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April 26, 2012

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Open Mic Night, which was held in the Auditorium of the T building, took place on April 17. From left to right Jason Kolodzyk (English Instructor and Faculty Advisor of the Phoenix), Richard Plevak III, and Jeff Henry (President of the Phoenix Literacy and Arts Society) review the 2011 Phoenix Literary magazine. This event allows students to show off their literary abilities and cheer on fellow performers who shared the same passion and raw talent.

Open Mic showcases rising talent

by Jim Nance Times Staff Reporter

Tuesday, April 17, was an explosive day of talent and expression at MATC in the T Building auditorium. The Phoenix Open Mic event had students flocking in just before 12:30 p.m. to register to perform or just to take a seat. As you entered the auditorium you would have been greeted by the current President of the Phoenix Literacy and Arts Society (PLAS), Jeff Henry. Laid out on the table were copies of the 2011 Phoenix for purchase for $5 and the new publication “Phoenix Now” given for free. PLAS Open Mic events capture the attention of those who can appreciate raw talent and relish in thought provoking literary

imagery. Jeff Mosgaller, resident of West Allis, came to support his friend, Richard Plevak, III. “It’s great to come out to listen from one storyteller to another,” says Mosgaller, about his invitation to the event. You might be a spectator the first half, but by the second half you might have something in the back of your mind ready to share with the crowd. Performers came from all campuses to enlighten the audience with their artistry. Jason Kolodzyk, Faculty Advisor of The Phoenix and English Instructor, set the crowds tone with the rules of the Open Mic. Very simply and accommodating to all, just be mindful of the language being used and audience respect the performer. After each artist has performed, show them some love.

With that awareness out the way, Vice-President of PLAS, Brandon Haut started to emcee the show. Each performer stood up and got to the microphone, giving the audience a spectacular array of emotions. Some artists made you really think, others put your heart in a sullen mood. No matter who you are or where you sat in the auditorium, you were among those who felt the positive affects of true talent. Malcolm Lane, student from the Downtown Campus, set the mood for the Open Mic with his powerful poem entitled “Love Coat.” He electrically charged the audience with his poise and articulated thoughts. Next, Yung Thompson, student from the North Campus, shared a

powerful essay of poverty in Korea. The silence was amazing as she captivated the audience, intensely listening to her story. Thunderous applause echoed after she finished reading her essay, however, on her face the emotions still loomed. The Phoenix organized a tremendous event for individuals to participant and also to enjoy as spectators. They are really innovators for the community as well as for the students of MATC. Get involved! The next Open Mic will be on May 1st at the West Campus. The theme for that Open Mic will be “Rebirth”, so mark your calendars and come to support PLAS. You just might find out more than imagined about yourself through expression.

was a bit nervous, but about a half hour later it was smooth sailing,” Phoenix Literary and Arts wants to find ways to partner with the Milwaukee-area community. Their organization wants to build a relationship with libraries, local schools, art galleries, and bookstores. The Phoenix Literary and Arts Society (PLAS) welcome those who have the passion and artistic integrity to express their work for their publication. Established in1969, ‘The Phoenix’ in contrast to the ‘Times’ is an individual expression through writing, art, and photography. Even though they were not an official organization, they have been a presence on the campus of MATC for years as an annual publication distributed called “Phoenix”. While speaking with Henry, he discussed his upcoming

plans for the organization and the community. Henry said, “Our publication is currently distributed at Open Mic events and is called ‘Phoenix Now’.” When asked about how The Phoenix will compare to other campus publications, Henry stated ‘It would be small in its content, but would give you a variety to glance over and anticipate the grand publication combining the work for that year collected’. Forging together with The MATC Times, The Phoenix will now be showcased on the Times website, giving their artists twice the exposure and more opportunities to get others involved in their projects from this partnership. In addition, you can find ‘The Phoenix’ through their website www., Phoenix Now,

and the MATC2Go Application. PLAS will continue to soar as an organization, giving back to the community great talent such as Kwame Grayson, Artist, who will be featured on the cover of the recent “Phoenix Now” distributed at the Open Mic on April 17. Jason M. Kolodzyk, English Instructor and Faculty Adviser for The Phoenix, maintains the order and responsibility of the content produced for the Phoenix. Kolodzyk stated in his email “Beyond the Open Mic events and the two Phoenix publications, we hope to work with other student organizations at MATC as well as other departments at MATC in order to create a more diverse experience for all involved.”

