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FOREWORD OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD In 2011, education quality was an important issue for many institutions. In December 2011, The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (HBO-raad) and the Minister of Education, Culture and Science signed the general agreement (Hoofdlijnenakkoord) and following on from this, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS) will make performance agreements with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the middle of 2012.


In 2011, the first priority for Hanze UAS regarding investments in both research and education was to consolidate and enhance their quality. In this year, Hanze UAS gave substance to the ideas for quality improvement of education and research with the university-wide project ‘Enhancing a Culture of Quality’(‘Versterking Kwaliteitscultuur’). This project ensured that Hanze UAS adhered to the Improved Governance (Higher Education) Act (Wet versterking besturing). Everyone at Hanze UAS contributes to a culture of quality, for example within the framework of the HRM cycle. We expect our staff to deliver quality, but at the same time we also invest in their quality. In 2011, we once again offered our staff the opportunity to take a Master’s degree or do a PhD programme. At the end of 2011, 64 % of the lecturers at our university had a Master’s degree and 6 % held a PhD degree. Furthermore, the university’s additional investments in applied research, which amounted to an additional sum of 3 billion euros for 2011, had a positive effect on the education quality. The 2011 National Student Survey NSE revealed that students of Hanze UAS rated our institution at a (UAS) 7.1 out of 10. In 2011, the Sirius audit committee in The Hague assessed the excellence in education and research of Hanze UAS positively. The School of Business Management received three-star AISHE

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certificates (Auditing Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education) for its three programmes. This is the highest award for this certificate to date. In 2011, Hanze UAS also worked on the two strategic themes Energy and Healthy Ageing from Road to Excellence (‘Koers op Kwaliteit’), the strategic long-term plan 2010-2015, in which Entrepreneurship and Excellence have been defined as universitywide approaches. The University of Groningen, the University Medical Centre Groningen, and the business community in the north of the Netherlands are the most important joint venture partners. In 2011, our university was also actively involved in the development of the Energy Academy Europe, the Centre for Valorisation and Entrepreneurship Groningen (CVO), the application for a European Centre of Expertise in the field of Active & Healthy Ageing, and the Groningen Confucius Institute.


The slogan ‘Share your talent. Move the world’ remained the guideline for Hanze UAS in 2011. We are a university that wishes to contribute to the development of a strong northern part of the Netherlands by a powerful combination of education in applied sciences and applied research. As a university of applied sciences, we are proud to be the best employer of the north of the Netherlands in 2011, and the first Fair Trade university of applied sciences in the country.

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We would like to thank all staff members of Hanze UAS whose knowledge, creativity and efforts made all this possible in 2011. Groningen, June 2012 On behalf of the Executive Board drs. Henk J. Pijlman, Chairman

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STRATEGIC THEMES Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS) has designated Energy and Healthy Ageing as its most important substantive themes, which tie in with the region’s strategic choice. The university works closely with businesses, government authorities and (knowledge) institutes in the north of the Netherlands in the area of these subjects. In addition, the university strongly focuses on entrepreneurship in education and applied research and on increasing and maintaining a high level of knowledge in the business community and the employed in the north of the Netherlands. Therefore, we have been paying more attention to excellence. 4

Energy keeps our society going. The traditional energy sources are slowly running out, so we are forced to find new sustainable solutions. Hanze UAS wants to find a part of the solution as well as educate the energy professionals of the future. In November 2011, Hanze UAS started the Energy Academy Europe in cooperation with the University of Groningen, a new institute in which all current energy research, energy education and energy specialisations of both institutions are combined. The objective of the Energy Academy Europe is to make Groningen the most important centre of the Netherlands in the field of energy education. The initiative is supported by businesses, such as GasTerra and Energy Valley, the province of Groningen and the municipality of Groningen. Together with GasTerra, Gasunie, BAM and Imtech, our university is developing a laboratory for energy on the ZernikeCampus: the Energy Transition Centre (EnTranCe).

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Healthy Ageing is the challenge for the near future. The question is how we can stay healthy longer and how can we organise society in such a way that everybody receives the care they need. Providing an answer to this question is extremely important in our ageing society, in which more people need care and fewer people are available to provide that care. The university has chosen Healthy Lifestyle as its special area of attention. Hanze UAS is a partner in the Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN), provides the programme managers for the Healthy Lifestyle and Food & Nutrition themes and is the project leader of Healthy Ageing in the Sectorplan Noord (a cooperation of the four universities of applied sciences in the north of the Netherlands). . In 2009, Hanze UAS was the first Dutch university of applied sciences to take part in the national and talent-focused Sirius programme. This programme focuses on excellence. The objective of this programme is that 5 to 10 % of students will take part in selective programmes for excellent students in 2012. Hanze UAS has chosen to focus on talent, because it also promotes a more ambitious overall study culture, of which every student will benefit eventually.


