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Thursday, April 28, 2011

15 Vaisakh, Nanaksahi Calendar 543

It smells of Corruption...says Dhalla

Brampton/SP:- The hotly contested seat got even hotter this week when Liberal incumbent from Brampton Springdale Dr. Ruby Dhalla asked the auditor general to investigate whether the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship provided "special access" to Parm Gill, her rival in federal election on May 2nd 2011. Dhalla alleged Gill`s immigration work as a vote grab. The Liberal release says “Parm Gill should be fired as a Conservative candidate after Jason Kenney repeatedly claimed falsely that Mr. Gill was not part of a taxpayerfunded official Government of Canada delegation to India in 2009 or that he was he given any privileged access to private government meetings.” In March 2011 Mr. Kenney replied during question period “Mr. Speaker, all complete utter rubbish. The individual in question was not part of an official Government of Canada delegation, period.” and in CBC report Mr. Kenney is saying “I've been to India twice. ...Oh, yeah,

Mr. Gill came as did other Canadians of different backgrounds and attended some public events.” If Mr. Gill wasn’t part of an ‘official’ Government of Canada delegation, what was he doing in the meeting? Liberals asked in the press release. Liberal party also release a photograph taken from Gill`s website confirm that Mr. Kenney has officially been misleading Canadians

about Mr. Gill’s involvement in the India trip. The photos on Mr. Gill’s website feature him and Mr. Kenney taking part in a private meeting with Parkash Singh Badal, the Chief Minister of Punjab, head of the provincial government akin to a premier in Canada. Dhalla alleges Gill has falsely portrayed himself an official delegate of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and has used this ac-

cess to fast-track visas and to stop deportations in exchange for votes and riding donations during the current election campaign. "No political party in our country should be utilizating a ministry of citizenship and immigration for the purpose of buying ethnic votes," she said. "It is unacceptable." Dhalla also accuses Gill, a Toronto-area businessman in the hospitality industry, of delaying some of the visa requests she has submitted for constituents in the largely South Asian riding northwest of Toronto. According to reports, some of these applications were approved before she was informed with Gill delivering the good news, instead. Dhalla has nothing to backup her claim because she says people fear for their files to reopen. In recent reports Gill denied all the accusations, saying the help he and his unpaid volunteers provide to constituents is not a result of any access to Kenney, but information that is already publicly available.


April 28, 2011

Courageous Journalism

Sea of Saffron Grip Toronto Khalsa Day Parade Broke Records

Prime Minister no show! Conservative ignored plea Liberal and NDP recognized and committed to seek Justice for 1984 Sikh Genocide Special Report Huge Nagar Kirtan dedicated to the creation of Khalsa in Toronto Downtown has put other saffron-whitish marks to Toronto’s land crossing the boundaries of success in the shape of undulate sea. Today’s Nagar Kirtan that started with Prayers in God’s pious presence at 10 am was showering God Prayer’s in open buildings of Better Living Centre. The arrival of followers’ groups was capturing the pictures of deep relation with the God. Due to Langar service in Better Living Centre and traditional arrangements done by managers, congregation did not face any difficulty. Nagar Kirtan left through Lakeshore at exactly 1 pm. Like last year, there was a different view of floats this year too. Each float was

Sukhminder Singh Hansara created with a different subject and some Sikh opposition Medias look at the way. It is only one sole commuprinciple. Each float was giving spe- Sikhs as second or third class urban nity that has grace of God Nanak to start every function with Langar, proceed with Langar and even finish with Langar, meaning thereby it is our communal eminence to eat with share and divide equally among all. As the Nagar Kirtan reached York Market through Lakeshore, its size increased more than double. It was not at all possible to count even in the beginning of the Nagar Kirtan but as Nagar Kirtan was proceeding, it was becoming longer and wider. The limitation of code of law has always cial message to the world. The float people, this float was effective to in- been a problem of every Nagar Kirdedicated to the Canadian Sikh that crease their knowledge and prove tan and this problem was gibing this was prepared by young Sikhs them- their claims wrong. There were time as well. Congregation was selves with shield, was creating feasts (free distribution of food) by forced to remain inside boundary by chanting view. From now, whenever the congregation at many places on tying ropes. (Cont.. to page no 6)

April 28, 2011

Courageous Journalism


Fedral Elections

Harper's record shows he doesn't deserve majority

Our current federal government, that calls itself Progressive Conservative, reflects neither of these two words in its behaviour, policies or goals. Even I remember real Conservative governments that were Progressive and publicly focused. We no longer have either a Conservative or a Progressive party in this country -- what a shame. Heaven forbid Harper achieves a majority. If that happens, a very small minority of citizens will have representation in Parliament. The Canadian Reform Alliance Party stole the PC name by forming a coalition with the old PCs, then squashing the 'progressives.' Why is Mr. Harper now against coalitions? He has been very happy to form coalitions before, when it suited him. Any student of global politics knows that real coalition governments work very well in the vast majority of the world's democracies, and offer the best representation to the most voters. Why fear a coalition government? There is far too much evidence that we have a dictator at the top, with heavily centralized control. His office, run by appointed -- not elected -- staff exerts a vice grip on Parliament, rendering functional democracy impotent (eg. the little red book on how to prevent committees from working); distorting the facts when it suits them; and hiding information from MPs. Mr. Harper's understanding of economic systems is out-of-date. When did he last upgrade? We follow his lead at our peril. Stephen Harper's historic connections show the ideology he plans to impose on the Canadian people. That frightens whoever has a long memory or training in history. So does his choice of top advisors -- many from Mike Harris' extreme right-wing camp. How is that possible? Security checks for the PMO are rigorous, so there is no way Harper didn't know about Bruce Carson's past. Voters beware. Strong leaders can be very dangerous. Already Stephen Harper has changed the name of our 'Canadian Government' to the 'Harper Government.' And I thought our country was still called Canada! Do you care about universal health care, old age pensions, unemployment insurance, fair taxing, privacy, true democracy, responsive government, accountability, a balanced budget, honest reporting of costs of government projects, fair distribution of your tax dollars, a possibility of achieving a fair voting system,...? If so, send a message to Ottawa with your vote. Our incumbent, Mr. Kramp, a passionate Harper supporter, claims to base his life on integrity -- but his affiliation with and support for Harper suggests otherwise. When will we be able to vote for what we believe in without feeling the need to vote strategically? When will the media cover all our national options, especially in the debates? When will we again be able to hold our heads up in international forums, and feel honoured to be Canadian? When will we be able to trust politicians to tell the truth, and to campaign on issues that really matter in the long run? When will government policies provide for the welfare of future generations? M. Mulloy Belleville The Intelligencer


April 28, 2011

Courageous Journalism

Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal; Young and Restless!