The Phoenix - forever evolving

by Jim Nance Times Staff Reporter

Deep within us are dormant unique abilities unseen by human eyes, waiting to be harnessed through the manifestation of our talents. Once you grasp that omnipotent resource of strength and empowerment, the desirability to channel that creativity should be brought to light for the world to admire and marvel your brilliance. Recently, ‘The Phoenix’ became an official organization, part of MATC’s Student Life. “Being an organization gives us a broader audience and a chance to capture the attention of the students and faculty around all campuses.” Jeff Henry, President of The Phoenix, spoke about his journey as a leader and his recent meeting with the MATC Board, “I


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Habitat for Humanity offers affordable housing Page 7

Stormer Men’s Baseball New season starts Page 8

Grand Ball Bringing it back to the 80s – for sure Page 10

Calendar of events


Friday, May 4, 9th Annual Green Vehicles Workshop 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


MATC Portfolio Night Thursday, May 10 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Downtown Milwaukee Campus

May 18 Last day of Classes Graduation

Health Department offers new program for Food Share and Badger Care Dear Student Legal Clinic, I need help applying for Food Share and Badger Care as soon as possible. I called and all the appointments are filled at MATC for April. Is there somewhere else I can go for help besides 12th and Vliet? Signed Rue Dear Rue, The City of Milwaukee Health Department has a new program called the Community Healthcare Access Program. They have expanded their staff, locations and hours to make sure Milwaukee residents have help in applying for these benefits. You can stop by at any of the Health Center locations Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Some locations also have extended hours. You may call 414-286-6629 to get more information. The Health Department staff can assist you with: • New Badger Care applications • Food Share applications • Reviews for Badger Care and Food Share, etc. • Family Planning Only Services application • Troubleshooting problems with existing applications You may also call the Milwaukee Enrollment Center for help. You may reach the Enrollment Center by calling 1-888-947-6583. If you feel you are wrongly being denied benefits, you can also go to Legal Action of Wisconsin on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 1:30 until 4:30 p.m. They are located at 230 W. Wells Street, Room 800. Clients can also call for an appointment at 414-278-7722. If you have any more questions on civil legal issues, call Mary O’Leary at 414-297-6630 or email, or stop in Room M346 at the downtown campus.


From 1

Furthermore, he hopes to form alliances with the Graphic Arts department and the Latino Student Organization, to name just a few of the groups they are looking forward to working with closely. “Sincere gratitude goes to Bob Hanson, faculty adviser for the MATC Times, who will implement a section of the MATC Times website to showcase Phoenix publications!” says Kolodzyk They intend to host four Open Mic events each semester (one at each campus) to give the students a creative platform

and awareness to the creative community to all. The next Open Mic event will be at the West Campus in the cafeteria on May 1. If you would like to submit your work to PLAS, go to: <http://>, complete this form and upload your creative pieces, and click the “submit” button at the end of the form. When asked about the future of the Phoenix, there was no better way to end with this statement from Kolodzyk, “We have big dreams and we are just getting started in our pursuit of them.”

Scholarship Assistance

Nick Patrinos/Times

Medical Coding Specialist student Andrea Haywood (L) enjoys reviewing the benefits of the MATC Scholarships shown to her by Financial Aid Specialist Lia Maxwell. MATC has a large cache of scholarships available to students. Instructions on how to apply can be found at the Financial Aid listing on the MATC website under Scholarships on the left side column. Since the MATC Foundation has taken over Scholarship Programs, questions may be addressed to Most scholarships have a June 1 or various Fall 2012 deadlines.

Wendi Coon/Times

Driver Christian McCullar, a Liberal Arts Program student is assisted by Cody Beerthuis, with Kramer Edutainment, at the driving and texting simulator. The simulator challenges the driver while driving and texting to obey all the driving laws and to avoid accidents. Christian seems to had a mishap driving and texting. This program was presented at each campus.

