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1. “Her Lips Still Taste So Sweet” She undresses, I’m observing (All I want is to meet), Thinking again, fantasizing: “Her lips would taste so sweet.” Her glory through the window pane (Watching cold, freezing feet) I watched, desired, mine to gain: “Her lips could taste so sweet.” She walks by the glass, white and bare (Her skin---a lovely heat), And fierce like a flame, dropped her hair: “Her lips should taste so sweet.” My love letter lit in her fire (Pain burnt in every beat), Tonight, my love, you inspire: “Her lips will taste so sweet.” The lights turned off, alone to bed (In sheets white, clean, so neat), Now with holes, colors, and a deep red: “Her lips still taste so sweet.” 2. “As Gentlemen Do” On a walk with a female friend, (can't we just have female friends now a days?) and as the brisk winds picked up, (it's Minnesota, it happens) she began to politely shiver. (because she's a wimp) With a careful eye, (it was that obvious) I lent her my jacket, (and it was cold!) as gentlemen do, (a dying breed), realizing it is better (skin-deep in goose bumps) to be freezing, but warm at heart than to be cozy and cold.

3. “For He Cares” It is the life of a gentleman To always do what he can, And think honest and forever true, For he cares about the happiness in you. His ego to be fulfilled, he does not desire And your rewards and payments he does not require, He sweats from effort for your joy to ensue For he cares about the happiness in you. Fair and caring, he has plenty to offer And knowing of her dreams, he would not stop her, Each day his fondness grew, For he cares about the happiness in you. And if you were to fall, he would surely catch, And to the others around him, none other could match; to him you are the colors, the shapes, the hues For he cares about the happiness in you. To your side and protection, he will stand And the warmth added to your hand Are all but the smallest actions well due For he cares about the happiness in you. Yet, one day you may leave and your heart back you will take, And to his heart, all this pain that it shall make, but he will stand tall, smile, and bid adieu For he cares about the happiness in you. 4. “Dying Promises” Sad, Wondering If I were to die Tomorrow in twisted fate, As expected, you would mourn, guilty For leaving old promises Broken, incomplete, Forever Dead.

5. “Forgotten in the Library� Before you convince yourself That this story is not worth the read, And that there are many books in this library, Of which may either have A better cover, A better binding, Or maybe a better story, Do not be so quick to judge. I guess the font of other titles Seem to please the eyes Better than that of this book. But does it matter? I suppose not, But do not drop this work To the floor with expectation That it will magically find itself In unappreciative hands. It doesn't work that way, It never has. There but stands, Simple opportunities every day, And although sometimes some may seem Unworthy for certain standards to touch, The text beneath could prove otherwise. Let me readvise, We've all heard the phrase, "Do not judge a book by its cover", Yet we live in a society Where that seems evident everyday Among practicers and hypocrites, Where great, influential classics Are lost forever among pretty covers with mundane tales; The Wife of Bath's Tale sitting beside a Cosmopolitan. But a book can't all be to blame, I suppose we all are trained that way To find a soft feather, among a pile of rusty nails Carefully picking away, afraid of getting hurt. Yet, instead of doing such a simple task To sort a simple pleasure among complex discomforts, Why not use the nails to create something better

Instead of leaving them to turn to dust? Are not all things useful in these piles of junk? Maybe not to one person, But surely to many, One finds treasure in a castaway, Collecting dust With the old fingerprints Of a once positive anticipation. At least there's hope, Given in the form of cliché advice, That one day, book, you will be chosen, And to their surprise, they will find your story deeply moving, To be taken away and placed at the highest shelf, At the center of their bookcase. Until then, let it be. You will be forgotten in the library, Sitting and waiting, Cursing to yourself, Why can't the young just read?

6. “I Once Met Someone” I Once Met Someone... Like you. Like you? Like "you". Like you... Like you. Like (you). Like you! Like you.

7. “Pistachios” Out all of the handful of pistachios that lay in the empty crevices of my palm, you are the saltiest and most bitter, of which takes the most effort to crack open that pale, thick almost impenetrable shell to obtain your sweet nourishment. 8. “Reflections” My teacher once demonstrated that if you placed a brilliant diamond before a clear mirror, you would only see the reflection of that brilliant diamond. With that knowledge, I placed you before that mirror, and asked why you argued against logic.

9. “This Is What You Are� Behold, the brilliant beauty, Effortlessly emancipating emotions, Adamant and artistic, who Utilizes intelligence with every Thought that travels throughout. Influencing others into better morality, you Fulfill a friendship innocently and honestly, Under no wish to cease. Loved by many, this is what you are:

10. “Emoti-Love” :/ *: / :| *: | :o *: o :) *: ) :)? *;) :D *: ) :) *: ) ? :)! *:) :)? *:) ;) : 3 *; ) :)*:) :)*:| :)*:/ :)*:( :) *:( :(? *:(… : ( <3 ? * : ( </3 :’( <3 ?! * :’( … >:’( ! * <:’( … >:’( </3! *>:’( ! >:’( … >:’( … <:’( … <: ( … *<x’o !

*<:’””( ? *<:’( … *<: ( … :( *:( :/ *:/ :/ *:/ :/ *:/ :/? *:(? : ( <…3 * : ( <…3 : ( <3? * : (…<3 <: ) *<: ) … :)*:) Fin.

Romantic Verses  
Romantic Verses  

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