Another visit of PM to Brampton could backfire Sukhminder Singh Hansra

Another visit of the Prime Minister to Brampton tomorrow could backfire Tory candidates in the area. Many Sikhs have expressed concerns about the PM ignoring the Khalsa Day Parade. His coming to the city of Brampton for his political gains is just not acceptable. I do not feel that his visit to Brampton will have an impact on voters in any way, other than perhaps a feeling of insult due to his absence at the Nagar Kirtan. It is also worth noting that the Prime Minister cancelled his attendance at the 2009 Nagar Kirtan only a day before, without providing a reason. In 2009 the PMO also took steps to stop the Canadian Military from attending and marching in the Toronto Khalsa Day Parade. No member from the Government attended any of the two Nagar Kirtans that year. It was a total boycott of these annual events by the Harper Government. During Paul Martin`s government, when Mr. Harper was the leader of the official opposition, he did attend Toronto’s Khalsa Day Parade. He was asked in a written letter not to bring up the issue of same sex marriage in the presence of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, but Harper did and for that he was criticized on stage by the organizers. Could this be the reason for his absence since

then? It is a million dollar question! During the current election campaign, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been in Brampton over and over. It is because he needs votes, not because he loves the communities that reside in Brampton. Jason Kenney, who attended Toronto`s annual Khalsa Day parade, is facing a series of questions from the public and media about his recent controversy involving Parm Gill, a unelected member and a candidate of the Conservative Party of Canada. Kenney met with the Chief Minister of Punjab Parkash Singh Badal to discuss Government Policies where Gill was in attendance. Kenney has said on many occasions that he met with the chief minister of Punjab to discuss policies on fraud marriages and fraudulent consultants. It could be a clear violation of secret business of the Government of Canada. Mr. Harper, I suggest that you should stop pressuring the voters of Brampton. We do have enough information from all parties to make decisions. However, you are welcome to attend the Khalsa Day Parade taking place this Sunday. I will make sure that you are served with hot samosas and jalebi’s; of course it will also be a great photo opportunity.

Ignatieff talking Tough Michael Ignatieff is using tough words for Jack layton and Stephen harper. He is saying Layton is “getting a free ride”. He also tells Stephen Harper`s Conservatives to go to hell. Running behind NDP at third place sounded very hopeful that the Liberal voters will turn back to us

on or before May 2nd. “I am not going to complain about it because it seems to give the other guys too much damn credit. I don’t give these guys damn credit for anything,” the Liberal leader said, slamming his fist on the table. “I am not going to let other people frame me up … they

can go to hell is what I have thought basically for two and a half years. “I have spent my whole life dealing with bullies. Some of them had guns,” he said in a reference to his days as a journalist working in foreign countries. “You think this stuff shuts me down? You got to be kidding.”

A very slick and sharp in his looks and dealing, this young man of 31 is a criminal lawyer by profession and runs his business in Brampton. Very straight forward and covincing, but hadly imposing and domineering; attentive to hear and gives convincing answers on every point of discussion. He is every inch a Sikh. He is a Amritdhari Sikh and wears a Kirpan as a part of his ritual symbol of religion. In those days of his nomination when he called media meetimg in an Indian resrtuarant; I had a chance to meet him face to face and tried peep into his political activities. I don’t think that he is a political pandit than to be imbued in his religiosity. He thinks that the identification of about two hundred thousand Sikh living in Canada is being tarnished by false and baseless propaganda of media and the Governments’ political machinery. Straight forward he answered that our image as Sikh is being tarnished. We are not Talibans and have no agenda of terrorirsm. To a reporter of Guardian he answers that they(Sikhs) are tired of being portrayed as terrorists. “we as a community need to look at this and say how we can make a new beginning” He said, ““[Sikhs] have a very visible identity with the turban and the beard. So it makes the community more vulnerable,” Dhaliwal said. “Canadian Sikhs are a vibrant part of Canada and to understand any community you have to look at the struggles they’re facing.” “I noticed particularly around incidents that brought awareness about the Sikh community in a negative light that there would be comments made to me,” Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal, a criminal defence lawyer and community activist said of his experience in university. “People would utter things like, ‘He’s a terrorist.’ ‘Look at this guy with the beard.’” To my mind these castigation and repulsive behavior around ;made Mr. Dhaliwal to look for self recognition and self esteem for his religion and community. His endeavor to form a group of young Sikhs and to propagate his religion as a Sikh on intrernet is the need of the hour. I think in a multicultural nation and multi faith society it is paramount that all people and their culture and religion be understood fully well. Jagmeet in a thought full way; made a very discrete decision that unless the Sikh have a voice in the Parliament of their rightful issues and acceptance, he cannot serve his religion and community. Consequently, he opted to represent his community as a member of Parliament from Malton/ Bramlea/ Gore riding. Above all his team work of School and University Sikh student is committed and marvelous. As a journalist I would say that I have not seen such a great surge of youth as I notice in this election. I think, this is one of the main cause for the NDP and their growing popularity. Two major things come up with flying color before the whole Canada and its growing political spectrum. One that they as Canadian society as a whole; cannot neglect Sikh Votes, Secondly the rise of Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal as young Lawyer and Leader cannot be ignored. With the growing popularity of NDP and a young political figure as Gurmeet,the Sikh Community must recognise him as their new polical and religious leader. May be; with the opinion polls and the rising mercury of NDP, he may defeat both Mr. Malhi and Bal Gosal. If he does, it will be the biggest defeat of Malhi as a incumbant Liberal Candidate. In case he succeeds in grabbing over 5000 votes or odds, he still will be in position to defeat Mr.Malhi. As a committed Sikh Mr. Jagmeet Singh Dhaliwal is strenuously working for face lift of the Sikhs. -Dr. Solomon Naz


