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I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to communicate within the confines of this letter. I knew that I wanted to break away from the typical mold of a self-congratulatory stock letter telling you about how many people we helped or how many pounds of food we distributed. To be sure, you will find that information here too, but I wanted to try and relay what about HAPCAP makes us unique—what we stand for and what makes this work so essential for the point in time in which we are living. I thought about how to try to build empathy and understanding for people who are struggling with the impacts of poverty. For all of the work that is done to mischaracterize the poor as lazy and uneducated, it is similarly difficult to accurately describe the face of poverty—the conditions and challenges that these individuals and families face on a daily basis that is so often taken for granted by those with means. That is because there isn’t a catch all descriptor for any group, including those living in poverty. Each and every person we encounter has a story to tell—their experiences, culture, childhood, family structure, relationships, values, and traditions. We have tried to share a handful of these stories in the pages that follow. The numbers and stories pair to try and paint a picture of what we do, but it is not complete. We also want to change the conversation around the prejudice that low-income families face, and it takes all of us to do our part. To volunteer, to make a financial contribution, to speak up at the dinner table when someone talks about how they read ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ and espouses the notion that we all have the opportunity to make the life we want if we just work hard enough. We don’t. We need to lift the veil on ignorance; poverty is not a character flaw. We need to inform people about the challenges our communities face: structural inequality, generational poverty, lack of safe, affordable housing, lack of living wage jobs, food insecurity, and just how expensive it is to be poor. Our work involves humanity. Whether it is laying the foundation for a Head Start student’s social-emotional skills that they will rely on throughout life, helping to keep a family warm during the winter months, providing support so that people can feed their families, or putting people back to work in one of our employment programs, HAPCAP keeps people at the fore of what we do. We treat each and every person that walks through our door with dignity and respect—we know the courage it takes just to ask for help. We are here to meet people where they are. Thank you for your support in helping us build a more just and equitable community for all.


MARY ANNE KIELISZEWSKI Director of Finance & Administration

CAROLYN CONLEY Director of Transportation

ANDREW MAYLE Director of Food & Nutrition

CHRIS DELAMATRE Director of Child Development

JESSICA STROH Director of Community Services

GLEN CRIPPEN Director of Housing & Community Development

FOOD & NUTRITION Marietta Community Food Pantry is a member of HAPCAP’s Southeast Ohio Foodbank. The pantry has their eyes, ears, and doors open to the needs of their community and is overseen by the Outreach Board of the First Congregational Church in Marietta. Forty years ago, a Bible study group began the operation with just a few grocery bags. Now, they have grown into the largest food pantry in Washington County. Sherry Hill, Coordinator of the pantry, and Jill Torbett, Chair of the First Congregational Church Outreach Board, see many children who move between relatives, as well as people who do not have stable housing. They also have noticed a dramatic increase in grandparents raising their grandchildren. In 2018, the pantry served over 7,000 people. Over 25% of them were children. The volunteers have built a strong sense of community within the pantry. In addition to food and friendship, those needing assistance can also receive toiletries and blankets or sleeping bags if they are without a home. Once a week, the pantry doors are open until 6:30 PM to accommodate working families. The passion and compassion that Sherry has for her work is contagious. During this discussion, she took two phone calls from people needing assistance as well as another call regarding the delivery of a refrigerator and freezer. She is quick, sharp, and motivated, but carries an almost maternal concern for those coming through the doors of the pantry. As the Food Pantry continues to grow, so does the need. While they recieved over 97,000 pounds of food from the Southeast Ohio Foodbank in 2018, the pantry is still in need of more food and non-traditional items like menstrual products, spices and other everyday items that can be scarce in typical pantries. Someday, they hope to make a cookbook filled with recipes using ingredients of items they usually distribute. “I read something just the other day from a pantry that said, ‘What we need in our pantry is what you have in yours.’ I thought that was incredible,” says Sherry.

