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Advantages of Tactical LED Flashlights for Law Enforcement Personnel For the layperson, LED flashlights are fun gadgets that become necessary during power outages. However, LED flashlights are much more important for law enforcement professionals. Cops and other law enforcement professionals use LED flashlights for many different tasks, from scene investigation to targeting assistance. Anyone who's watched a detective show knows that police officers must occasionally use LED flashlights while aiming a gun - in this tactical application, having functional LED flashlights can make the difference between life and death. La w enforcement personnel also use LED flashlights for non-lethal crowd control and suspect assessment, as when they shine their LED flashlights in the eyes of drivers at sobriety checkpoints. What follows is a catalogue of benefits law enforcement professionals can see by using LED flashlights rather than other types of torches. Throughout, we focus on one of our favorite tactical led flashlight, the HP7 from Coast. Tactical LED Flashlight Advantages for Law Enforcement Personnel Like most high-quality LED flashlights, the HP7 offers a spectrum of light settings, including a focusing option that allows the user to choose more scattered light over a broader area, or a spotlight of very bright light surrounded by a less intense halo of less intense light. Such a light focusing setting comes in handy when closely watching both the face of a suspect (say in the spotlight) while also keeping an eye on nearby happenings (in the surrounding halo). If this is a function that you or your favorite law enforcement professional would find useful, be sure that the flashlight model you select includes a locking mechanism, as the HP7 does. 2. Impressive energy efficiency run time. Long run-time and excellent energy efficiency bring cops peace of mind, knowing that their LED flashlights will actually work under pressure. Compared to other flashlights, LED flashlights run longer on fewer batteries. For instance, the HP7 can run for 5 hours 45 minutes on the brightest setting, and 10 hours on dimmer settings. 3. Comfortable, ergonomic design. Any tool that's used on a daily basis should be so comfortable to use that it almost becomes an extension of the hand itself. Law enforcement professionals who use their LED flashlights daily will appreciate ergonomic features, such as the HP7's easy-to-use power button and all-aluminum, sturdy casing. Highest lumen led flashlight often have more ergonomic features than their incandescent counterparts. LED flashlights produce brighter, more consistent light than do other types of torches. Tactical

LED flashlights deliver especially bright light, since they are designed with professional use in mind. When your life and professional future depends on the accurate perception of your surroundings, a brighter flashlight will always be preferred. Many tactical LED flashlights include custom-made optics systems that are heads and shoulders above your average flashlight. For instance, the HP7 includes a lens-within-a-lens optical system to ensure consistent light output. From focus to brightness, tactical LED flashlights offer many different light settings. For instance, the HP7 can switch between a 251-lumen setting and a 58-lumen setting. Such versatile operation options allow law enforcement professionals to use their LED flashlights more deftly. Few non-LED flashlights offer such a plethora of use settings.

Advantages of Tactical LED Flashlights for Law Enforcement Personnel