Spring has sprung…

by Robyn Wiggill Times Reporter

When asked what Spring break means to me I immediately envision hours of lounging around in fields of daffodils. I think of the time I will spend sitting outside sipping on lemonade, and relaxing in the dabbled sunshine. Imagines of baseball games, tailgating and of course brats grilling come to mind. Hmmm…I can almost taste the freedom that is spring break! Realistically when I think about what I will do over spring break, I know this is the week that I will finally find the time to catch up on all my schoolwork. I am hoping to also catch up with a few friends. It will be a week to celebrate Easter and all that is included in the celebration of Christ’s life. But those are just my predictions, so let’s see what really happens… So what did my spring break entail? I spent about 50% of it catching up on articles, presentations and online assessments. Doesn’t sound so fun, huh? But it also entailed spending a fun night with a few of my close friends. I got to catch up on their lives and let them know what was happening in mine. I introduced a German friend of mine to the American “tradition” of beer pong. We all went on an

Easter egg hunt, at night, with flashlights. I also got to spend time with my boyfriend’s family. We were invited to Easter lunch on Sunday. There was lots of food, colorful eggs and people (many of which I am still trying to work out how they fit into his family.) We also had an Easter basket hunt for the youngest member of their family. The basket was hidden in a tree so it took 4 year old Hunter a little time to realize he is living in a 3D world and to look up instead of just at eye level. Day four of my spring break was a buckle down and do all my homework done day. Not much fun but very productive! Tuesday was my girl power day! A friend of mine called me to ask me to bring over some gas, since her car wouldn’t start. I figured it was probably a battery, not gas problem, so I came over with jump leads instead. Two girls, two cars and a dead battery…a car manual and a little confusion later we figured out how to jump start a car. I won’t lie, I was really nervous I was going to shock myself or blow up the car. Is that even possible? If you have never jump started a car before, let me give you a quick run-down. You have to first of all figure out how to open the hood (or bonnet) which is not

as easy as it sounds. Then you attach the red plug to the positive side of the dead battery, then red to the positive side of the booster car, black on the negative of the dead battery and lastly black on the negative on the booster battery, in that order. Once you have hooked up the batteries you start the booster car, then the second car (which should be charged enough by now to start.) After three or so minutes you can remove to cables in reverse order. So black cable of the booster car, black cable of the dead battery car, red cable of the booster car, red cable of the dead battery car. Done! On Wednesday I joined a friend and her kids on a nationwide adventure. We went to Betty Brinn (children’s museum) which is perfect for children…and children at heart. The Weebles coast to coast 50 State adventure is the museums featured exhibit. I was able to discover many things about the United States, and saw some information on some states I have already visited. It also got me thinking of the summer since I am planning a 19 state 14 day road trip from Wisconsin to Maine and back. Time to start planning that I guess - wish me luck! The next two days I spent with my host family visiting Kids in Motion, which is an interaction driven-fun filled-house for

Established by Milwaukee Institute of Technology Student Council, March 1960

children. The next day we visited the Milwaukee Zoo. The zoo is tons of fun, but lots of walking! After watching the male peacocks showing off for the females, the elephants flapping their big ears and the lions looking hungrily at me I was beat, pretty much ready to get into bed and sleep (and this was only 2 p.m.) No wonder kids need afternoon naps! Saturday was substituted for “fat kid Friday” where Tyler and I have a relaxed day of sweatpants and fun food (also known as fat kid food) this is also the day I realized I should probably go for a run since summer is just around the corner, and bikinis aren’t the most flattering outfits. So I did go for a run, 2 miles in total plus down and up the 100 steps it takes to get to Lake Michigan and back. The run is done, and I felt great! On Sunday I went with my boyfriend on his apartment search. We discovered pretty much everywhere in Milwaukee that you do not want to live, and maybe one or two you would consider living in. That was my Spring break! I may not have grilled brats at Miller Park or sipped lemonade in the sun, or even laid in a field of daffodils, however I did have a great week with awesome friend and a few fun memories. I hope you spring break was one to remember!