HOUSING & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT HAPCAP recognizes that poverty does not only exist within the walls of the home. In an area without stable industry and with residents living on fixed or inadequate incomes, the effects of poverty can reach out of the home and into the sidewalks, streets, and infrastructure of a community. The Athens County Land Bank began in 2018 as a hands-on approach to mitigate the structural effects of poverty. Land Banks exist all over the state, and they take ownership of tax delinquent, blighted properties to either rehabilitate or remove them. This helps to stabilize and improve housing or home values, beautify neighborhoods, and alleviate health and safety risks for residents. HAPCAP administers grant funding for Land Bank demolition projects on a reimbursement basis. The first project was a house on High Street in Glouster that had collapsed on the Fourth of July in 2018. Cheryl Thiesen owned the home but had not been living there, as her son was worried about the home’s condition. The home had served her family well. She grew up there with her parents who wanted to be close to her school and downtown businesses. After its collapse, Land Bank board member Chris Chmiel called Cheryl and told her about the Land Bank. Cheryl was incredibly grateful that someone was there to guide her through the process. The cleanup process began in February, and though the crew could not recover everything, they were able to save her parent’s wedding pictures. “The Land Bank is great for people who have no way to fix their place up to where it’s liveable for them,” says Cheryl. “This is Appalachia. People can’t live comfortably to start with, let alone fix something like a leaky roof or an old floor. The Land Bank was kind and helpful. I’m glad I was not alone in this process.”

COMMUNITY SERVICES In 2018, efforts to clean up communities reached beyond structures and into the soil. HAPCAP’s Disaster Recovery Program began operating in Perry and Athens counties following the heavy floods in February 2018. The program not only cleans up debris in local rivers and streams, but it also serves as a workforce development program to help participants land gainful employment. Shania Munyan has navigated rough waters in her own life. She grew up in an unstable household and found herself homeless and pregnant at just 15 years old. She was then trapped in an abusive relationship for three years. After breaking away from her abuser, Shania was again left without a home, and her trauma had manifested into a drug addiction. Her addiction caught up with her in a sting operation, yet afterwards, she completed two treatment programs and started Drug Court in Perry County. She completed treatment at the Georgie Harris House in September of 2018, landed an apartment in October, and started working her first full-time job with the Flood Program in November. Shania graduated from Drug Court in May and is 16 months sober as of August. Shania tells her story calmly and gently, a clear distinction from the violence of her past. Her strength is unmatched, especially as she talks about her G.E.D. classes, getting her driver’s license, and her daughter, Brayleigh. She was also the only woman on the Perry County crew, but she didn’t mind. The Perry County Flood Staff acts as a large family, and even though Shania left the program for a new job in May, she still comes by to visit and participates in HAPCAP’s CCMEP program. “I feel really good about the work we’ve done and I notice a big difference,” says Shania. Her former coworker noticed a big difference with Shania. “Her confidence is just amazing. It has skyrocketed. We are all so proud of her.”

CHILD DEVELOPMENT Athens is a small town with a big reach, largely in part to Ohio University. There are remarkable stories of students coming from all over the world - with their families - and settling in Athens as they continue their education. Sewar Al-Shawawreh is originally from Jordan, a small, Middle-Eastern nation tucked between Syria and Saudi Arabia. Her son, Jamal, is 5 years old and just completed his early childhood education with Athens Head Start. Athens Head Start sees many international families each year thanks to the University. Different cultures are celebrated through events like “Bilingual Night,” and staff will enthusiastically point out items in the classroom that came from places like China, India, and Egypt. Though the cultures, landscapes, and languages are vastly different between Ohio and Jordan, Sewar shares a deep commitment to providing her son with the best education possible. She shares that at first, there was a language barrier in the classroom, but then laughs when noting that Jamal can now speak English better than she can. Every day, Jamal shared stories with his mother about what he did in class. He is bubbly and friendly, and he can have a conversation with anyone. Head Start is one of the most successful social programs in the history of the United States. Through its evidence-based curriculum and structure to support entire families in the learning process, Head Start lays a solid foundation for children to succeed in kindergarten, high school, and beyond. Sewar herself is brilliant. She is in the last year of her PhD. program in Civil Engineering, and will go back to Jordan upon completion to work in her home country. In addition, Jamal will be taking his skills from Athens Head Start with him across the world. “The teachers have made such a difference in his life,” says Sewar. “And in mine, too.”