Entrepreneurship provides new knowledge, which leads to economic and social value (valorisation). Hanze UAS views it as an important task to develop and support an entrepreneurial spirit in students as well as the path to independent entrepreneurship. One of the ways in which the university seeks to realize this is linked to the new Centre for Valorisation and Entrepreneurship (CVO). Furthermore, Hanze UAS is the project leader in Entrepreneurship in the Sectorplan Noord.

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EXAMPLES OF EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS Elsevier The programme Fiscal Economics of Hanze UAS is the best in the Netherlands. It has secured an unshared first place in the rankings of degree programmes in Elsevier’s theme issue, The Best Degree Programmes, of October 2011. Keuzegids HBO Voltijd 2012 (a directory of full-time degree programmes of universities for applied sciences in the Netherlands) Four programmes of Hanze UAS have been ranked first in the Keuzegids HBO Voltijd: Fiscal Economics, Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy, Dental Hygiene (shared first place) and Sports, Health and Management. 6

Keuzegids HBO Deeltijd 2011 (a directory of part-time degree programmes of universities for applied sciences in the Netherlands) The Keuzegids HBO Deeltijd has awarded Hanze UAS the first (shared) place on the list of the largest universities of applied sciences. They have also added an additional qualification: ‘When looking at larger universities of applied sciences, two of them stand out from the rest: Hanze UAS and Saxion in Deventer/Enschede’. Four part-time programmes of Hanze UAS have been ranked first: Accountancy, Laws, Health Care Management and Human Resource Management.

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NVAO (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation) The programme Human Resource Management received the special characterisation ‘Sustainability’ based on the quality mark of sustainable development in higher education (three stars) awarded by the Dutch national network for sustainable development in higher education curricula (DHO).

Lecturers and students of several Schools won special awards, such as: • Bouwtalent Award 2011 • Branco van Dantzig Award 2011 • KNGF Jaco den Dekker Award 2011 • Bergse Bos Jeugdzorg Award 2010/2011 • Award for the best scenario of the Northern Film Festival 2011 • Young Energy Award 2011 • The International Frans Liszt Piano Competition 2011


Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen is partner in City of Talent

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Minor students think of smart adjustments

Economize your fridge! A group of students of the minor Energy and ICT of Hanze Universtity of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS) proved that a refrigerator which does not start up often easily consumes 50% less energy. They worked on what they have named the ‘Smart Fritz’ during six months. With the use of sensors, specially developed software and other smart applications, they worked at developing a highly energyefficient refrigerator.


‘We were allowed to do our own thing,’ says Michael de Vries, student of Computer Science at Hanze UAS. His group of minor students researched options to make an ordinary refrigerator more energy-efficient in several aspects. Their main focus was on a smart way of switching a refrigerator on and off with the help of IT, namely during the off-peak times of energy supply and attuned to the owner’s usage pattern. The latter option was not very profitable, according to Michael. The absolute winner was the extension of the refrigerator’s on-off cycle, which is a stage preceding a smart consumption of energy with the help of a computer programme. Powder In order to make optimal use of the energy off-peak hours, a refrigerator first has to be adjusted technically. ‘The usual situation is that every hour includes fifteen minutes of cooling. If this pattern is fixed, it is, of course, impossible to anticipate the fluctuating energy supply. Our aim was to extend the time a refrigerator can do without electricity to eight hours. We thought we would never be able to achieve

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that, but we achieved an extension of seven hours, which I think is very clever!’ The minor students managed to achieve this, by fitting a cold battery into the refrigerator that does not take up too much space. On the inside, elements along the back wall store the cold when the refrigerator is in operation and emits that cold when the refrigerator does not use energy. They made the cold battery themselves from simple and cheap components: water, table salt – and a special powder. The latter, aramide powder, was a gift from a firm which had just developed it and wanted to see some results from actual practice. The remarkable thing was that this change alone already resulted in substantial energy savings. Michael: ‘If you apply this to every refrigerator in the Netherlands, there is a lot to be gained.’ 9

Market The boys then hung self-made sensors in the adjusted refrigerator. These sensors carry out measurements, based on which the refrigerator ‘smartly’ turns itself on and off again. They also developed the necessary software themselves, which does not only control the refrigerator, but could also control all other household equipment in the future. All kinds of data could be taken into account: the owner’s way of living and the weather, to name but a few. What is going to happen with this exciting new knowledge? Rolf Velthuys, researcher at the Centre of Applied Research and Innovation – Energy and Coordinator of the minor: ‘We have noticed that the component of product development is missing in the minor. We have established good business contacts, but we are looking for ways to make use of them. The boys are in the midst of an innovation process and the next step is the market.’

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Client Managers are caught in the middle

A lonely struggle revealed All things considered Client Managers of social services and ‘Werkpleinen’ (Job Centres) are in the frontline of democracy. They assess, award, impose non-punitive orders, if needed. The way they implement the rules makes a world of difference to their clients. Their work entails that Client Managers continually have to choose between tailor-made service and legal certainty: ‘without discrimination’. This is often a lonely struggle, as Professor Louis Polstra of Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS) discovered.


