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LOOKING AHEAD DEC 1 World AIDS Day JAN Poverty Awareness Month 3,159 Rides provided by Athens On Demand for 2018’s 3rd quarter 8,500 Jobs supported nationally by the Weatherization Program 52 Athens County households repaired & rehabilitated by the latest CHIP partnership.



ATHENS - Walking into Miss Marilyn’s classroom

Though most toddlers and preschool-aged children

at Athens Head Start is a sensory experience.

display a desire to discover everything around them,

There is glitter, paint, building blocks, posters, crayons,

children like Nevaeh might be more shy and hesitant.

paper, and books.

Students are singing to music

Curriculums like that of local Head Start Centers are

and asking questions, and there is constant motion

designed to encourage children to play and create,

with children eager to get their hands into everything.

and Marla has noticed a tremendous difference as

However, not every child has that eagerness. According

her daughter heads into her second year.

to the STAR Institute, 5% of young children experience

“She was real shy at first, but Marilyn has helped her

symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder, which

with her sensory processing issues and it’s brought

include extreme sensitivity to stimulation such as

her out of her shell,” says Marla.







sensitivities with her daughter, Nevaeh, who avoided certain sensations at all costs, especially with touch.

“Children need multisensory activity,” says




teacher at Athens Head Start.


couple multisensory activities with learning learns







These multisensory activities follow the Highscope Curriculum, which is followed by all 6 of Hocking Athens Perry Community Action’s Head Start centers.

The Highscope Curriculum




learning, which means students have direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, and ideas. This includes encouraging different types of play and learning, and allowing the children to move throughout all areas of the classroom. However, exposure to new sensory experiences is gentle, as teachers and parents celebrate each child’s choices, independence, and creativity. Through the Head Start approach, Nevaeh is now less than a year away from kindergarten and more enthusiastic than ever. “We wish we could take Miss Marilyn with us,” says Neff. The education and exposure a preschooler receives is vital to preparing them for kindergarten, which Head Start emphasizes through approaches to learning, social and emotional development, language and literacy, cognition, and perceptual, motor, and physical development. This includes not only sensory activities, but providing access to free health care for each child and promoting positive parent-child relationships. HAPCAP’s Head Start centers have openings - please help us continue to spread the word!

HOUSING & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Neighborhood Revitalization Grants & Community Housing Impact and Preservation Program: We heard in September that the City of Nelsonville and Village of Chauncey were both funded for $500,000 each. This is outstanding. These are highly competitive grants and will make a huge impact. The City of Nelsonville plans on street improvements, new sidewalks, lights and cameras at Polley Field park, along with other repairs throughout the city. The Village of Chauncey plans on adding a restroom to the park, access to the park, and streets and sidewalks. For CHIP, Athens County Partnership (Athens County, City of Athens, and City of Nelsonville) was funded for $1,050,000. This will be used to provide assistance to 50 households within these areas. Perry County Partnership (Perry County, Hocking County, and City of Logan) was funded for $1,100,000. This will be used to provide assistance to 50 households as well in these communities. Activities are Owner Rehabilitation, New Construction with Habitat for Humanity, Down Payment Assistance Rehabilitation, Owner Home Repair, Rental Home Repair, and Rental Rehabilitation.


Charla has already sent out applications to clients on our waiting list and has filled a majority of these slots. We will need help finding clients to fill home repair and home rehabilitation slots in the City of Athens as well as Down Payment Assistance Rehabilitation in Athens, Hocking, and Perry County. This activity can provide down payment/ closing costs for someone to purchase a home and also repair the home to meet the states rehab standards. We just completed our last Athens County Partnership CHIP program which assisted 2 New Construction in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity (Amesville and New Marshfield), 26 Owner Home Repair households, 16 Owner Rehabilitation households, 9 Rental Home Repair households, and 1 Rental Rehabilitation household. Total grant funds used $1,200,000.00 Athens Land Bank: The community development staff have been hard at working to help the Athens County land bank get up and running. This will be a great asset to Athens County to help clean up some blighted properties in the community. The land bank has started on two structures in Glouster and hopefully this program becomes a success. Weatherization: Our weatherization department is in full swing as always. The crews are working hard to get as many jobs completed before the end of our Columbia Gas WarmChoice program year. Unfortunately this is a bad time of year because everyone is starting their furnaces and it is cold out. The guys try to do what they can to help folks out but unfortunately these are not emergency programs. If someone does have a problem though please send them our way and we will try to find them some assistance. Energy Audits: We are winding on our American Electric Power Community Assistance Program and switching to using Electric Partnership Program funds. The only big differences with these programs is EPP is 150% vs. 200% Poverty with AEPCAP. Also you have to have 12 months of electric usage with the EPP program where you just have to have a current electric account with AEPCAP. Clients have become increasingly harder to find so we are helping our neighbors out in Morgan County to do some audits for them. If you know anyone that is an AEP Ohio customer please have them give Anita a call (740) 753-3062 ext.2605 Housing Assistance Grant Program: Glen is currently working on submitting the grant for the Ohio Housing Trust Funded program that provides minor home repairs to clients in our three county area. The grant application is/was due November 16. We are applying for just over $150,000. This will help approximately 21 households.

