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小兔子有顆玻璃心 The Little Rabbit with a Fragile Heart

题记 Preface



I hope all of you will find the true love after reading this book

目录 Contents 1.小老虎的冰淇淋 Baby Tiger©s Ice-cream

2.小熊的餅干 Baby Bear©s Biscuits

3.小猪的糖 Baby Pig©s Candies

小兔子家有个糖果店,兔妈妈告诉小兔子。如果:如果你喜欢 谁,就送给他一颗糖。

The little rabbit runs a candy store with her mother. Mom tells her that she can give a candy to the one who she likes.


隔壁的小老虎有一台冰激凌机,小兔子那么喜欢小老虎,忍不住 想把整个店都送给他。

The baby tiger lives next door to the little rabbit.He has an ice-cream maker.The little rabbit is willong to give the candy store to him because she likes him so much.


兔妈妈問她:小老虎喜欢伱吗? 小兔子直点头 兔妈妈說:那他为什么沒給伱吃冰激凌? 小兔子說:我不愛吃 兔妈妈問:伱真的不愛吃吗?有七种口味呢。巧克力味里面还有 伱最愛的杏仁啊。 小兔子用脚划拉着地板,呆呆地說:其实我也沒吃过,只是想着 把糖給他。

Mom asks:Does he like you? The little rabbit nods quickly. ¡Then why he didn©t gives you an ice-cream in return?¡Mom asks. ¡I don©t like it¡ Little rabbit answers. ¡Are you sure?¡Mom asks.©There©re seven different kinds of favor.What©s more,the almonds with the chocolate is your favourite.© The little rabbit hesitates for a moment,then says in a low voice:In fact,I haven©t eaten it yet,the only thing in my mind is to give the candies to him.


小老虎有了糖果店。到了夏天,小兔子提議把冰激凌机推到公园 里。夏天真热啊,冰激凌全都卖光了,所有人都夸小白兔聪明。 然而,沒有人知道小白兔一直在等小老虎亲手为她做的冰激凌。

The baby tiger owns the candy store.When summer comes,the little rabbit decides to sell the icecreams in the park .The summer is so hot,so they sell all the ice-creams.All of them admire the rabbit of her great intelligence.However,no one knows that she is waiting for an ice-cream made and given to her by the baby tiger.


日子一天天的过去,小兔子始终没等到小老虎的冰激凌,倒是 隔壁卖饼干摊的小熊给了她一盒小兔子造型的曲奇。小兔子把糖 果店和冰激凌机留了下来。跟小熊去了更远的地方卖饼干。

Day by day,the ice-cream never comes.However,the baby bear who sells the biscuits besides the little rabbit gives her a box of rabbit-shapped cookies. Then the little rabbit follows the baby bear to sell the biscuits.She gose far away from here and keeps the ice-cream maker and the andy store under the baby tiger's honor.


兔妈妈问她,你不是不喜欢吃饼干吗,怎么又收下了呢。小兔 子揉着红红的眼睛说,我就是饿了。

Mom asks her:`you don't like eating biscuits,don't you?Why you accepted it? `I was just hungry,then.'The little rabbit answers while rubbing her eyes


小兔子卖力的帮着小熊卖餅干,沒多久就又攒了一笔积蓄,买了 新的糖果店。这次兔妈妈千叮咛万嘱咐,她說宝宝啊,这糖要慢 慢的給,不然后來就不甜了。小兔子嘴上连连答应,心里却想 着小熊收到糖果店該多开心啊。她只知道小熊又加班去了,不 知道他小鴨子形状的餅干馬上就要烤好了。

The little rabbit tries her best to assist the baby bear to sell the biscuits.Shortly afterwards, she has enough money to run another candy store.This time, mom tells her again and again:Do give the candy more slowly,otherwise it will not taste so sweet.However, the liitle rabbit only cares about that how happy will the baby bear be when he receives the candy store.She doesn©t know that his little duck-shaped biscuits are about to be made


小兔子回家看到了偷偷藏起來的小鴨子餅干,什么也沒有多 問,只是跑回家跟妈妈大哭了一场。她呜咽着和兔妈妈說,小 熊最喜欢吃糖了,我終于可以給他糖果屋了,他为什么要离开 我呢。兔妈妈笑了,她摸摸小兔子的头說,当他不愛伱了,伱 的糖就不甜了。

The little rabbit discovers the box of the little duck-shaped biscuits which is hidden by the baby bear.She goes home and cry to her mom. She asks:The baby bear likes the candies best, I can give him the candy store now.But why he still leaves me?Mom smiles and answers:when he doesn©t like you, these candies are no longer sweet.


后来, 小兔子断断续续的又开过几个糖果店,卖的卖送的送,也所剩 无几了。可她还是学不会开口,说她饿,说她想要吃个带杏仁 儿的冰淇淋。她把给糖果当成了一种惯性和礼节,看起来和从 前没什么差别。她还给它们报了亮晶晶的糖纸,但小兔子心里 明白,它们早就没有味道了。

Afterwards, the little rabbit has a few candy stores,but they almost sells out.But she never says she is hungry, she just wants an ice-cream.She sees the candy as a kind of habit and a way of treating others.It seems that they have no difference between nowadays and passed days.However,the little rabbit knows,they are no longer sweet.


小猪是隔壁村子来旅行的,据他后来说,是来小兔子店里买糖 的时候,一眼就喜欢上了这个小机灵。小猪一连来了好几次, 每次都是买完糖,付了钱,又悄悄把糖留下。

The baby pig travels to this village from far away.It is estimated that he has fallen in love with the little rabbit as soon as he sees her for the first time.He comes to the store a few times,and always leaves the candies after he pays the money.



Mom says that the baby pig is a good boy that deserves you to marry.


有一次小猪喝多了,朋友们起哄問到他当时怎么想到不收下糖 果。小猪被灌了太多酒,回答的稀里糊涂。 小猪說,那天啊, 那天我只是路过來着,小熊硬塞的錢,小老虎說如果我能把糖 放回去,冰淇淋机就是我的了。

Once upon a time, the baby pig drinks a little more. Friends play a trick on him about why he thought about refuesing the candies.The baby pig says :I just happened to pass the store,then the baby bear gave me the money,and the little tiger said that if I could return the candies,the ice-cream maker would belong to me.


故事说完了。 别哭,这世界是守恒的。你付出的每一颗糖都去了该去的地方。 那些你爱过的人,总会在平行时空,爱着你。

The story is over. This world is always balanced.All the candies you give away has gone to the right place. All the people you love will love you in another world.


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The Little Rabbit with fragile heart