Polstra, Professor of Labour Participation at the Centre for Applied Labour Market Research and Innovation, and also adviser of the Executive Board of Groningen Social Services, has been leading the research project ‘Navigating Between Interests’ for the past few years, which Hanze UAS carries out with a number of partners from the area of activity. ‘Client Managers have to meet various and ever-changing requirements. They are confronted with local politicians, who are right on the ball, they have to deal with clients in a certain way and with employers in a completely different way…. Client Managers have to switch between these worlds and keep everyone satisfied.’ Moral dilemmas The professor describes how the Social Assistance Act became unmanageable soon after it had come into force in the seventies. For a long period there was less focus on employment, but now the principle is that everybody who receives social assistance benefit should provide for their own

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income as soon as possible. In the current year, thousands of Client Managers are facing that very difficult task. Their work regularly involves moral dilemmas. One example from the book, in which the results of ‘Navigating Between Interests’ have been published: Two different clients have both – with a lot of effort - managed to get a temporary job. They should have reported this immediately, but they did so a month later, on their update form. This is a violation of the rules. The Client Manager does not impose a non-punitive order, because he does not want to undermine the confidence of the one client. However, he does impose a non-punitive order on the other client, because he is a person who often does not keep appointments. One of his colleagues thinks that this is not fair: both should have been treated equally. Professional network A client manager should – and, indeed, must – decide how to apply the rules on a case-by-case basis. The research showed that Client Managers solved the dilemmas with which they were faced on their own. One of their problems was that a common view concerning a Client Manager’s job description did not exist. The express intention of the research was to change this situation. In addition to this, Hanze UAS is developing further initiatives: PhD research into the identity of the profession, a survey on the need for training and the development of a minor study programme consisting of modules enabling participation from people in the field. Polstra: ‘We wondered what we could offer the Client Managers. The better the support we give these people, the better able they are to do the job and the greater the social impact.

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Popular website concerning children with language problems

‘Taalexpert’: connecting researchers and professionals The Taalexpert website has been developed by the Health Care and Nursing professorship at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS) and operates as a virtual meeting place for people dealing with children’s language and speech problems. The website achieves more than 6,000 hits a month(!) thanks to frequent visits by professionals involved in speech and language therapy as well as those from other disciplines and in the education sector.


The site’s success did not come out of the blue. Professionals were fully involved from the outset, making personal decisions on what the site ought to offer. For example, what were the things that speech and language therapists felt to be missing when working? Hanze UAS sought to fill in those gaps. The result was to divide the website into three major categories: speech and language therapy, healthcare stakeholders and ‘the child’. The latter category relates to the connection between speech and language problems and other problems. Other disciplines are often needed in order to put a child’s speech and language problems into a broader context. App ‘Taalexpert’ has expanded within only a few years to become the meeting point where knowledge is created and circulated with regard to children’s language and speech problems. For instance, the page listing speech and language tests receives a great many visitors. ‘There’s a vast number of tests suitable for a variety of ages and from different starting points,’ explains senior researcher Dr. Margreet Luinge. If a language

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and speech therapist is in doubt which test to choose for a certain child, all that person has to do is to enter some data after which the site then brings up the most appropriate tests. Another major success is Scolin, a ‘slide rule’ which enables comparison and conversion of the results from several tests. ‘The tests all have their own slightly different scales, which makes it difficult to compare the results. To reach a diagnosis, test scores often have to be supplied according to a particular format. Scolin makes it easier for speech and language therapists to present their outcomes in the appropriate format.’ Scolin has also been turned into an app. This is used not only by speech and language therapists, but also widely in the educational sector. Joint correspondence A website provides excellent opportunities for working together more ‘freely’ and asking professionals for their opinions. Luinge: ‘For instance, we’re working together via a wiki on a definition of auditory processing problems (AVP). With regard to that, we’re researching whether AVP is a separate clinical disorder or, instead, an aspect of something else, such as ADHD, learning difficulties or an autistic disorder. This requires extensive research of scientific literature, of course, but the site is a welcome addition. We’re always presenting professionals with particular symptoms and asking them to indicate which disorder makes the best fit.’ Luinge also mentions plans for major research into the development of premature children, which involves the collaboration of Hanze UAS with international partners. ‘Taalexpert’ will be able to play an important role in this as well. ‘When you’re working together with researchers from other countries, a ‘community’ is just the sort of useful thing you want.’

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Doing research in pubs, halls and community centres

Revealing the musical landscape What does our ‘musical landscape’ look like? Who is playing what, where and when? Our knowledge about this is limited; it relates mostly to the official circuit, even though there is so much more happening in the field of music! Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS lecturer and researcher Evert Bisschop Boele has been shedding some of the mystery about this. MusicScape Groningen – Live! provides a picture taken at random of what is going on in Groningen with regard to music in all its forms.


