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BRIDA - PAULHO COELHO REVIEW ~ we all have great ambitions in life , just like brida , life gives us a chance at them or should i say chances . brida , an ordinary girl with an extraordinary gift.the book 'brida' is beyond words .its enigmatic scenes , dilusion at every other page , made me flip pages without thinking.paulo coelho had me captivated through his words . a truly fantastic book

for anyone who wishes to know the true meaning to love , passion , obsession , mysteries of our existence .how atoms are a part of us of everything . a journey to our ancestral life , to our past , we travel back and forth in our mind's inner most secret. it makes us realize out mission to be alive .how everything is connected , why religion and spirituality plays a good amount of role in our people spend

all their lives sacrificing for their made me a spiritual person .it made me confident to take risks like brida . you can imagine yourself as that girl who came to the forest to meet the magus , in search for life's most complicated questions which have no answers . the magus teaches the answers which lie deep within us .knowledge and fate and destiny and wisdom , these

words are now immortal in my soul , will never forget the sacrifice the magus made . as long as you keep looking , you will triumph in the end . the magus plays a mentor and wicca the woman who taught the beautiful irish girl brida , the answers , will me my best friend forever and whenever i will feel lost in my own consciousness , i will flip through the pages to find myself back .. the tradition of the moon and the sun , the

witch craft , the parallel worlds are my favorite parts . and most importantly , how a certain light in one's eyes can tell you if they are meant for you . just like brida , i found the glow of being alive !