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August 28th, 2010, 10:42 P.M. THE BRAINIAC Journal Entry BR1: If anyone ever finds this, then I assume the worse that all seven of us may have died in this horrible nightmare. As you may have noticed, the town you have found this worn out lap top in, has succumbed to some strange disease that the government has failed to mention to its people. It’s weird when you think about all the technological, medical, and scientific advances our people have made in the past 200 and some years since the birth of this nation, and then see how our whole society was wasted away by some horror story myth. Before it had hit our town, let alone the nation, I had read and absorbed some news that had related to this dire subject. It turned out to be a strain of rabies that had mutated in the human body either in Africa or Asia. After so much warfare and chemical weapons, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a super diseases in those countries. However, when I had read these articles, I, along with any other sane person, almost laughed when I found out how this strange disease affected you. It was said that anyone who would get the disease would at first experience massive headaches. Then limbs would become paralyzed, and sooner than you knew it, your sensory organs would disable and you’d go into a comatose without warning. I read that slowly your body would shut down, and then you’d be sent to the big guy upstairs. Now, it wasn’t the first time I read about a disease that could kill you like that, however, the next thing almost made me want to laugh uncontrollably. The disease, and I quote, “after rendering a human body into a comatose and shutting off its major organs, the dead body would reanimate into an ultra primitive being”. I, along with a lot of the other smart people in the world, thought the same thing: “reanimated dead bodies?”. Do you know what that means?! We are talking about a zombie here, people! Actual zombies, and not the ones you saw in those stupid movies like Resident Evil or Zombieland. We were talking about actual zombies! And the worse part was that, the virus had silently spread in Africa or Asia, either way I don’t really care, and in some hysteric panic, we started getting more and more scared immigrants into this scared country. Now, you’d think the country would have the brains to reject them right? Wrong! Our country had to wave its stupid red, white, and blue flag and allow almost every infected soul into our backyard. And that’s where we are now, zombie-filled Hope, Ohio, population seven alive, and around four to five thousand zombies. Now, you’re probably wondering, why the hell didn’t we leave? Well, by the time you read this, the quarantine walls probably have been taken down. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, let’s say that when this semi-big town became infected, our stupid government decided to contain the infection by enclosing this town with fifty foot, strong sleek walls, to make sure nothing on the inside or outside could climb in. Then afterwards, they thought it would be smart to just let them sit and decompose, the zombies that is, and then search and clean the town out, and then possibly rebuild. But, here we are, the seven of us, stuck in this ironically-named town, with nothing but each other, a little food, and this run-downed orphanage that all of us grew up in. And I know what you’re all thinking. “Aw, they had to suffer in this hell hole and even before that, they were all orphans? I just want to give them cookies and love.” Well save it for someone who gives a rats ass. Although I may be the most intelligent out of all of us seven, even dumb Brad could figure out that we didn’t need anyone’s pity. We all knew that this town was a living nightmare, but for some odd reason, it didn’t really phase us. Of course we were scared for our lives at some points, but we didn’t freak out like every other stupid adult in those badly-made zombie flicks. That’s why we decided to stick together and form this little pact not too long ago. Hell, it would be a lot harder to survive by ourselves, so why not rise those odds up a bit by giving each other support, even though we pretty much all hate each other. Now I’m rambling. Smart people always seem to either talk a lot because they know so much, or that because everyone that tries to talk to us gets overwhelmed by unnecessary information. So, back on topic. We are seven orphaned kids hiding out in this run-downed orphanage from an army of living dead who probably want nothing more than to eat all of us, more so Zachary than me, because I’m sure Zach himself could feed the entire zombie-infested world with all that accumulation of potato chips and honey buns in him. We have limited supplies and the rest of us are getting edgy with one another. I’m not sure what we are planning to do, but I guess making a journal to record our progress wouldn’t be so bad. So, where should I officially start, after all that useless rambling. My names Anthony, and all I know

about my family is that they were Hindu Indians. I’m almost blind without my glasses and I have an intense love for technology. I’m not sure how that works in this nightmare seeing power has almost disappeared from this town except for the large, emergency back up generator that I’ve hooked up to this lab top. And yeah…I’m not very interesting. However, all I can say is that I hope that this journal will allow me to study the zombie behavior and mannerisms. I also plan to allow the others to post their entries as well, seeing I would hate to have to record every single experience that we encounter. Which is why I’ve created seven total log in accounts for this journal, and labeled them as my perceptions of them. Call it shallow or blunt, but I call it reality. They can hate me as much as they want when we get rescued. But until then, all I can say is to get over it. Otherwise, it’s getting late, but then again, why should that matter. Every sound in this dark room stirs me and will probably prevent me from getting a decent night‘s sleep. Hopefully, I will be able to post again tomorrow morning without getting devoured by an inferior beast. End of Entry BR1 THE BRAINIAC

August 29th, 2010, 6:23 A.M. THE BRAINIAC Journal Entry BR2: Hello again. Looks like I survived the night with a decent amount of sleep. Wish I could’ve gained a few more hours, but easily-scared Jessica thought she heard a scratching sound which caused the rest of us to grab random blunt objects to protect ourselves. Turns out it was just Bella’s German Sheppard Rocco having a bad dream. To think I lost a few good hours of sleep because little miss princess got scared because of miss animal lover’s pet. Why the hell did she even keep that mutt around, seeing that it could get the rabies also and kill us all. Which at this point, would probably be better than having to be around this idiots. However, it is somewhat a relief that it wasn’t an actual zombie. I would probably be pissing my pants if I had to wake up and open my eyes to a half decomposed face. Not really something you want to wake up to in the morning, and to manage that, I wonder what kind of shots you had to take to end up there. Now, I just realized that I haven’t really introduced who the other people in this group are. Well, to be the first person to post in this journal, I guess I’ll give you a brief bio of each member of this group. I’m the brainiac Anthony, which you all know. Alright, so where to start…okay, let’s go from oldest to youngest, even though that really doest matter. We’re all either seventeen or sixteen anyways. Alright, first off, there’s Natalie. Now the first thing you’re gonna think about her is that since she has cute name, she’s a cute girl. Well, you’re barking up the wrong tree because Natalie could and probably would kick your ass if she heard that. She’s what you call a tomboy who hates nothing more than guys who try to use the fact that she’s a girl to push her around. Trust me, back when there were more kids at this orphanage, she would lay some of the boys out when they would not pick her to play on their basketball team. Now she’s grown up and is a little, well…developed, but now a days, if she caught you gawking at her, she’d lay one right between your eyes. Which is why I gave her the log in, THE TOMBOY. However, she keeps an eye out for the rest of us as the oldest. Next, we have unintelligent Brad. I have to use that word so he doesn’t get mad and kick my ass later after reading this. His vocabulary isn’t very good so hopefully, he’ll go right past it. Brad was always the athletic guy at the orphanage. Always staying active. Then again, what else was he suppose to do? As good-looking, big hispanic kid, what else was he going to do? Read? Ha, fat chance. He was always a fan of baseball. Not that we could ever afford to go see a game, but he always practiced hitting rocks at the fence while listening to games on the radio. He was physically perfect (yet mentally inferior), and could’ve been adopted if he wasn’t already so old. Now he spends his time trying to survive like the rest of us. He’s still an arrogant jock, but he’s strong, and right now we need that kind of protection, even if him and Natalie constantly fight for “leadership” of this group. That’s why his log in was THE JOCK Now, a jock would not be set without his little princess. That’s where Jessica came in. Although she did not exactly have the best clothes and jewelry, she had the looks of a model, and she knew it. I remember many times when we would bump in the halls or at the cafeteria and I would muster a little hello and she would just walk off as if I was invisible. It made me a little made, because at the time, like every other boy around the orphanage, I had a little crush on her. Well as time passed, that crush turned into an annoyed perception of Jessica. She was just, super peppy around some people, and then really mean around others. And it never changed after this whole nightmare came, but the only thing that probably changed is that she is just more terrified at random things now. It’s almost funny that her log in was THE PRINCESS. Next on the list is this really strange guy. Unlike the rest of us, he didn’t live her since he was a toddler, but instead was left here at the age of maybe eight or so, which means he vaguely remembered his past family. However, the messed up part is that his family was a bunch of war veterans who taught him of the dangers of almost everything out there. He’s a paranoid freak past his asian features. To him it’s as if he is some poor soldier stationed in Korea or Nam. Before the nightmare he use to be a loner, spending his time just looking around while drawing pictures. We all just kept our distance because we always thought that he would like murder us if we got near him. But that was the thing, he was just strange like that. Just

recently after forming this pact, we actually found out his name! He actually told us! And why is that amazing? He never spoke until now! His name was Alan and now he is still paranoid, but there’s a calmness about it. As if he’s watching out for us. Which is good, since he’s the only one with a decent weapon against those creatures out there. A good killing tool, his old man’s war saber that was left with him as an heirloom at the orphanage. His log in is THE PARANOID, and I’m just glad he’s killing zombies and not us. Now there’s always that one kid in the group that everyone just loves and hates. If that had to be anyone, it would have to be Zachary. Zachary was always that fat kid at the orphanage. He would sneak candy bars from the kitchen into his pillow case and munch on them at night when the managers were asleep. He had a sweet tooth I guess. Before the nightmare, Zach was always picked on, mostly by the bigger kids, but that’s besides the point. Sometimes they were cruel to him, but I guess it didn’t matter to me since the more who picked on him, I guess was less that would mess with me. However, he had a knack at being funny and making people laugh, other than people laughing at him. And in this nightmare, I guess a little laugh helps us get on through the day. He’s lost a little weight, but is still a little chubby today, but he helps us shed some light in the dark world we live in. However, as a joke I gave him the log in THE FAT KID. Lastly, we had little miss animal lover. Now back at the orphanage, pets were strictly forbidden. For many reasons such as, people like Jessica would get jealous, Alan would probably kill any pet that bit him, and Zach could eat them. Everything was just unpredictable, however, I remember before the nightmare began, Bella, the youngest of our group, would always visit an abandoned German Sheppard by the fence where she would pass through food. The weird thing is that she would even do that, since we didn’t even get fed that much anyways and that the food could probably kill the dog, since it was so bad. But the dog didn’t seem to care, so why should she? The dog kept coming back and eventually became her partner in this zombie world. She named it Rocco, and boy is he vicious. Not sure how he goes up against a zombie, but not a bad friend to have. That’s why I gave her the log in THE ANIMAL LOVER, because how she bonded with the animals around her, well the ones left that is. Now, some of these people will probably not agree with my perceptions of them when they read this, but seriously, who are you going to believe? A bunch of random strangers, or me, an intelligent, anti-social brainaic? I guess I’ve rambled long enough in this journal entry, but as of now, we have to set off to search for some last minute things in this orphanage. To see if we haven’t missed anything important. We need to get done before nightfall at least, since it’s dangerous to wander into the dark hallways or open rooms without the lights and fortifications of our safe room. Good thing Jessica heard the dog scratching…we’ll have all morning and afternoon. And you wonder why I despise her. End of Entry BR2 THE BRAINIAC

