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i have a dream i have a dream quite complicated to others it seems unrelated up and down my heart races getting up at night is my one of my life's phases shooting stars faces full of scars aliens from mars getting hit by cars these dreams make me scream but don't you worry its just a dream i have a dream so beautiful mystical , feisty , uncalled for but its amazing how enigmatic it might seem words are what i dream they describe my life make it shine , so dull that they were before are not anymore i have a dream so realistic that it sometimes makes me jitter , sometimes fear

but at the end they are what make me clear clear of doubts , clear of puzzles i realized that my thoughts during daytime are the troubles

I have a dream retold by a teenager  

this poem is different from what i usually write , though the similarity is that it is a part of my daily life, i have dreams every single...

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