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TC: You hear me live and direct, yo boy TC The Livin Legend man! TC Bradshaw, ain't to many other cats hustle and grind in work ethic. Everything combined is bigger then mine you hear me! We doin it bigger then yo MOMMAS great MOMMAS ass. We out here doing it big like auntie Vanessas ass. We doing it bigger then Precious. Compton, The Livin Legend at its finest. B.A.N.G B.A.N.G. Let's do this! HM: So how long you been puttin it down in this rap game? TC: Man I been doin this shit for at least about a good ten years strong. I was rapping before I knew I was rapping. I was just mackin to these hoes, you know what I'm talkin bout. I been rapping and I made it make sense. My niggas was like if you don't rap and get yo ass off the block and put this shit into something that can make sense. That's basically what I I been rapping for like ten years strong right now, doin this shit hard, goin bodyguard hard. To me, it feel like we here but really, we just started. You hear me? HM: Alright man, I heard you dropped that new single Other Shit. TC: Yea man, you know. I stay on some Other Shit you hear me. Man we poppin bottles, smokin weed, on some Other Shit like always.

HM: So who did you work with on the album? TC: Man, on this new project I have most defiantly the big homie Karupt on the intro, I got the lil homie AD from my hood, he the hottest nigga right now poppin. I got the homie Mack Lucci, Big Doty, my boy Snoopy Blue, I got a few cats on there. My shit ain't playin, my shit go bodyguard hard like a nigga wearing ten chains in the club you hear me. HM: What words do you have for all the young rappers trying to get in this game? TC: For the young rappers, old rappers, shit anybody whatever you do, believe in Yo own shit. Don't expect anybody to do for you what you won't do for yo mothafuckin self. You gotta go out here and get man. If you I dependent and you trying to come up in this game, you have to just out your best foot forward and believe in yourself. If you don't believe in yourself then you cant expect somebody to fork out thousands of dollars in yo dream when you won't even out five dollars behind yo own shit. That's words of wisdom from The Living Legend. Believe in yourself, if you don't believe in yourself then your fucked. How do you expect anotha mothafucka to believe in you?

HM: Where can we find that single? TC: That new single out now on iTunes. Other Shit on iTunes right now. iTunes, Amazon all that good shit. Anywhere that you can download music. Find my shit, Other Shit, TC Bradshaw. Search that shit man, go get it. HM: Thats what's up! So the cd B.A.N.G II dropped? TC: B.A.N.G II thats a Acronym for Being A Natural G! That dropped In October. I got the distribution deal so I have to go over it with them and all my people, my manager and all that and make sure everything is lined up and in order. We goin jam y'all ass in and bang this hot shit, you hear me ? 4

HM: Is there artist in the game that you want to work with? TC: I have this new artist I'm working with, his name is Bubba Kush. I'm working with him right now as we speak. We breaking down a track and we smokin weed. I'm workin with this singer named Mary Jane. She dope as fuck. I got a few artist that I'm working with. I got the new shit with Jon B. What it do with Jon B and Karupt. I got the new shit with me and G Malone. I got a few secrets out there that I'm working with. It's a few that I would like to work with but if they not o my level and I'm not working with them yet then I gon stay doing what I'm doing. Gettin money, smokin good, breaking it down and actin a clown.

pany and distribution. Anytime you see me with any Ghood apparel it is 100% what I do. Nobody else came and said " hey TC let's try to help you with this". This is 100% because I believe if I'm going to own something the I need to own it 100% and put my mark on it. TC Bradshaw owns everything he do 100%. All gas no breaks for real, I'm the new Master P of this age. Everybody has their own, like Floyd Mayweateher, he's the Ali of his time, you got TC Bradshaw, TC living legend. I am the Master P of this day and age. I don't give a fuck who don't think so or who dont say I am, the real is real and you can't

