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A Blog is basically a website used to chronicle and document a person's opinion and/or experience on a specific subject. Blogs may be personal and used solely as an online diary. They may be business related and used to create and foster a specific culture and feeling of community within a company. They may include photos and videos. They can even be used to vent and rage. The wonderful thing for entrepreneurs, however, is that blogs can be part of an outstanding strategy for business marketing online. Are you ready to learn how to blog for marketing purposes? Let's get started! Set up Setting up a blog is not complicated. The first thing you need to know is that there are two main platforms used for creating blogs: and Both these sites offer free blog creation and publishing. Once you set up a free account in either one, creating your blog is simply a matter of following the easy steps prompted on the site. Once your account is set up, you can even modify the layout, theme, color scheme and overall appearance of the blog. You can even include your bio and photo. I recommend adding an entire "About Me" post as your first entry. This will help establish credibility and rapport with your readers. There's always the option of creating a totally self-hosted blog. All you have to do is register a domain name (which can even be and get a hosting account which has the option of incorporating WordPress into your site. Also, (notice this gives you the option of building a totally self-hosted blog. This option, while not free, is the best choice for those serious about internet marketing. Having a self-hosted blog allows you total freedom as far as content, design, and monetizing strategies (more about that in a minute). However, it does take a bit more time and effort to get a self-hosted blog ranked on Google and other search engines. So, decide what your main objective is. If you want to really establish yourself as an authority in your field, then I suggest a self-hosted blog. Otherwise, a free-blog will do just fine. Posting on Your New Blog! What are you going to write about? Well, that depends on the purpose of your blog. If you are just creating a personal blog, then write about whatever comes to mind. However, keep in mind that this type of blog is not very conducive to building a business. A more professional approach would be to write about your business niche. Let me explain. If you are selling nutritional products, then, write about nutrition. If your business is related to children's toys, then you might write about child development. My business is about internet marketing, so guess what I write about? Whatever your particular subject is, however, the most important aspect is that you provide real value. See, if all you do is pitch your product or service the platform administration (meaning Blogger or

WordPress) might choose to remove your blog. Even more importantly, however, is the fact that no one will stick around to read your new posts if all they get is a sales pitch with no valuable content. Remember this acronym WIIFM, this means "What's In It For Me?" That's what your reader will be asking im/herself as they read your posts. If the answer is "nothing" they will NOT return to your blog. Now what? Monetizing your blog. Even a personal blog can be used as a potential source of income. The most common way to monetize a blog is to create an AdSense account, which a Goggle operated ad service. What they do is they place relevant ads on your site and pay you a commission for any sales generated through your blog. If, however, you are using your blog to market your own business, the best way to create revenue using your blog is to use your blog to build a marketing hub. Let me explain. The easiest, and least expensive way to get traffic to any site is to create links pointing back to that site. The more a website url is mentioned on other sites, the more the search engines take notice of that site. So, what you need to do is make sure that you write brief articles (300-500 words is plenty) related to the subject of your posts. You can even modify the same post you are placing on your blog. Then, submit these articles to as many free article submission sites as possible (eg. EzineArticles or Articlebase). Make sure you include your blog's url within the author's bio or resource box. Then, once you publish an article, tell all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. to go check it out. Make sure your profile in all your social networking sites accounts include your blog's url. Once people read your articles or posts, they will be very likely to want to check out what else you've written about (that is provided you have given them useful, interesting content). Once they reach your blog, they will find either in the "About Me" page, or within links in your articles, a new link to your sales page. This chain will allow you to generate new leads and build up your sales. Get to work What's left? Get to it! Don't be a victim of "paralysis by analysis." Don't get caught up in the things you still don't understand. Like most things in life, this is much easier to learn by doing. So, get to work. Once you have started the process, you will find it to be a lot easier and much more fun than you anticipated. So, get started, and happy blogging!

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==== ==== Want to learn about blogging, well check this out it definately will help: ==== ====

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