April 28, 2011

Courageous Journalism

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sends a shiver down the spine of many corrupt ‘filthy rich’ Indians who have one trillion U.S. dollars in ‘black’ money stashed abroad in tax havens by Dr. Amarjeet Singh WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange yesterday sent a shiver down the spine of numerous well-connected filthy rich Indians, ‘honorable crooks all’ (like Sukhbir Badal, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and others who have ‘black money’ stashed in tax havens abroad) when he commented that there are many Indian names in the Swiss bank data list (earlier handed over to him by a former banker, Rudolf Elmer) which list is going to be made public soon by WikiLeaks. The revelation, according to Washington D.C. observers of the Indian scene, is going to spread panic, and fuel a fresh controversy in the media, over the black money stashed abroad, over the years, in tax havens by crooked Indians. It should be noted that a bench of the Indian

Supreme Court (comprising justices B. Sudershan Reddy and S. S. Nijjar) is currently hearing a petition, filed by noted lawyer Ram Jethmalani, which wants the apex Court to direct the Manmohan Singh government to bring back the ‘black money’ stashed by Indian citizens in foreign banks which, Mr. Jethmalani says amounts to around U.S. $. one trillion –- yes one thousand billion U.S. dollars. This from a squalidly country where over seven hundred million unwashed Indians live like animals without clean drinking water or latrines or health clinics or schools – some even without shoes and a roof. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange confirmed to Times Now, that, ‘there are many Indian names in the data that we have already published or are going to publish’. He indicated that

there are many bigwigs in India who have accounts in private Swiss banks where you need at least a million U.S. dollars to open an account, which is a significant amount of money. Not something, an average Indian can muster! He further said that he has come to know, through a report, that more Indians have deposits in Swiss banks than any other nationality in the world. Asked whether all the names will become public at any point, he said, ‘on that, you should absolutely not lose hope as the names will come’. Praising the German government for its aggressive approach to unearth black money stashed offshore, he said that India “should be more aggressive because India seems like it is loosing per capita much more tax than Germany.”

Assange alleged that Indian government’s response to the WikiLeaks cables was ‘one of the worst in the world’ and it was a ‘clear attempt to mislead the nation on what the WikiLeaks cables were’. He said that response by the Indian government left a lot to be desired. Assange also dismissed the contention of the Indian government that accords on double taxation were coming in the way of tracking the trail of black money. He said that, ‘Double taxation does not have anything to do with asset hiding’. Assange praised the German government for its aggressive approach to unearth black money stashed offshore and commented that, ‘India should be more aggressive because India seems like (Cont.. to page no 8)


Courageous Journalism

April 28, 2011

Sea of Saffron Grip Toronto Had it not been done, congregation might have gone another way; the race to proceed further may take the shape of running around at any time in which the loss cannot be ignored if it happens. There were feasts of langar by various commercial institutions. Especially the balloon service was being provided by Royal Star Realty which was playing an important role to make Nagar Kirtan attractive. There was great hustle and bustle with Parminder Singh Dhillon, Ajit Singh and Baljeet Singh Garcha along with all team members. The band of Ontario Khalsa Darbar, Dixie Road Gurudwara Sahib’s students was leading the Nagar kirtan. Behind the band, a float was brightening the supernatural incidence of Amrit Chakna that happened 312 years ago in Kesgarh Sahib. This

world, was an art of a colorful, beautiful pie and design. The next float states the importance of Canadian Sikhs. This float is prepared by young boys and girls under the leadership of Harpreet Singh Hansra. Various remarks and proverbs given by Guru Gobind Singh, Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra and other great scholars were printed all over it. This float was filled with Canadian flags colored with Canada. The music played on this float represented the emotions of young Sikhs. It is quite descriptive that this float was arranged by money collected by young Sikhs themselves around which large number of Sikh and non-such people were seen capturing photos. The last float was ded-

float is being serviced by Sikh Heritage Centre Mayfield Gurudwara Sahib long back. Behind that, a float showing the significance of turban that is prepared by Ontario Khalsa Dixie Road Gurudwara Sahib, was attracting the congregation. This float, throwing down the restrictions on turban in various parts of the

icated to the sad tragedy of year 1984. The story of Sikh community’s pain was depicted in photographs. This float prepared by Pritpal Singh and their helpers was presented to the attack on Sri Darbar Sahib in 1984 and Sikh genocide done committed by the Indian government.This float was attached to the emotions of the

KHALSA DAY PARADE community that was making the followers and public of Indian Government shiver. Nearly one hour late to the scheduled time, Nagar Kirtan reached North Park constructed behind Queen’s park. There were already tens of thousands people gathered. Nagar Kirtan was welcomed in Queen’s park with the echoes of salutations. A stage was

black deeds of the Indian Government. It was taunted in the press release that India is never tired calling itself the biggest democracy of the world, but no justice was done to responsible of Sikh genocide. It is also noted that Sikhs were murdered with a preplanned conspiracy about which we should keep on struggling to get justice. It was stated in this Press note that Ontario Sikh & Gu-

decorated in one side in parks of some fields where history was already being hummed by a large number of Sikhs. Configurations of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji were enlightened there for the first time. It was expected that all leaders will be presented from three political parties but the leader of Conservative Party Stephen Harper was no show, instead Jason Kenny who thought to be near the Punjabis, fulfilled the absence of Harper. The press release issued from the stage was read by Ruby Singh, the daughter of Harbans Singh Jandali, Chairman of Ontario Sikhs and Gurudwara Council. In press release, justice is demanded against genocide on Sikhs done by Indian Government in June, 1984 and November, 1984 by reminding the

rudwara Council, with the help of Sikhs For Justice supports the justice revolution and demands from the Canadian Government that camage of 1984 should be considered as genocide. In addition, the restriction put on sword (kirpan) by Quebec Assembly was considered non-Canadian and un-constitutional and justice is demanded from the Canadian Government in this press note. It is quite descriptive here that since Ontario Sikh & Gurudwara Council has come into existence, the issue of Sikh Homeland Khalistan has always been included in the press note most of the times,that is disappeared from this press note at present. It is not clear if there is any change in the objectives of Ontario Sikhs & Gurudwara Council in this regard or it is ignored due to some reason,. It is also descriptive here that Ontario Sikh & Gurudwara Council is dedicated to Sri Akal Takhat, but the Decleration of Khalistaan issued from Shri Akal (Cont to next page)