TRANSPORTATION In the transportation world, nothing is more iconic than the bright yellow school bus. But the bright green GoBus has become an Ohio icon in its own right. With 40 stops across the state, GoBus is able to connect Ohio’s rural areas to the urban centers of Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, & beyond. GoBus coordinates with several community partners including Barons Bus, Greyhound, the Ohio Department of Transportation, and other local transportation services to ensure that gaps in service are closed. These partnerships coupled with a mileage-based fare structure help keep GoBus’s transportation affordable and accessible to passengers across the state. GoBus also bridges a gap that many low-income families face when needing to travel to a larger city for health care. A popular route is the Athens-Columbus route. Southeast Ohio residents can venture to the state’s capital for work, leisure, or further travel by connecting to the Greyhound station or the John Glenn Columbus International Airport. The route is especially popular among Ohio University and Hocking College students. Chris Hardman has been driving for GoBus for about 6 years, and currently transports passengers from Athens to Columbus and back. His alarm rings at 3:15 AM, with his first stop at the Athens Community Center at 5:00 AM. He then makes several stops on his way to Columbus, where he then reverses his route back to Athens. Traveling by bus can be intimidating, but Chris’s friendly disposition is sure to ease any travel anxiety. HAPCAP administers GoBus operations from Glouster, and staff are always happy and eager to answer questions, address concerns, and assist with travel planning. GoBus serves as a connection for many students to see their families on breaks throughout the school year, especially for international students without vehicles needing to travel to the airport. “I get a good reaction when I tell people I drive for GoBus,” says Chris. “This is such a cool job. I get to meet all different kinds of people from all over the world.”

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Cover image captured at “Passion Works: A Story of Flying,” at the Kennedy Museum of Art. Thank you, Passion Works Studio!

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Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Peterson Mr. Richard Peterson Ms. Tamara Petrowski Ms. Shirley Pettet Ms. Diane Pfaff Mr. & Mrs. Gary and Barbara Pfeiffer Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Phillips Mr. William Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pickens Ms. Nancy E. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ping Ms. Joyce Pinson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Planisek Mr. Ron Polsky and Ms. Madeline Scott Mr. and Mrs. Steve Polsley Porter Financial Services LLC Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Post Ms. Mary L. Powell Dr. Traci Powell Poynter’s Best Product Ms. Cynthia Prather Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pratt Ms. Laura Pratt Ms. Carla Pratt-Harrington Precision Imprint Ms. Tanja Pressnell Mr. Richard Preston Ms. Darlene Price Ms. Marilyn Price Prince Consultants LLC Thomas and Janet Pritchard Ms. Betty Pytlik Ms. Lisa Quinn Mr. Ralph Farrar Mr. Aubrey Rawson Ms. Lora Rawson Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Ray Ms. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert Redlich Mr. Dan Remley Mr. Theron K. Repp Mr. and Mrs. Rick Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rice Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richardson Dr. and Mrs. Donald Richter Ms. Carlyn Rickey Mrs. Marlene Riddle Mrs. and Mr. Barbara Riddlebarger Ms. Lucinda Riddlebarger Ridenour Auto Group Ms. Sherry L. Rider Mr. Lloyd Rife Ms. Terri Riley Mr. Bob Eichenberg and Ms. Cecilia Rinaldi Ms. Eleanor Risch Riverwalk Dental Ms. Barbara Roback Mr. Steve Robb Mr. and Mrs. Terry Robb Mr. Daniel Robers Ms. Sallie Roberts Mrs. and Mr. Debbie Robertson Ken and Ellen Robertson Ms. Elsie Robinson Jean Robinson Mr. Ralph Robson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Roche Ms. Judith Rockwell Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rodehaver Mr. and Mr. Chip Rodger Ms. Wendy Rogers Roger and Betty Rollins Ms. Judith Roman Ms. Opal Ronk Ms. Catherine RoseWalker Ms. Carla L. Rosler Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ross Mr. Donald Roth Ms. Marta Roth Ms. Linda Rothman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rothstein Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rothwell Ms. Jennifer Rousculpmiller Mr. Albert Rouzie Mrs. Cindy Royse Gerald and Sue Rubin Ms. Anne Rubin Ms. Nancy Rue Mr. Edward Russ Ms. Betty Rutter Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rutter Ms. Penny Mullen Mr. Timothy Ryan Mr. Keith Sabo

