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Time Warp By: Robbie Cacurak

I woke up on a beach. No memory whatsoever. My body was aching and my head hurt. I stood up and looked around. As I looked I saw a stranger walking towards me. “Hello,” I called. “what are you doing here?” he responded, now running towards me. “well, I’m not really sure” I replied. “what do you mean your not sure?!” There was a very urgent tone to his voice. “I mean exactly that. I don’t know what I’m doing here.”

He sat for a second, thinking about something. Finally something seemed to click. “come with me!” he said. Not being one to think things through, I followed. He took me back to his house, or I assume it’s his house. There was one TV, a small kitchen, and I assume around the corner was a bedroom. And the whole place had a very futuristic design. “I need to go do some things. You STAY HERE” he said. I found it very odd that a stranger would tell me to follow him home and tell me to wait there. But I did. “oh before I go, two rules. Don’t touch anything and no watching TV.” and with that, he left.

So he left, and being the curious person I am, I decided to look around a little. And what was that about no TV? That’s not gonna happen. I walked to the TV and turned it on to find the news on every station, but It was on commercial. So I walked around a little. And on a desk, I found a curious little belt buckle. Just then I heard the news chime back on. “and we’re back. No new news on this escaped psych ward patient. If found please contact your local authorities.”

I went and looked at the TV and freaked out! That was the guy who’s house I was in! So I ran to the phone and started dialing 911 when they guy walked in the door. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” he shouted as soon as he saw the TV and the phone in my hand. He walked in and grabbed the belt buckle. “it’s gonna be okay” I said, dialing behind my back. Just then came a bang at the front door. And I couldn’t help thinking “wow that was fast”. The guy went to the door and answered it and there stood a huge man. And im talking a 6’8” burly man with a tattoo over his eye and a swastika tattooed on his neck and a beard. “Grover, you’re coming with me.” said the man.

Grover tried to jump away, but the man tackled him to the ground. There was a struggle but Grover really never stood a chance. The man punched Grover once in the face, and hit his watch with an open hand. And out of his watch, a portal appears. And before I could do anything the man hoisted Grover over his shoulder and started walking towards the portal. “take this and remember!� shouted Grover, throwing me the odd belt buckle.

The minute my hand touched that belt buckle, my head exploded in pain. I fell directly to the ground and passed out. When I woke up I had all my memory back. Grover was my partner‌ that big man was Derek, my brother. And Derek took Grover. That’s a problem. I looked down at the belt buckle in my hand. I knew what I had to do. I hit the buckle with all my force and thought of home. Little did I know I had to travel 450 years into the future to get there.

As soon as the portal opened, I jumped through it. I felt that churning in my gut that comes with time travel that I hated so much. I came out a little wobbly but whole none the less. But here I was… home. Too bad my house was the headquarters of the supreme ruler of the future and the most evil dictator of all time. Yea… that’s dad. Little did my family know I was the leader of the resistance. And Grover was my right hand man… him they knew about. And they had him captured here somewhere. I had to find him.

I went down to the holding cell where the rest of the captured resistance was being held. And there I found Grover in a cell alone. I unlocked all the cells. I had been waiting for the day they captured all the resistance so I could free them and we could defeat my father once and for all in his own fortress. I rallied the troops and told them to split up and search the house for weapons or anything they could use. Take out guards, destroy cables and connections. Anything. And meet up in my fathers chambers at midnight.

I made my way to my fathers chamber with my trusty gun I got from my room held firmly in my hand. And who else would I come across on the way other than Derek. “where you goin with that gun little bro?” “shooting practice” I said. “not likely, why did I see you back in the year 2011?” “you didn’t” I said. “Liar!” he yelled and lunged at me. On instinct I fired. He fell at my feet dead. I swore. I just wasted a bullet. But on I went. Until I had reached my fathers door at 11:49 p.m. I was early. But I couldn’t wait. So I went in.

I kicked open the doors. “hello father”. “hello son” he said barely above a whisper. “I never thought it would come to this. But I should have known when you started to act strange. You never did share the love of cruelty your brother and I have.” “Derek’s dead dad. And soon you will be too!” I started sprinting towards him. Turning ever so slightly he revealed a gun and shot me in the stomach. I went down. “don’t you see son, you cant beat me. I am the ruler of the earth. You can never beat me. GUARDS!” no one came. “GUARDS!!”

Instead of guards, the resistance burst through the doors. Each taking fire at the dictator. And I saw before blacking out, the vision of my father being shot in the heart, head, throat, and gut. And at this point. I knew we had one. So I may rest. And I closed my eyes.

Time warp  


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