Bisschop Boele, affiliated with the Prins Claus Conservatoire and working at the Centre of Applied Research and Innovation Art & Society, is working on a PhD thesis on ‘the music audience’ in the province of Groningen, part of which has involved getting to know more about the live music that is being played. Data on audience numbers come from wellknown, subsidised venues in the city of Groningen, such as De Oosterpoort, Vera and Simplon. Performances in smaller venues, pubs and free lunch concerts fall beneath the radar despite being a significant and colourful part of musical life. ‘Places receiving subsidies show up in the statistics, the rest remains a blank,’ comments Bisschop Boele. Browsing around the city’s districts Students have helped to map musical life in Groningen in the minutest of detail. They have read through the free local press, browsed around the city’s districts looking for posters and flyers, and checked lists of musical performances and activities. To keep the research activities within manageable proportions,

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the focus area was restricted to the municipalities of Groningen and Appingedam with the timescale being limited to a fortnight in April. They found 301 concerts, nearly all of which were in the city of Groningen. Most of them were pop and rock, followed closely by classical music and dozens of jazz and world music concerts. Nearly two-thirds of the concerts charged no entrance fee. In other words, we heard a lot of music which was not in the public (subsidised) domain. Does this mean that the cut-backs have not been such a terrible thing? “That would be a premature and incorrect conclusion. On the contrary, there are all kinds of direct and indirect links between the separate parts of the musical landscape. A lot of unsubsidised music depends on the subsidised variety. If you make random cuts, you’ll end up destroying more than you care to think about.”


Special presentation What was the impact of the research? The results were presented in a special manner with the assistance of students from the School of Fine Arts, Design & Pop Culture Minerva. They were published in a professional booklet and were ‘celebrated’ at a well-attended evening event that included a lecture, a first performance of music composed especially for the occasion and a photographic exhibition. One very interested party was the Groningen Board of Arts, the provincial body that grants subsidies; Bischop Boele’s research succeeded in reaching them at any rate, as it also did in the case of the national Fund for the Performing Arts and the Netherlands Institute for Social Research. In addition, the research caught the attention of fellow researchers: it has now been repeated by the University of Utrecht in their city.

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Wood-burning stoves, solar panels, insulation of houses etc.

‘Sustainable Villages’ get a helping hand Over the past few years, many village residents have been in contact with the Duurzame Dorpen (Sustainable Villages) project, seeking help with their local initiatives relating to sustainability. More often than not this has met with success.


‘Two years ago, a group of our students won the GasTerra Transition Prize – an annual prize for Energy Transition Ideas – for their plan concerning Duursaamswoude,’ says senior researcher Tineke van de Schoor from NoorderRuimte, the Centre of Applied Research and Innovation for Regional Development that started the ‘Sustainable Villages’ project together with the Centre of Applied Research and Innovation – Energy. Duursaamswoude is an imaginary village that supplies its own energy by planting trees, processing the wood into pellets and afterwards burning them in pellet-fuelled stoves. Apart from the sustainable energy, the plan also provides (modest) employment opportunities for the village and greater social cohesion thanks to the concerted approach. Publicity surrounding the prestigious prize led to a moderate but steady flow of requests for assistance, particularly from small villages in Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe. A foundation promoting local ideals for the village of Makkinga (SLIM) was among these. SLIM has been responsible for putting all manner of sustainable ideas into practice in Makkinga. The village already has its own market garden, residents have built their own solar boilers, they are considering biomass fermentation electricity and there are many more plans along similar lines. “The initiators were curious to see how their plans would be

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received. Would the other villagers want to participate?’ To find out, a number of Real Estate Management students drew up a questionnaire, which was handed out door-to-door and afterwards collected. The students processed the data and reported the results to the village. Eye-opener Makkinga now has a better idea about how to proceed with its sustainability plans. But the project’s impact is much broader in scope. “This project was an eye-opener for students,” says Van der Schoot. “Most of them weren’t interested in sustainable energy beforehand. And for a project such as this one they also get a chance to visit a rural area.” Students following different study programmes carried out assignments in other villages. This led, for instance, to a communications plan in one village and to a detailed business plan for the production of pellets in another. A number of technical matters were examined and described in the report. “We’re presently expanding the project to include all types of sustainable energy. The idea of pellet-burning stoves isn’t feasible in many villages, because it requires a good twenty acres of land. We’re now focussing a lot more on what is best for each village. Then there’s also the matter of home insulation, solar panels and things of that ilk.” By this means the Sustainable Villages project is gradually gaining a comprehensive and multifaceted knowledge of local opportunities for sustainability. Van der Schoor: “A network of sustainable villages is emerging and we are their partner in terms of expertise. Everything is now already on our own website, of course, but people don’t look at that without prompting. A network like this provides a much better platform for distributing knowledge. We might not be able to change the world overnight, but we can do our bit towards that.’

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Hanze UAS lecturer wins Groningen Start-up Weekend

His business sense sparkles Jaap Nauta is a born salesman in the best sense of the word. He jumps straight in to tell the story of the business only recently set up by him. Last November, this Marketing lecturer of the School of Marketing Management of Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS) won the Groningen Start-up Weekend with a plan to help people faced with impending death. Only a few months later the business was up and running: ‘End of Life Consultancy’.