George and Idelle Sagan Mr & Mrs Sam and Adele Hanson Ms. Nancy Sanders Mrs. Sandy Starner Mr. Steven L. Sargent Mr. Paul Sater Mr. Michael Satterfield Mr. & Mrs. Pat and Carol Sauber Earl and Janice Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Savage Mr. and Mrs. William Savage Ms. Allison Scardina Mr. Stanley Schaar Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schaffer Mr. David Schatz Scheck Charitable Foundation, Inc. Mr. Ken Scheich Ms. Linda Scheuerman Ms. Marilyn Schieleit Ms. Patricia L. Schindler Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schlaeger Ms. Donna Schmadel Ms. Jean M. Schmelzer Mr. & Mrs. John and Debbie Schmieding Mr. William Schmitz Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Scholl Gary and Kathy Schumacher Ms. Anne M. Scott Mr. Dennis Scott Ms. Marie Sealey Mr. Richard Sebek Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Kathy Seckinger Mrs. Shirley Seckinger Roseann Sedwick Mr. and Mrs. Bert Severance Mr. and Mrs. Shad and Melanne Acker Mr. Charles Shafer Mr. and Mrs. John Shafer Shape-Up Figure & Tanning Salon Mr. Jack Sharb Sharff’s Fashion, Inc. Ms. Sharon Stoltzfus Ms. Opal Sharpe Ms. Marnie S. Shaul Mr. Joseph C. Shields and Ms. Christine Ann Fidler Mrs. and Mr. Marilyn Shimko Ms. Ruby Shook Mr. Sanford Short James and Ann Shover Shri Soham LLC Mr. Fred Shriner Mr. Mark Shubert Ms. Lori Shultz Mr. Robert Siemer Mr. Gary Silcott Mr. Orlando Simonetti Mrs. Carol Simpson Ms. Martha Simpson Ms. Betty Sindelar Mrs. and Mr. Breanne Sisler Sisters Health Foundation SJB Management, Inc. Ms. Betty Skillman Ms. Sharon E. Skillman Mrs. and Mr. Sharon Skillman Ms. Helen Slater Ms. Shirley Slater Ms. Rita Slavin Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sloan Mrs. Ann Smith Ms. Margaret Smith Ms. Margaret Smith Ms. Regina Smith Ms. Rose Smith Ms. Sarah Smith Mr. Terry Smith Mr. & Mrs. Tim Smith Ms. Elma W. Snyder Mr. Larry E. Snyder Ms. Barbara Sorrell Southern Ohio Collegiate Baseball Club, Inc Mr. Chip Spangler Ms. Sali Spangler Ms. Wanda Spangler Ms. Tracey Spaulding Mr. John R. Spofforth Mr. Paul Spolrich Ms. Rebecca Spoutz George and Joan Spring Ms. Judy Springston Ms. Patricia Spurbeck Mr. Philip St Angelo St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Mr. David Stafford Bea Stallsmith Ms. Margaret Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Willard Stanley Stantec