August 29th, 2010, 1:35 P.M. THE TOMBOY Journal Entry TB1: To think this wuss had the balls to name me bluntly as “the tomboy”. Hope he watches himself, or I might as well give him a quick kick in the nuts in his sleep to show him who’s boss around here. Alright, so I’m guessing most of you know who I am already? Well, guess again. You may know that my name is Natalie, but call me Nat. I don’t need dumbass boys to get weird around me and be like, “oh you have such a pretty name”. Well, save it for someone who gives a shit. And if I hear you say my name, oh you better hope those zombie bastards got me, or else I’m gonna kick your teeth out. Brainiac boy had to learn that the hard way, that smart ass. I’m sure I gave him a big enough bruise to last him the next few weeks. Anyways, the reason why I’m even writing in this stupid journal thing is because Brad and I went to search through part of the orphanage. To find some things that you know may be useful? I don’t know. Stupid boy genius decided to join us because he has some fetish with knowing more about these flesh-eating bastards. I said, “whatever works, but if he got his leg chewed off, it wouldn’t be on my conscious. So, we started off by gearing up with some weapons. We were holding off in an old attic that happened to have an old wood-burning furnace. We guessed it must’ve been the janitor’s room or something. We never really put much thought into and was just glad we didn’t have to freeze at night. The area was just a safe spot because we had windows to see the bastards all over the place, and at the same time, the only entrance was a ladder that went up to a steal door. And we all know that zombies are too dumb to climb ladders. So, back to the story, we decided to search some parts of the orphanage to find some things such food, or maybe a better weapon than the shit we had: a baseball bat, a rotten wood plank, and a rusty, broken pipe. Alan had his heirloom sword, but as the paranoid freak he is, all he does is sit in the corner and holds onto it to dear life as if a horde of zombies would jump out of the wall next to him. So, using that without him holding it, was obviously out of the question. So with Brad and his baseball bat, brainiac with his lab top, and myself with the pipe, we were ready to go on our little scavenger hunt. And thanks to little miss princess and her ears, we had PLENTY of time to search. And even better, with that scream of hers that woke us all up, who knows how many of those bastards she attracted. Now I’m not going to butter any of this up and try to make it sound as intelligent or artistic, whatever you readers like to read, I’m just going to make it as blunt as possible. We all climbed down through the hatch with Bella closing the door, wishing us a safe journey. That happy-go-lucky girl really pisses me off sometimes. And as we got down, brainiac boy messes up as usually and almost trips on his way down. I mean I would love to see him fall and break his ass any day, but we really didn’t need the extra noise to attract an army of THEM. Thank God Brad caught him, or else I’d hope that the zombies got to brainiac boy before I did. Which at this point would be heaven to him. From the ladder we moved through some doors and hallways to find the cafeteria. It was kind of funny that it still smelled the same as before: full of rotten food and rat shit. Maybe to the normal nose, they would get sick, but us, we were pretty much use to it by then. And many of you are wondering why it was so poorly managed, well, when you work at an orphanage where kids like me were always around, and you were getting paid below minimum wage to “do community work”, you’d not give a shit either to how clean or nice it was. We didn’t even bother looking for food and supplies here, because seriously, would you eat that crap? So we pretty much just moved on. It didn’t help that brianiac boy wouldn’t stop complaining about the smell. We got into a hallway and at that point, this raunchy smell hit us. It literally smelt like a dead body or something, and that’s what we found. Well, we didn’t find an actual body, but we could see blood stains on the ground. However, the worse part was that these huge stains looked like somebody had been cut open or something and were dragged out, at least that’s what we saw from the stains that went down the hallway. Wasn’t really the best thing we wanted to see, but to live, we just gripped hard onto our weapons and just prepared for the worse.

We were on edge, pretty much paranoid of every single sound we heard and anything close to a scratch, or a footstep. It felt tense, and brainiac boy behind us was breathing so hard that I almost wanted to smack him upside the head with my pipe. However, I only told him to shut up. We went around the corner of the hallway into a small lobby where we found one of the stair cases that would lead us up to the office rooms where the married couples would go up to talk to the management to talk about rescuing one of our sorry asses from this hell hole long ago. Unfortunately, after you hit a certain age, you just had to wait until it was time to leave. Lucky for the seven of us, that was the case. Not that I wanted a family…I just feel bad for the rest of us for having to put up with all this shit. Brad suggested we check out the office lounge for some things. I said that since we were pretty much fighting to survive, why the hell not. We moved up the stairs slowly. I took the lead, because as the oldest, I had to make the example. I wasn’t scared, but if I stayed behind, then the rest would think I was, and there was no way in hell I was going to do that. The steps creaked with almost every step, which almost made me go insane. It felt like every creak was louder and louder like a car horn or something, only seconds away from a zombie to hear. We got to the top to another hallway where we found three rooms. One room was this room full of papers and file cabinets. Not very useful now. Another room was the office with a desk and a few chairs. Probably where they talked with the parents back then. The room didn’t look like it had anything useful in it, so we just passed it and went to the managements personal lounge. When we first walked in, the room was pretty dark. It didn’t help at all that brainiac boy was starting to want to leave and whining the entire time. Good thing Brad read my mind and shut him up. Now the room was small, but we knew that it would be a good idea to check to office lounge because you kind of had to think like the managers. If you were forced to supervise this shit hole, would you really want to eat the cafeteria food? Didn’t think so. So we knew that there was some stash here. Even if it would just last today, we didn’t care. It’s better than going hungry tonight and have to deal with it the next day. And by then, who knows how many of those zombies would be at our feet ready to rip our kidneys out. Let’s just say it’s a hell of a lot easier to run with a full stomach than an empty one. The room was small as usually. It had a few chairs and sofas, and even though Brad thought it would be cool to bring one back, I had to remind him that if he wanted it, he should carry it back himself and up the ladder. We searched and searched the room, pushing books off of stands and taking off pictures and “awards” for helping the community and all that kind of bullshit. Brad and I tore the place up, racing against the clock to hurry the hell out of there. And with brainiac as look out, that didn’t help at all. Every second he would be like, “I think one of them are coming!” and Brad and I would come check to see nothing. Almost made me want to throw him out of the window, the coward bitch. We found almost nothing, which sucked a lot because we were hoping for at least something. That’s when we hit the jack pot. I was checking out underneath the managers desk when I found this small little drawer or compartment, whatever suits your vocab, and I saw this key hole. I called Brad over and we both looked at it. Now, many of you would think that there would be nothing but important papers inside, but think about it from our perspective. What the hell would orphans want with papers? That’s why there was a paper room and it was pretty much open to everyone, because they knew it as well as we did, we couldn’t do much with paper. However, seeing how this was locked, we knew that it had to be something that the managers would want to keep away from orphaned children. And what would that be? Many things. Maybe good food for themselves? Candy taken away from the kids who smuggled them in? Or maybe even little things we use to hold close to ourselves before the bastards stole them from our hands. Anything could be in there, but the problem was that it was locked. Now none of us are that good at pick locking, so we had limited choices. Brainiac boy said to leave it and said we should head back…wuss. Brad said that he could try to pick the lock…that would probably take too much time. So we went with plan Nat. And before you could even count to three, my foot knocked that drawer open! The rotting wood probably helped a bit, but it was all power dude. And only power that I could show. It was funny that brianiac freaked out a bit from the noise, but right now I couldn’t give a shit what happened. I just wanted to get some things and get the hell out. And seeing Brad just give his “whatever” face was worth it. That’s right Brad! Not only boys can be tough!

We opened up the compartment and boy did we find the jack pot! Apparently the manager had been keeping a whole stage of food down there. Not like a whole bunch, but we found several cans of baked beans, a can of corn, and a bag of Lays chips along with a few paper plates and plastic forks. It seemed like the bastard managers were holding out on us all along. And we knew it wasn’t that much, but it meant food for the day, which meant another day survived. We filled our bags with what we could carry and started to head back through the doors, back down the stairs and towards the hallway to the cafeteria when we ran into trouble. Just as we got to the hallway, down toward the cafeteria, we could make out a small-framed body that was kneeling over the blood stain, and after focusing more, we could see it almost licking it off the ground. Talk about desperate right? Brad and I stood still, almost looking at each other to figure out what to do next, but dumbass brianiac boy had to gasp and attract the zombie. Brad and I had the same thought then, “man am I gonna kick his ass when we get back.” Now this was like something you see in the movies. It was just freaky when the zombie stopped licking and suddenly jerked its head up. I mean it was just nasty! Its eyes were just bloodshot and half its face was like rotting. You could see its teeth just filled with this black gunk. Thank God it was still dressed or else I would’ve puked out yesterdays lunch. It looked like it was a woman of some sorts. Like an old lady from a retirement home, seeing how it was kind of chubby and slouching. It even made its moans like an old lady, which literally made the situation more funny in a sick sort of way. Now there’s was this thing they use to say about zombies back then. Like in the third Resident Evil movie where every zombie was like super fast or super strong. Well, that shit didn’t happen. Most zombies, when they turned at least, became the same as an old person. They moved slowly, made weird sounds, was always hungry, and nobody wanted to be around them. Which was really awesome, because none of us would want to have to run, possibly trip on a random rock and then break an ankle just to try to escape these slow ass monsters. So at this point, we knew that all we had to do was to not get chewed up and we’d be in the clear, however…zombies like many other dumbass animals had a way to communicate with others, so we basically had one option: shut the thing up before it called some of its buddies. Now I suggested it, but you could see Brad and brainiac just sit there like two boys at a strip joint, only thing is that right now they weren’t turned on (we at least I’d hope not) and were a little scared. So I did what any other leader would do. I laughed a bit, and then took a few steps forward and with my pipe I smashed it across the chest. And man did that FEEL GOOD! You could hear the ribs cracking when I sent that bastard back. Almost like having a good cry except it involved a pipe, a zombie, and no wussy tears. However, as I turned to almost cheer and give the “suck it” dance to both of them, brainiac boy was pointing in my direction. I didn’t get what was trying to do, but then I could hear sounds of the zombie lady getting up. Now understand that this was like my first zombie kill. We’ve watched them for some time from our safe house, but not that many times have we run into them, so I thought I had taken care of the bastard. Apparently…I didn’t. Now this all happened really quick. As I turned around the bastard was getting up. I could see this black gunk coming out of its mouth, like blood if I had wasted an actual old lady. However, the bastard wasn’t done. It just got up like it wasn’t phased at all. And that was when brainiac wussingly said, “You have to destroy the brain!” All I could do was make a comeback like, “I’ll destroy your brain!”. But it was all too quick. The thing got up and came after me before I could raise my arms to smash its face. Then the worse thing imaginable happened…Brad ran past and homeran the bastard right in the face, saving my sorry ass. The bat dented the zombie’s face inward and then as a precaution he smashed it again at the top of the head. He was breathing hard, but then game me this asshole smirk and said, “I guess that’s Me:1 and You:0”. Ugh I hated that! I just wanted to break his pretty boy face at that point…and then brainiac came up and had to rub it in. “Next time go for the head.” Which then I punched him right in the face, knocking him out. Ah, it felt good. Brad almost shook from the act and just picked him up and said that I should calm down. I just said, whatever as we walked back to the ladder.