“There’s a professional for every important aspect of your life: childcare workers, real estate agents, job coaches, etc. When you’re told that you’re terminal, however, there isn’t anyone: there’s nobody able to help you with all the necessary arrangements. You have to seek help from family and friends, which then makes you dependent. I would hate that!” What concerns Nauta are the practical things that present themselves when a person is facing death. Money matters, getting a will properly drawn up, perhaps even having your house painted as one less worry for your surviving partner. Alternatively, and on a completely different level, arranging that one trip you always wanted to make or contacting the sibling you have not spoken to in years. Tears Following a hectic period as a marketing manager for several companies, Nauta felt he needed a change of career. He had to change tack. He became an interim manager and marketing lecturer at the Hanze UAS School for Marketing Management. But he kept feeling that itch. He watched a documentary

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about a hospice where a man dying of cancer tearfully related how it was not possible for him to be together with his wife during the last few weeks of his life. “Tears also started to well up in my eyes, and it came to me that I’d want things to be different if I were ever to find myself in a similar situation!” As a result, the original idea that made Nauta enter the Startup Weekend was a commercial hospice where people could spend their last months or weeks in the way they chose. However, that plan was quickly brushed aside: not financially viable, according to real estate experts, because of the high investment needed in accommodation. Taboos An alternative was worked out. ‘End of Life Consultancy’ now focusses on providing services to people at home. The first six freelance consultants have been selected and will shortly go on the road. However, Nauta will not be among them. He is responsible for marketing, while a partner takes care of the business side of the company. Finding clients is his principal concern. He also does the networking, such as with the national umbrella organisations for accountants and solicitors - service providers with whom ‘End of Life Consultancy’ can exchange clients. Nauta is extremely enthusiastic about starting up this business. He is keen to make a living from it, of course; but it is about more than that. He feels personally moved by the subject matter and he has a mission. “I want to remove the taboos surrounding death.”

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Schools Core Information as of 31 December 2011 schools




School of Architecture, Built Environment & drs. E.M.T. (Elvira) Ardon-Visser Civil Engineering


School of Fine Arts, Design & Pop Culture Minerva

D.F.L. (Dorothea) van der Meulen


School of Health Care Studies

G. (Geiske) Steendam


School of Social Studies

mr. drs. M.A.M. (Michelle) Garnier 2,

School of Nursing

drs. L.J.M. (Bejanne) Hobert


Academy of Creative Technology and mr. drs. R.M.D. (Ron) van der Innovation Weerd -Hanze Institute of Technology -School of Computer Science

66 65

School of Business Management

drs. R.J. (Rob) van Linschoten


School of Communication & Media

mr. T. (Trijnie) Faber-Remmelts


School of Engineering

ir. G. (Gerrit) Kuiken


School of Facility Management

mr. drs. (Ron) R.M.D. van der Weerd 90

School of Financial and Economic Management

drs. B.E. (Bart) Kouwenhoven


Institute for Life Science & Technology

dr. ir. J. (Jan-jaap) AuĂŠ


School of Marketing Management

drs. P.N. (Paul) Ganzeboom


School of Law

mr. G.R. (Gerda) van Lingen


School of Sport Studies

drs. J.R. (Joan) Janssens


International Business School

drs. B.A. (Bram) ten Kate


School of Education

drs. P. (Peta) de Vries


School of Performing Arts

H. (Harrie) van den Elsen



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011 students


















) Garnier 2,377








66 656

0 116

25 143

24 3















der Weerd 909












































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Core information




registrations 25,374



enrolments 6,197



graduates 4,101



foreigns students 1,946



exchange to the Netherlands 497



exchange abroad 478



part-time and dual 2,907



contract education 1,214





tailor-made programmes 991

Staff 22


in figures 2,800



in ftes 1,987



Financial results

Amounts in * 1,000 â‚Ź

income 209,397



expenditure 200,859





Strategic targets and results 2011





Percentage of excellent students



Enrolments master programmes



Enrolments part-time and dual programmes 508


result 8,538

Number of Postgraduates HanzeConnect


Number of students in tailor-made programmes 991


Means for research



Lecturers with a master’s degree



Lecturers with a PhD



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Composition of executive organisation as of 31 December 2011 Supervisory Board

Executive Board

drs. G.J. Lankhorst (Chair)

drs. H.J. Pijlman, Chair

drs. A.A. Rietveld

drs. M.C.J. van Os, Vice-Chair

drs. L.P. Middel

dr. J.H. de Ruiter MBA, Member

A.M.C. Kuks drs. R. Bakker J.M. Hiddema drs. H. van den Burg

Staff Offices and Facilities Unit


Facilities Unit

drs. M.J. Oving

Financial Affairs

J.P. Tuil

Marketing & Communication

drs. A. Nimis

Education & Applied Research

drs. L.J.M. Verhofstad

Personnel & Organisation

drs. B.E. Hendriks


There are three professors who are not a member of one of the centres of applied research and innovation: • Talent Development in Higher Education and Society, drs. Marca Wolfensberger / • Computer Science & Technology, dr. Hans Appel / • Public Mental Health Care, dr. Gert Schout / * to be achieved in 2014; no targets specified for years in between. This target applies to the lecturering staff excluding arts. ** to be achieved in 2016; no targets specified for years in between.