April 28 2011

Courageous Journalism


Sea of Saffron Grip Toronto Takhat was never remembered by council. This year marks 25th anniversary of the Decleration of Khalistan on April 29. In addition to Surrey BC Nagar Kirtan, and Cartrate New jersey comemorated the Decleration of Khalistan and the Sikh Parade of New York on coming Saturday is dedicated to the anniversary. But not even a single word was uttered by Ontario Sikhs & Gurudwara Council in this regard. The Council did not waste even a single minute to accept the Nanakshahi Calendar that was changed under the influence of Brahmanwad by from Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and they accepted this Calendar by killing the Nanakshahi Calendar and said that they were dedicated to Sri Akal Takhat Sahib. The Decleration of Khalistan from Akal Takhat Sahib by Panthic Committee installed h Sarbat Khalsa did not receive even touch of tongue. The huge blames of highlighted history towards communal independence for silence will burden our souls till death. From today’s guests, Dr. Harshinder Kaur shared her speech first of all. Dr. Harshinder Kaur made the canonical aspect of Khalsa clear by sharing her views from historical perspective But she remained off from the risk that the Khalsa Panth has been suffering from last 26 years. To inspire the psychology of the community, the scholars of the Sikh community should dare to come forward and revolt. Citizenship & Immigration minister Jason Kenny uttered salutation in broken Punjabi words. He was just doing formality on behalf of the Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Kenny told that Prime Minister attended the Vancouver Nagar Kirtan last week, meaning thereby that he has fulfilled his responsibility. He told that the Prime Minister had announced the establishment of a department to maintain the religious independence from their government. He described the violation of Human rights of Sikhs in Pakistan but did not describe the genocide done on Sikhs by the Indian Government; as a result, this double policy was opposed by some members of congregation. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff uttered salutation in broken Punjabi words in this event. Talking about the creation of the Khalsa Panth by Guru Gobind Singh 312 years ago, he said that the qualities of Guru ji

could be seen in various parts of the Canada. Talking about the Kamagatamaru, Ignatieff told that Canada should be ashamed of this event. He said that justice, human right, trust in human independence and religious freedom are our values. I had opposed the ban on sword put on by the Quebec Assembly at that time and I stick to that at present. I met the youth of Sikh Community and carefully listened the stories of 1984 oppressions. I know that truth is yet not revealed so far. No justice is received so far. Matter will remain open unless we get justice. Michael Ignatieff told that he knew about Village Hond Chillar. I know that graves are situated there. I understand that this pain and discomfort is still fresh in the mindf of the Sikh community. If I were the Prime Minister, I promise that I will try to find out truth, get justice and maintain regularity regarding 1984 oppressions with you. Some members of the congregation opposed because Michael Ignatieff did not say anything regarding the statement given in the favour of Kamal Nath. Afterwards, as Jack Layton, the Supremo of NDP reached the stage, the echoes of salutation raised high to sky. Congregation honored the Jack from the core. Layton influenced the psychology of the Sikh congregation deeply with a very powerful speech in this event. Layton said that we are assembled here to celebrate but the Sikh Community had suffered from partiality and oppressions. Layton said that some political leaders welcomed people like KamalNath but NDP was beside the Sikh community and opposed his visit. The visit of the Kamal Nath has poked the wounds of Sikhs. Jack Layton told that he will keep on struggling till they get justice. We are committed towards your family unity. We will uproot the problem of visitor’s visa. I want you to question yourself about which party you can trust. It is a fact that popularity

of the Jack Layton has won. His leadership manners have won the hearts of the Sikhs. He has come forward as Sikh’s Christ. The legal advisor of Sikhs For Justice, Gurpatwant Singh Pannu told that raising voice against injustice is establishment of Khalsa. The Khalsa community has been facing this injustice for 26 years, the first week of November 1984 when 30 thousand Sikhs were killed and it was named as Sikh riots. A petition was filed in June 2010 in Canadian Parliament in this regard at which Harper Government answered that they did not have the required information. Pannu told that new information has arrived. He said that leaders were coming to ask for their votes that day; they should clarify the acceptance of the Sikh genocide. They made to raise the hands whether we want to get debate in Canadian house on November, 2011? The entire congregation approved it

by raising hands. Afterwards, Minister Harinderjeet Singh Takhar read message on behalf of Ontario’s Premier Dalton McGuinty . And Pam Hundal read message on behalf of PC leader Tim Hudak. The glimpses of today’s Nagar Kirtan will remain in our memories for long. The pious drizzling of divine drops in the Toronto streets is providing the touch of God’s affection to the family of Guru Nanak. It was very difficult for Daily bureau to estimate the assembly about which we asked three individuals about the assembly.First person told one lakh and fifty thousands, second told 80 thousand and third told in lakhs. We can state it approximately 1 lakh 10 thousand. It is very difficult to count in numbers but Toronto star has estimated 50 thousands and Sun has estimated 50000-100000. Overall, it can be said that Toronto’s Nagar Kirtan has established a record in itself.


April 28, 2011

Courageous Journalism

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sends a shiver down the spine of many corrupt ‘filthy rich’ Indians who have one trillion U.S. dollars in ‘black’ money stashed abroad in tax havens it is loosing per capita much more tax than Germany.’ There is no reason why India should not be aggressive, Assange said, while dismissing the contention of the Indian government that accords on double taxation were coming in the way of tracking the trail of black money.‘Double taxation does not have anything to do with asset hiding as it does not simply cover asset hiding. The issue of ‘stashing black money in foreign banks was much worse than just local corruption.’ When money is pushed offshore, Indian rupees have to be sold as a result of which Indian currency is debased. ‘Everything for every Indian becomes more expensive as a result of this illegal transfer’ he said. He, however, declined to reveal anything more on the issue at this stage. Noting that he has come to know through a report that there are more Indian deposits in the Swiss banks than any other nationality, Assange said, “there is no reason why India should not be aggressive.”Meanwhile the Manmohan Singh government, in a typical ‘BABUISH” attempt to forestall the WikiLeaks revelations, told the Indian Supreme Court last Monday, on April 25, 2011, (> <) that, “A high power committee comprising heads of various probe agencies and specialized departments has been constituted to monitor the investigation and steps taken to bring back black money stashed in foreign banks. The 10-member committee, the government said, “will immediately start functioning, consists of Revenue Secretary, Deputy Director RBI, Directors of CBI, Intelligence Bureau (IB), Enforcement Directorate, Chairman of CBDT, Director General of Revenue Intelligence, Director General of DGNC (Directorate General of Narcotics Control), Director of Foreign Intelligence Office (FIO) and Joint Secretary of Foreign Trade. Government said the multi-disciplinary committee for the investigations and other steps likely to be taken, can co-opt members not below the rank of joint secretary for effective implementation of the work in consultation with the secretaries in Home, Foreign and Defence ministries.The secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat can also be co-opted as a member.” The government stand was in response to proposal of an Indian Supreme Court

