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HAPPEAK. About. It all started accidentally, spontaneously, sincerely, without any specific plan but nonetheless perfectly! ‘Happeak’ is a new, though ambitious brand for kids clothing from birth to 6/7years. The name ‘Happeak’ stands for ’Happy peak’ – a calm and inspirational place for families, offering sincere atmosphere as well as authentic, interesting and high quality products for stylish childhood andcomfortable parenthood. Though ‘Happeak’ started as a retail store, today we finally represent our own line of clothing for 21 st century kid. A kid, who is full of possibilities, confidence, freedom and love. Since we come from country which is still learning to be free, it’s quite important for us to stress freedom and tolerance for all kind of diversity in our clothes for kids. That’s why 2012 Happeak collection consists of simple cuts, loose styles, a lot of unisex models and usually carries a social message. ‘Happeak’ tries to create clothes, which are comfortable for movement, sometimes provocative, leading to discussion, though beneath all declarations there lies a mothers love for her child, since every and single piece of clothing from Happeak 2012 collection is made by mother for her child.

Vaida&Joris / 2012

/ 2012

Warmy and Long Lasting Love trousers Happeak, Lithuania

Homy & Inbetween pants, Plump dress & Simply the best dress Happeak, Lithuania

Homy and In-between pants Happeak, Lithuania

Simply the best dress Happeak, Lithuania

Butterfly dress

Agne Kuzmickaite for Happeak Happeak, Lithuania

Happeak is very honored to be cooperating with one of the most talented Lithuanian designers Agne Kuzmickaite. Agne Kuzmickaite has already made a name for herself in the fashion industry. In Lithuania itself, as well as some of its neighbours, Agne participated in the Fashion Weeks and has won various prizes. Her work is not only known on the runway, she has also shown her creativity in costume design for many theatre houses throughout Europe.

Butterfly dress Happeak, Lithuania

Vagabond dress and shawl Happeak, Lithuania

Easy combi Happeak, Lithuania

Sweaty, Friendship trousers & Punk’s hat Happeak, Lithuania

More about Happeak Happeak comes from Lithuania, a small country with big-hearted people. Happeak is a family business, inspired by one little boy named Joris, created and managed by his parents Vaida and Gedas. Though Happeak is quite a small company, it has it’s own advantages, as being fast in production and delivery, since all products under Happeak name are made in our home town Vilnius, Lithuania. Happeak is proud to say that all materials used in production are carefully chosen and taken care off. All materials used for production are of natural fibers and comply with Eoko-Tex Standart 100. Even though Happeak is pretty small, it strives to offer it’s customers competitive prices, that many happy families could afford it. Happeak creates clothes equally for boys and girls from birth till they reach 6 or 7 years. Happeak is putting all its efforts to create long lasting designs, so that kids could wear it several seasons. Even more, Happeak is full of unisex designs, which makes it easier for shops to start with small range and parents to choose. Happeak is extremely happy to have met you. Thank you for exploring our 2012 collection, we hope you have enjoyed it and we would be more than glad to get your questions, feedback or orders right here:

Special thanks to Fotopastele for amazing photo shoots! /

Be Happy. Be Interesting. Be Yourself. Enjoy. Explore. Evolve

Shop in Vilnius, Lithuania: Happeak Konstitucijos pr. 7a, Vilnius Lithuania Telephone: + 370 612 62577 E-mail: Follow us on facebook: Find us on twitter: Happeak Place orders / get all answers: Contact person always ready to help: Vaida

Happeak 2012 SS look  
Happeak 2012 SS look  

Preview of our new 2012 spring summer collection. More @