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Webmasters have different choices for creating web page. Generally they avoid some important points while creating a web page to make it attractive or eye-catching to its users and in this way they create web page that are not search engine friendly and it becomes difficult for these pages to get index on the search engines. And if the pages are not search engine friendly and not indexed then no one can reach them to view or read and in this way creating a web page having good content becomes useless. In this article you can find some important tips which can help to improve your web-page to make it search engine friendly as well as user friendly to make it easily accessible to its users:

Improving Layout of webpage: Layout of a web page has an important role to continue a visitor on your web page as reading on a monitor screen is different from reading on a printed magazine. If layout of your webpage is not good there will be great chances that a visitor immediately leaves it, no matter how good is your content.

Always make a good layout for each web page and put the most important information at the top of the webpage, so that the viewer can see it without scrolling.

Distribute content into paragraphs that should not be more than 100 words.

Use bullets, bars, tables, white spaces and margins etc. appropriately to make it readable. Improving Size of Webpage: Size of a webpage is also important. It should not be too long as visitors do not like to scroll and also long pages take little more time to load in comparison to small pages. Always keep your pages under 32 K in order to make it load quickly. Loading time should not be more than 8-10 seconds.

Avoid scrolling on your web pages but. If scrolling becomes important, Always add internal navigation for users to directly jump on the information the need. Improving Navigation of Webpage: Navigation also plays an important role to make your web page user friendly. A good web page never complete without proper navigation tools. Navigation links should be easily accessible, clear and at the top of each webpage.

Navigation structure should be same on each page of a website.

If you have a complex website always add a search function to your webpage. Improving fonts of a webpage: Fonts of webpage are also important to make web page user friendly. Having too little, too large or too complex font may become illegible on some browsers. So always be careful while using fonts on your webpage because if fonts are not proper visitor immediately move from the page. Always create webpage using default font of most browsers like Ariel, Times new roman, verdana etc.

Always make headings or titles in bold and underline most important lines of your webpage.

Avoid using unusual fonts unless they are in graphics and italics as plain text is more legible than italics.

Do not use light text on dark background as it creates visibility problem in reading. Improving Content of a webpage: Content is the king of a webpage and there is no substitute of good content. Content of a web page has more importance than any other factor to continue visitor on a particular page because content is the only thing that a visitor read. Content should be informative with some uniqueness.

Avoid grammatical mistakes in content of your webpage. It should not have any spelling errors too.

Using hyperlinks will be good idea to allow readers to pursue a topic in more detail.

Content written in text should be scannable as some users prefer to scan text on internet.

Above tips will sure help you if you have already created a webpage that is not properly arranged and not getting visitors and also if you are new to this and going to create a web page.

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==== ==== Learn the easy way to start a website look here: ==== ====

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