bench, comprising justices B. Sudershan Reddy and S. S. Nijjar which had favored setting up of an independent special investigating team (SIT) headed by a retired judge to monitor the case. India’s Solicitor General, Gopal Subramanium, told the Supreme Court bench that the coordinated mechanism has been put in place to deal with all such cases of black money and it would be headed by the Revenue Secretary. According to the OUTLOOK magazine ‘The government also submitted to the Supreme Court that it is investigating into thirty six cases involving black money and informed the court that it has entered into agreement with twenty six countries under which it could attach the black money stashed in their banks by Indian citizens’. The above government’s submission came after it was pulled up by the Supreme Court, in the last hearing on April 21, 2011, for restricting its probe to an individual and being evasive about the idea of an (> http:// news. outlookindia. com/item.aspx?720015 <) investigation by the Special Investigating Team. The court had said that, “Your whole focus is centered on one individual. Does it mean that all the black money parked in foreign banks belong to only one person? Is it that black money issue is surrounding around one person? Do you have information beyond that?” Earlier, the government had opposed the idea of setting up an SIT (Special Investigating Team) comprising members of various agencies to probe the case saying the ED has been conducting the investigation properly, which is reflected in the status report filed before the bench. The court, however, had said that in view of the gravity of the case, more than one agency is required to conduct the investigation as the ED itself had expressed “helplessness” on numerous occasions while probing the case. “We are very clear in our mind that more than one agency is required to conduct the investigation and it should be monitored by a person of eminence which could be a retired Chief Justice of High Court,” the court had said. It is obvious that the Manmohan Singh government is stone-walling, and is trying to shield someone (Rahul Gandhi &/or Sonia Gandhi perhaps) who do not NOW want public attention focused on

money deposited in their name for many years which will stand out as a sore thumb. Many years ago Switzerland taunted for shielding ‘dirty money’, enforced a series of rules and designates regulatory bodies to stamp out money-laundering and abuse of its hospitality by persons in power who imagined Swiss banking secrecy to be impenetrable. Respected journalist A. G. Noorani wrote in an article in the FRONTLINE magazine, (a sister publication of the prestigious, HINDU newspaper) headlined, “The mystique of Swiss banks”, many years ago, in which he quotes wry remarks from the Swiss Bankers Association’s (SBA) brochure, published to dispel myths about Swiss banks, which said that, “This umbrella organization of the Swiss financial centre was founded in 1912 in Basel. Its membership covers almost all banks, auditing firms and securities traders”. Noorani wrote in the Frontline article that, “Despite the picture presented in detective stories, spy films and in the media, anonymous bank accounts do not exist in Switzerland. The names of the holders of numbered accounts

are known, albeit only to a small circle of people within the bank. In terms of banking confidentiality, no distinction is made between numbered and other accounts”. He gave the instance, of coded accounts – ‘Tulip’ and ‘Lotus’ among others that emerged when the Bofors gun scandal erupted many years ago. Noorani wrote in the FRONTLINE magazine that, “The secrecy, as we know from India’s own happy 2003 experience, is not impenetrable. The Swiss government and courts responded handsomely to India’s requests in the Bofors case. The then National Front government, headed by V. P. Singh, which assumed power in December 1989 sent a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) team to Switzerland on January 24, 1990. On the strength of a letter handed over two days later to Pierre Schmid, then Vice-Director of the Federal Department of Justice and Police, the Swiss government got the entire Bofors money frozen - Swedish kroner 319 million, equivalent to Rs.64 crores in 1986, and more than twice as much now.

April 28, 2011

Courageous Journalism


Jack Layton`s Ethnic Media Conference

We will acknowledge Sikh Genocide in once we come in power:- Jack Layton Sukhminder Singh Hansra April 23, 2011- On opinion poll assessment though NDP is on the 2nd rund of the political ladder, yet their political popularity and acceptability is growing day by day. It is in a way sizing up with Liberal Party. Infact it is creating a danger level for both NDP and Conservative Party. Particularly it is getting hard to understand the the pattern of the popularity in Quebec Province. Speaking today in a Round Table Ethnic Media Conference; NDP Superemo Jack Layton said that he has a great regard and acknowledge the importance of Ethnic Media. Speaking on the issue of immigration and its implications

he said that the Canadian Asians are accepting our policies on this issue. On opinion polls and its analysis; Jack Layton said; that

he is less concerned with the opinion polls, but is more inclined with the NDP party politics and try to expose the draw backs of other parties. Sukhminder Singh Hansra asked two

questions in which he tried to explore that he had voted against Mr. Harper and his Government; so that Prime Minister Stephen Harper may not keep his job, but the opinion poll of the day tell that he may have his job back as the Prime minister. May be; you will be the Opposition Leader. In reply to this question he said there are still nine days left in the final Election,this decision will be made on 2 May 2011. He said that he had been giving information and making Canadians aware of the destructive policies of Mr. Harper and the week leadership of Liberal Party. The second question of Mr. Sukhminder Hansra was that a liberal MP put a petition on Sikh Genocide

in the House of Commons; your Party stood by that petition and on times you had been standing in favour of the Sikh Issues. If you succeed in forming a coalition Government; what will be the policy of your Party regarding Sikh Issues? Mr. Jack Lepton replied that It is the policy of Canada to accept and acknowledge atrocities in any part of the World as a record. He refered about the human Rights violence in China and the 1984 massacre of Sikhs .we can accept this. Our Party will acknowledge such happenings. He further said that his party will regret and be sorry the Kamagata Maru Mishape in the Parliament, not in some Park.