To think that the first zombie we fought was killed by Brad and not me. It makes me mad sometimes when I think about it, but all I can say is that the next one is mine. And this time I’m not just gonna break its face, I’m going to kick its teeth in. We managed to carry brainiac boy back up the ladder and everyone was relieved to see us come back. Well all except Alan because he’s always wired up. He was actually gripping really hard on his sword when we got back and didn’t even say a word. Freaky bastard. We closed the hatch and opened our bags to show the cans. The rest was pretty happy especially Zach because he’s a fat ass and always wants to eat something. We got out some of the pots we stole from the Cafeteria not too long ago, and started cooking up the beans. It was a good thing that zombies didn’t care about human food to want to find it, otherwise we would’ve been surrounded awhile ago. I grabbed my plate and my portion, as small as it was, and ate by myself. Zach was going zombie and taking down his beans quicker than ever, whining about the chips while Brad was bragging about the kill he got to Jessica. It was almost pathetic to see her just idolize him like that. Made me almost want to throw them both out of the window. Bella was sharing her beans with her dog who laid close by. Never really understood how she could care about that dog so much. Its not like it could protect us, but she was always like that I guess. Caring for things that really didn’t need to be cared for. Alan sat in his corner, just sitting there thinking. We knew he was paranoid, but not in the sense you would think. He just stood there awake and focused, as if he could hear when the bastards were coming. I had to bring him his beans for him. I told him, “eat up. You never know when those bastards are gonna surround us. So we’ll need you fed so you don’t slow us down.” He just told me to quiet down so he could listen. Freaky bastard. So I left him his beans and went back to where I was sitting. I looked over at the last portion in the pot that was meant for brainiac. He still hadn’t come to from his “minor coma”. He was laying on the ground with a this stupid look of half sleep and half bruised forehead. Almost made me chuckle. However, I was sorry for him, so after a quick nap, I decided to go write in his stupid journal thing that he was always talking about last night. Thought it at least help us keep track of what happened to us. However, brainiac boy better find a way to change this stupid ass log in name or else I’m gonna have to kick his teeth in. Other than that, all I can say is that’s pretty much all that has happened until now. I guess I’m gonna get another nap in before we all start deciding what to do next. The last thing I want to mention is: baked beans never tasted this good. Nat out. End of Entry TB1 THE TOMBOY

August 29th, 2010, 4:28 P.M. THE PRINCESS Journal Entry PR1: I’m not sure how this works, but right now there’s not much I can do except write down my thoughts. Tomboy girl and Brad left again to look for more food which makes me feel…I don‘t know, alone. Now I don’t care much about her at all, but I’m worried about Brad. I mean it’s not like we’re together, but I worry about him a lot, you know? I mean think about it? He’s the only real man around here. Who else can I turn to when I need protection? Zachary is all gross and blob-like. Anthony just stares at me like a horny child. And Alan…nobody knows what he thinks about. He just sits there, all quiet like. So as you can see, I’m completely helpless. It’s not that I can’t take care of myself…I just can’t. I’m too scared of all this stuff that is going on, you know? I think I need to vent a little. I’ve been a little stressed lately. Not just over the whole zombie-taking-over-the-world, but over other things too. I mean, there’s just so much going on. I’m always hungry. Most of my friends are dead. And now I have to survive in this nightmare with all these people. I think they hate me. Do you think they hate me? What if they try to hurt me? Okay, I need to relax…but I can’t. How can I trust anyone when all of them probably stare at me? I mean I’m good looking and if Brad’s gone, what’s to stop anyone from…you know…maybe I’m just freaking out a bit. I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in a long time. I keep hearing things at night, and it’s not my fault that I’m fighting to stay alive! Right? I just wish that my parents didn’t abandon me…maybe I could’ve been in a nice home, with nice clothes, a shower to myself, and maybe a nice puppy. Not like Bella’s dirty dog, but a sweet little puppy. You know I use to wish about that kind of life growing up. Every time a couple would visit, I would always put on my best clothes and walk around and smile. I would try my best…but no couple wanted any kid older than ten. They always picked up the younger ones…the lucky ones. But I never gave up hope you know? I just waited, and I always told myself that one day I’ll find that home and be happy. To be…happy. I wonder what it feels like. I guess I’ll just sit and wait. Writing in this just makes me feel worse and I just want Brad to come back. End of Entry PR1

August 29th, 2010, 4:50 P.M. THE FAT KID Journal Entry FK1: I saw how Anthony, Natalie, and Jessica wrote in this journal, I thought I might as well get a crack at it. Now since Anthony made this so that we could only write and read on our own log in, I’m not sure what many of you all think of me. I mean the first thing you’re all thinking is that I’m this super fat kid that cares nothing more than just to eat, right? I’m pretty sure that’s what all of them have been talking about. Well, they’re wrong! I’m not huge…I just have a bad metabolism, okay? And can I help it? Every day is getting worse and none of us have had a decent meal in forever. Can I help it? And it doesn’t help that everyone thinks of me as a fat ass. You think it doesn’t hurt when people treat you like that? Before the zombie thing, most of us were like normal kids, just orphans I guess. There were cliques. Like you know Brad and Jessica? They were the ones everyone liked to talk to. Brad was a big bully and always treated me like crap and Jessica probably thought I was invisible. Do you know how that feels? To feel like you’re not good enough for anyone? I had nobody. Bella always spent time by the fence with that dog, Anthony was always by himself, and nobody knows what Alan use to do back then. He was more like a shadow who that you’d see one in a while. Like seeing brownies in the cafeteria. It was rare. And don’t get me started with Nat. She was like the bully on the play yard. She didn’t like it when people looked her in the eye, and if you ever did, she would always knock you onto your ass and then say the same threat, “Hey, look at me like that again and I’ll kick your teeth in!”. As you see, it’s tough trying to live with these people. Not because I think they are going to kill me or anything, but because I just can’t fully trust any of them. For example, say a bunch of the zombies surrounded me. Do you think any of them would risk their lives to save me? Why would they? What can I do? I can’t fight. I can barely run. I can’t really help out in any way. So would you rescue me? And I know what you’re thinking. You want to feel bad for me. I feel bad for me. And maybe that’s why I eat so much. Why I use to smuggle candy and stuff long ago. Because it was the only way to vent and feel good. Because I didn’t have that kind of comfort. I just wanted to anyone who reads this that I may be a little big, but I’m human you know? I have feelings. Surprised, huh? I actually have feelings…and I’m hungry, scared, and I feel alone. That’s why I want people to remember that even though I could die tomorrow, this pain of almost insignificance…it hurts. Just thought I would tell you. Laterz, Zach. End of Entry FK1

August 29th, 2010, 5:11 P.M. THE ANIMAL LOVER Journal Entry AL1: Hello everyone. The first thing I want to say is that I hope you’re all safe. Things haven’t been going our way lately, but I’m sure if we give it some time and just keep hope, we’ll manage through it. Now the reason why I’m writing an entry is because I’ve been getting this vibe from everyone. Like a negative vibe, and it kind of makes me feel a little icky. You know like dirty, and it makes me want to smile and tell everyone it will be alright. I tried earlier but everyone just ignores it. Not sure if it’s just me or maybe they are having a tough time adjusting, but I’m sure everything will be alright. We just need a little positive attitude. I mean it could be worse, right? I mean look at Rocco and I. I use to be alone at the orphanage and Rocco use to be alone too. The only thing different was that he was hungry. His owner had abandoned him, and I was pretty sure that it must’ve hurt him. I mean think about it. As an orphanage I never had someone who cared for me other than the workers. But Rocco did have someone and that person left him. He must’ve felt unwanted. And that’s why I use to share him my lunch outside. I just wanted him to feel like someone cared. You know, to show him some love. Maybe I was lonely and was trying to reach out, I’m not sure, but in the end look at us. We found each other and now we are inseparable. Rocco keeps me safe at night and I keep him happy. You should see how he wags his tail when I pet him. I know for sure that it always brightens my day when he does. Now I just wanted to address to everyone to not worry. Everything will be okay. I’m sure that the government or someone will rescue us soon. We just need to give it some time and then before we know it, boom, there they are! We just need faith. I just wish that the rest would see it that way. I mean Brad and Natalie are always fighting over being the leader. Can’t we all just be friends and look out for one another? I’m sure we all would be happier if we all just got along. And I keep seeing Jessica feeling uncomfortable. I want to give her a hug, but she always just tells me she’s ok, so I let her be. Zach seems alone, but every time I try talking to him, but he’s always so nervous to talk. I’m not sure why, but I guess he just needs space to think you know? And poor Anthony and his bruised face. I tell ya, Natalie can throw a punch. Not sure I agree with her methods, but I’m sure it was in good attentions. She’s a sweet girl. However, there’s one thing that makes me wonder. It’s Alan. How he’s so alert, yet so calm. Sometimes, I think he’s just sad and I want to tell him that it’s going to be okay, and other days he seems okay as if he’s just content. I think that I want to make it my secret goal to make him smile. Talk about a major goal there. However, it might take some time. Also, I should make a reminder to try to find a toy for Rocco. He’s getting bored now a days, and I want him to feel like a puppy again. Yeah, that would be good. To see him happy. And then I’ll try to make everyone happier. Just wait. Give it some time and a little positive attitude, and it’ll happen. Trust me. Peace everyone! Bella End of Entry AL1

