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reliable machines, tempting products and tip-top When it comes to vending, nothing beats

service. We’ve been doing just that since 1996. Even

better, we do it at a price you’ll like and with a team you’ll love.





* chocolate a little bit about us

my, how we’ve grown!

Connect Vending was established by its current directors in 1996.

We’ve grown up organically, investing in our staff along the way, and now we’re proud to have a team of experienced, dedicated and lovely employees, who we’d love you to meet.

Since then, we have become one of the UK’s leading independent vending suppliers in the south and southeast of England.


it’s nice to meet you

We’re big on customer service, the environment and value for money, as we hope the next few pages will show you.

Zoe Hurst Office Administrator


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* enough money in, selection made... CLUNK!


Your vending machines should be clean, well-maintained and stocked full of fresh products at reasonable prices. That’s why we make sure they’re replenished and cleaned regularly by trained operators.

It’s OK, we understand. You might not find the idea of regulatory bodies for the vending industry all that exciting (you do? Great!), but for us, they’re an important way of showing our customers that we’re transparent and accountable and adhere to a strict code of conduct.

Our staff are motivated and smartly presented. They’re responsible for: * replenishing your machines with fresh stock * regular cleaning and hygiene management * secure cash collection * the electronic upload of your machine data for accurate management * routine maintenance to prevent machine problems. They’re also very friendly, if you’re nice to them.


getting to know connect vending

Connect Vending is an active member of the Automatic Vending Association (AVA) – a governing body consisting of highly reputed suppliers of machines, components, commodities, ingredients and professionally operated vending services. We’re also a member of Associated Vending Services (AVS), combining our strengths and buying power with other independent vending companies to offer UK-wide coverage (retaining our local, personal approach to care and service).

Gary Dallimore IT Manager


hot and


* steamy caring for the environment

fair-trade and fresh

Everyone’s onto the green agenda these days, aren’t they? That’s a good thing, in Connect Vending’s book. We’ve found lots of ways to be kinder to the environment:

You don’t really want your staff sky-high on sugar and additives (although we all need that kick once in a while), so we’ve been working hard to provide fresh, healthy options in our vending machines. We think there really is something for everyone now.

* Fleetmatics Vehicle Tracking software allows us to plan our routes efficiently and encourages our drivers to travel at a responsible speed. We’ve reduced our petrol consumption by 25 per cent * Our machines have energy-saving modes, saving 30 per cent when idle * All of our plastic cups are recyclable and we’re part of the Save A Cup scheme (to collect used cups and turn them into pens, rulers and other useful products!) * We’re involved with c10c, a not-for-profit company set up by the vending industry to respond to the WEEE directive and recycle old machines free of charge


* We partner up with ISO 14001-accredited manufacturers and we’re working towards our own ISO 14001 accreditation (If ISO 14001 sounds like a load of old numbers to you, don’t worry. It represents an internationally accepted standard for controlling and managing environmental performance)

Marion Ralson Commercial Director

our values

We’re also encouraging clients to use fair-trade coffee in their machines, so profits can return to the farmers and their communities. people first Connect Vending is financially strong, having grown up organically and invested in its staff along the way. We’re proud of our employees and their positive attitudes to life, work and customer service (which we know you will appreciate too). We actively promote charitable giving through our ‘Connect in the Community’ programme and also provide regular donations to our local homeless centre. Uniquely we allocate a proportion of our profits each year to give to a range of charitable causes – Macmillan Cancer Support is our favourite, although we always ensure part of our donations go to local worthy causes as well.

* Connect Vending recycles all its waste paper, cardboard and plastics.




* the spot

service is everything

integrated vending management system

talking of response times...

Connect Vending uses an electronic system which sends data about our sites, machines and products to our operators' handheld computers. Our operators use this data to order new stock, confirm that cash amounts are accurate, and monitor sales.

Regular maintenance eliminates most problems. If one of your vending machines does go down, though, we will log and prioritise your call and our highly trained engineers will be there as soon as they can.

It sounds a bit fancy, but really it just allows for a streamlined, more efficient service for you. It enables us to identify possible issues (such as out-of-date stock or a machine that needs replenishing) and respond to them quickly.

We aim to give you an 'AM for PM' service, which means we will attempt to fix that day any problems you flag up before noon. It's reassuring to know that our engineers carry lots of spare parts in their vehicles and resolve over 90 per cent of problems on their first visit. Parts not in stock can usually be acquired within 24 hours.

clever software The software is very clever; it instantly reports faults and assists with stock control, accurate invoicing, cash management and reporting. Fleetmatics, our vehicle tracking system help us to be efficient, encourage safe driving, reduce fuel consumption and improve engineer response times.


Brian Gooderham Quality Manager


rich and


* filling

team connect vending

top training

customer service

We offer CPD (continuing professional development) training to all of our operating staff and have developed three levels of achievement so they can demonstrate their skills and knowledge:

To ensure your ongoing satisfaction with your vending machines, you get a welcome pack, regular review meetings with your account manager, data reports and frequent machine maintenance.

* Bronze focuses on core skills such as health and hygiene, cash handling, health and safety and stock control. One hundred per cent of our operating staff have achieved Bronze.

Best of all, our staff give you reassurance you’re in safe hands‌ aaaaah.

* Silver goes into greater detail on subjects such as security, additives and allergens‌ and even the nutritional balance in our products. Fifty per cent of our operating staff have achieved Silver or are working towards it. * Gold equates to vending superhero status at Connect!


David Ralson Sales and Marketing Director


a definite


* handful


Here’s just a flavour of our clients large and small that we keep happy with tasty and tempting vending: Ace Ina Services Ltd

Pizza Hut UK Ltd

Allport Ltd

Safestore Ltd

Aspen Healthcare Ltd

Serco Ltd

Chaucer PLC

The City of Oxford Motor Service (The Oxford Bus Company)

Cosworth Ltd

The London Clinic Ltd

Delico Ltd

TNT Post UK Ltd

Domestic & General Group Ltd

Unipart Group

Fugro Ltd

University of Oxford

HM Prison Service (Feltham Young Offenders)

World Design & Trade Co Ltd

Honda Motor Europe Ltd

Zenos Ltd

Menzies Aviation PLC


Agata Szymaniec Accounts Assistant


what we can o



you your organisation and its needs, here’s what we’ve put together for you... Based on what you’ve told us about


Connect Vending Ltd, Units 4, 5 & 6, Berinsfield Business Park, Tower Industrial Estate, Berinsfield, OX10 7LN t. f. e. w.

01865 341 011 01865 342 030

Connect Vending  

Brochure using actual Connect Vending Staff.

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