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Volume 53, Issue 12 College Newspaper Hall of Fame May 15, 1989

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Milwaukee Area Technical College e-mail us:

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COMPACT REPLAY by DUANE RODRIGUEZ These two women have seen better days going into their respective releases and one has stepped up their game while the other is sorta floundering about. Bonnie Raitt has always been a killer guitarist and underrated vocalist but mismanagement and silly career decisions have had her leave two record labels. So she did what any other artist with the smarts upstairs would do – start her own label. Bonnie Raitt Slipstream (Redwing) really hits the spot and is proof and returns her once again to the top of her game. Maybe it was motivation, maybe it was the choice of material but on her previous couple releases, the fire was missing. Not here. While first single “Right Down The Line” with it’s reggae influence is a good indication of something special, one listen to her front porch foot stompin’ rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Million Miles” will seal the deal. Eight of the albums’ 12 tracks were self-produced by Raitt with Joe Henry managing the other four. Raitt has made great decisions on what material to use on this effort. It’s a great cross between upbeat rockers and gorgeous ballads, showcasing her brilliant guitar work or her poignant vocals.

Counting Crows gets emotional

Standouts include the above mentioned as well as “Not Cause I Wanted To,” “Down To You,” “Split Decision,” another Dylan gem with “Standing In The Doorway” and “Ain’t Gonna Let You Go” is an amazing example of Raitt’s guitar work. Not so good is Joan Osborne’s Bring It On Home (Saguaro Road) and this is a drag. Osborne’s latest is an album of covers… again! In 2002 she released How Sweet It Is, in 2007 we got Breakfast In Bed and now 2012 rings in Bring It On Home. At this rate she’s gonna run out of other peoples hits to sing. I try not to complain but really? REALLY? There’s nothing wrong with covering others material but when you tackle other’s hits, the songs that are ingrained into our psyche, it’s an almost impossible task to give them a fair shake. Here she pretty much does these songs note for note, why would anyone be interested in this if the artist won’t (or can’t) add their own unique stylings. Hey Osborne can sing, she’s one of the best out there but offers nothing here, which is such a disappointment. She stays busy by working on an album of new material and working with a band called Trigger Hippy, which is good news. Well it’s good news as long as they don’t release an album of covers. A while back I mentioned that The Rolling Stones have a web site that releases full length concerts and merchandise from past tours. There third release is L.A. Live, a show recorded at the Forum in Los Angeles on July 13th 1975 from their acclaimed Tour of The America’s, they played the old County Stadium on June 8th 1975 of that year. It’s pretty noteworthy in that it was the first Stones tour for Ron Wood who replaced guitarist Mick Taylor who left on his own accord; it also featured keyboardist Billy Preston. The Stones at the time of this tour had no album to support, this was between their It’s Only Rock and Roll and the yet to be released Back and Blue albums. As great as Taylor’s stint as a Stone was, Wood matches up much better with guitarist Keith Richards. They formed a guitar duo that was heavily blues based and switched off between rhythm and lead guitar in a flash. They created the sound that kept the Stones musically relevant from the 80’s to today. Standouts include “If You Can’t Rock Me,” “Fingerprint File,” “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” the very bluesy “You Gotta

Move” and the Stones backing up Billy Preston on his, at the time single, “Outta Space.” Counting Crows latest release is Underwater Sunshine (Collective) and it’s an album full of… you got it, covers. Of their twelve official album releases, only half are of new material. With two hits compilations and four live efforts, it almost seems like the band is shying away from their own stuff. This shocks me as lead vocalist Adam Duritz is one heck of a writer. The Crows though take a pretty unique approach to their craft by encouraging their fans to trade bootleg live and studio recordings. That being said it’s not so much of a surprise that they take an unconventional approach to their official releases. You got to give them credit though; at least they did a covers album of songs that have moved them emotionally and not by popularity. A lot of stuff here are by bands that I never heard of before like the albums opener “Untitled (Love Song)” by The Romany Rye. In the liner notes Duritz simply says when hearing it ‘I wanna spend five minutes doing this myself.’ So at least they have an honest approach to, what some might consider just another album that keeps them in the public’s eye until they record an album of original material. Standouts include “Return Of The Grievous Angel,” “Coming Around,” “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” and “Mercy.”

