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Education, Experience, Awards, Computer Knowledge

Award & Workshop

The pursuit of beauty drives me fascinated in design. To me, the beauty itself could be achieved in various forms: not only the appearance , but also function, technology, humanity,and most importantly, thinking.

Project 1 - 5


Counting Ring


Twin-Line Tape

Next-door Veges

M&M Chairs

Design Course

Project 6 - 10


Time In Silver Screen

Pocket Journey

Lover Land



A Clockwork Green

Pulse Tells




Project 11 - 10


Some other works, My hobby - Photography




an industrial design student

Department of Industrial Design, School of Design, Jiangnan University

2007 - 2011

2009 Mar-May

Participated in a project on car accessories design with China Tanhoo International Brands Accessories

2009 Oct

Attended "Please have a seat",a workshop held by famous Swiss designer Nicholas Moigne

2009 Dec

Participated in a project on solar applianced product design with Winchance Solar,China

2010 May-Jun

Participated in a project on socket design with Chintelc,China

2010 Sep

Attended Desis10@Wuxi “Service design for food network� , a Workshop jointly organized by INDACO, Politecnico di Milano and School of Design, Jiangnan University

Building 4 Room 315, Jiangnan University 1800 Lihu Avenue, Wuxi 214000, Jiangsu, P.R.CHINA Tel: +86 15861410328 E-mail:

About me I was born on October 4th 1988, Yangzhou - where I had been staying till 2007. Afterwards, I started my college life in Wuxi. Now, I am in my senior year.

Computer knowledge Proficient in: Rhinoceros 3D Bunkspeed Hypershot CorelDraw 3D Max Vray Adobe Photoshop Pro-Engineer Macromedia Flash

Attended the awarding ceremony of The 5th "Zhenghai Cup" International Industrial Competetion and 2010 China Ningbo international industrial design exposition

2010 Sep

2010 Nov


Attended the awarding ceremony 2010 Red dot Award: Design Concept.

2008 - 2010

Third-class scholarship of Jiangnan University - 3 times (University)

2009 Dec

"2009 Daxiangwuxing " Chinese nationality&folks design awards: The most commercial potential Award (China)

2010 Feb



2010 IF Concept Award Top 300 Finalists (Germany)

2010 Mar

The Third Prize Of The 5th Gree Air Conditioner Design Competetion(China)

2010 Sep

The Third Prize Of The 5th "Zhenghai Cup" International Industrial Competetion(China)

2010 Sep

2010 Red dot Award: Design Concept (Germany)

2010 Dec

The 2nd Lotus Prize: Excellent Award (China)

Project 1



I try to free people from the erroneous and tiring task of counting cash by hand. This is a cooperative work designed by me and 4 of my friends. This work won 2010 Red dot design Award: Design Concept.

Designers: Hansen Wei, Shaochen Li, Jinrui Xu, Yibin Qi, Ying Zhao





The counting of cash is usually done in 1 of 2 ways – by hand or by machine.Counting by hand is slow, tiring, and can be inaccurate. Counting by machine is fast and accurate, but the use of the machines is not common outside places of businesses.Individuals and families would rarely have access to a counting machine.

MOTIVATION: Petty dealer’s trouble As mentioned before, due to the size and price,banknote counter is not that suitable for individuals, so for people who do small business like selling magazines on streets, the only way to deal with the cash they earn is to count it using their hands again and again, slow,tiring and inaccurate.This is the problem that draws our attention.

Slow Tiring Inaccurate


Expensive Heavy To Carry

To propose a new way to count cash We want to propose a new way to count cash,meeting all requirements of individuals who is alway dealing with cashes.





DESIGN PROCESS: Concept Sketch Form Development



Print man in the office

Thumb,Flipping bools,Ring How to make money counting portable, accurate,easy and fast ?With this problem, we started brain storming, and soon got the key words: Flip. We found people always use their thumb to count money, like flipping books, this behaviour gave us inspriration, making core of our design concept.



IR Scan



With the same principle, our design could also be used to count print paper files ,this would surely bring great convenience to people who always do print affairs in the office.






1 The LED Display tells the number of


Wear the ring on your thumb.

the sheets that has been flipped, besides,acting as the power switch if you press it.

2 The veins on the rubber part of the


Press the power switch button.

ring is to make sure each sheet of the money is flipped by the ring.

3 3 The battery slot,hiding to the side 3

Use your thump to flip the money like fliping books.

of the ring,is suitable to a button battery,which offers the power.




4 The IR Scanning is set on the right 4

The veins on the ring make sure every sheet passes while the IR scanning record how many sheets have passed.

that is just good for the IR to scan the fliping of money,recording and detecting the money.

It is a small ring to help people count cash fastly,conveniently and correctly by hands, using the principleof IR scanning. Counting ring frees people who always have dealings with cash from counting erroneosly and tiredly by hands. Besides, its size and usage make it easier,cheaper and more portable, greatly enhancing the efficiency in currency transaction.In addition, Counting Ring could also be used to count print paper files ,this would surely bring great convenience to people who always do print affairs.

Project 2




It’s quite common to see people waiting in a long queue to pay in hypermarket. So I try to propose a new shopping type. This is a cooperative work designed by me and my roommate.This work has won 2010 the 2nd Lotus Prize: Excellent Award.