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CHILD DEVELOPMENT UPDATES Head Start is in full swing. Centers are full of children’s laughter and fun learning experiences happening daily. Lots of creative activities and now planning for the holiday season which is a favorite of the children. Centers are staying at full enrollment except our Athens Center so if you know of any families who have children from 3 to 5 years of age please send them our way. We have a lot of new staff who have come on board with us since August. They are all doing such a great job and we would like to welcome all of them to our agency.

- Debbie Lowery


COMMUNITY SERVICES UPDATES We began this year’s Winter Crisis Program (WCP) on Thursday November 1st. The grant funding for this program is set at $1,350,000 and runs through March 31, 2019. We have hired 7 temporary staff members to meet the demand of the program which includes both scheduled appointments and daily walk-in appointments. This program provides heating assistance to households who are threatened with disconnection, have been disconnected, or have less than a 25 percent supply of bulk fuel (firewood, propane, etc.). We are also continuing to make appointments for the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP Plus) and State HEAP programs. So far, there appears to be an increase in the demand and we have been adjusting appointments and schedules to try to meet it. Welcome to all of the new staff! The Perry County CCMEP grant has been renewed by Perry County Department of Job and Family Services for another year. We are also excited to announce that Rochelle Hawk will be moving from the Hocking CCMEP program to the Perry program. Welcome to New Lexington Rochelle! The Hocking County Employment programs has a new addition! Max Dibble started this month as our AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer. Welcome Max and we are looking forward to a great year! In Athens County we are excited to be planning for the 2019 CCMEP and Learn & Work programs. The Perry and Athens flood programs are up and running! We are in the process of hiring the last round of crew to get us fully staffed. Clean up work at worksites in the Village of Corning and the Village of Glouster is underway and we had a monitoring visit from the State that went well. Please continue to refer people to us that may be interested!

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The new annex warehouse is being rented from Seneca Steel and is located at 35200 Hocking Drive in Logan. Seneca Steel has agreed to handle construction which is estimated to be done by the beginning of December This gives us until the end of the month to install racking, clean, and move product over from the old warehouse location. We are currently in the process of receiving TEFAP bonus food via the trade mitigation by the federal government. We are seeking sponsorships to boost our mobile food pantry so that we have an avenue for distributing the bonus to the communities that we serve. We recently hired a new Community Relations Specialist, Kali Panza, who started on November 13th. A recent graduate of Ohio University, Kali has a strong background is digital arts and personnel management. We were recently awarded a grant of $22,473.40 through People’s Bank Hunger Awareness Campaign and Hunger Solutions. This money will be used in addition to other sources to help fund a second Agency Relations position which will help alleviate the workload of our current employee as well as provide more personal care for agencies in need by delegating each specialist to a cluster of 5 counties, rather than one employee servicing all 10. The Regional Kitchen welcomes Wanda Johnson, part time Athens Dining Site Aide and Kelly Smith, full time Food Services Aide assisting with the new Afterschool Meals program. We are pleased to announce Naomi Squires will be transitioning from her current role as Senior Nutrition Operations Specialist to Food Services Coordinator effective Dec 3rd. A joint grant with Ohio Health and the Athens Health Department to send home-delivered meals to diabetic patients in Nelsonville was awarded for $2100 through the Rocky Community Improvement Fund. Ohio Health will match this for a total of $8000 for 20 patients receiving healthy meals. The grant is a pilot to explore the health outcomes for providing meals to patients recently diagnosed with diabetes for a possible long-term partnership with Ohio Health to write prescriptions for home delivered meals and use the Regional Kitchen as a vendor for those meals.