Ms. Sandra Starner Station Street Hair Designs Ms. Candy L. Stebbins Mr. Max Stebelton Ms. Pamela Steenrod Ms. Renee Steffen Pieta Steffens John and Diane Stemen Ms. Stephanie Miller Ms. Gladys B. Stern Dr. Robert Sterne Ms. Alice M. Stevens Ms. Claudette C. Stevens Stewart Wesleyan Church Ms. Frances Still Paul and Suzanne Stivison Mr. Roger Stivison Ms. Lois Stock Ms. Keely Stockwell Ms. Marjorie Stone Ms. Elizabeth Story Ms. Jenny Stotts Ms. Cita Strauss Ted and Frances Strickland Ms. Lynn Sturgeon Mr. Thomas Suddes William and Rosanne Sullivan Ms. Donna Sullivan Surface Tech Mrs. Carolyn Sutherland Mrs. and Mr. Virginia Swain Mr. and Mr. Alan Swanks Sweet Arts Bakery Synchrony Financial Ms. Lana Tabler Ms. Mary Tabler Ms. Linda Tatman Mr. Delmar Taylor Mrs. Jo Taylor Tee Jay’s Drive-Thru & Delicatessen Mr. James Tenney Mrs. Gina Terrell Ms. Rena Tesler Ms. Natalie Tevis Ms. Susan Thabet The Athens County Foundation, Inc. The College Inn The Crystal and CI The Kidd Household The Pittsburgh Foundation The Pizza Place The Rock Athens Mr. William Theisen Mr. Kevin Thiel Thomas and Barbara Kostohryz Fund Mr. Thomas Rosser Mr. Francis Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Steven Thompson Timothy and Laurie Thompson Three Sisters Sunset Inn Mr. Richard Tinto Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tipple Mr. Adam Tiu Ms. Karen Toki Ms. Kumika Toma James and Ronalda Tompkins Mr. Fred Toner Mr. Michael Tonkovich Mr. Mark Toskin Town & Country Carry Out Mr. and Mrs. Robert Townsend Tranquility Traders TransCanada Charitable Foundation Mr. Travis Selmier II and Madeleine Wing Mr. Earl Trent Mr. Stephen Trout Ms. Theresa M. Tucker Ms. Elizabeth Turman Two Gingers LLC Mr. Sergio Ulloa Mr. Roger Umstott United Appeal For Athens County United Way of Hocking County Mr. and Mrs. David Urano Ms. Teresa Vaccari Van Horn Title Agency, Inc. Ms. Carol Van Sickle Ms. Kathleen A. VanBibber Ms. Rosemary B. Vance Ms. Laurie Vancouver Mr. and Mrs. Randy Vandyke Ms. Sharon Vannoy Ms. Betty Vaughn Ms. Karen Veidt Veterans Of Foreign Wars Of Ohio Charities 9866

VFW Trimble Post #9866 Ms. Vicki Korner Mr. Rodney Villaloboz Mr. Jennings Vincent Ms. Donna J. Voelkel Mrs. and Mr. Barbara Vogelsong Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Saundra Vosler Ms. Carole Wages Mrs. and Mr. Susan Wakefield Mrs. and Mr. Michelle Wakeman Mr. Ralph Walker Thomas and Anne Walker Mr. Daniel Wallace Ms. Julie Ward Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ward Ms. Julie F. Wardeska Mr. Roy Ware Mr. Wesley Warne Mr. Vernon C. Warner Hocking Internet Technologies, Ltd. Ms. Rebecca Waters Watertown Presbyterian Church Ms. Roberta Watkins Ms. Connie Watson Ms. Helen Weaver Mrs. Joanne Webb Ms. Sydney Webber Mr. Thomas Webster Mr. George Weckman Mr. Jason Weihl Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Weiland Ms. Virginia Weinstock Mr. Michael Weiser Mrs. Marianne Weiss Mrs. and Mr. Donna Welch Mr. and Mrs. Michael Welch Ms. Cecelia M. Weldon Ms. Susan Wenger Ms. Marilyn G. Wentworth Ms. Marilyn West Ms. Susan West Mr. Gene A. Westenbarger Mr. and Mrs. James Wetzel Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wharton Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whealey Mr. Matthew Wheeler Ms. Ruth Whitaker Ms. Barbara White Ms. Cindy White Mrs. Marie White Peter and Linda White Ms. Carol Whitmer Whitmore Computer Services Ms. Risa Whitson Ms. Shirley Whittington Ms. June Wieman Wilkesville Chapter OES 207 Mrs. Ruth D. Will Bill and Marsha Willan William and Virginia May Ms. Marlene Williams Mr. Robert L. Williams Ms. Sondra Williams Mr. Theodore Williams Mrs. Susann Williamson Ms. Doris Wilson Mr. George Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Wilson Ms. Natalie Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wilson Mr. William Wilson Wilson’s Carpentry Mr. Kevin Witham Ms. Patricia Witham Ms. Barbara Withem Ms. Melisa Witherspoon Ms. Lorraine Wochna Mr. Drew Wolfe Ms. Joann Wolfe Mr. Robert Wolfe Mrs. and Mr. Elizabeth Wolford Women Of Emanuel Lutheran Church Ms. Karen Wonn Ms. Lisa Wood Ms. Jennifer Woodford Ms. Lynne A. Woods Bill and Terri Woodson Ms. Judy Woolery Mr. Arthur P. Woolley Mr. David Wooster and Ms. Audrey Larrimer Ms. Rhonda Workman Ms. Nancy M. Worthing Mr. William Wrage Ms. Linda Wray Ms. Karen Wright Mr. & Mrs. Louis and Karin Wright Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wyskiver Mr. Duncan Yarnall