August 29th, 2010, 6:20 P.M. THE BRAINIAC Journal Entry BR3: So apparently I’ve been out for sometime. All I remember is that I had just witnessed Brad annihilate one of those creatures and then before I knew it, everything went black. Bella told me that Natalie was talking about giving quite a punch, so I guess that crazy bitch knocked out my pervious hours. I’m not sure if I should be mad that she did, or scared that she might do it again. I’m not sure, I think I’m just going to try to ignore it. It’s pretty sore though. Bella gave me my portion of the baked beans…even though they got cold now…whatever. It’s still food and as long as Zach didn’t steal them, I guess I should be happier. I’ve noticed that some of the others have started making entries. I can’t really read them, but it’s good to know that people are taking this record thing seriously. Hopefully they understand how to write in it. Ha, except maybe for Brad. He’s quite the Neanderthal. Man I hate that guy. But it doesn’t matter. I’m better than him. Just wait and see. I’m smarter and more capable at getting us rescued than he is…all he can do is bash a few zombies, but does he know how to make a radio? Does he know anything about machines and technology? NO! That’s why I’m more important than him…I have to be. Man. Why does every look up to him like that? Like what does Jessica see in him? Why does Natalie see him has this rival? Why do I feel like I’m shit compared to him? I just want to better than him. However, the truth is…I’m not. It wasn’t always like this however. We actually use to be pretty close friends. I was around the same age as him so we always grew up when we were young. We use to tell jokes, play games and such. We use to laugh and do a lot of things together. We use to be two troublemakers too. Not like big things, but messing with the cafeteria workers, small stuff ya know. But something happened as time passed. Neither of us were being adopted and we just seemed to get different interest. I started reading more and he would get bigger. And then you would see how the managers and the others talking about how great he was. And that’s when he kind of changed. He ate it up. He became this arrogant bastard and was just so full of himself. I remember this one time I saw him in the hallway and I just said a casual hello, and the bastard just gave me this smug look like as if he was telling me, “how the hell are you?”. And ever since I kind of hated him from a far. For how he acted, how he was, and how he was just better than me. That’s why I just wanted to be better than him. Anyways, enough with that, I should get back to my main reason why I wanted to post. Alright, so what we’ve observed from these creatures, I’ve learned that the zombies have various traits that we can use to our advantage in the future. For starters, they are the living dead, which means that they don’t feel pain. I’ve confirmed that from Nat’s attempt earlier today. However, it seems the myths about a zombie’s main weakness is their gray matter: their brain. And now when you think about it, it does kind of makes sense. The human brain controls everything in the brain so it only makes sense that if you get rid of that, a zombie just becomes nothing more than just a corpse. The only problem is that speed may vary in some zombies that can depend on variables such as: age when said human turned, physical traits such as height and weight, and level of decomposition. The zombie we had encountered earlier was an old woman who seemed to have been decomposing faster than normal. Which leads me to belief that she was dead for some time before she turned from the infection. However, how that happened I’m unsure. Is the infection airborne? Or is it only dangerous when the body has already died where it becomes vulnerable to the infection? So many questions to think about. All of which we will need to figure out as time passes. My head really hurts, and it feels really sore, and Bella seems to laugh, like in an innocent way, every time she looks at my face. I’m not sure why, but I can’t find a mirror to check it out. Also, another thing I had to mention about the little mission we did before I went out cold, Natalie probably said I was acting like a wuss. Well all I have to say is that I was just shocked and she was just being immature about it. And I can’t believe she went off with Brad again without me. What if they come across more of those creatures? I need to learn more about them if I hope to learn a way to decimate them. I guess I have no choice but to wait. However, it’s been a few hours, so I’m not sure what’s keeping them so long. Jessica is becoming a nervous wreck and Bella is starting to get worried. Zach could probably care less and Alan…man what the hell is that guy thinking?! God that guy bugs me…

End of Entry BR3

August 29th, 2010, 7:24 P.M. THE TOMBOY Journal Entry TB2: Alright, now I have to quickly write this down before I forget everything. So Brad and I went off to get more food around 3:30 according to brainiac’s computer. We thought that if we could get lucky with the beans, we could probably get luckier maybe in the other rooms such as the storage rooms and maybe celler as creepy as that sounds. However at first we decided to do a thorough sweep of nearby rooms. At first we were more careful around the hallway were we met our first zombie. Lucky us there wasn’t any. However, I was hoping I would be able to kick some teeth in to show dumbass Brad that I could. I was getting sick of him reminding me of his stupid kill. WE GET IT BRAD. GET OVER IT. Man I wanted to kick his teeth in. Anyways, we moved past the hallway and around the corner. Instead of going up the stairs we went past them toward another hallway. There were the window panes that went outside. We had to stay low to make sure we didn’t attract any unwanted attention from the outside. That’s right, we had to crawl to stay out view of God knows how many zombies that were outside either nearby or far away. We didn’t want to have to deal with that shit, so we crawled. It didn’t help that there were cockroaches scurrying across the floor. I also noticed some blood stains here and there. I tried to wonder what had happened here when all hell broke loose. The reason why none of us really know was because we managed to escape to the attic and hideout there covering our ears as the infected caused havoc to every person in the orphanage. Well, every one of us except for Alan. We kind of found him after the whole chaos, but that’s another story for another day. So we were crawling across this hallway and managed to get to one of the recreational rooms. Not like high tech stuff, but boring stuff like an old chess board and some book cases. Brainiac boy’s home as I knew it. The loser was always here reading. We looked around but we didn’t find anything useful other than a few books. And since none of us want to read, it didn’t seem very important at the moment. However, seeing that we might be staying here for some time, I thought I’d at least make note of it that we could always go back and take a few if time just seemed like too long to just sit around doing nothing. Other than that, we just moved on, quietly. That’s another thing, I don’t know why Brad even went with. The douchebag doesn’t even talk to me the entire time and just makes it awkward as hell. I’m guessing he just didn’t want me coming back to say that I killed like 100 zombies without him seeing it. The arrogant bastard’s competitiveness is just dumb, ya know? But whatever, if pretty boy wants to see me waste more zombies then him, then I guess I’ll have to let him have it his way. After the rec room, we moved into the lobby where the big doors stood. There was a bunch of furniture just piled up against the doors which was kind of a relief in a sense that anything on the outside couldn’t really get in…however, with a little more thought, it didn’t stop anything that was already inside. We could also see more stains all over the place. As if there was so much struggle and fighting around this spot. I didn’t know what, and I’m sure Brad didn’t know either. We just prepared for the worse and the hell that even came after that. From the lobby, it branched off into a few more different areas. One hallway went off toward the large part of the building where all the orphans slept. Like all the rooms and stuff. Another hallway went to the medical side where the nurses and doctors use to work. And then the last hallway went to the storage area and from there would be the cellar. At this point, Brad actually opened his mouth to talk. We talked about if we needed to explore the other two areas yet as of now. He asked what we needed and I answered that we need food for a few days so we don’t have to go out and look for it every day where zombies could be swarming around. So we agreed on only checking the storage room. Funny, we actually agreed on something. We went to the hallway that would lead us to the storage room. However, something just seemed off as we walked towards it. I’m not sure what it was right then, but I just stood on edge and went ahead, telling Brad to watch our back. It took me awhile to get him to listen, because he was trying real hard to tell me that “as a man, he should be in front to ‘protect’ me”. Arrogant bastard. Don’t you ever have that

feeling when you really REALLY want to kick someone’s teeth in? Well, Brad is a prime example for that feeling. I just ended up moving ahead without acknowledging him. Now this is where it got freaky. On our way there, we stopped because Brad said he needed to take a piss. I know what your thinking, and I was pretty pissed too. I mean it wasn’t like we weren’t trying to survive or anything, but go ahead and do your business douche bag. So I ended up standing outside the boys bathroom waiting for his sorry ass as I pretty much became like Alan and was wired up for any noise or sound. And after a few minutes I hear this shocked scream and end up rushing in to find Brad using his bat to keep a zombie man from chewing his face off. I mean you could see the fear in Brad’s face when he was trying his best to keep the bastard off of him. And boy was he freaky. The zombies nose had been ripped off and this black gunk was leaking out of his ears. One of his eyes was even hanging out. However, what happened next was so fast. I just took my pipe, ran up and golfed the zombies head straight into the urinal. Almost cleaned it straight off of the neck too if it weren’t for it’s stupid neck bones. Brad got back up to his feet and I could see the pain in his face when I told him, “that’s one point for me.” On our way out I told him to flush and wash his hands, which added a little more sting to his burn, if you know what I mean. After that encounter we were a little more on edge. These bastards could be anywhere apparently and we didn’t want to sit around long enough to find out. We quickly rushed to the storage room which was more like a food cupboard where the cafeteria workers held most of their canned goods and stuff. We didn’t really hope for any meat or fruits or even milk. It doesn’t take a genius like brainiac boy to know that food spoils after some time. And none of us was a doctor to fix a case of the shits. However, we managed to get to the cupboard after some time. Only problem was that it was practically covered in blood prints and everything just seemed creepy. Like that eerie feeling you know? But we didn’t have much time to waste. The room was like a large square with many shelves with doors that would organize all the food. You’d find canned vegetables in one area and then nasty mac’ and cheese in another. There was a lot of places to look so we split up in the room and searched the room. After almost an hour, we managed to find several cans, but not as much as we wanted. I’m guessing that when all hell broke loose around here, a few survivors tried cleaning out the cabinets and only left a few behind before they most likely got wasted on their way out. I found more beans, some chili, corn, stew, and others. Probably enough to last us a few more days if we were not wasteful. Brad had found a few more cans along with a few kitchen knives that he said we could use for weapons. I just said that as long as he didn’t stab himself through his back pack, I could care less. We practically had enough stuff, but we were curious to see what we could find in the cellar and that’s one of the reasons why it took us so long to get back. The reason why we even decided to go down there was because neither one of us wanted to seem like a scared wuss to the other. Brad was like, “should we go down there, or are you too scared?”. And since I wasn’t going to let that bastard try to push me like that, I said that I was scared of nothing and reminded him how he looked when that zombie was over him in the bathroom. That sure shut him up. So, like any other tough girl, I went down into the cellar with Brad. At first it was dark, but we were lucky that the lights were working enough to see. The power was not completely gone so it seemed. At least not yet it wasn’t. It was a little creepy, but I wasn’t going to wuss out just yet. Now the cellar was small and only held a few things such as old papers and things that really didn’t hold much value. The walls were cold and the ceiling was just covered in cobwebs. I felt like I would walk into one at any second, which is why I had to just keep my hand in front of my face. Brad was not to far behind looking around. He was talking about how it was so dark, and even though I wanted to make a snappy remark, I had to admit it was hard to see and maybe impossible to look for things down here as of now. But something had creeped me out just a bit. The floor was kind of sticky with something and my shoes were making this crackling sound that you’d hear if you stepped in syrup or something. Brad had noticed also. And that’s when we heard it. I almost told him to stop when I heard the sound. There was not only the sound of two pairs of feet, our feet, but I could hear a much slower pair if not more. That’s when we could hear it. The moan we all feared to hear. Brad even heard it and we both held up our weapons so quickly looking around as if expecting maybe like ten or so ready to pop out at us. But we

