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What do foods have to do with diets?? Well.. there are some of us that eat to live while others live to eat. The second half of us that live to eat always are the ones facing weight issues and obesity. Are you one of them too? You may even have been on a hard work out and diet control plan, and...if there results are still not there, read on about some of the foods that can help you lose weight. In general, your body requires a wide array of foods to survive; from fats to carbohydrates, everything is essential for your body to function properly. If you suddenly cut down fats and sugars, the results may be shocking rather than pleasing. The below mentioned tips will help with your weight management and keep you healthy at the same time. Water: Scientific evidence points to the fact that hunger is a state where the body is in need of water. Of course, this does not suggest that you should switch your diet entirely to fluids and drinking only water. Doctors suggest that you drink water through the day with your meals and in between your meals. Drinking water also helps the body remove harmful toxins and as a side benefit it helps the texture of your skin. Fruits: Eating fresh fruits in between meals is one of the best choices you could ever make. Fruits are natural energizers and help to satisfy your hunger cravings. If there are no fruits available, fresh fruits juices are the other good option. For instance, citrus fruits like oranges, grapes, pineapple, sweet lime and lemons refresen you and charge you up. Roasted Meats: Consuming roasted meats is always a better alternative to eating fried foods - this and includes fish as well as red meats. Roasting eliminates much of the fats and leaves you with a relativily fat free meat. Nuts: Nuts are categorized as rich foods, which can help minimize munching in between meals. If you normally feel starved before your main meals, try eating a few nuts (raw preferably) 15 minutes before hand. Then, when you do have your lunch or dinner, you will feel less hurried and will enjoy the food rather than just woofing it down.

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