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LOOKING AHEAD JANUARY Poverty Awareness Month FEB 11 National Shut-In Visitation Day MAR 8 International Women’s Day 545,799 pounds of food distributed in December 591 coats distributed in Perry County through JFS funding 746 Households Served by Winter Crisis in December


provided 274 families with produce, protein, and

NEW LEXINGTON - Hundreds of Perry County families

Kelly Hatas, Director of Community Services at

now have coats in their closets and food in their

HAPCAP. “Thanks to our strong partnership with and

pantries thanks to distribution programs from this last

funding from the Perry County Department of Job &

fall. The Perry County Department of Job and Family

Family Services, we were able to make this happen.”

Services provided funds for a winter coat distribution

Coats are also being distributed through the

at HAPCAP’s Perry County Service Center, as well as

Head Start/Early Head Start programs, and food

a food distribution at the Perry County Fairgrounds.

distributions are held in all ten counties served by

591 school-aged children received coats to prepare

the Foodbank. For more information on volunteering

them for the winter season.

at a distribution, contact Mallory Ferguson at mallory.

The food distribution,

operated by the Southeast Ohio Foodbank & Kitchen,

shelf-stable food. “It took a team effort to make sure everyone was connected with the resources they needed,” says, or at (740) 385-6813.

CHILD DEVELOPMENT UPDATES As you can see we have been very busy in Child Development. some of our centers.

We still have position openings at

The start of every year is very busy; hiring and training staff, enrolling children

and getting to know families. We still have openings for children in both Head Start and Early Head Start.

Please share this information with friends, family and acquaintances that if they have a young

child and are interested in these programs to please contact their nearest Head Start location. We also must generate funding match of in kind hours. We need volunteers in our program. Please contact a Head Start center to see how you can volunteer your time, whether for parent events, class parties, field trips, or a special event!

ADDITIONAL UPDATES Since November, Athens County Families enrolled in Head Start and Early Head Start have been receiving winter coats, boxes of food, and other personal care supplies.

Funding for Athens County

was provided by the Department of Job and Family Services.

The coats given

to Hocking and Perry County children are provided through a project called Operation





Governor’s Office. This was a wonderful opportunity to help our families and make sure these children stay warm this winter.

- Debbie Lowery WHAT’S HAPPENING | PAGE 2





December 22, 2017, the City of Nelsonville and the City of Logan were each awarded $300,000




Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding. For 2017, the Community Development Division was awarded 6 grants for Hocking, Athens, and Perry Counties totaling








administration to the Agency. HOUSING - 2017 has been a very productive year. We completed our PY 2015 Hocking County Community Housing Impact and Preservation Program (CHIP) which we administer for Hocking County, the City of Logan and Perry County which is funded by the Ohio Development Services Agency through the Office of Community Development. There are three sets of funding used in this program: HOME, OHTF-Ohio Housing Trust Fund, and the CDBG-Community Development Block Grant. HOME and CDBG funds are administered through HUD-Housing and Urban Development while OHTF is state funded money.

We also completed our PY 2017 WarmChoice

program which is a weatherization program focused on health and safety of gas appliances and saving energy by doing air sealing and adding insulation to a home. The WarmChoice program is funded by Columbia Gas of Ohio. We also completed our PY 2017 AEPCAP-American Electric Power Community Assistance Program which is an energy efficiency program funded by AEP Ohio to help households reduce their electric usage.


- Jeremy Boggs

Save money during the winter months by following these tips! • CHILL OUT! Remove your AC units to keep warm air in. • FAN-OMENAL SAVINGS! Flip your fan rotation to force warm air down. • DRAFTS ARE A PANE! Save money by sealing your windows. • FREE YOUR FURNACE! Remember to swap out your filter for a new one. Check out more helpful hints at


WHAT WE BUILT IN 2017 Hocking County CHIP Program (Hocking County, City of Logan and Perry County) $1,453,990

• • • • •

2 Rental Rehabilitation Projects 6 Rental Home Repair Projects 15 Owner Rehabilitation Projects 27 Owner Home Repair Projects 2 New Construction Projects in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity

AEPCAP funded by AEP Ohio, Approximately $418,803 415 Households Served - Measures included new refrigerators, new freezers, LED light bulbs, smart strip surge protectors, hot water heater tank insulation, water pipe insulation, shower heads, and faucet aerators

Electric Partnership Program (EPP) funded by the Office of Community Assistance for AEP Ohio Customers - Approximately $340,000 418 Households Served - Measures included new

refrigerators, new freezers, LED and CFL light bulbs, hot water heater tank insulation, water pipe insulation, shower heads, and faucet aerators

Housing Assistance Program, funded by the Office of Community Development with OHTF funds 12 Households Completed

Furnace Replacement Program funded through the Office of Community Assistance This program has to be done in conjunction with the HWAP to install energy star rated natural gas furnaces to eligible households. Depending on funding we are allowed to bill for an additional $900 for labor along with the cost of the furnace. In 2017 we installed 19 furnaces with this program utilizing the $900 funds for labor on 12 of those jobs.

