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A nomadic luxury experience

“The best thing we have learned from nearly five hundred years of contact with the [ ] wilderness is restraint, the willlingness to hold our hand: to visit such places for our soul’s good, but leave no tracks.� Crosssing into Eden, Wallace Stegner

GEOLODGE was born fifteen years ago during a first camp experiment right in the middle of the Morrocan desert.

It Fleshes out the idea that the upmost luxury lies within the combination between spirit-renewing untouched wildernerness and pampering comfort. It exists only on the condition that no trace shall be left at the end of the experience except the one on people’s memory and camera.

During years of research, we have tuned our equipment to minimize our impact on the environment and aquire the self sufficiency in terms of energy and water to go freely off the grid. We want to ramble through miles of nowehere, knowing that, no matter what, we will be treated with a hotwater shower and a nice soft pillow on the evenings and that the wild will remain as magnificient as it was for the next generation. How about you?

water purifying system



Suitable for short and long term guests stays


For any type of grounds and landscapes

2 days to set-up

Biotope and biodiversity friendly

2 people needed to set-up, no tools

LODGES The lodge, our flagship shelter, costs us a lot of braincells§! It has specially been designed to adapt nature and make guests’ visit as dis-

crete as possible to enable longer stays in unspoilt wild environments. Guests will enjoy indoor/outdoor living in a large cosy room - 20 sqm minimum -. Suitable for both summer and wintertimes, the lodge adapts

any kind of grounds::: - ((rocks, sand, snow, even river banks and shores -)

with few anchoring points to preserve biotopes. Its modularity enables different patterns to adjust any project strategies and objectives. Sale/rental prices upon request.


Our fabric is adapted to camp environĂšment and business seasonality . Reinforced UV treatment, water/ fire resistance... We can adapt it to your needs and requirements.


The elevated aluminium floor with few ground achors preserve natural biotopes. Elevation also takes part in better heat and huminidity insulation and keep guests off insects, snakes or other wild crawling friends. 20 year warranty


Aluminium feet achors the floor to the ground. They can adjust up to one meter high and make it possible to install lodges steadily on rocky uneven grounds.


Lodges offer a large range of possible combinations which will adapt the total surface measuremĂšents, number of rooms and size of rooms to the function of the lodge (- bedroom, restaurant, spa, etc. -, the range of service (- high end suites, low-cost shared rooms, etc.- and any other requiremĂšents.


Inner tents ensure thermal and acoustic insulation and create a snug and initimate atmosphere . Printable and customizable.

SPHERES Event planning oriented, Geolodge’s spheres stand out and catch the eye. Roomy - 30sqm - they consist in one 180 degree transparent dome bedroom to enjoy starry skies at night and one private shielded bathroom sphere. They inflate thanks to silent pumps (- 40 decibels) running 24/7, which enables efficient set-up and removal. Sale/rental prices upon request.

Ecotourism / Event planning

Flat ground necessary

Recommended for one night/ short term guests stays


Suitable for stars gazing

Quick set-up


Two people needed for set-up


Registered design DM/102145


Geolodge’s greatest challenge has been self-sufficiency+ .

Access to the rarest sites requires off grid technology with low ecological footprint and no sewage rejection. Electricity is provided through solar panels and stored in batteries. According to camp environment, a generator may be provided as a backup solution, especially for the spheres.

Geolodge also partners with Geopure which has developped portable systems to treat water in real time. Each shelter is equipped with a hot water shower and a bathroom sink. Wastewater can be recycled instantly and reinjected in the loop.


Geolodge has developped its own transport bags and aluminium racks consistent with international standards for easy and efffiicient distribution and relocation. They are designed to last long and ensure safe handling both for the team in charge and the equipments. Geoldge’s partners have the profiffiiciency and the training to take care ofall logistics operations including handling, loading, transporting and installation all the way from our warehouse till your camp site.

For more information: : Call us, email us or...just come and visit! GEOLODGE SAS 533 Avenue Lavoisier 01600 MASSIEUX FRANCE +33 ((0) sales@geo-lodge.com www.geo-lodge.com www.geolodge.fr

All crafted by the Geoldge family with love

© Geolodge SAS 2020

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Geolodge - Brochure 2020 - English version  

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