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PROFILE OF SGSHOPPER.COM Like most Blogshop owners, I had always wished to setup my own online boutique since school days. I started off with Jamie Closet in November 2007. Business was so-so but I enjoy the feeling of running my own business. was then officially launched in Feb 2009 with much help from a IT savvy friend. Currently we are selling different varieties of items from apparels to perfume. Other than holding ready stocks, we also do monthly sprees. Lately, we also partnered Chiffonier Fashion to run stalls in various bazaars and events all over Singapore.

VISION FOR SETTING UP BLOGSHOP ALUMNI We believe that by working together as a community of Blogshops and Online Boutiques, we are able to: • • • • • •

Share and Expand our Clientele Network Enjoy a FREE Common Branding Platform – Alumni E-Catalogue Earn More by Selling other Members’ Products too Reduce our Costs by Sharing Stalls at Bazaars and Events Share and Enjoy Good Lobangs with Economies of Scale Become a Support Group to Share Tips and Advices

All these will help Reduce our Operation Costs and Increase all our Profits together~!!!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS We believe that every customer deserves the best deals and should be valued as long-term friends (instead of one-time customers)! Hence it will be important for Alumni members to always: • • • • •

Deliver their Products on time Ensure the Quality of their Products, otherwise stated Handle all Complaints with Care Promote all Members’ Products Be Punctual at designated Bazaars and Events

Any member who receives more than 5 complaints in a month will be suspended until further notice. Only then, we can uphold the Brand and Product Quality.

HOW TO JOIN THE ALUMNI Membership is total FREE. Blogshop and Online Boutiques of ANY scale can join us!!! Types of Products Include: Fashion Apparels, Accessories, Bags, Shoes, Perfume, Electrical Appliances and Food etc are welcome! Simply email the following particulars to Attention to: Jolene Subject: “I wish to Join the Blogshop Alumni” Full Name: Contact Number: Email: Shop Name: Shop Website: Types of Products Sold: Price Range: Estimated Clientele Size: You will receive a confirmation reply together with the copy of the Alumni Logo in 24 hours after we have gone through your application and check your website. Every member will receive an Alumni member code as well.

BLOGSHOP ALUMNI E-CATALOGUE All Members can enjoy FREE Advertisement in the Alumni E-Catalogue. The E-Catalogue will be circulated among all clientele networks on a monthly basis acting as a Common Branding Platform for all members. and the designated Designer Team will be in-charged of collating, designing and launching the Alumni E-Catalogue on a monthly basis, by every 5 th of the month. All Booking of Advertisement Space has to be submitted by every 30 th of the month.

3 TYPES OF FREE ADVERTISEMENTS SPACE 1. Featured Products • • • • •

4 pages (A4 size per page) Unlimited number of Products in given space To submit own design for the pages OR request Designer Team to design at a low cost of $10 per page. To share 10% of their Total Sales with the other Members who place orders for their personal clientele.

This Package is NOT valid for NON-Members.

2. Just Advertisement Space • • • • •

Full A4, Half A4 and Banner Size FREE for Members Members to submit own design Or request Designer Team to design at Member Rates: Full A4 - $20, Half A4 - $15 and Banner Size $10 Non-Member Rates include Design: Full A4 - $60, Half A4 - $40 and Banner Size - $30

3. Listing of Website Address and Shop Logo • •

Members to provide individual Shop Logo Non-Member Rates: $10 per website address and shop logo

HOW TO BOOK AN ADVERTISEMENT SPACE Simply email the following particulars to by every 25th of the month. Booking of Advertisement Package is on a first-come-first serve basis, according to the limit in the number of Members and Non-Members booking for each issue. 1. Featured Products • Limit to 5 Alumni Members per issue • Alumni Member Code • 4 designed pages (include product codes, product photos, colours and sizes) • OR payment to Designer Team for the requested designs 2. Just Advertisement Space • Limited to 5 Members and 3 Non-Members per issue • Alumni Member Code (where applicable) • Shop Name, Full Name, Email and Contact number for Non-Members • the self-designed full page/half page/banner (where applicable) • OR payment to Designer Team for the requested designs 3. Listing of Website Address and Shop Logo • FREE for ALL Members • Unlimited Number of Non-Members • Alumni Member Code (where applicable) • Members/Non-Members: Shop Name, Shop Logo, Website Address, Email and Contact Number All Payments have to be made by every 30th of the month. Booking with Late Payments will be considered voided to allow the Members/Non-Members on the waiting list to place booking.

WE WELCOME FEEDBACKS Together, we can build a Community of E-Business Ventures with a Common Dream~!!! Do consider and come back to us asap. The First Issue of BlogShop Alumni E-Catalogue will be launched on the 5th November 2009. So please sign up as a member and book your advertisement space by 25th October 09! You may Email me at or Call/SMS me at 92395006 for enquiries! Feel Free to drop us any Feedbacks too!!!

Blogshop Alumni  

Blogshop Alumni

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