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The concept of SEO can be broken down into a few simple steps. A person goes onto a search engine to look up a keyword. They see the organic and sponsor results appear and choose a website to look for information. Once they enter into the website, things can get tricky. You as a website owner have a funnel that you must take the visitor through. The hardest thing for most site owners is to get to the front page for the keyword that you are targeting. If you are looking up search keywords related to SEO, than you have that same problem. How to SEO is the biggest hurdle that you will initially face as a marketer. The first step that you will need to take is to do your market research. This is sometimes referred to as niche research. If you wanted to do something related to golf than you would need to see how golf is doing in Google Trends. You can see the search trend volume of any broad keyword by looking in Google Trends. Next take the broad keyword and enter it in Google's keyword tool to get 200 keywords. Inside the tool you will get the monthly search volume, advertiser competition, and much more. If you are new on how to SEO you want to pick a relatively low searched keyword to start with. The higher the search amount the harder it is to dominate and get a top ten listing. When starting as a beginner you always want to start off small and prove you can dominate a small term. I suggest starting with a keyword that has at least one thousand up to twenty thousand searches a month. When you type in the broad keyword it will give you a list of synonyms for the broad keyword. Golf swing would be a sub category inside of golf. Pick out of a list of 5 to ten words that you will research further. The more specific the better. Golf swing would not necessarily be a good keyword until you have researched it further. Take that list of 5 to 10 and start doing some research on the keywords. Go over to Mozilla Firefox and type in the first keyword without quotes. Make sure you have SEO quake plug-in enabled so you can see some key details. Look at the top ten results. Don't worry about the outrageous number of results that will appear. What you are looking for is the strength of competition. What you will be looking at is the page rank and types of sites on the top ten. If you see article sites, video sites, or web 2.0 sites, that is a good sign. If you see page rank sites of 3 and higher, you might want to back away from targeting that keyword as your first website. It's a competition for every decent searched keyword. You want to make sure that you can list in

top ten for results in less than a month. Listings that have page rank sites of 5 and higher for top 10 deserve your respect and logic to stay away. If you were a starting boxer would you try to fight Oscar De La Hoya as your first fight? Of course not. You would find another boxer at your skill set that you could beat if you trained correctly. That is the same concept here. If you see a couple of article sites, or videos, you have a much better chance of dominating the keyword in less than a month.

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==== ==== Don't know anything about SEO's, here is an easy way to understand you have to see this: ==== ====

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