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set yourself free

set yourself free

Welcome to a happier way of working. No more messy papers, missing post or work that gets lost in the system: Documotive uses smart, tailor-made technology to help your organisation run like a dream. Read on to find out how‌

life’s easier

And… relax. Our document management systems save you three precious things: time, space and money. With Documotive, all the paperwork you need is available at the click of a mouse, saving you time in filing and rummaging. Storing it electronically frees up valuable space in your workplace. And by printing less, you’ll save money, ink and trees.

smart solutions

• Mailroom e-Post Office to scan, categorise and deliver post, improving business continuity by ensuring mail is handled appropriately and on time • Purchase Invoice Solutions making it simpler and more efficient for you to scan and store invoices, credit notes and other financial documents • Integrated Housing & Tenancy Document Management to ensure work is delivered to the right people, handled appropriately and completed to deadlines • Human Resources File Management so you can keep all your employee files secure, using less paper and storage space • Intelligent Character Recognition saving time, effort and tedium in collating information, even from handwritten forms

• e-Procurement giving you a web-based paperless purchasing solution with automatically generated approval forms, making it easy for your company to order the goods it needs • Docuforms to take the paper out of paperwork for remote workers, allowing them to send back data instantly • Scanning Services to convert all of your existing documents into electronic versions, freeing space in your office and allowing you to find what you need at the click of a mouse • Health and Safety Files to ensure all of your development files and Health and Safety documents are managed appropriately.

clear your desk

Imagine life without wobbly stacks of forms and boring old filing. Aaahhh. Now let Documotive make that vision a reality, with intelligent scanning systems that organise everything electronically. No more rummaging for documents, files or letters: you can access whatever you need at the click of a mouse.

work smarter not harder

Wouldn’t it be nice if the right people always got the right information, documents never went missing and automatic prompts ensured nothing was overlooked? Ta-da! It’s easy with Documotive, with management systems tailormade to complement and streamline your existing way of working.

put your ducks in a row

Line ‘em up and sort ‘em out. Documotive places all the information you need at your fingertips, with business systems created to suit your organisation. Time-scales, escalation procedures and real-time statistics ensure continuity, so you’ll never get your feathers in a flap again.

look after the pennies

…and the paperwork will take care of itself. Documotive saves you money by reducing the number of documents you need to print and file. It also lowers the cost of gathering, organising and sending back information from a field setting. Not to mention all that time and kerfuffle saved in collating data.

safe as houses

With security access rights that link in with your existing network security to protect sensitive information and provide a full “who, what, where, when” audit trail, you can sleep soundly at night. You could even snooze at your desk if you wanted…

let’s make it a jungle out there

Hard copies are history. By reducing the need for printing and filing, Documotive lowers costs for you, saves more trees and clears space in your office. Secure electronic storage of all your documents means the jungles and forests can stay outside, not piled up in your in-tray.

come away with us

Every organisation has a different way of working, so the systems we put in place are tailored to you. Because your team members are the people who will use and benefit from them, we like to involve everyone in the process, gathering thoughts and feedback before a final solution is created.

We’d love to make life better for you – simply call us today on 0845 241 0220.

Documotive. Lonsdale House, 52 Blucher Street, Birmingham, B1 1QU

T: 0845 241 0220 F: 0121 616 5047 E: W:


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