Parents and Family Reunification Takes a Considerable Processing Time! Olivia Chow

Sukhminder Singh Hansra April 23, 2011 - Sikh Press:- Senior member NDP and MP Olivia Chow from Trinity Spadina area Toronto; talking about Immigration on the issue of family reunification of grand parents directly varies with the imbalance of the process of the policy matter in relation to the Office you deal with. She said if you are dealing with the office in Paris, it will take you 3-4 years to get your application processed. If you are dealing with the office in Chandigarh it will take you 13 years as waiting time. In the same way it will take 6-8 years in many other offices. She said that this quota system is in a way; doing discrimination with certain communities. This Quota System has allocated certain number of people in different places like Paris, Delhi and Beijing. She reacted strongly to the view of Jason Kenney of Conditional Permanent residency for the FiancĂŠâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; cases. She said it

will be totally unacceptable when it will come to the subcommittee for approval. Further more it is unacceptable to announce such policies while the elections are on. This type of politics is un acceptable. Talking on the fraud marriages, she remarked that the couple must be interviewed face to face to determine the just and fraud marriages. In the same way Border Security Force must implement strong steps against such fraudulent marriages. Trinity Subdiana is a very mixed area and in 2006 Olivia Chou had defeated Liberal Candidate Tony Yean by 3500 votes. In the year 2008 Olivia defeated his wife Christine Inns by about 300 votes. In this election it a contesting seat between both Liberal and NDP candidate Olivia Chou. On her concluding notes she said that she works hard for her riding and my people know whom to elect on 2 May 2011.


April 28, 2011

Courageous Journalism

Auto Section

Nail the throttle and the 556-horsepower 6.2-liter supercharged V8 does make its presence audible, however rather than blasting a skin shredding bellow, the engine emits a warmly muted, yet undeniably powerful baritone--accompanied by skin shredding acceleration

Something about driving the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe makes you swagger when you step out of it. You'll find yourself walking into places with an authoritative air, as if you own the world. It has been said power corrupts, and while we wouldn't characterize the feeling as being corrupted per se, the phrase "infused with attitude" comes a lot closer. Like so many high performance cars the Cadillac can get from Aretha to Beyonce with insane quickness. However, unlike so many high performance cars, the CTS-V Coupe does it with a sophistication that completely belies its external appearance. While the angular, sharply drawn lines of the CTSV Coupe would lead you to imagine a harsh ride and an all enveloping exhaust note, the CTS-V instead displays refinement. Nail the throttle and the 556-horsepower 6.2-liter supercharged V8 does make its presence audible, however rather than blasting a skin shredding bellow, the engine emits a warmly muted, yet undeniably powerful baritone--accompanied by skin shredding acceleration. The Corvette-sourced engine streaks the Coupe to sixty from rest in four seconds. Wind it to redline in second gear and you'll be doing 80 miles per hour, wearing a HUGE grin on your face. Meanwhile, the suspension system is absorbing pavement irregularities with a degree of competence wholly in keeping with Cadillac's rep for old-school smooth. Yet, when the CTS-V is asked to turn in sharply, the body remains flat while the tires bite ravenously. Exhibiting outstanding balance, grip and agility, the CTS-V then heads swiftly off in the new direction you've chosen with no extraneous steering inputs or hesitation. Ride = old school. Handling = new rules.Behind the wheel, you and your fortunate accomplice are throned magnificently in a pair of Recaro's finest. Electrically adjustable and supremely comfortable, the seats' suede-like inserts keep you glued precisely in place, as even the most dynamic of acrobatics ensue. Speaking of

that suede (OK, Alcantara) the material also covers the steering wheel, shift lever, and door panel inserts, imparting a new definition of sporty. Essentially, what you have in the Cadillac CTS-V coupe is a contemporary reimagination of the Cadillac legacy. The car is indulgently luxurious, yet immensely capable and devastatingly powerful--the way Cadillac started out being, way back when. What got lost as the makers of America's finest motorcar bought into longer, lower and wider was the marque's reputation for power and technological innovation. A cursory list of Cadillac innovations includes the first seff-starter, the first independent front suspension and the first synchronized transmission. Back then, Cadillacs were routinely fitted with smooth, powerful and elegant V8, V12 and V16 engines. So, while many may consider the outstanding performance of the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe novel, in actuality, the car is merely living up to its birthright. One of the finest performance cars available today, when you get out of a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, you'll feel like you own the world.

Courageous Journalism

April 28, 2011


Let assasin of Beant Singh Tainted leaders must quit, says Manpreet be a baptized sikh- jathedar AMRITSAR : Jathedar of Sikh's supreme temporal seat -Akal Takht Giani Gurbachan Singh has taken the state's jail department to task for not allowing Balwant Singh , assassin of former late chief minister of Punjab Beant Singh , to get baptized before he is hanged to death. Balwant Singh was convicted for the assassination of Beant Singh and is on death row. While talking to TOI on Wednesday Giani Gurbachan Singh said that in a democratic set up no

one could prevent anyone from performing their religious rituals. He said it was unfortunate that jail administration was creating stumbling block in performing a religious ceremony. He said he himself in capacity of granthi had visited jails for the amrit sanchar ceremony but wondered as to why the government was not giving permission to Balwant Singh. "We will wait for some time then we will consider over taking religious action" said he. Giani Gurbachan

Singh said that he himself would go to the Pa-

tiala Central Jail, where Balwant Singh is currently lodged, for baptization of Balwant Singh if allowed by the government. Kamaljit Kaur , sister of Balwant Singh told TOI that it had been over six

months since his brother had expressed his wish before Akal Takht. Secretary to Jathedar of Akal Takht Jaswinder Pal Singh informed that Balwant Singh had expressed his desire to die as a baptized Sikh in a letter sent to Akal Takht secretariat following which the secretariat had written to superintendent of Patiala jail seeking a date so that Punj Payara's (five beloved ones) could go to jail and carry

out the baptism ceremony. The Akal Takht secreteriate had also written to Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee to approach the concerned persons in government for the initiation of Balwant Singh. Meanwhile Giani Gurbachan Singh suggested to hold monthly religious functions of all the faiths including Hindu, Sikh, Christians and Muslims. "Religious teachings will help the inmates to become a good citizen when they come out as a free man" said he. Eom

Sukhbir suffers from Chinese hangover, say Congress leaders CHANDIGARH: Several Congress leaders and legislators Wednesday took strong exception to Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal’s unparliamentary language against senior Congress leaders, former Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Presi-

dent, Capt Amarinder Singh and the CWC Permanent Invitee Jagmeet Brar telling him that it only betrayed his arrogance. In a joint statement senior leaders and former ministers including Mr Lal Singh, Darshan Brar, Sukhpal Khaira, Gurpreet Kangar,