Please recycle your copy of the Times Newspaper

Habitat now accepting applications

by Tonia Krahenbuhl Business Management Program LaQuanda Butler, a community engagement specialist with the Milwaukee Chapter of Habitat for Humanity (MHFH), gave a great presentation on the program’s application process at MATC’s Cooley auditorium on February 15. MHFH is now accepting applications. MHFH is a non-profit housing ministry working in partnership with both families and individuals to build simple, decent and affordable housing for qualified applicants. While the program has already helped more than 500 families move into either new or renovated homes, an additional 100 new homes will be built in the Milwaukee area in the next three years. The program is currently focused in the Park West/ Aman and Washington park neighborhoods, but it will likely provide homes in other areas in the future. MHFH provides a great opportunity to own an affordable home, as well as to give back to your community. MHFH does not use your credit score and strives to serve those who would not qualify for a mortgage through a traditional lending institution.

The program sells the home at no profit, serves as the mortgage holder, and provides a zerointerest mortgage to families who meet certain qualifications. Mortgage payments are $475600 per month, which includes the portion required for property insurance and real estate taxes. The principal portion of each payment is recycled back into the program to build homes for other low-income families. MHFH also provides other programs aimed at helping homeowners, as well as providing people with a great opportunity to give back to their community in a positive way that brings needed value to Milwaukee neighborhoods in different parts of the city. MHFH is currently accepting applications. Contact the Family Services Department to attend a program orientation. The program entails what is called “Sweat Equity,” which is a partnership model that enables families admitted to the Habitat homeownership program to complete the necessary requirements, during which they participate in the actual construction of their homes and the homes of their neighbors. Qualifications for the Homeownership Program:

Tina Klamert/Times

LaQuanda Butler, a community engagement specialist with the Milwaukee Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

• Must be a family or individual in need of decent affordable housing. • Fit into the income guidelines. • Be employed at your current job at least one year, or have a steady income from disability or other sources. • Have fairly decent credit history. • Have no judgments and/or liens against you. • Have no bankruptcy petition filed in the past two years. • Have no member of the household in the sexual offenders’ database. • Have no pending divorces. • Be a first time homeowner. • Be willing to partner with Habitat and work 200-500* sweat equity service hours. • Interested applicants can

apply in one of the following ways; • Fax: Fax the application to the attention of Family Services Department at (414) 562-4449. • In person: you MUST call (414) 562-6100 to schedule an appointment to SUBMIT your application. A staff person will follow up with you within a week of receiving the application. Available Appointment Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9am-12:30pm Wednesday: 1pm-4pm *** Sorry, no Walk-in appointments will be accepted. Applications also can be mailed

to the following address: Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity (MHFH) Attention: Family Services Department 3726 N. Booth Street Milwaukee, WI 53212 For more detailed information, please call: LaQuanda Butler, Community Engagement Specialist Work phone: (414) 562-6100, ext. 23 Work cell: (414) 460-1744 Info hotline: (414)255-3565 Fax: (414)562-4440 Email: Website:

Watch for our last edtition of the semester May 10

Gardening naturally

Nicholas Patrinos/Times

Jennifer Casey (L) a dietitian from the American Indian Health Center, a member of Slow Food WISE and the Wisconsin Organic Advisory Council provided a demonstration on growing herbs and medicinal plants to Fabian Rodriquez, a Teacher Education Program student. Casey was participating in the Native American Awareness month events organized by NASM (Native American Student Movement) of MATC. Currently, Casey helps run the Native Wellness Garden at 125 W. Saveland St. in Milwaukee.

