March 2019 Happenings Magazine

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Wesley Village Resident Profile:

Reverend Jim Baker esley Village resident Reverend Jim Baker is originally from Susquehanna County. He attended school at what is now the Mountain View district, then continued his studies at Barrington College, Eastern Baptist and Drew University. He and his wife Yvonne were married for 62 years, and had four married children, eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren.


During his career as a United Methodist Minister, Baker had the opportunity to move around a lot. He remembers affectionately the friends he met through his involvement in churches over the years. Baker travelled both domestically and internationally, visiting such places as Israel and England. “My career was relating to people who had all sorts of life experiences, some good some bad.” The longest that he lived anywhere was in Forty Fort, PA where he moved in 1972. At that time, Wesley Village was being built, and he made ministry calls there. Baker served on the board as well, and through his expe-

riences had the opportunity to see how people were cared for at Wesley Village. He admired how residents were provided with individual, personal care and that both their spiritual and emotional needs were being met. After retiring to the Dallas/Back Mountain area, Yvonne was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Dementia, and they realized that more care and support would be necessary. They first moved into the Brooks Estates, beginning what Baker noted as the “continuum of care.” As Yvonne required more care, the couple moved. Baker now resides in the Myers Manor residences. He notes the wide number of activities available to residents, allowing everyone to really choose what appeals most. Baker has also enjoyed the worship services and notes how helpful it is to have speech and physical therapists on-site. He emphasizes that the understanding of the staff helps him have such a positive experience as a resident. He explains that “When you can’t take care of your loved ones, you feel a lot of emotions, and they listened to that...where they could change and help they did.” The understanding and support of the staff has gone a long way for Baker. While he resides in an independent residence where he can come and go as he pleases, Baker finds it comforting knowing that he can always move to a more personal care facility within Wesley Village if he needs more assistance in the future. Visit to find more information about Wesley Village.H March 2019