were tried to stay quiet and listen. We just heard it again, just slowly moving around. We couldn’t figure out where, but we knew it was there. That’s when I started to guess that the sticky stuff beneath our shoes was most likely blood, but from what I didn’t know. And I was sure I didn’t want to find a body lying somewhere. However, I got a little confused that the bastard didn’t attack us yet. I mean, what the hell, were we too good for it now? But then I thought about it more, and later realized that maybe they were as blind as we were? I mean we could barely see shit, so what makes you think a zombie can do any better right? Makes sense to me and I’m sure even brainiac could agree. And if he didn’t I’d just lay another bruise on that face of his. But anyways, the sounds of the footsteps was getting louder and we knew that only meant it was getting closer and we were worried it would get us before we got it, so I came up with an idea. In the corner of my eye I could see this flickering lightbulb just hanging there and I thought that maybe if I could tap it a bit, I could maybe let it get brighter so we could see where the the bastard was. So, I reached over with my pipe and slowly tapped on it. BAD MOVE! The light did flicker on, but what I thought was just one zombie, was actually more like four! They were all crouched over and chewing on these dead corpses on the ground across the room and when the light came on, they all set their eyes on us. Man, we jolted for the stairs quicker than you could believe, and for some reason, these zombies were actually pretty quick. Not like olympic 100 meter dash quick, but quick enough to almost bite our asses. We got up those stairs so quick and closed that cellar door so quick that it almost causes our hearts to stop. And then we could feel them coming up the stairs and that only causes us to try a way to close off the door. Brad started finding things to pile up against the door, but he couldn’t find anything and we were losing time fast. That’s when I saw that the door swung inward and had one of those handles that had an opening where I could probably fit my pipe through. And that’s what I ended up doing, sticking the pipe into the handle so that the door wouldn’t budge. We stepped back and watched as the door shook and pounded. It was almost creepy how the bastards fought to get to us and the way they moaned. And that was when we decided to get the hell out of there. We backtracked back through the storage room, back to the hallway with the bathroom, back to the lobby where the furniture was stacked, back through the rec room, crawled back through the window-paned hallway, past the staircase, around the corner, and then back through the hallway. However, before going back into the cafeteria, I kind of stopped when I started looking out the windows to see how the world just seemed dark. It was just like dead, ya know? The sky was just gray and the buildings just looked all broken up and filled in dirt. And I could even see a few of the bastards roaming around in the streets. To imagine what happened to the people that use to live in this town… Brad reminded me that we could day dream when we got back, so we headed back through the cafeteria and back to the ladder to the attic. It was weird when we got back. Stupid stuff as usual happened. Zach asked if we found food and almost shit his pants when we showed him all the cans we found. Bella was just glad we made it back safely and Jessica gave Brad a wussy hug. Can’t believe of all people SHE survived this apocalypse. Alan didn’t move as usual, and the funny thing is that brainiac almost jumped by the sight of me and got out of my way. Almost made me chuckle after what’s happened so far. We all took a rest and after we told the stories over dinner: hot chili. I talked about how I totally saved Brad’s ass from the zombie in the bathroom and he tried to make it sound like I shit myself when we found those four zombies in the cellar. Brainiac was surprised to find out that the zombies were just as blind as we were in the dark. Probably almost messed his pants hearing that. It was just a good time. However, I still have to wonder about everything that’s been going on ya know? It feels like it hasn’t fully hit us all about what has really happened to this town. But I guess the shock is coming and it’s probably better to just feel decent now and worry about feeling like shit later. Totally pumped that I got a kill in today. SUCK IT BRAD! End of Entry TB2

August 29th, 2010, 9:15 P.M. THE JOCK Journal Entry JC1: First thing to say is that I AM THE MAN. And I don’t know how many times I have to say that. I mean seriously? All these wusses and girls try to act like they could survive without me. Well news flash, they can’t! Like that time I had to save miss tomboy’s ass from that bitch of a zombie? Yeah, that was all me baby. And I don’t care that Nat got a lucky chance in the bathroom earlier, if she gave me a few seconds, I would’ve smashed that zombie in the face like a real man. And that’s what I don’t get. Why does everyone just hate me? Because I’m better? Because I’m tougher and I can hold my own without help from nobody? Well, to all the wusses and girls that try to talk shit about me, I got some news: do as I say and I’ll keep you alive. Because it’s that simple. Otherwise when an army of those fuckers come right at ya, well I’ll just step out of the way and let your ass get eaten. Cuz what are you going to do for me? Nothing, cuz you can’t do nothin. I’m the big man on campus and I expect respect because think about it. Who else is going to protect these kids? Fat ass Zach? The guy can’t run worth of shit. Anthony? The dude would probably go into a fetal position if he saw a zombie baby and start crying his eyes out. And I’m pretty sure that Alan kid is just as much of a wuss seeing all he does is sit like a bitch all afraid and shit. And don’t get me started with miss tomboy. She may be all talk and say she can do shit, but trust me, she can’t do anything. And she never will. So take some advice from a real man: for the wusses, get out of my way. And for the girls trying to do my job: know your place. Brad’s the MAN! End of Entry JC1

August 29th, 2010, 11:37 P.M. THE PARANOID Journal Entry RN1: The rest of have gone to sleep. But I’ve always burdened myself to stay up during the night to watch them. I’m not sure why I do, but I suppose it’s because I feel like I need them. They can watch my back so the least I can do is watch theirs. However, I always hear noises. My ears always had great hearing, and unfortunately they have caused me to become this alert, paranoid watch dog. It’s been some time since now. And every day seems to go by slowly. And with every new day, I hear more and more sounds. Have you ever heard the sound of whimpering animals crying as those things devoured it? How about the sound of a child whose turned? The way they growl just makes me wonder if there is any sense of innocence left behind their eyes…and sometimes I just hear dragging footsteps. Sometimes beneath us or usually outside. To imagine how much pain it would be to walk on a broken ankle, slowly grinding your bones away with each stride. I always pity them, the zombies. I wish I could cure them. That’s a fantasy right there…to cure the fallen…to bring the dead back but not like this. You know I use to just sit here and think about the others. What it must’ve been like to grow up here without even the slightest clue to who their families were. Although you may think it was painful, I say it must’ve been nice. Because the difference between me and them is that I had a family before this. I knew the faces of my parents before they left me here. And I can tell you that the pain is a thousand times more painful to lose one’s family than not having one at all. Because at least they can say they just don’t know how it feels…which is what I wish I could do…just not know what it feels like. You know I was not always like this. I use to be a care-free kid. I use to have ambition. I use to be happy. But as I grew older…life just was never the same. My dad was a war veteran from Vietnam and as for my mother, she lived through the hell hole also. To imagine going through a devastating war and then to try to raise a kid in a different world. He was one of the few Japanese soldiers who fought against the North. However, growing up, he never seemed to get over the way of life he was so use to. He was always afraid that something would happen no matter how safe our neighborhood was. He would hide knives around the house and tell me that if there came a time to use them, I would have to take that responsibility. And I was so young that all I could say was, ok. He use to always tell me that I had to be ready for anything. Think of everything before it happened. Know how to stay alive even if it meant always looking over my shoulder. And trying to be a good son, I did as he said. My mind would think of horrible situations and I would devise plans to get out of them. I would think about a bunch of people trying to beat me up and I would try to think of either ways to fight back or escape. And I lived in this mental fear for so long. But I just wanted my parents to be happy so I just shut up and did what they said. It’s weird how some kids just show so much disrespect to their parents. How they put their own wants before those they should have cared about. It often disgusted me to see them just whine about little things. And it was then that I just wanted to shout out, “Be happy with what you got! It could be worse…”. But I could never do much except show that respect to my own. I wanted them to see me as a good kid. I just wanted them to you know…praise me for my good deeds? Appreciate me? Say that I was better than all of them. That I was going to become a great man when I grew up. I just wanted them to say those things to me. And then maybe tell me that I mattered to them. That I was important. That they loved me. But that’s the thing about asian parents…they don’t say these things. They expect us to know. But let me ask you, is it wrong to want to hear it? To just make sure? So that’s what I did. Every day I would be good. Be the ideal son waiting for that moment…until that horrible week. The week before I was sent to this orphanage, my mother was killed in a car accident. Some drunk had ran a red light and it blind sided the passenger side of the car when my parents were driving back from work that night. She died instantly. And a few days later, my dad felt so much guilt that he committed suicide. To think he would stick to his Japanese morals so much that he would put them over his own son. And that sad part was that I was never given the chance to say good bye to either of them…I could tell them that I was sorry that I couldn’t be a better son…or that I loved them.