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Logan Public Transit began using their new dispatching software and GPS powered in-vehicle tablets. This new technology will help make LPT’s operations more efficient and in turn, reduce costs. LPT continues to keep its eyes on the future as the State of Ohio will see some major changes with Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. They were on hand at the regional Ohio Department of Medicaid meeting to discuss what would work best for community members and to provide a voice for Hocking County transportation as the changes move forward. In partnership with the City of Athens, Athens Public Transit provided a free fare day for the Athens Area Stand Down event on October 5th. The Athens Area Stand Down is dedicated to providing necessary items and services to veterans and homeless community members such as boots, socks, haircuts, free legal advice, and much more. APT is anxiously awaiting the installation of three new bus shelters along East State Street that will provide shelter and safety to community members. Thanks to a grant through the City of Athens these shelters will include solarpowered lighting. Join us in welcoming Ronald Russell to the APT driver team! Join GoBus in welcoming Mathew Roberts to the transportation division as the new GoBus manager! Mat joins the team from UpGrade Ohio, an organization dedicated to driving demand for clean energy in Ohio and throughout Athens County. The GoBus team also joined other HAPCAP divisions to participate in the Ohio University Homecoming Parade this year. Athens Mobility Management presented at the public Integrate Athens Forum, to Ohio University housing ambassadors and classes, and hosted a stakeholders meeting at Stuart’s Opera House for an expansion of services for Athens Public Transit. AMM gathered together the Athens County Coordinated Transportation Plan planning committee for the yearly annual review of the document. This review led to updated maps, transportation provider information, and goals throughout the document. The changes were officially accepted by the Ohio Department of Transportation and the plan will continue to act as a roadmap for transportation in the county. Athens on Demand Transit was proud to present two 5 year employee awards to drivers Dee Palmer and Tammy Lyons. Dee and Tammy dedicate their days to providing excellent service to their riders through assistance and support. The AODT advisory committee continues to meet to address updated outreach materials and the application process for the service.

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EMPLOYEE FEATURE: RACHEL MACE GLOUSTER – The early days of the telephone were technical and time-consuming. To make matters worse, the first switchboard operators hired by AT&T were teenage boys who were prone to agitate already confused callers. This did no favors for the phone company’s customer service. Alexander Graham Bell had the idea to hire a woman who was calm, cool, and collected to help manage the chaos of the incoming calls and clean up the image of the phone company. Her name was Rachel Mace. Okay, so not really. Her name was actually Emma Nutt and she made history with setting the standard for patience and helpfulness in answering questions from telephone callers. But HAPCAP is lucky enough to have a prime example of such a disposition for our GoBus program. Rachel is the Senior GoBus Clerk for HAPCAP, and she answers incoming calls and questions from travelers across the state. Her phone rings with a variety of voices dozens of times a day, from OU’s international students who are just learning English to caregivers scheduling rides for doctors appointments in Cleveland. Yet with all the different directions she can get pulled in throughout the day, Rachel treats every caller with patience and kindness. She worked at a crisis hotline for 7 years before coming to HAPCAP, and before that, she worked in food service, so she is well prepared to handle stress and confusion. She is also originally from Athens County and is proud to work for such a large program that is administered by locals. “I do enjoy helping people and helping them navigate the travel process. It can be overwhelming, so it’s nice to be able to paint a clear picture for people,” she says. If you are looking to travel to Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, or beyond, Rachel is always happy to answer any questions about traveling with the GoBus. Just stop back to the GoBus office in Glouster and say hi - she’s as friendly in person as she is on the phone!


“Sometimes it’s easy for teachers to look

Mat keeping up with GoBus during the Homecoming Parade!

at their classrooms as one. But you have to focus on the individual and meet each child where they are in

Miss Tori from Athens Head Start listens intently to her student discuss his art project at the Kennedy Museum.

GET INVOLVED For more information on giving or volunteering opportunities, visit our Web site at We also encourage you to follow us on

the process.” - Marilyn Gleason, Athens Head Start Teacher, on her approach in the classroom

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