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Centre of Applied Research and Innovation Energy (050) 595 46 00


Professors 5 (2 vacancies) PhD students 10 Publications 3 Participating students 51

Professorships - Network Integration, dr. Wim van Gemert / - Energy Applications, vacancy - Sustainable Energy, dr. ir. Jan Peter Nap / - Energy & Management, dr. Koos Lok EUR ING, MBA - Energy & Law, starting 1 March 2012 dr. E.H. (Bert) de Jonge / Schools - School of Engineering - Institute for Life Science & Technology - School of Architecture, Built Environment & Civil Engineering - School of Computer Science - School of Facility Management (until December 2011) - School of Law Projects finished in 2011 with the following results: Flexines Prototype of an Energy Management System. The first results led to students of the minor Energy and IT working at a ‘smart’ refrigerator: Smart Fritz. Flexigas Interim results 2011: a number of mobile digesters realized for research into the biomass present at farms. FlexiNet Pro Interim results 2011: a model has been designed which can calculate the ideal mix of sustainable energy in a certain area. The thesis has been approved by international promoters in Brussels. Main partners - Energy Valley - GasTerra (natural gaz) - TNO - Eneco (energy) - ECN (energy research) - Cleanmiles - Gasunie (natural gaz) - TNO-ICT - KEMA - European Union - Bekaert - RenQi - University of Groningen - SIT Controls (gaz) - Rendo - Enki Energy, Biobench - TSEonline - DMT - BAM Infra - Imtech - TenneT - Westland Infra - Alliander - I-NRG - Dorhout Lawyers - N.V. NOM - Nedap - Zonnedak (solar roof) - Ubbink bv - Trinergie - Breedenoord - HAN University of Applied Sciences - Municipality and Province of Groningen - Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation

268 A6 jaarverslag 2011 UK[DRUK].indd 24

22-05-2012 11:35:4

Centre for Applied Labour Market Research and Innovation (050) 595 72 56 Professorships 5 PhD students 7 Publications 20 Participating students 48 Professorships - Flexicurity, dr. Harm van Lieshout / - Labour Participation, dr. Louis Polstra / - Work Organisation and Productivity, dr. Jac. Christis / - Sustainable HRM, dr. Ben Emans / - Legal Aspects of the Labour Market, dr. Petra Oden / Schools involved - Researchers and students from other - School of Law schools and parts of Hanze University - School of Business Management of Applied Sciences, Groningen - School of Social Studies Projects finished in 2011 with the following results: Navigating between Interests Contribution to create a professional community and a detailed professional profile acceptable to professionals involved. More effective and efficient service regarding work reintegration and more effective use of its instruments. Co-makership Lifelong Learning Interim results 2011: timely and adequate policy development of companies and cooperations to retain the quantity and quality of staff. Capacity Management in the Agricultural Sector Interim results 2011: STIGAS questionnaire resulted in farmers having a greater awareness of having insufficient knowledge and instruments to adapt to the negative effects of ageing on sustainable employability. Next, STIGAS intends to collect best practices. Innovation in Professional Care at Home Interim results 2011: tailor-made instruments have been developed for: - management of competencies in health care; - reducing work load in health care. Main partners - Job Centre Baanzicht Assen - Talenter - Divosa - MKB-Noord (MSE) - ISD Noord Oost (Social Services) - IdÊe ICT Programmes - Randstad (temporary agency) - SBE/SXC/TOA - Zorggroep Meander (health care) - Ommelander Ziekenhuis Groep - Chamber of Commerce Noord-Nederland (hospital) - R95 Routes naar Werk (job coaching agency) - SER Noord-Nederland (Economic Development Council for the north of the Netherlands) - STIGAS, (advising on employees’ health in the agricultural and green sectors) - ZIF/Netwerk Zorgarbeidsinnovatie (innovation in health care) - Municipality of Groningen and Leeuwarden, Social Services - Municipality of Emmen department of Public Work

268 A6 jaarverslag 2011 UK[DRUK].indd 25


22-05-2012 11:35:4

Centre of Applied Research and Innovation - CaRES (Care Rehabilitation Education & Sport) (050) 595 35 39