That’s why I’m the way I am. That’s why I sit in this corner and just think and listen. Maybe if I work hard I won’t let these people down like I let my parents down. Maybe I could protect them with the military saber my dad used to protect his friends back in the war. Maybe if I work hard enough they will grow to appreciate me and say, “thank you” or “good job”. I guess I just felt like writing this down so that maybe if I were to die tomorrow, at least someone could possibly read my words and understand my pain. Until then, I have to get back to keeping watch, which won’t be hard tonight. I can hear the fallen children calling outside. End of Entry RN1 August 30th, 2010, 9:42 A.M. THE BRAINIAC Journal Entry BR4: Holy shit! Everyone here has made an entry? Even dumbass Brad made one! And I’m even surprised Alan got up and wrote one also. Now what they wrote doesn’t really matter, but I’m just relieved that these people actually care about this journal thing. Maybe I’m rubbing off on them. Then again…probably not. But at least I can say SUCCESS with the journal! Another one of my brilliant ideas blossoming as usual. Anyways, I think we need to have a discussion on what we need to do next. Now a few questions we need to think about are: -Should we try moving out of the attic and maybe find a better safe house? -Should we try to find better supplies such as food, clothes, maybe someplace with running water, and weapons. -How are we going to escape or should we just hold up and try to just survive? -What should we do with the zombies? How can we deal with them or should we leave them? -Should we try exploring the rest of the orphanage? Maybe there are some things we could use? I guess we need to just take one question at a time as of now, but eventually we’ll have to figure something out. I guess I’m going to ask what the others think. End of Entry BR4

August 30th, 2010, 12:10 P.M. THE TOMBOY Journal Entry TB3: So brainiac boy went out and just asked to hold a group meeting like he was leader or something. So I told him to shut up, and then I said, “okay let’s hold a group meeting”. Honestly, I thought it was funny, but whatever. So we all talked about a few things like if we should try to get out of this attic and check out the rest of the place and maybe find a better place to hide out. SO DO YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK?! Well duh we should get the hell out of this attic! I think it’s cold as hell every single night and it’s like cramped up here. I mean to picture going to sleep and having someone like touch my arm or something. Man that’s nasty you know? So I think we should actually all move out of the attic and try to find a better place to hide out. I mean what the hell could go wrong other than having Brad get mauled by a bunch of the bastards out there? I mean sounds perfect right?! And if shit goes down, we can just go back, right? As for exploring the place. Man, I would be up for that. My feet are just itching for some teeth if you know what I mean. Other than that, I say we go for it. Hell the seven of us, well more like just Brad, Alan, and myself can take care of ourselves. So the three of us can manage to take care of business while the rest follow from the back. That’s all I got to say then. Nat out. End of Entry TB3 August 30th, 2010, 12:17 P.M. THE JOCK Journal Entry JC2: Nerd thought it would be “smart” to talk about moving out of the attic. What a retard right? I mean who the fuck does he think he is? A loser? A dumbass? Where the hell can we go without running into a bunch of those things out there? And I know that I’m tough enough to kill a bunch of those bastards out there, but now you’re gonna ask me to protect six kids while doing it? Are you kidding me? Protect your own damn self. That’s why I say we just stick around here. Why the hell should we try to risk our necks just because some loser says so? Plus, it’s easier to go look for food in pairs or smaller groups than to have to worry about seven people getting attacked at every corner. That’s what I say about your stupid little question nerd. Brad’s the MAN! End of Etnry JC2

August 30th, 2010, 12:25 P.M. THE FAT KID Journal Entry FK2: So we were suppose to talk about getting out of this attic and you know walking right into the mouths of the zombies down there. I know, it sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?! I mean it’s not that I’m scared but because what if we run into a bunch of the zombies while we walked down some random hallway? I mean think about just walking by and then one of them just break through the window and just clamp onto your neck! We got what we need here. We got safety and food and isn’t that important? Why risk that? What if we got surrounded and had to hide off in a closed off room with all them clawing at the door? We’d be safe but who knows when they would break through or even worse, when we would stay awake afraid and slowly go crazy. How would we sleep with all the fear? What would we eat? What if they all decided to eat one of us? And there’s no way I’m going to be the first one either! So this idea of going? My opinion? MY OPINION IS HELLLLLLLLLL NOOOOOOO! I’m not going to be a meal to either zombie or them. End of Entry FK2 August 30th, 2010, 12:34 P.M. THE ANIMAL LOVER Journal Entry AL2: Well, when I think about getting out of this attic I think about Rocco getting some exercise and an opportunity to get to walk around and stretch out our muscles. And I know all those zombies are out there, but we can protect each other right? And it’s not like a whole bunch will be after us. Just maybe one or two here and there. And who knows what we will find if we search a little? Maybe I can find Rocco a toy to play with. Maybe a frisbee! That would be fun, don’t you think Rocco? Rocco says, “yes it would be!”. I think we should because to be honest, this attic a little small and not many of us have taken a bath in a long time. Haha. Now I’m sure everyone is scared and worried, but I think if we just have a little hope and faith in each other, it won’t be bad. We can help one another and maybe find others! Oooo I would like to meet another survivor, you betcha! I just have confidence that we’ll get through this and this is just one step toward that. Good day every one! Bella End of Entry AL2

August 30th, 2010, 12:40 P.M. THE PRINCESS Journal Entry PR2: I can’t believe glasses boy would even bring up something like that! I mean walking right out where we could all die! I mean how inconsiderate right? How about you just go down there by yourself and see if it’s a good idea! I mean there’s a bunch of them out there and what are we? Soldiers who can fight against them? I don’t think so. We’re just a bunch of kids! What the hell do you think we can do?! And I don’t care that we could find a better safe spot. What the hell is wrong with this one? I’m safe here. We have food. And Brad can stay close to me! It’s fine the way it is! And explore the place? What are we now? A bunch of pirates looking for treasure? This isn’t a joke. We are trying to stay alive, not go on some fantasy trip. Stop being so immature nerdy. We are just trying to survive this and we don’t need people to suggest such dumb ideas just because they are getting a little bored here. So I say we stay, no buts about it! End of Entry PR2 August 30th, 2010, 12:46 P.M. THE PARANOID Journal Entry RN2: I don’t know why everyone is arguing. We should focus on what is important and that is that we need to work together if we even hope to manage to survive this nightmare. Fighting is just going to cause us to split and if we do that we’ll be even more limited in what we can do. Trust me, I’ve thought of it. However, there are too many ways to go about this. And I’m kind of split between the ideas. On one side I think that if we stay here we can just live off of our food and then wait for rescue, however, what if we run out of supplies and this place is dried up? We would have to move out and it would be better to have supplies to survive OUT there than try to make it on the outside with nothing but our weapons and legs to run on. And then what if nobody comes to our rescue? We could be just waiting around until we starve, get sick, or even go crazy enough to kill each other. Which at this point is something I can do without. We all need to work together if we want to survive. It just makes sense to me. We could stay here, but on the other hand we could also move in a group and slowly find a way to move into other areas in the orphanage and maybe secure an area to live in. I’m not sure, but it’s an idea. But then again what if there are a lot of zombies around? Would it be better to put ourselves through that risk? Here we have the advantage of height, but down there we wouldn’t have that. We’d have to think of a plan like secure all entries and find better supplies. And that’s only the start. I’m just stuck between both suggestions at this point. Sometimes I just wished these people would just sit down and think first before performing an action. Have we not learned from our history of trials and errors? End of Entry RN2

August 30th, 2010, 1:30 P.M. THE BRAINIAC Journal Entry BR5: After allowing everyone to record their thoughts, everyone just went crazy and started arguing like no other. It was mainly between Natalie and myself against Brad, Jessica, and Zach. Bella and Alan just stood back and tried to calm us down, but with Nat and Brad involved, things just escalated in this huge molten volcanic eruption of anger. I almost had to remind them that we needed to not ATTRACT any unwanted visitors. At least that calmed them. However both of them were just arguing over the idea. This is how it went: Natalie: We need to get out of here or else we risk of starving up here! Brad: And what happened to getting food like before?! You trying to say that we just leave our only safe spot to do something that we can already do here?! Jessica would just shout encouragement to him like the lackey she was. Natalie: We can find a better place! Somewhere that isn’t so crowded, somewhere that we can actually be comfortable in! I’m getting tired of being so close at night, worrying about people just hitting me or rubbing against me! Brad: Well boo fucking hoo! Stop being such a baby! We can do fine staying here! Zach would mention something but it seemed like he just held it back because he was afraid of the two of them. That’s when Bella would add in. Bella: I think this would be a good thing. We can’t stay in here forever. We’ll eventually run out of food if we just stick around, you know? That’s why we need to get out of here. I know everyone is mad, but that’s because we’ve been through a lot. All of us. We could use the extra space to stretch and maybe get a little air to breathe that isn’t full of so much anger you know? I mean we’re suppose to work together right? Have faith in each other? Brad: Ha, faith? You expect me to put faith in all of you? All that you’ve proven is that you’re all just another mouth to feed. Why the hell should I even listen to any of you? Natalie: Well you would say that wouldn’t you Brad? Because you’re just the “big man on campus” right? Well news flash douchebag, we’re all trying to survive! We all are fighting for our lives! It’s not just you! Brad: Explain to me what would we get from risking our lives down there? Bella: [Calmly] Well we could find better space, maybe better weapons, and even survivors if we’re lucky? What if people have came here and walked through part of the building looking for help? Natalie: There’s a thought. Didn’t think of that one now did ya Brad? Brad: I don’t need this shit. As you can see things were just getting worse and worse. But then something happened. Like kind of weird if you ask me. It was the first time Nat actually went out and started talking like a real leader. Not like one of those dictators who just said shit and made everyone do what they said, but like an actual leader. Like someone you’d look to for help. She just stood up and walked a few steps away and then said: Natalie: We aren’t going to get anywhere by just constantly spazzing out. I say that since we are working as group, we might as well have a vote. Majority rules. And it made sense! I was pretty sure that we could make more progress that way. The first to vote was Brad who reluctantly said no. Jessica was right behind him with that vote. I of course said yes because I thought we could find a better opportunity then staying here. And I could also