Jassi Khangura and others said, Sukhbir Badal was yet to come out of the Chinese hangover and hence he was making insensitive statements which did not make any sense. The Congress leaders asked Sukhbir that instead of accusing Congress leaders of lying, he should

better look within. “It is an established fact and common knowledge that you and your father Parkash Singh Badal are proclaimed liars and both of you have proved it not only in word but in deed and not once but umpteen times”, they told Sukhbir while adding, the people of

Pak To Be Told To Follow Policies Under Safta Attari :Commerce Secretary Rahul Khullar inspected the integrated check post being constructed on the Indo-Pakistan border before crossing over for trade talks with his counterpart in Pakistan. Talking to reporters, he said: “Granting the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to India is not an issue. Our priority during the talks will be to ask the neighbouring country to implement the trade policies as

per the South Asia Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) among the SAARC countries,” said Khullar. He said Pakistan was hesitant to accord the MFN status to India. Khullar, accompanied by a six-member delegation, will hold a two- day meeting with his counterpart Zafar Mehmood in Islamabad beginning tomorrow. He said the issue of liberal visa norms for the business community will also be discussed. “ I will take up the

issue of liberal visa norms to the business community so that the trade ties between India and Pakistan get a further boost,” he said. Asked about the agenda of the meeting, the Commerce Secretary said there was no fixed agenda. “I will do my best to strengthen the trade ties between two nations.We will ask the Pakistan authorities to create the required infrastructure on the other side of the border.”

Incident Involving Pak Sikh Pilgrim Resolved: Sgpc Amritsar :A Sikh devotee from Pakistan was involved in an altercation with a member of the SGPC Task Force when he was not allowed to sit in the sanctum sanctorum of the Golden Temple here. SGPC chief Avtar Singh Makkar intervened in the matter and special arrangement was made for Tarun Singh, a resident of Peshawar, to sit in the sanctum sanctorum. Makkar said the incident, which happened

last night, occurred due to some misunderstanding. The matter had been resolved now to the satisfaction of the Pakistani Sikh pilgrim, he said. An SGPC official said the misunderstanding erupted as the Pakistani did not know any other language except Pashto. He could not communicate effectively with the Task Force member leading to the altercation, the official said.

Punjab will no longer be fooled with your lies. Counting Sukhbir’s lies they told him, “now after returning from China you have started selling Chinese dreams to people of Punjab probably forgetting that earlier you had tried to sell similar Californian and French dreams to the same people”. The

Congress leaders said, “now people have understood what you mean by saying that you will turn Ludhiana into Paris, Bathinda into California, run metros in different cities, make Punjab power surplus within three years and so on and they will certainly call your bluff in the coming elections”.

Ropar : President of the PPP Manpreet Singh Badal said here today that tainted MLAs and leaders whose relatives were involved in criminal cases should resign on moral grounds. “Having such relatives is a matter of shame,” he said. In town to inaugurate his party’s office, he said six lakh people have already become members of the People’s Party of Punjab (PPP), while 25 lakh membership forms have been distributed, president PPP Manpreet Singh Badal said. Badal was here to inaugurate party’s office at Ropar. He said PPP’s membership fee was just Re 1 of which 30 P was the cost of the membership slip printed and 70 P went to the company maintaining data of its members. Party was not collecting any separate party fund from its members. “We will have a database of our members. This database will be helpful in election campaigning to be in touch with our members and propagate our activities,” said Badal. The membership drive would continue till June 30. The party has not targeted any certain number of members. “We just don’t want to increase the number of members for the sake of large head count. We want committed people joining us and working for the cause of Punjab,” he said. Badal said within next 90 days the party would establish itself with all its wings in place. The membership drive was launched on April 27 at Khatkar Kalan and since then many people have joined hands with the party. Talking about the law and order situation in the state he said owner of even liquor vends moved around with gunmen in tow. “Gunmen are more of style statements. I have been moving around without a security for past so many years. It is high time political leaders realise that spending on security is a total waste,” he added.


April 28, 2011

Courageous Journalism

Sikhs For Justice Confirms Malhi Is Misleading The Sikh Community On Human Rights Issues BRAMPTON – As the 1984 Sikh Genocide Petition has become a pressing issue amongst voters in the Bramalea-GoreMalton riding, numerous constituents have expressed their concern over Liberal incumbent Gurbax Malhi’s lack of support and glaring absence during the submission of the Sikh Genocide Petition in the House of Commons in June 2010. In recent reports, independently verified by constituents in the riding, Malhi has claimed he supported the petition by distributing video showing him speaking about the issue in the House of Commons. In an effort to verify the validity of these claims, the organizers of the Sikh Genocide Petition, Sikhs For Justice were asked to provide a clarification. In their response, Sikhs For Justice verified that Gurbax Malhi did not support the Sikh Genocide Petition and

explicitly refused to assist the organizers, on two separate occasions. Further, the organizers verified that Gurbax Malhi opposed the Sikh Genocide Petition citing four separate articles published through the Press Trust of India and the Indo-Asian Newswire. When independently checked by the offices of Jagmeet Singh, the article’s quote Gurbax Malhi as saying: “Recent media reports have alleged that I supported the petition. I did not sign the petition,” “I was not [even] present at the June 9 memorial/rally on Parliament Hill when the petition was read out in public and I was not in attendance on June 10 when the petition was read in the House.” When asked to explain how video of Gurbax Malhi could have surfaced from June 10, Sikhs For Justice verified that Gurbax Malhi was present in the House but hastily left before the reading of the Petition.

Dal Khalsa equates Rajiv Gandhi and Narindra Modi for their opression against minorities Amritsar : Citing Gujarat’s chief minister’s comments that Muslims need to be taught a lesson in the wake of Godhra killings, the Dal Khalsa drew parallel of Narendra Modi with late Rajiv Gandhi who too allowed Hindus to vent their anger to teach a lesson to Sikhs in the aftermath of assassination of his mother Indira Gandhi by two Sikh police officers. Stating that Narendra Modi is carbon copy of Rajiv Gandhi vis-a-vis minorities, Dal Khalsa leaders Satnam Singh, Sarbjit Singh and Kanwar Pal Singh said the admission by IPS Sanjiv Rajendra Bhatt before the apex court was a vindication of what the Indian civil society has been crying from the day first. Stating that “what Gujarat has witnessed was not riots, as being reported in the media, they said it’s a pogrom; organized vio-

lence perpetrated by the brute majority against minority community. Scores

of innocent people were killed, roasted alive just only because they were followers of Islam. Gujarat government’s complicity in the violence was evident because the authorities did little to prevent the inferno not because of incompetence but they share the prejudices of the Hindu gangs who have been busy pulping their Muslim neighbors”.

