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The abnormal size of the penis has now become a problem of great concern for the males. It is very important for the man to full fill all his desires. The millions of people around the world of both the sexes are seen discussing this topic in a number of ways. Moreover many people make jokes on the same issue. If a person is having a small penis there might be a situation where he feels embarrassed to share his problem with anyone else. Due to this embarrassment he might not even want to consult the doctor. With the passage of time man has been able to find cure for all the problems he has faced. This has made the man the most successful species on earth. The problem of the small size of the penis is something that has been the cause of concern for many people. The primary question in the minds of the men with small penis is how to make penis bigger? However when taken the opinion of women about the small size of the penis the general reply has been something that is quite interesting. The size of the penis does not make much of a difference. The two important aspects that are the cause of concern of a healthy physical relationship are the stamina and the second thing is how long a person can last in bedroom. However there are many ways by which a person can increase the length of the penis. One can find many products such as creams, gels and pills that could prove to be beneficial. Moreover there are many natural ways to increase the length of the penis. The towel hanging technique however has proven to be very effective. It requires firstly the full erection of the male reproductive organ. After that the person shall place a light flannel or a washcloth at the base of the penis. The person must make his penis tense so it bobs gently, lift the towel a little. Tensing and releasing constitutes one repetition. By repeating this exercise at least 25 times a person can attain the desired results. It is very important to note that the person must not do excess of this exercise. Moreover before going with any exercise or consuming any medicine, applying any gel it is very important to consult an expert. An expert's advice in such cases is very crucial. The reproductive organs are very sensitive and it is very important to be careful while doing anything for the penis enlargement.

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