learn more about the zombies and find a way to beat them that way. I just made logical sense to me, even if I was weak to protect myself. Bella said that she was for the idea. Like she had mentioned before, it would give us a chance to find more things or even people. And right now, more help would be nice. Maybe they could have a radio to use! That would be extremely helpful right now! Then everyone looked at Zach. He cowardly said no. He was probably afraid Brad would punch his lights out if he said otherwise. So it was two for yes and three for no. And all of us looked at Alan. Now he never said much usually, but this time he was going to and when he talks, man do you listen. You don’t have to take what he says seriously, but it’s like Haley’s Comet. It just came once in a while and you didn’t want to miss it. Or at least that’s how I saw it. Alan was all calm and just said: Alan: It would be safer to stay around here, however I know that if you are going to move somewhere else, you’ll need someone to help protect everyone. I’m not much of a fighter, but with my sword I could be of a little use. So I say yes. Natalie actually smiled a bit and said “thank you, Alan” before looking at Brad and saying like a true leader: Natalie: That’s three for yes and three for no and with me that’s now four for we move out. Everybody pack up… And it was just amazing how she said that! I mean it was just a little exciting you know? I mean she kind of seemed hot at that point…what the hell am I saying?! Nevermind. However, Brad still wasn’t listening. Saying that he didn’t have to listen to anyone. That he was the man and since he said he was going to stay he was going to do just that. And if we wanted to go kill ourselves, we could just go. Natalie then just told him straightforwardly: Natalie: Do what you want, but now you have to get your own food for you and whoever stays. And by the looks of it, it looks like you’re the only one who’s going to have to do the hunting and if you remember the bathroom incident…well next time nobody will be there to protect ya and if you die, that means anyone who stays with you will have to take over that job. And it’s not easy, trust me. So do what you want, but I say this: come with us and you will live at least longer than staying here. I promise that. Bella, Alan, and Anthony, pack your things and gather all the food you can carry. Leave a few cans for these cowards. We’re leaving tomorrow. After she said all of that, I was just a lost for words. The room literally went quiet and Brad actually shut up! After all this time of hearing Nat talking about kicking someone’s teeth in, she actually did in a psychological way. And at that point, we just got our poor backpacks and packed away the few things we could like she asked. Zach actually said that he wanted to come with after hearing all of that and started packing as well. As for Brad and Jessica. They just sat there, pissed off and silent. But there was nothing we could do. If you were going to have that kind of attitude, well I hope they learn before they kill themselves. All I can say is that tomorrow we head out. Which means that there might not be another entry until we establish another safe spot. I’m not sure yet where, but as of now, it can be anything. All I can say is that I hope I can make another entry later on. End of Entry BR5

August 31st, 2010, 3:59 P.M. THE TOMBOY Journal Entry TB4: It’s getting dark and we’ve managed to find a place to crash for next night or two. It’s been awhile since yesterday’s argument and right now I just hope Brad and Jessica haven’t killed themselves. Not that I care anyways because I did say that they should come with us. I guess being stubborn will always come back and bite ya in the ass. Anyways for starters, I should probably recap what we’ve done so far. Now I guess it would just be right if I try to act more like a leader now since everybody looks at me to protect them and keep them safe. So I guess I’ll have to try. But if once in awhile someone will annoy the hell out of me and I guess then I’ll just have to kick their teeth in. So either I would suggest to not annoy me because either you shut up or keep talking, at the end of the day I’m sure I’ll be happy. Not sure if you’ll have teeth or not, but all in all, it works out for me. So we ended up packing up. I had to assign jobs for everyone so we knew what we what to do. Since Brad and I were the only ones who ever really fought these bastards, I knew that if we ran into trouble, I’d have to be the one to help protect the group. So for starters, I made sure we all had responsibilities. Funny that I even mention that because I’m the least bit responsible or organize but I guess since we’re gonna have to survive, why the hell not try? So between the five of us, we only had three good weapons: my pipe, Alan’s sword, and a wooden plank that nobody’s really touched. I was pretty sure that we couldn’t use Brad’s bat so I left it at that. So that made me come to decide that I would take the front and if one of those bastards would pop out, I’d smash the hell out of its face. At the same time, I thought what would we do if one of them came from behind? So that’s why Alan would watch our backs. I wasn’t sure how good he was with that sword of his, but I hope he could chop some heads if he had to. As for the wooden plank, we had to give that so someone that needed a job. Now with Alan and I protecting everyone, there were three people to do a job. Anthony was carrying our tools. Knives, a few nails, broken things that could be fixed, a cooking pot, a few matches, and other stuff along with his little lab top. And then that left someone to carry all the food we found yesterday and let me ask you this: would you really trust Zach with it? Didn’t think so. So I made Bella carry it. That left one person to act as another guard. The funny thing is that Zach was too scared like a bitch to take the wooden plank. I mean seriously? You already got me with a pipe and then Alan with deadly weapon. Why are you scared? Just because you got a plank doesn’t mean you’ll be fighting every single zombie that’s coming our way. Hell, we don’t even know if we’re gonna see one today! I think I just ended up shoving it into his chubby little arms. After being packed up and ready to go, we left the attic around noon after some quick breakfast. More beans and a can of corn which pretty much gave us all the energy to last through the day until at least nightfall I thought which would maybe be around 7 to 8ish. I thought that gave us plenty of time to find another safe spot and then maybe do a little searching for other things. I mean the first time we found the manager’s stash and then the second we found a bunch of left behind food in the storage rooms. Bad thing was that the first time we found one zombie and the second time we found five. I actually wondered if that door to the cellar was holding still as we went down the ladder. Alan went down first and then it was brainiac, fatty, and then Bella had to carry Rocco with one arm down. I gotta say that she’s one tough girl to do that. I actually went down last because I wanted to give Brad and Jessica a last chance to join us. But the stubborn douche bag just said, “have fun”. But I guess it’s his funeral so why the hell should I care, right? Passing the cafeteria we decided to try to see if we could loot any last minute things. The room wasn’t that big but we thought maybe we could find something useful. After about 20 minutes I was about to call off the search and say to move out, brainiac found a frying pan and some forks and spoons. I told him to just grab enough for us and leave the rest. We wouldn’t need that much anyways. I wasn’t even sure we even needed the pan, but whatever. I wasn’t going to fight about it.

From there we moved back down into the hallway passed the cafeteria. The stain was still there also but this time it was dried out. The place smelt pretty nasty and you could see it in the rest of their faces. Zach almost puked because it reeked so bad. Bella actually started saying random questions about it. Like: Bella: I wonder if this belonged to a survivor who could’ve been looking for help? How sad… Brainiac then tried to be smart and said that if it was, then most likely it would’ve been awhile ago judging by how the stains were. Like as if he could figure out how old it was by its color. Didn’t really make Bella feel any better. Very smooth brainiac, very smooth. I just told them that right now it didn’t matter and that we should hurry so that we didn’t end up as another stain on the ground. As we moved on, it was quiet, which was good. That meant that there wasn’t much of them around at this point and even Alan seemed to almost calm down a bit. At this point I thought he would be shaking and wired up like a cocaine addict, but to my surprise he was actually pretty chill. Go figure. We went around the corner and moved past the staircase and saw the hallway with the many window panes. Like before, I didn’t want to have a bunch of zombies coming at us by breaking through the glass, but I told everyone to stay down when going across. Now the windows were actually barred up because the dumbass managers of this place didn’t like kids trying to run away so they had pretty much closed up most of the windows and outside doors so we didn’t get any ideas. I’m not sure why they would do that, but whatever helps them sleep at night. The only reason why I didn’t want all of us to just walk right on through was because although one zombie may not be able to get through the window, a hundred or more probably could and I really didn’t want that attention you see? So down we crawled. It took almost forever thought because Zach was slow as hell. I mean couldn’t he just like turn on his side and just roll over? But no, he had to take almost forever, which made Bella and Alan in the back have to wait up for him. I took the lead with brainiac behind me. The ass was probably checking my ass out. I had to tell him not to or else he would be missing some teeth when we got to the other side. He just gave a smart ass remark like, “you’re ass isn’t worth staring at” or something like that. I just laughed and said that he must be use to being in this position. I’m sure that shut him up, the little bitch. We crossed over and it was barely over 1 P.M. Brainiac’s computer never lies apparently. And we found ourselves in the rec room again. And apparently to the rest, they had forgotten about it and this was like Christmas to them. That’s when brainiac said that we should camp here and use the rest of the time to close off the entrances and then go searching for things. I had to think about it first though because it’s not like you can just take every single idea and just make it happen like that. So we looked around and we saw that it was pretty closed up. No windows and only two ways to get in. The hallway to the cafeteria and then the opening to the hallway to the closed door to the outside. The place was actually pretty big too. Not very, but enough to be comfortable and it even had a fireplace with a few chairs that had been knocked over at some point. Not a bad spot actually and it would probably work. So I just said, “brainiac, looks like you actually got a good idea. Cherish it.”. He really didn’t like that one, but it sure as hell made me laugh. However, we needed to make sure that nothing would like creep up on us during the night so we needed to do something about those entrances, but with what was the question. Brainiac suggest we just take shifts as some sort of watchdog. I told him that he could be the first. You should’ve seen how quick he was to change his mind. Kind of funny if you ask me. Bella said we could

just try to move on and find another spot, and that would’ve been nice and all, but we haven’t checked out the rest of the place just yet so it would be better to stay where we were and then go look instead of just going off and “hoping” for the best. It was actually paranoid boy Alan to come up with an even better idea by saying to use the bookshelves to cover the doorways. There were about six of them and if we stacked them right with three on each side, we could probably make a decent barricade at least until next morning. Hell, there was almost more things in the room to help block up the spots like a few small tables, night stands, and a hell of a lot of books. I’m just glad that brainiac said that the zombies aren’t that strong because their muscles are like rotten cheese at this point and probably could do much against a bunch of bookshelves. I mean they could probably tackle you down, but none of them could like punch the barricades very easily. We first started by taking all the books out. Brainiac was actually taking them out by hand at first. Almost made me lose hope for humanity really. I just lifted it with some held and they bored out. Then with some help from Alan and fatty, we moved three of the book cases up against the entrance to the hallway to the cafeteria and even moved a few small tables next to it. Bella would stack piles of books against it to act as weight. Not sure if it was helping, but I guess why the hell not. Then we took the last three and went to the other hallway and stacked away, leaving just a spot to open up just in case we wanted to go check the place out for other stuff, because you needed to have food and stuff, right? Duh. And after placing other small furniture against that, we were pretty much set. There was a few more chairs left to sit and maybe sleep in and other random little things just hanging around. I wasn’t sure if they were useful, but right then and there, I really didn’t give a rats ass. The room itself had a little creepy vibe however. It was kind of dark and there were a few paintings or pictures of like really old people. I’m guessing they were the people who use to own it. It kind of made me want to take them down if they weren’t already so high up. But anyways, that’s all we’ve accomplished so far as of now. I think I need a short little nap after all this moving of stuff. I guess all I can say is that I hope that all this crap holds up and that we didn’t make enough noise to attract them to it in the first place. Otherwise, I’m gonna take a break. Nat out. End of Entry TB4