Jim Tavernese/Times

Stormers’ baseball squeak out a victory

by Mike Mixdorf Oak Creek Editor and Eric Sprecher Times Staff Reporter

Playing host to the Waubonsee Chiefs, the Stormers split a doubleheader against them on Thursday, April 12. Game one of the doubleheader

# 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 13 14 15 16 17 19 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 31 32 33 34 35

got off to an exciting start as Waubonsee’s shortstop Harry Vickers hit a lead off home run. The Stormers responded in the bottom of the first when shortstop Brandon Helt hit a RBI single, tying the game at 1-1. After the first inning, the game turned into a pitchers duel, going scoreless and sending the game

into extra innings–then the wheels came off for the Stormers. Lead by designated hitter Scott Allegretti’s 2 RBI single, Waubonsee scored 4 runs in the eighth inning. The Stormers were unable to answer in game one, ending in a 5-1 loss. Game two was a more offensive affair. The Chiefs began game two with a hot start similar to game

one with first baseman Jake Jouris knocking in two runs off a single in the top of the first inning. The Stormers fought back and scored six runs in the third inning, lead by designated hitter Josh Sommer, who hit a base clearing 3 RBI triple. The Chiefs would fight back in the fourth, scoring 3 runs, but in

the end it wasn’t enough. The game ended early due to the lack of light with the Stormers squeaking out a 7-6 victory. As of Monday, April 16, the Stormers season record is 1416. The Stormers have 16 games remaining, half of them being home games. Postseason action begins May 5.

Stormers Men’s Baseball 2012 Roster Name





Hometown (High School)

Michael Monfre Joe LaRosa Joe Halley Ricky Martino Alex Bernstein Bobby Widenski Brandon Helt Anthony Urbaniak Jared Kinjerski Ryan Storm Devin Kornowski Brad Leachy Mason Filz Ryan Ruediger Cody Webb Joshua Sommer Eric Marlowe Michael Rothering Ryan Furtney Evan Ruechel Daren Marienthal Mitchell Pleshek Mike Robinson Joseph Fox Joshua Johns Bryan Maraccini Kevin Kowalkowski



5’10” 5’8” 5’8” 5’9” 6’2” 5’10” 6’0” 6’3” 6’0” 6’0” 6’0” 5’8” 5’10” 6’0” 6’4” 6’0” 6’2” 6’2” 6’4” 6’1” 5’10” 6’0” 6’2” 5’8” 6’4” 6’0” 5’9”

2 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Menomonee Falls, WI (Marquette HS) Racine, WI (Case) Lodi, WI (Lodi) Waukesha, WI (Waukesha South) Beloit, WI (Beloit Turner) Oak Creek, WI (Oak Creek) Franklin, WI (Franklin) Milwaukee, WI (St. Francis) Palmyra, WI (Palmyra) Union Grove, WI (Union Grove) Green Bay, WI (Green Bay East) Brookfield, WI (Brookfield Central) Union Grove, WI (Union Grove) Racine, WI (St. Catherine’s) Burlington, WI (Burlington) Suamico, WI (Bay Port) South Milwaukee, WI (South Milwaukee) Racine, WI (Racine Park) Kenosha, WI (Mary D. Bradford) Oconto, WI (Denmark) Milwaukee, WI (Milwaukee Lutheran) Gresham, WI (Gresham) Muskego, WI (Muskego) Palmyra, WI (Palmyra) Mukwonago, WI (Mukwonago) Kenosha, WI (Mary D. Bradford) Goodman, WI (Goodman-Arms. Creek)

Name Frank Cimorelli Jason Wenzel Aaron Adsit Dan Born Brendan Dorn

Title Head Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach

Grand Ball 2012

The MATC Grand Ball celebrated yet another wonderful year. It was held this year at Serb Hall on March 31. Milwaukee Campus King-Adam Strozier Queen-Zenobia Davis Prince-Fidel Garcia Princess (Tie)- Fouche Austin and Melissa Johnson West Campus King-Charles Padmore Queen-Shannon Hampel Prince-Benjamin Patulski Princess-Isabelle Chartier Lord-Matthew Wyszynski Lady-Jennifer Staab Oak Creek No King Queen-Karen Vogel Princess-Makena Fredrichsdorf Mequon Campus King-David Allen Wendler Queen-Joanna Cervantes Princess-Antoinette Ashley Jackson

Photos by Mike Hiller and Lauren Wylie

Issue 53-12  

April 26 2012

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