In 2002, the BJP joined the club of Congress: perpetrating the mass murder of minorities. What Modi led BJP did in Gujarat was same what Rajiv led Congress did with Sikhs in 1984. “The politics of genocide has become the permanent feature of the Indian psyche; ‘revenge’ has become an instrument of state policy. The politics of genocide has a tacit approval of a section of Hindus irrespective of their political affiliation with Congress or BJP. When Indian leadership spoke of doublespeak of World Powers on “terrorism”, we understood India’s concern. But who will understand our concern on India’s double standards on “terrorism”. Do the killings of innocent persons in mob violence

not an act of terrorism? Is retaliation justified?

Appreciating the recent landmark decisions of the apex court in which it ruled that ‘sympathy with (Maoist) cause is not sedition’ and ‘members of banned groups could not be treated as criminals till they indulge in violence’, they said we pin hope that the apex court would deliver justice to aggrieved Muslims of Gujarat in the light of revelations made by IPS officer Bhatt.

April 28, 2011

Courageous Journalism

Chocolate Cake with Raspberries 2/3 cup whole wheat flour 1 cup all-purpose flour 1/4 cup cocoa 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 egg 1 cup maple syrup 1/4 cup canola oil 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce Cooking spray Fresh raspberries 1 tablespoon powdered sugar (optional) Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In medium bowl, mix together 6 dry ingredients. In separate bowl, whip egg with syrup, oil and applesauce, then add to dry ingredients. Beat well to blend. Pour batter into 8x8- or 9x9-inch baking pan sprayed with cooking spray. Bake about 40 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool in pan. Invert onto cake platter. Serve slices with fresh raspberries. If desired, dust top of cake with powdered sugar.

Lips are cracked during winters due to dryness. Take 0.5 spoon cream of milk, mix a touch of turmeric powder in it and rub it on your lips. It'll make the lips oily and soft. To protect the lips from cracking, apply the half-


plicator. Cover with gloss or petrol jelly. * Highlight your lips with a very light eye shade color that coordinates with your lip color tones. Place it right in the middle of your lower and upper lips. * To balance roughly formed lips, employ a lighter colored lipstick on the smaller-sized lip. * Softly rub with face cloth over lips before applying lipstick to smooth out lips. Apply foundation round the lips give an actual look without lip liner. * You can mix one tbsp of cranberry sauce juice along with 2 tbsp of Vaseline for a pleasant home-made lip relief. This not only forestalls lip from cracking but also adds natural pinkish color. * Simply trying the juice of lemon skin avoids black color of lips and makes them natural pinkish.

Beauty Tips for Lips hearted mustard oil on your navel before sleeping at night. If a chapped surface is created on the lips than apply almond oil on the lips it helps to remove Chapped surface and lips will become soft. Avoid taking breath from mouth. Mash few rose leaves and mix glycerin in it to take away the blackness of lips. Apply this mix on lips frequently. Do not use the lipstick. Mix saffron in butter and use it on lips. It'll make the lips red. To make lips look fuller, line lips with a pencil and then mix the sides with a sponge ap-

* To make lips softer and rosy you can massage the lip with coriander leaves juice. * Apply cold cream or moisturizer or lip relief before applying lipstick. * Apply beet root juice before bed to get natural pink lips * Use more neutral lip color if you have thinner lips * If you would like different shade of lip color mix 2 or 3 lipstick colors together and use as new lip color. * If your face is rough, irritate or ruddy or rash do not use true red color, until you get standard skin.


April 28, 2011

Courageous Journalism

Courageous Journalism


Mr Right

April 28, 2011

Where's Priyanka?

Wondering why you're seeing less of Piggy Chops? The actor is, apparently, working round the clock and may even give her annual vacationa miss After months of making headlines —for her films and at times, for her personal life, actor Priyanka Chopra seems to have suddenly vanished from the public eye. After Hrs tracked her down and found that it is not because she's away vacationing — she has been shooting back-toback for all her films, some of them scheduled to release this year. The actor began the year on a high note with her film 7 Khoon Maaf that earned her rave reviews. "It has been the toughest role of my career so far, and I'm glad that it was under the guidance of a genius filmmaker like Vishal Bhardwaj," says Priyanka. "Working with him is not only a delight, but a great learning experience. He has vision which he translates effortlessly in his own brand of cinema." Currently shooting for Agneepath, she is super excited about film-maker Anurag Basu's next movie, which will see her essaying the character of a mentally chal-

Ask Raima Sen if she is upset about her not having any scene with her sister Riya in their first on screen outing together, in Naukadaubi, and she laughs, "Well, it wouldn't have hurt him (director Rituporno Ghosh) to have added one scene with us in it together." But she is quick to add that she didn't want the director to go against his script, for her sake. Talking about romances, ask Raima as to what qualities she would like to see in her Mr Right and she says that "understanding" is the most important. "I'd like to date someone who is of course, responsible, stable and mature. But on top of my list are qualities like understanding and compatibility. And no relationship can survive without trust, especially in the film industry. My partner will have to see through these baseless link ups and people constantly talking all sorts of rubbish about you, behind your back," says Raima. And considering that it's been a while since she's been linked up with anyone, has a relationship taken a backseat in her life? "Well, if a person is dating someone in this industry, it is very difficult to keep it a secret — it's near impossible! I've been shooting non-stop and have been juggling my time between Bhopal and Kolkota, so I guess that has left me with no time for a relationship at all," laughs Raima.

lenged girl. "It promises to be a very difficult and challenging role! It's a little too early to talk about it, but the preliminary work on it is underway. I've had many discussions with Anurag and the team to help me prepare for the role." The actor, who took a brief vacation recently, cannot think of taking another one as she has to complete five films (Agneepath, Don-2, Barfee, Kunal Kohli's next and Krrish 2) by this year. "Yes, I am doing all my films back-to-back. All need to be completed this year, so it is going to be a very hectic year for me and my family." How does she manage to spend time with family with such a schedule that involves incessant travelling? "The entire credit for that goes to my family. They understand that my profession demands it. They are very supportive. Besides, if I miss my parents, I make sure they travel with me. That way, I get to spend time with them."


28-04-2011, issue  
28-04-2011, issue  

28-04-2011, issue