August 31st, 2010, 4:25 P.M. THE FAT KID Journal Entry FK3: Zach is back, or at least that’s what I always use to say when I got back. Well I’m a little bored right now and I’m not sure what to do so I guess out of boredom I would just write in this thinger. Now first off, that creepy guy Alan and dog babe went off to do some “exploring”. Bella said she wanted to let Rocco go for a walk and maybe find some useful things on the way. Said she wanted to go stretch her legs, ya know. Man…I’d like to stretch her legs any day. But we both know that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. But can’t hurt to think about it, right? Anyways, Nat has taken a nap and that only means that I hope she wakes herself up because if anyone else does it, well what’s Nat’s favorite phrase again? She’d probably “kick our teeth in”. Which is weird because I’ve never really seen her do it so who’s to say she could? I mean CAN you actually kick someone’s teeth in? I mean that’s like saying “I’m going to chop your arm off” every time you got pissed and anyone with half a brain knows that you could only chop someone’s arm off once. I mean what will she say after she actually kicks someone’s teeth in? Say, “Now go to a dentist, get some dentures, and then I’m gonna do it again!”. Or maybe she’s gonna say something else, which right now I really don’t want to imagine what she’s capable of. Anthony is just reading some random books. I’m not sure what, but he looks like a kid at the candy store with all those books all over the place. He’s also writing so much in this little notebook. I’m not sure what, but I really don’t care. I was never much of a reader anyways. Hmmm…I’m getting really bored and there’s not much to do around here. I would sleep but I’m just not tired. It’s only like four in the afternoon…man soooo early. What if this clock isn’t even right? Like you know set off a bit? It could be night right now and we don’t know it. Not like there are any windows in here anyways. Maybe I should just try to pick up a book and try to read….ew no, actually I think I’m gonna pass on that. This writing thing is making it worse so I think I’m done here. Heh, funny joke. Why do seagulls live by the sea? Think of anything? Because if they lived by the bay, THEY’D BE CALLED BAGELS! AH HA! Yeah that wasn’t very funny, but I’m bored, tired, and I’m gonna see if I can sneak the bag of chips out of the food pack without Nat finding out. Wish me luck! End of FK3

August 31st, 2010, 4:40 P.M. THE TOMBOY Journal Entry TB5: I was woken up which means a few things: I’m still sleepy, I’m crabby, and I’m NOT GONNA TAKE ANYONE”S SHIT! You know here’s some future advice: do not…and I mean NEVER wake me up unless you want to lose some teeth, got me? Fat ass had to learn that the hard way by trying to get the stupid chips and make all that noise with the bag. I gave him a swift kick in the gut. Good luck at eating those chips now, fat ass. Future note to everyone: don’t ever leave the food unwatched when Zach’s around! Now back to sleep and I really hope nobody wakes me up…or shit will go down, trust me. Nat out. End of Entry TB5

August 31st, 2010, 5:35 P.M. THE BRAINIAC Journal Entry BR6: Ever heard a bear whiningly cry out before it got kicked by god? Well that’s what happened not too long ago. Really hilarious stuff actually, but totally irrelevant to what I’m about to talk about. Still funny to mention however and to be honest…I want to see it again haha. Anyways, I’ve been looking through some medical journals that this place somehow manage to obtain long ago. The good thing was that it had TONS of information! Bad thing is that the book is very outdated and nothing in it is relevant enough to help us at all! Which right now is quite unfortunate because we could really figure out a way to fight this walking plague. I’ve actually been keeping a written log of what I know about the zombies. There’s not much and there are still many questions to ask actually, but in time this notebook will be full of facts and experiments! Think if we are able to survive, I could maybe get this published and maybe go onto becoming a famous scientist whose research helped to the end of the zombie apocalypse! I would be adorned with awards like the Nobel Peace Prize and be filthy rich! Oh, it makes me tingle to think about it, which is why I need to get to work with this log. So far, to what I’ve learned, it was a mutated form of rabies that silently killed people and brought them back as primitive beings. Which means that they are like the early men of history where they only performed the basic necessities: eat, sleep, and produce fecal matter. However, at the undead state, body organs do not perform the way they should so thus the third option obviously doesn’t apply because I’m pretty sure we would’ve stepped in some zombie crap a long time ago if there was such a thing. Which brings it down to two options: to eat and to sleep. We all know that zombies consume any type of flesh from human to squirrel and anything in between. However, the zombie is so simple that it just basically goes for the closest meal or the larger meal in some cases. Note to self: experiment this theory in the future. And that’s what I believe as of now. However, a real question is: do they sleep? Even though they are decomposing, do their worn-out bodies need a form of rest when it is not eating? Quite the fascinating thought if you ask me. And something that we need to think about. Another few questions I’ve thought about are zombies capable of emotions? If as a human, if they loved dogs, would they not eat them if encountered? What about being bias? Do some zombies only eat males? Would you consider that homosexuality or sexism? I’m not even sure at this point. But can a zombie be bias when choosing its meal? Do they even choose or is that every time they smell food, do they just go for it? I mean, they have to be picky in some way, right? Interesting thought…maybe I should experiment it sometime. Probably not with actual people but I need packaged meat of some sorts. Another thought: If zombies aren’t picky, why don’t they just eat each other? Is there a way we could just turn them on each other? Like get a bucket of BBQ sauce and just like pour it on one and hope that the rest have a craving for Buffalo Wing Flavored zombie? Hell, that would solve a lot of problems right there and probably rise the stocks for BBQ sauce in the future…man I just realized that was actually a really stupid thought…or is it? Also a few other things that I’ve confirmed from previous witness accounts is that zombies do not feel pain which means that their nervous system is completely shut down. Which is a problem because without pain there is no need to stop if they are per say on fire? And nothing is scarier than a flaming zombie. And at the same time, they are blind! So how do they know where it’s food is? By scent or by sound? Which means if we wanted to get past a large group, if we were to mask our scent or maybe dread quietly, would we be safe? Or maybe we could get some cheap cologne and just cover zombies in it and try to fool them into eating each other. Maybe do the BBQ sauce at the same time? I can see two possible outcome:

A: The zombies will think that the smelly zombie is a lonely teenager and then try to eat him. Which for us means one less zombie to worry about! OR B: The zombies don’t really give a shit about it and then we have smelly, sticky zombies coming after us. Which for us is obviously bad for various reasons that I don’t need to explain. But all of these are just random thoughts as of now to help pass the time. Weird that Alan and Bella haven’t come back yet. Makes me kind of worried you know? Anyways, that’s enough rambling for now, but definitely not the last entry on the subject. I think Nat’s waking up and I really don’t want to be in her line of fire with this delicate lab top in my hand. Actually…Zach is asleep which means if I just grab the chips and place it on him, she’ll forget about me and go for him! GENIUS! Anthony, your mind simply amazes me sometimes. End of Entry BR6

August 31st, 2010, 7:16 P.M. THE ANIMAL LOVER Journal Entry AL3: I know everyone must be worried and I’m very sorry. We decided to see the old rooms again, Alan and I and we just got caught up in all the atmosphere of it. To explain, it all started around 4ish after we set up the camp. Rocco was whining and I thought it would be good to take him for a walk. He was trained enough to not run off and a short walk wouldn’t be that dangerous. However, Alan offered to come with in case something were to happen. He said he would protect me just in case. I don’t know why everyone thinks he’s so strange, I think that was sweet of him to worry about me like that actually. You can’t really expect that from anyone else other than him, right? But anyways, we left behind our packs and traveled light. So if we had to run ,well nothing would be weighing us down. Alan actually suggested it. He thinks of everything sometimes. And after leaving everything behind we had Zach and Anthony help move the barricade to move through. Then you could hear the bookcases slide back. It must’ve been heavy. But it we didn’t worry about it too much. We were had just left anyways and I don’t think that Rocco would be happy if we brought him back. Isn’t that right Rocco? Rocco says yes. We walked down the hallway. Alan was looking around a lot while I just paid attention to Rocco. He was walking ahead and then he would turn around circle back to me. I’m guessing he didn’t want to be alone but he wanted to keep going. How cute right? That’s my Rocco. He’s a big dog but he’s still a cute puppy at heart. That’s when we saw the main entrance. I remember Natalie talking about it when she and Brad went to search for food the second time and seeing it was kind of strange. Almost heart breaking actually. You could see the two doors just covered in all this furniture. Like tables, chairs, boxes, along with boards nailed up against the split in between the door frames. However, the thing that actually broke my heart was seeing these markings on everything. They were like engravings, deep ones that seemed to drag on in some places. You could almost see some specks of dark droplet splatters, not from wounds but from when you would get a paper cut or a small cut from something sharp. There was obviously a struggle, but the doors seemed to hold. However, if they did stay in tact...where did the people go? As we walked, almost scouting the hallway, Rocco's joyfulness disappeared slightly. I tried to catch up and see if he was okay, but he just seemed to stay alert with his nose in the air. As if he could smell something either in the distance or coming this way, neither Alan or I could detect with our eyes. Alan came up beside me and asked if Rocco was okay. He was being the nice guy he always was, asking if we should turn back, but I felt that I wouldn't want to ruin this trip just because Rocco was getting a smell. For all we knew it could've been just an open can of beef or something. Rocco is often hungry and can't help himself you know? I just tried to pet him. Usually he'll turn to me and give me that great big doggy smile of his and wag his tail a little bit...but this once, he didn't move. He just kept focusing ahead. Alan mentioned something about possible danger ahead and that Rocco was just using an animal instinct to detect it, but I knew that couldn't be true. Rocco was not showing any sign of aggression. Just a sense of curiosity. His eyes just pointed ahead, body still, slow breaths. I was getting worried, but a soft, friendly hand on my shoulder eased that tension. Alan: Don't worry too much. He's fine. Are you sure we should keep going? I replied with a little hesitation, "Yeah. I'm sure." I looked back at Alan who just kept his focus on the surroundings, but then I felt a sudden movement. My heart beat faster and Alan almost jumped when Rocco leaped to his feet and ran off down the hallway. Without a bark and without aggression. I wanted

to call out to him, but Alan silenced me with his hand, whispering, "We can't attract any attention." All the worries began to hit. What if he runs into those things?! What if he gets hurt?! What if...What if I lose him? I almost jumped to my feet, slight tears in my eyes from the worry as I almost instinctively followed right behind, without a thought, running after Rocco... END of Entry AL3

OZA: Orphans of the Zombie Apocalypse  

Journal entires from several orphans who have to survive together in a zombie apocalypse.

OZA: Orphans of the Zombie Apocalypse  

Journal entires from several orphans who have to survive together in a zombie apocalypse.