Athens County CHIP Program (Athens County, City of Athens, and City of Nelsonville)

• 1 New Construction Project

in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity • 8 Owner Home Repair Projects • 5 Owner Rehabilitation Projects • 1 Rental Rehab Project

Athens Metropolitan Housing Authority and Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities Accessible Units 5 Households completed to write specifications, bid

projects, and perform construction management to convert 5 households into accessible units

(HWAP) Home Weatherization Assistance Program 88 households served with funds from the Office of Community Assistance, Department of Energy, and Health and Human Services

WarmChoice Program funded by Columbia Gas of Ohio - Approximately $281,458 75 Households Served



UTILITY SERVICES –As of January 9th, the Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program has served 1,912 households in all three counties. This service has helped individuals like Josephine from Hocking County. She and her husband are currently unable to work due to injuries, and her kerosene tank ran out during the cold snap just before the New Year. That same day, she was able to get an appointment and her tank filled so her family could stay warm. We are also continuing to make appointments for the Percentage of Income Payment Plan as well as the State HEAP programs. We received notification from the state that we will be issued $34,742 in grant funds to help with administering PIPP Plus. With this funding and with board approval, we plan to hire a full time person for 9 months to process State HEAP applications. EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMS – The contract for our Athens Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program (CCMEP) was renewed for another year. It is funded at a total of $275,000 and runs through 12/31/2018. This CCMEP program provides subsidized work experience for eligible participants referred to us by Athens County Department of Job and Family Services. For the Hocking Workforce Innovation (WIOA) Youth Program, we have hired Rochelle Hawk as our new program specialist. The Learn & Work program was funded at $100,000 for the 2018 program year to help Athens County Ohio Works First recipients to find employment. We’ve also issued a Request for Proposals to solicit applications from organizations interested in operating After School and Summer Camp programs in 2018. The total potential funding amounts to $75,000. The full RFP can be viewed at Finally, our 20182019 CSBG Grant Application was submitted and we are waiting on review from the state!

- Kelly Hatas



Our annual holiday volunteer event was a success. Once again, we had a special visit from Santa! We’d love for you and your family to join us at one of our Saturday packing events. If you’re interested in a list of dates, please contact Mallory Ferguson (ext. 2207 or Mallory. For the third year in a row, the Foodbank received toy wagons and food through Wagons Ho Ho Ho. The wagons and food were distributed to


families with children in Washington County.

The Foodbank received a donation of 1,116 dozen eggs from Echo Hills Farms in Gallia County! The eggs were repackaged by volunteers and distributed to families in our region. Through a grant from Athens County Jobs and Family Services, the Foodbank partnered with Athens County Head Starts to distribute over 63,000 lbs. of food and non-food items to Head Start families. Over 30,000 lbs. of pet food from a PetSmart donation was distributed to humane societies and shelters throughout the region. We will be receiving a second PetSmart donation in June 2018. Finally, the Foodbank wrapped up 2017 distributing over six million pounds of food!


The Hocking County Senior Nutrition Levy renewal passed, providing critical funding for our Meals on Wheels Program in Hocking County. We received holiday cards, lap quilts, blankets, and poinsettias for our Meals on Wheels participants from various community groups over the holiday season. Our Pet Program has expanded to now include seniors at our Senior Congregate Dining Sites and will soon be offering flea and tick medications in addition to monthly pet food. We received monetary donations for the program from Friendly Paws and White’s Mill in Athens County, both who hosted fundraising events on our behalf during the holiday season. The Kitchen has been preparing our seniors for winter with information about inclement weather safety as well as shelfstable meals in the event it is too dangerous for us to deliver meals to their homes. The Regional Kitchen ended the year with a total of 147,875 meals served across all of our programs.