HM: Have you done any shows lately? TC: Really what I been doing is getting out promoting my single. A lot of shows been trying to get me to do a lot of shit but I just been out trying to promote my single as much as I can. I been hitting every show and club I can just doing my single Other Shit. Bangin that and giving them what they need. Turnin up as always. I've just been working,performing man look me up on Instagram GhoodTC and find out all my dates and all that shit. HM : So outside of being an artist, you also have a clothing line.Is that some of the gear you have on now? TC: Come on now B.A.N.G! Being A Natural G, Ghood apparel. You can. Find all this fly shit. All this Rise & Grind shit, GHood, Hustle today, Fuck Tomorrow shit at Go look that shit up and find that fly shit. I'm the CEO, the founder of that shit. Not just a clothing line, we own our own entertainment. We own our com5


knock what's real. You can't beat that with the same base ball bat Barry Bonds swung with. HM: Since you are the Master P of the new day and age, how are you giving back to other independent artists TC: As an independent artist myself, I'm trying to stay independent and get independent money. By me being independent, I have my own distribution so Im able to give back to other rappers, singers, artists, and give them distribution. I have my own distribution packages. I can put you out and any other artist at any random time since I own distribution through GHood Music Group. I'm able to give old cats, young cats shit anybody who believe in their dream an opportunity to do the same thing I'm doing as far as putting their music out on a big platform. Instead of having it to where only you and your uncle can hear it,you can put your music on a bigger platform to where you can become known and seen like on Vevo, Pandora, iTunes, all the good shit. We giving back to the community to make sure everybody get that chance to be heard. That's what it's all about. We have projects, man I put out so many projects from Butt Fuck, Africa all the way to Hong Kong, Japan. We puttin out clothes and music. I put out BANG 1, I put out The G Code and I put out Tha G Files. Along with about five other mix tapes I put out. All them is on iTunes right now. Search TC Bradshaw. Go lookup I'm On, my album. Go look up Bang 1 before I out out Bang 2 on yo ass, go look up the G Files with all the homies. We out here movin man, all gas no breaks. My mom a told me whatever doesn't grow must die. It's like a tree, if a tree ain't outside growing and you ain't watering it to make sure it's strong it's gone die , its gone fall down and thats what I refuse to do. Getting money is what i'm on and losing is what

I'm not on. RMM the lifestyle, G Hood man Ghood apparel go look up all that shit. Follow me on twitter, Instagram, Facebook the name is GhoodTC. Look at me man you hear me, we out here makin moves we don't play no games. Real shit my nigga dont get yo feelings hurt, Ghood was the first niggas put they logo on a shirt. B.A.N.G you do know that you bitch you?

HM: Alright it's a wrap!



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Hansum Magazine out shooting at #Bensbackyard where some of the most high flying BMX stunts are made. Out here in Santa Ana CA. The party is live jumps are high and stunts are “OF FHE CHAIN� take a look at some of the high flying acts we captured live then visit #benbackyard on Instagram.







HM: Every time I sit down I get the question on where should we start. I know your products are everywhere and that's your slogan right? AK: Yea, we actually made a big push in the US market to really have al, the neighborhoods throughout the US to feel the impact of Trendsettah and the life style. The whole movement from Hood wraps to the new Blow Line and the eye drops and to the music, to everything. HM: Yes it defiantly hit the industry hard. We're sitting here with AK. So tell our readers how you got started in the tobacco industry. Ak: I have been in tobacco for about 15-16 years so it's just in my blood now. We're the first ones that made Swisher famous. Spiltarillos famous, Black and mild famous, Philly famous, the whole Garcia Vega, we got the whole neighborhood saying blunts still but we're here to teach them a whole new language now. Instead of rolling up blunts we're going to roll up Spilts. That's the new way.

AK: You can find them all across the US, in your local liquor stores, gas stations and smoke shops. HM: What makes your tobacco papers stand out from the rest? AK: We're unique. We have the top quality product at the cheapest domestic price. We don't believe in taxation in the hood. We want to show them the best so instead of making the cherry and grape flavors we got unique names like OG sweet and GSix grape, swag berry and the bomb blueberry, pineapple, express and a couple new ones to hit them with. HM: Rapper Ditch was handing out your red white and blue bag at the BET after party. You should've seen the lines. Do you sale that bag? AK: Yea you can go to and you can purchase these USA bags. We're representing the USA hard and you get samples of all of our products in there.

HM: Do you have any other things that are coming out? AK: We have Gorditas, the first ever Spanish eye drops for the Latinos; you can't forget the Latinos out here. We have one of our major products that's getting ready to sweep the nation, it's a new E liquid and you can put all your stuff inside. From liquids to the tobacco of your preference, from oils to waxes. The slogan is "we don't smoke, we blow" HM: So where can our readers find you products?