Ms. Jennifer Yoder Ms. Melanie Yoder Ms. Chelsea Young Ms. J Beverly Young Ms. Olivia Young Young’s Family Market Ms. Sharyn L. Yulish Ms. Sally Zalek Mr. Mark Zeiler Ms. Tammy Ziessler Ms. Debra Ziliox Ms. Ruth Zorn Ms. Sara Zoulek


Mr. and Mrs. Alan Mahon Scott and MarjorieMalcom Mr. and Mrs. Joe Malesick Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Malone Mr. Joe Manda Mr. David E. Marchand Mrs. Laura MarcinkoMs. Margaret Nixon Mrs. Maria Galanti and Ms. Debra Howdyshell Marietta Community Foundation Ms. Marilyn Foster and Mr. Dan Shamblin Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Marinelli Mark and Wanda Weinberg Ms. Angela Markins Ms. Joan Markus Ms. Cynthia Marling Ms. Bonnie Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mohlenkamp Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Martin Mr. and Mrs. William Martin Mr. and Mrs. David Mason Mr. Paul Mass Mr. John Miller Ms. Sandra S. Mathews Mr. Kevan Mathias Ms. Katy Mathuews Ms. Catherine Matisi Mr. Kevin Mattson Mr. William Maxey Ms. Judith Maxson Mr. Keith D. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mayer Mrs. Anita Mayfield Ms. Barbara Mayle Mr. Roger McNamara Ms. Jane McAdow Mr. John McAfee Ms. Mary J. McAfee Ms. Alissa Mcatee Mr. and Ms. Doug and Valaria McCabe Mr. and Mrs. David McCallister Ms. Arline McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Mark McClaskey Ms. Maryann McClure Mr. David McCoy and Ms. Christine Knisely Ms. Kathryn L. McCoy Mrs. and Mr. Norma McCoy Mr. Robert McCoy Ms. Joni McCune Mrs. Martha McCunePeacock Mrs. and Mr. Patricia McDaniel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDonald Ms. Florence McGeoch Ms. Kathryn McGowan Ms. Dana McGraner Michael and Margaret McGraw Ms. M McGregor Ms. Marie McGregor Kate McGuckin Mr. Thomas McGuire Mrs. and Mr. Laurie McKnight Mr. Ammon McMakin Mr. Alan McMillan Mrs. and Mr. Marilyn McNichols Mr. and Mrs. Donald McPherson Mr. James McVay Ms. Diane McVey Mrs. and Mr. Wendy McVicker Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meek Mr. and Mrs. Michael Messmer Ms. Kathy Michael Ms. Jennifer Michaels Ms. Susan Michell Mrs. Joan Mickelson Mr. Kenneth Midkiff Mr. and Mrs. Alan Miller Ms. Brenda Miller Ms. Candace Miller Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller Dr. Cecil Miller Mr. Dennis Miller Mr. and Mrs. George Miller Mrs. Holly Miller Rev. Lynn Miller Mrs. and Mr. Marilyn Miller Ms. Sue Ellen Miller Millstone Southern Smoked BBQ, LLC Ms. Barbara Minton Minuteman Press Ms. Donna Mitchell Ms. Karla Mitchell Mr. Danny R. Moates Mr. John Molinaro and

Hocking Athens Perry Community Action mobilizes resources to empower individuals and communities through advocacy and quality services that promote self-sufficiency and improved quality of life.

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HAPCAP Annual Report 2018  

HAPCAP Annual Report 2018