- Asti Payne



The Athens Mobility Coordinator, Jessie Schmitzer, completed the 2018 update of the Athens County Coordinated Transportation Plan and it was officially accepted by ODOT in December of 2017. The plan includes census data, community input from surveys and roundtables, and a list of goals for the future of transportation in Athens County. It will be used to apply for different funding sources in the future. The GoBus Ohio Intercity Bus Needs Study continues to collect information from Ohioans across the State about transportation in their communities. This information will be used to identify new potential routes, stops, and schedules for the GoBus! Athens Public Transit broke ridership records in 2017 for total overall ridership, elderly and disabled ridership, and 10 and under ridership. In total ridership growth since HAPCAP began operating in 2012 is up 593%. This couldn’t have been done without our partnerships with The City of Athens, Athens County, Ohio University, and several other organizations. Athens On Demand Transit will continue to partner with Athens JFS for 2018 allowing them to transport riders in wheelchairs and low-income community members to social service providers. As successful as this partnership has been in the past, this year the partnership going into 2018 will allow for more rides for more individuals all year As our staff and rider ships continue to grow we remain thankful for the support of the communities we serve and the donors who give to our programs!

- Jessie Schmitzer


EMPLOYEE FEATURE: JESSIE SCHMITZER ATHENS – Since March 2017, Jessie Schmitzer has brought her strong sense of detail and direction to the Athens Mobility Management program. Hailing originally from Logan, Schmitzer recently moved back to the region from Korea where she taught English for 5 years. She now serves as the coordinator for Athens Mobility Management, bringing a world of accessibility to the people of Athens County. On a typical day, Schmitzer might be attending a community meeting regarding transportation in the county, developing plans from a recent survey, or taking phone calls from residents who need to get from Point A to Point B. Schmitzer serves everyone in the county while focusing on senior citizens and people with disabilities. Recently, Schmitzer has been studying the results of a survey conducted in the fall of 2017. Nine roundtables were held across the county to hear input from residents on their transportation needs. Ultimately the results will help shape the Athens County Coordinated Transportation Plan, designed to improve access for those needing reliable transportation across the county. “Recently, we’ve been getting phone calls from organizations wanting rides for their participants, hospitals wanting rides for their patients…a lot of pieces are starting to come together,” says Schmitzer. The need for accessible transportation is not foreign to Athens County. According to an October 2017 article from the Athens NEWS, “difficulty with transportation is one of the primary contributing factors to those struggling in rural poverty. A lack of transportation leads to difficulty in securing regular employment, and health outcomes diminish as those without reliable transportation fail to make it to non-emergency medical appointments.” “It’s the end-all be-all for a lot of people,” says Schmitzer. However, thanks to high community engagement during the fall roundtables, HAPCAP can now use public input to further bridge the gap. “Accessible transportation falls right in line with our mission to provide quality services,” says Schmitzer, who also notes that Athens is an ideal place to develop partnerships to help meet the needs of the county. “We’re super lucky to have what we have.” (CONT’D, NEXT PAGE)


EMPLOYEE FEATURE, CONT’D Schmitzer encourages residents to get in touch with her if they have any questions about our programs, or if they simply want to know where to begin. She can assist with map-based technology and can

“To help people is what I am here for.”

even get on the Athens Public Transit bus or Athens on Demand van with you to make the first trip less overwhelming. Each phone call she receives draws attention to issues of which Athens Mobility Management might not be aware. “But to help people is what I am here for,” she says. Schmitzer can be reached at (740) 589-3790, or by e-mail at

FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION NEWS The Wellness committee had a Dental Wellness Challenge where staff could enter their name if they had two dental cleanings in a specified period of time.

We would enter their name in a drawing for a gift

card. There were sixteen staff that accepted the challenge. Kathleen Vandervaart, Employment Service Coordinator won the Dental Wellness Challenge. She chose a $25.00 gift card from Amazon. We do not know at this time if we will do another challenge in the near future, but we will follow up when a decision is made.

- Jean Deeter

GET INVOLVED For more information on giving or volunteering opportunities, visit our Web site at We also encourage you to follow us on our social media accounts:

Hocking Athens Perry Community Action @HAPCAP @hapcap.seo

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What's HAP-pening! January 2018  

Our first newsletter of the year! Inside you will find updates from all 5 divisions and what we are looking forward to in the coming months...

What's HAP-pening! January 2018  

Our first newsletter of the year! Inside you will find updates from all 5 divisions and what we are looking forward to in the coming months...