HM: OK! That's good to know because that line was crazy. AK: Yea we do that as a marketing tool. Like Swag phones, it started off as a marketing tool, basically Trendsettah get at us so we we're handing people the phones. It's a phenomenon all across the world the world. Same thing with bags now, same thing with our snap back hats, same thing with our glow in the dark shirts.

Grades) and its going to promote all the achieves In School to help them become A and B students. We're making a deal with the Unified School district to help with better grades so that's how we're going to give out Swag Phones.

HM: How did you come up with Swag Phone? AK: Swag phone was created about four years ago. Before Trendsettah was even out. It was basically instead of holding uncomfortable phones. We were like, we miss those old hand phones at the houses. One day I was with my guy that I've known for fifteen years from China. I was telling him about it and he said you know what, we should make an old school phone as a gimmick and connect to the cell phones. I said you know what lets do some R&D and see what we can do. Six months later we came up with it. HM: Are they any new flavors coming out for the Split a Rena or the Hood Wraps? AK: We have a whole new line of hood wraps coming out. It's called Hood Wrap Labels. Black label, blue label, green label, white label, just hit them with the labels. Why does Johnny Walker get to have labels and we don't. With spilt o rillos, the new ones to come is going to be Cali green, black label, purple k, white grape, K don't stand for king and a couple other ones. The main one that is coming out is called 18k gold and loud turnt up. I want to tell you something about swag phones so you'll know. Swag are going to be created more for thinner city youth and more for the schools. We're doing a nation wide campaign called S.W.A.G.S (Students With A 18



HM: That's pretty cool. That's sounds great right there. so how many vehicles do you have going around the US right now? AK: Currently we have 180 vehicles from Hummers to Denalis to Sprinters to Vans to transits to impalas to Lincoln's to everything. HM: Thats a good marketing tool, right there since everyone can see it. AK: Yea, believe it or not,we are the first ever diverse company. All the people are under Trendsettahs, under 45 years old. From 18-45 so not only are we hitting them with the trend inside, we are hitting them with the trend outside as well. HM: A lot of entertainers are following your brand. Are there any out that you would like to make note of?

that. Is there anything you have coming out that you'd like to speak about? AK: We have DVDs. We just started getting into Trendsettah DVDs. Our first one was Murder Capital. Sponsored by Trensettah and it shows you the murder capitol rate in New Orleans. Our next big one is called the Florida Keys and it shows you Florida. We want to represent every single state and show the people across the U.S areas and life styles that the normal everyday people can't get to.Give them a voice for their 15 secs or 15 mins, whatever it is let them come out and be visible across the U.S. HM: Alright so that's it! AK: I appreciate your time and we're going to keep setting trends. One brand at a time.

AK: Yea we have a lot of celebrities that are following us. From Mayweather to Jeezy to Whaka, to Ace Hood to Ross to the whole YMCMB camp, to French Montana. We have our own artist as well. We have about thirty artist. Our main artist is of course you all know Compton Menace. He is the next hottest thing right now, blowin up. There's going to be a big push with Compton Menace all across the U.S. HM: So since this a digital magazine, where can our readers follow your product? AK: They can follow it on our website, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, my space, every space. Or you can find us in your local neighborhood. If you hit us up we do respond right away, we're like the Marines. HM: That's what's up right there. That's good to know that you guys are taking of



Since we last spoke with Ditch in his October cover issue he has been all over the country promoting his new cd. The album titled "O2BNLA" is now on sale on his official website exclusively as a pre sale limited edition (coming in 2014 to I Tunes). Ditch attended Snoop Dogg's Halloween party and was a guest on Bishop Don Juan's radio show when Snoop was also a guest. Ditch hit Las Vegas Players Ball with Bishop Don Juan, performed shows at Ten nightclub with Ben Snowden, House Of Blues Anaheim, and held a charity event on a 60 foot yacht. He also hit New York to promote Trend Settah products and played Kush Harvest with; Rappin 4Tay, WC, and

Tha Alkoholiks. Ditch also performed at the Redondo Beach Lobster festival, and attended the Emmy Awards gift suite at Montage hotel. Ditch also teamed with Sub Zero Ice Cream for his own flavor called the "Ditch Extreme". Check out some pics.






