Happiness USA (gnhusa.org)

The GNH and the GPI are a valuable lens to opening up discussion about well-being in our communities. Using GNH as a policy screening tool has helped community leaders look at potential projects in new ways and explore how it contributes to the vitality of the communities and the people who live there. The Happiness Initiative Leadership Training is a great introduction for community leaders, organizers, and advocates who are searching for tools to shed light in new ways on today's complex issues. -Lori Rothstein, Associate Extension Professor of Leadership and Civic Engagement at University of Minnesota Extension

Happiness Initiative Leadership Trainings give you the knowledge, skills and tools for taking leadership in the happiness movement. Part "train the trainer," part community building, and part an exploration of how to build your own happiness skill set, these trainings take a holistic and heartgrounded approach to activism that impart actionable information and resources for true leadership. The Happiness Alliance started Happiness Initiative Leadership Trainings to inspire and empower community activists, academics, policy makers in 2012, and have seen the power of these trainings.

The first session gives you an orientation of the the science, policy and civic actions behind the happiness movement. We review activities at the governmental level in Bhutan, the UK, Brazil and France. We delve into the science that supports this movement, and provide resources for the participants use. The importance and need for subjective metrics will be explored. We then survey the various NGOs in the EU and the US active in the happiness/beyond GDP movement. We finish with discussions about communicate to various audiences including those who not aware of the movement, those who are resistant to social change as well as scientists, policy makers and the media.

Happiness Initiative Leadership Trainings impart the knowledge and skills for joining the happiness movement. We cover two core topics and optional topics as meets the goals and circumstances of participants at each training. We emphasize learning about the happiness movement, including the successes and lessons gathered over the years, sharing from the experience and expertise brought to the group by participants, and building ongoing community.

How does the field of positive psychology fit to the work for a new economic paradigm. We explore the nexus and disjoint between individual happiness and social change. Tools and resources for presenting and communicating with various audiences from children, youth or economically disadvantaged people will be provided and reviewed. We conclude the session with a synopsis of the key leverage points for the happiness movement.

What is a happiness policy screening tool, who is using it, and how can you use it? In this session we learn about how to screen policies and programs using a happiness screening tool based on Bhutan's GNH policy and program screening tools. We then explore what happiness policy looks like and could look like in an open appreciative inquiry process setting. The session concludes with an exercise using the policy screening tool.

Gather tips, tools and best practices for raising awareness about the importance of happiness, the role of happiness in society and life and happiness policy. We will go through examples of successful projects and programs conducted in neighborhoods and cities across the US and elsewhere. An overview of the risks and means for managing them with simulated examples will conclude the session

A lesson on how to give a happiness talk patterned after the talk that has been presented to many companies, non-profits and campuses. The aim of this talk will be for participants to walk away able to give a happiness talk to various audiences, from the curious to experts. We will give pointers at critical junctures and discuss the session in a group setting. We will explore the link between personal happiness and social change and how to communicate as well as integrate the two area in a happiness initiative. This is a highly interactive session. Participants will have a chance to learn about the happiness movement, the Happiness Index and gain tips on how to give talks and presentations.

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Happiness Initiative Leadership Training Brochure  

Become a leader in the Happiness Movement. Take a Happiness Initiative Leadership Training.

Happiness Initiative Leadership Training Brochure  

Become a leader in the Happiness Movement. Take a Happiness Initiative Leadership Training.