Professorships PhD students Publications Participating students

11 29 76 354

Professorships - Integral Youth Policy, dr. Jeannette Doornenbal / - Learning and Behaviour, dr. Jan Bijstra / - Sports Sciences, dr. Koen Lemmink / and dr. J. (Johan) de Jong / - Health Care and Nursing, prof. dr. Cees van der Schans / - Allied Health Care and Ageing, dr. Mathieu de Greef / - Participation and Health of People with a Mental and Visual Handicap, dr. Aly Waninge / - Rehabilitation, dr. Lies Korevaar / - Recovery, Empowerment and Expertise by Experience, drs. Wilma Boevink / - Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Recovery, dr. Marian Farkas / - Nursing, dr. Petrie Roodbol / 26 Schools involved - School of Health Care Studies - School of Social Studies - School of Nursing - School of Sport Studies - School of Education Projects finished in 2011 with the following results: The learning factory More effective help for the child/young person and the family through cooperation of professionals, managers and boards of welfare organisations. Educational help in the community Satisfied parents. Partnership of professionals and parents. Improving both cognitive and social-emotional results of children. Analyses of city quarters early and pre-school Input for the municipality of Groningen to draw up the plans ‘chances for young children’ (policy and budget) per quarter. Studying while having a functional disorder Improved conditions for our students with a functional disorder, including professional training for career coaches. Step by step towards solid food Food developed for toddlers/infants that will improve their eating behaviour Main partners - Lentis-Jonx - Accare juvenile psychiatry - MJD – social welfare - GGD – Area Health Authority - Elker - Bureau Jeugdzorg (Youth Welfare Work) - University of Groningen - University Medical Centre Groningen - Vensterschool Koorenspoor - Centres for housing, care and welfare in - RSNOG (cooperation of regional the north of the Netherlands secondary schools in the north of the Netherlands)

268 A6 jaarverslag 2011 UK[DRUK].indd 26

22-05-2012 11:35:4

NoorderRuimte, Centre of Applied Research and Innovation on Area Development (050) 595 45 24

Professorships PhD students Publications Participating students

3 (1 vacancy) 5 15 190

Professorships - Marine Wetlands Studies, drs. Hans Revier / - Spatial Transformations, drs. Ton van der Maarel / en (as of 16 January 2012) dr. ir. M.A.R. (Mieke) Oostra / - Real Estate, ir. Frank van Genne MRICS / Schools involved - School of Architecture, Built Environment & Civil Engineering - School of Business Management - School of Engineering - School of Facility Management Projects finished in 2011 with the following results: Public real estate owned privately Real estate agents from the public and private sector have met and exchanged knowledge and experience. Climate (Ex)Change Several varieties for the coastal defense of Delfzijl have been drawn up. One of these varieties has been tested and developed by the research institution Deltares at the request of the municipality of Delfzijl. Preparations are on their way to actually execute it. Village research An ideal image resulted from research into the villages of Houwerzijl and Niehove. The researchers involved were invited to give their views. The success of the area developer Area developers learn to involve local residents in a different way in their satisfaction surveys. Main partners - Nederlands Vastgoed-exploitatie Platform (real estate development) - Draaijer+partners - YACHT - Housing Corporation de Key - MVGM and HEVO(real estate management) - Municipalities of Assen, Hoogeveen, Nijmegen, Helmond, Weststellingwerf, Delfzijl and others in the Eems-Dollard area - Jade Hochschule - Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences - Distric water board Noorderzijlvest - Association of villages in the province of Groningen - ‘Roeg en Roem’ - Residents and entrepreneurs of the villages of Houwerzijl, Niehove, Nieuw- Balinge, Tjuchem, Ulrum, Westernieland, their municipalities, and the housing corporations involved

268 A6 jaarverslag 2011 UK[DRUK].indd 27


22-05-2012 11:35:4

Centre of Applied Research and Innovation Art & Society (050) 595 12 59


Professorships PhD students Publications Participating students

3 (1 vacancy) 6 11 62

Professorships - Lifelong Learning in Music & the Arts, dr. Rineke Smilde / - Popular Culture, Sustainability & Innovation, dr. Anne Nigten / - Image in Context, per 1 mei 2012 dr. A. (Anke) Coumans / Schools involved - School of Performing Arts (Prins Claus Conservatoroire and Dance Academy Lucia Marthas) - School of Fine Arts, Design & Pop Culture Projects finished in 2011 with the following results: The Integral Tram Seminar and lecture by the famous media artist Sue Lea Shang; contribution to the public discussion on plans for the regiotram (a local tram line) Music and Dementia Improving the well-being of people with dementia; a study into the implementation of music for those with dementia in the Netherlands; developing a curriculum for the master programme New Audiences and Innovative Practice; broadening professional possibilities for musicians. Creative Music Workshops with the Elderly Improving the well-being of elderly people; developing knowledge and contributing to a broadening range of professional possibilities of musicians. Main partners - Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands/ UMCG - Housing Corporation Nijestee - Project RegioTram - Municipality of Groningen, Department of Town Planning, - Architect Jasper Schweigman - City architect Jan Martijn Eekhof. - Wigmore Hall, London concert hall - Pelsterhof, ZINN Groningen - Huylckenstein, Nij Stapert and Saxenoord, Zorggroep Tellens - Veldspaat, Dignis Lentis - De Weyert, - De Dilgt, ZINN Haren

