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Senior advice, can you find yours?

“Don’t take anything for granted. It goes by really fast. Get on the good side of the faculty, especially Hurley and Searle.”- Devan Munk “Don’t sign out at the office. Just leave.”- Carly Stanger “Sing a lot, it makes you feel good.”- Davin Nebeker

“Don’t worry... Jesus loves you.”- Lidsay Olsen

Make sure your third tri is EASY!”- Aubrey Luckau

“Take easy classes!!!”- Melissa Kowaluk “Kissing and ditching is a “bad” idea.”- Andrew LaPray

“When in doubt don’t ask. Just do it.”- Kelsie Roper

“Senior year flies by, enjoy every moment.”Ben Fager “Kissing and ditching is a great idea!”Klerisa Eskelsen

“Make the most of EVERYTHING.”- Jordan Petersen “Make sure to smile. The teachers will appreciate it and you will make more friends. Kindness will go along way.”- Sarah Layton “Enjoy the little things!”- Tersa McCarty

“Switching high schools multiple times is really inconvenient. Don’t try it at home...”- Boston Brown

“The upstairs bathroom, second to last stall is the least ghetto.”- Kari Edwards

“Cure Senioritis...”- Dallin Gilbert

“Don’t make bomb htreats in the bathroom!”- Clint Francis

“Don’t date sophomores.”- Brock Andersen

“Smile!”- Lindsay Wilson “More Tiger Love!”- Lauren Avondet

“Don’t procrastinate!”- Shaela Sutton

“Tiger Love!”- Wade Lenon

“Keep on keeping on. Life’s a garden... Dig it.”Blake Backman “Join choir!”- Lance Hancock “Treat all the teachers and staff nicely, it gets you a lot farther then making their lives difficult, because unfortunetly they do have more power then you. Lesson learn... The hard way.”- Ryan Putnman “Get invovled and be crazy!”- Amy Carr

“Don’t fall behind... It sucks.” -Jack Yonke

“Life: enjoy the process, but crave the goal.”- Camille Bastow

next to corners.”- Cody Tracy

“Don’t talk to strangers... ever.”- Garion Wells

“No regrets!”- Maddy Jackson

“Know who your friends are.”Megan Arnold

“Be true to yourself!”Corinne Chadwick “Be kind to your friends and don’t walk “Senior service day... Don’t call in a death in the family.”- Nick Hamilton

“Don’t let the sophomores treat you like crap!”- Cole Bowyer

“If you are not first, you are last.”- Reed Burt

“Go for everything you’ve ever dreamed of! It’s your last chance!”Jessica Nichols

“Don’t let anyone define who you are. Live your live and enjoy every moment of it!”Kalee Beck

“Be a cougar... Aka be a Camille, Ricky, Maddy, Becca, or Brock. Wait, Brock is a boy?”- Rebecca Strobel

IFHS Tiger Times  

Idaho Falls High School student newspaper (including the special senior June edition at the end).

IFHS Tiger Times  

Idaho Falls High School student newspaper (including the special senior June edition at the end).