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Melinda Boyer Real name: Melinda Boyer Nick name: Mindy@missmindyb Birthday- March 26,1985 Nationality- White Primary residence- Murrieta,Ca. From : San Diego Ca. Interests: modeling for fun and friends advertisements including


Glow advanced skincare a ad in La fitness, Motoxxx, face model back in the day for 360 VIP in Vegas, Caribbean tan pageant contestant, Fox clothing, in a ditch music video Stuntin in my car, Fox News valentines lingerie contest winner, and just helping photographers build portfolios. Other interests & best of all I love my family and friends, traveling, snorkeling, hiking, skydiving, riding bikes along the beach, yachts, & Real estate. Fun fact: I'm certified in Spinning.





HM: So how long have you been in the game?

come up and I been with him since that day.

Percy: I have been in the game 15 years. My cousin had a record label back in the day. Power House Records. It started with my management company out in Pomona, 7 South Management. From there is just escalated with the blessings of getting with Dogg and the Dogg Pound then from there it formed RMM. So yea, fifteen years in the game, strong as far as this music and entertainment shit but professionally, twenty years basketball coaching and doing some other things.

HM: That’s cool; I use to stay right on Grove Pomona I know just where you at with that. So how many Artists are you now managing? Percy: Right, now on my roster I probably have about twenty musical acts, but I have models, actresses, I have the basketball players from the NBA. So you know musical wise I would say about twenty but I'm damn near signing somebody everyday.

HM: So when did you start RMM? Percy: Probably been bubbling and marinating going on about a strong 7 yrs. It's growing every year now. HM: Can you tell us how you started working with Dogg? Percy: Well, it definitely was a blessing. My brother, one of my artist, the world famous rapper CoCaine and one of my other artist Suga Free were already working with Dogg when he first moved from Long Beach to Claremont and La Vern which is the border of my city, Pomona. They were already working with him and it was just a blessing. They told me to


HM: I know you do marketing. Is clothing included in that? Percy: I do clothing. I was one of the founders and helped Snoop when he first has his Snoop Dogg clothing. I'm also the Vice President of Serious Pimp Clothing, which Snoop is the President of that. So yea I definitely dibble and dabble in the clothing. It's a lot of brands that want me to get to Dogg and get him to wear the outfits. A lot of my clients wear our outfits. But when they do that they have to bless me with a retainer, put me on the marketing. My main clothing line right now is Serious Pimp Clothing. HM: Can you give us the name some of your artists? Percy: Yea, we got No Face, Cocaine, Suga Free, you got the Dogg Pound, DC, Young Giants, Day Lyric, you got BC Swang, you got TC Bradshaw Which you interviewed for your magazine , Young Doty and Ambitious. I mean the list goes on and on. RMM, we out here.

HM: How do you select your artists? Percy: I don't really mess with nobody unless they got a movement. They already have to have a foundation for me to get involved. They have to have a fan base and a couple of my people have to speak on them then I will come check them out. From there we put the stamp on them then it's official like a referee with a whistle. HM: Tell us one of the best things that you do. Percy: “Make Money”, “Feeding our Families”, taking care of these Babies and enjoying these “Lovely Ladies”. You can't be a “Broke Nigga”, everything costs. I have to put my air in my “Momma Name” that even cost.


HM: How can our readers follow RMM?

Percy: RMM, is worldwide just pull it up. We have you can go to the website or Google me Big Percy the CEO. The Instagram, you can hit up my assistant Amy or Arnold, which is Dogg Pounds manager, that's my ANR that handles all my music stuff. My executive producer and my mentor is Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion. My two albums are out “Don’t watch me, Watch the Moves I Make” Volume 1 and volume 2 “Your Father Here Now!” and is executives produced by Snoop Lion. Everything else has been Snoop Dogg this is the first thing that will be produced by Snoop Lion Ya Bitch You. HM: That’s A wrap bro much love.


FIRST ANNUAL FLO RIDA YOUTH SNOOPER BOWL Played at L.A. SouthWest College Sunday January 5th with 4 Great games in the Sr.Clinic, PeeWee, and Jr. Midget Divisions. Last game SYFL Snoop All-Stars with (coach Snoop) Vs. FYFL Florida All-Stars (coach Flo-Rida). Great day of Family fun with Food,Football and Special Musical Guest halftime performance by Rapper YG. Hansum Magazine wants to give a big S/O Thank You!!! to the Cashmere Agency for a job well done. Take a look at some of the action 49

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