268 A6 jaarverslag 2011 UK[DRUK].indd 28

22-05-2012 11:35:4

Kenniscentrum Ondernemerschap (050) 595 20 70 Professorships 8 (3 vacancies) PhD students 14 Publications 16 Presentations 16 Participating students 520 Professorships • - New Business & ICT, dr. Hugo Velthuijsen / - Directing Entrepreneurial Networks, Frank Willems / - International Business, dr. Frank de Graaf / - New Business Development, dr. Monique Schoondorp / - Purchasing management, Gert Walhof MBA / - Sustainable Financial Management, vacancy - Media & User Experience, vacancy - Marketing / Marktgericht Ondernemen, vacancy Schools involved - School of Marketing Management - School of Computer Science - International Business School - School of Communication & Media - School of Financial Economic Management - School of Facility Management Projects finished in 2011 with the following results: E-CLIC About fifty prototypes and case studies for among others web services, e-learning and security. Hanze UAS hosts one of the seven E-CLIC Centres, node for companies, government authorities, and knowledge organisations. Intelligent monitoring of mentallly retarded (IM-LVG) ICT system for monitoring and coaching mentally handicapped people who live by themselves. The project has also contributed to cooperation within the region for e-health solutions in care institutions; nominated for the Innovation Award Care and ICT 2011. Innovative Purchase and Supply Management The participating companies have gained more insight into purchasing where quality, costs and innovation are concerned. More competitive strength of SME companies because of making purchasing more professional. Innovation Export clubs The international trade of companies in the North of the Netherlands and the industry network of export clubs has been strengthened. Individual members of the Export clubs have learned more about export management. Participating students of Hanze UAS and NHL UAS got better equipped for a future job. Main partners - Sixteen partners: SME companies, universities, governments and non-profit organisations in Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain (North Sea Region) - AVICS (domotica applications, implementation en advice) - NOVO (for people with intellectual disabilities) - Mailorder Solutions - Negometrix (purchase) - Moorman Karton - ‘Federatie Dunne Plaat’ - HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht - University of Utrecht - Export clubs Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe - Chamber of Commerce - NHL University of Applied Sciences - Syntens

268 A6 jaarverslag 2011 UK[DRUK].indd 29


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All schools en degree programmes of Hanze UAS Ad = Associate degree; B = bachelor; M = master School

Degree programme

School of Architecture, Built Environment & Civil Engineering

B Architecture and Construction Engineering B Civil Engineering M Architecture

School of Fine Arts, Design & Pop Culture Minerva - Fine Art & Design - FMI Masters

-Minerva Academy of Popular Culture

B Fine Art B Fine Art and Design in Education B Design M Education in Arts M MFA Interactive Media and Environments M MFA Painting M MFA Master of Scenography B Music B Design

School of Health Care Studies

Ad Health Care Management B Physiotherapy B Speech and Language Therapy B Medical Imaging and RadiationTherapy B Dental Hygiene B Nutrition and Dietetics B Health Care Management M Physiotherapy / Exercisetherapy for People with Chronic Disease M Physician Assistant

School of Social Studies

Ad Expert by Experience in Health & Welfare B Social Work and Social Services B Social Educational Care B Applied Psychology M Rehabilitation Counsellor M Social Work

School of Nursing

Ad Practitioner in Care B Nursing M Advanced Nursing Practice


Academy of Creative Technology and Innovation - Hanze Institute of Technology

B Advanced Sensor Applications

- School of Computer Science

B Business Information Technology B Computer Technology B Technical Computer Science

School of Business Management

Ad Human Resource Management B Business Management Studies B Human Resource Management B Real Estate Management M Real Estate

268 A6 jaarverslag 2011 UK[DRUK].indd 30

22-05-2012 11:35:4

School of Communication & Media

B Communication B International Communication B Communication Systems B Information Services & Management M International Communication

School of Engineering


School of Facility Management

B Facility Management B International Facility Management

School of Financial and Economic Management


Accountancy Finance and Control Financial Services Management Fiscal Economics

Institute for Life Science & Technology


Bio-informatics Biology & Medical Laboratory Research Chemistry Chemical Engineering

School of Marketing Management


Marketing International Business & Languages Small Business and Retail Management Food and Business

School of Law

B Laws B Social Legal Services

School of Sport Studies

Ad Sport, Health and Management B Teacher Education in Physical Education B Sports, Health and Management

International Business School

B International Business and Management Studies B Internationale Betriebswirtschaft M Master of Business Administration M Master in EurAsian Business & Management M Master of Business Administration in International Business and Management

School of Education

B Primary Teacher Education

School of Performing Arts - Dance Academy Lucia Marthas

- Prince Claus Conservatoire

268 A6 jaarverslag 2011 UK[DRUK].indd 31

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Human Technology Industrial Engineering & Management Mechanical Engineering


Ad Dance B Dance in Education B Dance Ad Music (conductor Hafabra) B Music in Education B Music M Master of Music

22-05-2012 11:35:4

Lifestream Hanze UAS Groningen:


Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS) Marketing & Communication Staff Office T (050) 595 56 55 E Pieneke Wiertz, I Address: Zernikeplein 7, Groningen P.O. Box 30030, 9700 RM Groningen The Netherlands

268 A6 jaarverslag 2011 UK[DRUK].indd 32

22-05-2012 11:35:4

Annual report 2011 Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen  

Annual report 2011 Hanze UAS

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