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BRANDING & IDENTITY RESTAURANT LOOP A typographically themed restaurant designed to attract mid to high end clientele. The audience would be of reasonably high level of education seeking an experience in a relaxed atmosphere as well as good food and drink. They want to be intrigued and stimulated by their surroundings. The idea behind the logo generated originates from the loop in the letter ‘g’. The identity was applied across a range of collateral and included a proposal for a website.

RESTAURANT LOOP Take Away packaging and stationery.

RESTAURANT LOOP Interior & Exterior



BRANDING & IDENTITY / PACKAGING SPARX SPORTSHOES A proposed re-brand of an Indian sport shoe brand aiming to position themselves in the same market place as Nike, Adidas and Reebok. The resolution includes a three-way approach in the form of the following resolutions: A refreshed logo which can be applied in a small range of colour schemes according to the product. A packaging proposal consisting of a shoe box & bag solution merging into each other as one piece to synthesize the brand’s close relationship with its audience as well as an intended attempt to reduce the amount of packaging material. A Youth Campaign in the form of posters and a ‘Look book’ showing the personality of the brand.

SPARX SPORTSHOES Youth Poster Campaign.


ahead of the game

SPARX SPORTSHOES Look Book printed in A5 format.

BRANDING / PACKAGING PRODUCT INNOVATION NESCAFÉ AZERA A collaborative response to a competition brief set by YCN. The task was to come up with a new product innovation or design tweak to Nescafé’s Azera barista style instant coffee containing ground coffee as well as granules. The target audience was identified as busy, professionals who appreciate barista style, good quality coffee and often visit cafés to buy take away coffee. Our proposed concept offers a new way of drinking quality, barista style coffee - On The Go. I headed up the product innovation of a new coffee shot dispenser which you can fill up at home and take with you to work. This formed the basis of our concept. We introduced a range of products such as milk sachets, sugar sachets, individually wrapped biscuits which can all be put in the branded flask and taken to work together with the coffee shot. I designed the packaging and came up with the improved insignia which was then used to link all products. On my own initiative I created a small leaflet to be included in the Nescafé Azera flask which explains how the coffee shot dispenser works and shows the full range of the products.



NESCAFÉ AZERA - IN STORE CAMPAIGN I proposed an In Store Campaign and came up with the idea of a Jumbo coffee tin display units to hold all the products in the range in store. For in store tasting events the display units can be placed in a convenient place where there is a high footprint for instance in the entrance. My proposal also included branded items to be used in connections with the tasting events.

NESCAFÉ AZERA ADVERTISING In order to communicate the launch of the new coffee concept, I proposed a print based advertising campaign.

BRANDING & INDENTITY BRITISH APPLE CO. Following on from a research project of A Brief History of British Apples, the concept of British Apple Co. was created. A new food brand focusing on producing food and drinks containing British apples with the intention of encouraging an increased consumption of the British Apple and support British orchards. The brand is aiming its products at an audience of mid to high end disposal who value quality and support local produce and stores. Natural ingredients, flavour and quality are at the forefront of the brand priorities which has been reflected in the choice of stock, colour scheme and the use of screen print on labels and merchandise in order to achieve an organic look.

BRITISH APPLE CO. Each product has a label attached to it with the ingredients listed on the back apart from the sorbet which carry the information on the lids.

BRITISH APPLE CO. Promotional items created for use at Tasting Events. It was proposed to launch the brand at three main festivals; Carfest, Glastonbury and The Great Yorkshire Show with free taste of some of the products. Free recipes of food including apples were made to give out in addition.

BRITISH APPLE CO. Branded stationery.

PROMOTIONAL UNOPLUS BY STOMPA A response to a live brief set by Stompa. I developed a leaflet insert to introduce a new storage concept to an already existing range of children’s furniture. This was produced for their customer John Lewis and has now been distributed to all their stores.

UNOPLUS BY STOMPA The leaflet insert is A4 format double side printed.

PROMOTIONAL JUSTE NOUS A response to a live brief set by an outdoor catering company to create a brochure style menu in A4 format. Images showing front and back cover.

JUSTE NOUS Example of inside spread.

CONCEPT GENERATION / WEB DESIGN AFTER SCHOOL BUDDY As part of a college module I set my own brief with the purpose of designing a website for the concept I initiated on the back of extensive research. I coded the 5 page website in Dreamweaver.

PUBLICATION PRINT - IDEAS & CONSIDERATION I designed and produced a set of 3 concertina books which each had two sections covering elements to take into consideration when designing for print. In the set I covered what to me is the main relevant considerations Colour & Stock Format & Finish Process & Products I hand bound the books and embossed the front covers.

PUBLICATION A BRIEF HISTORY OF APPLES A publication created from an extensive body of research into the history of apples in England. The brief was asking for a 16 page publication with a packaging solution. Size of publication H260mm x 190 mm Stock - Publication 245g matt, white stock Stock Cover Sleeve Murano, chocolate Binding Staple binding



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