Designers: Hansen Wei, Shuo Wang


Magnetic Sensing Area

Bank Card

CONCET GENERATING: I BUY IT, Self-help shopping experience, E-bill

MOTIVATION: Long queue in hypermarket Self barcode-scanning

In the city I live, every time I do shopping in a supermarket, I have to bear waiting in a long queue to make payment, letting cashier scan the barcode of every goods I buy, which is truly the main factor consuming much time.

Barcode Scanner

Customer Use

So, I was focusing on the behaviour: scanning the barcode. All the information and prices of goods are related to the barcode , so scanning seems to be the necessary step for payment. Here, my question arises: Is this behaviour must be done by casher? What if I scan the barcode by myself, just after selecting the goods I want. This thought insipired me and prompted the concept.

No Paper Receipt

DESIGN PROCESS: Concept Sketch Form Development

Card Reader


A Hypermarket Service System

DESCRIPTION: 1. I BUY IT ! could be a huge hypermarket service system that covers large markets like Walmart and Metro...



2. Once a customer gains membership, the market could provide them I BUY IT! instead of traditional membership card.

3. With I BUY IT! ,customers could finish their payment by a tiny scan right after picking up the goods!

I BUY IT ! is a personal digital terminal which offers people a totally new shopping way in hypermarket like WalMart, Carrefour or Metro.With its special structure, I BUY IT ! could stuck your bankcard, just right covering the magnetic sensing area. Then it acts as a mediator between the money in your bankcard and the goods in the hypermarket.And the micro scanner on one side of the clip makes it a tiny mobile barcode reader. So, with I BUY IT ! , you don’t have to queue for a long time to pay after picking out all you want, what you need do is just using the tiny clip on your bankcard to scan the barcode of each product you select,and the payment is finished at the same time. What’s more, the bill will be saved in I BUY IT ! in digital form and you could connect I BUY IT ! to your computer to check your bill, which would definitely save a lot of paper from traditional paper bills.


Magnetic Sensing Area

Bank Card


4. After finishing shopping,customers with I BUY IT! don’t need wait in a long queque to pay, they have pre-paid on their I BUY IT! and just need to scan it on a confirm device at the exit when they leave the store.

Current Amount

Barcode Scanner

Confirm Button&Usb Interface



LED Display:


Via Usb... 5. If there is something wrong with the goods back home, no need to worry! Once connecting I BUY IT! to computer, every detail of your bill will be displayed

Working Principle Vital Components

Project 3



Apart from measuring length,I was wondering if it is possible to make a tape able to measure the angle. This is a cooperative work designed by me and my roommate. This work has won 2010 the 5th Zhenghai Cup International Industrial Design Competetion : Third Prize.

Designers: Hansen Wei, Shuo Wang


CONCET GENERATING: Shaking Diabolo, 2 Lines, Inclined Angle

MOTIVATION: The need to measure angle

For people like decoractors or construction workers, tape is their indispensable tool at work, since length-measuring is a must for them everyday. Besides, portable size and simple usage also makes tape the best choice for family use. However, we found that no matter in decoration,construction or house hold circumstance, the requirment for angle-measurement is as common as that for length-measurement, and the existing way to measure angle is rare and too complex, very inappropriate for daily use. So we are wondering is it possible to meet people’s need for angle measuring by using an easy tool like tape ?

Angle Between 2 Lines

2 lines makes an Angle What if I add another line?

Source Of Inspiration: Diabolo

DESIGN PROCESS: Concept Sketch Form Development

LENGTH Left Range

Right Range

The length of the line we drag out leads to the result, in addition, the data LED displays manifests the total length of both lines.





DESCRIPTION: Twin-line Tape,as its name shows, is a tape with 2 lines located in each side,which is just the key factor making the tape special: we can not only measure the length in regular ways,but also measure the angle by draging and gesturing the two lines, and the LED display in the center, will always tell us the right data we need.

ANGLE Left Line Lock

When measuring the angle,we just need to drag the lines attaching to the object, the data indicates the inclination of 2 lines.

Length/Angle Switch

Right Line Lock

DETAIL: Function Button, Interface, 2 Line Range,2 Measure Methods

Project 4



In Wuxi, a large number of senior citizens do urban farmings in their courtyard or near their houses. Actually, they always gain more than they need.So how to deal with their spare vegetables? This is a cooperative work finished in Desis10 “Service design for food network�, a workshop jointly organized by INDACO, Politecnico di Milano and School of Design,Jiangnan University.

Designers: Hansen Wei, Ran Mo, Jinrui Xu, Wanying Yang, Shu Yi


Who do planting

Where they do planting

Why they do planting

The People

The Place

The Reason

OUR FINDING People,Place,Reason

FIELD RESEARCH An old district located in North Wuxi Residential quarters besides Rong Lane A new district called The Swan Lake

Since our theme is Urban Agriculture,we choose 3 main places mentioned above as our field research destination. However,w hen finishing the research,we found that we could hardly find anybody planting veges in The Swan Lake,compared with the fact that it is very common to find an amateur farmer in the other two places we went.So we decide our design may focus on an old district rather than a new one.

During our research,we generally focused on 3 aspects:The people who plant there,the land on which they do their amatuer farming and the reason why they do this. No matter in Rong Lane or the old district, Most of the people who keep the habbit of planting vegetables are retired elders, the rest are unemployed women and others. The choice of their planting location is various: Most residents plant in small lands around the building, some may explore a new area like DIY garden if possible.We could also see some basins full of veges on the balcony of high story.

Retired elders (80%)

Green areas around the building

Land condition

Unemployed women (18%)

DIY garden

Enough spare time

Others (2%)

Basin on the balcony

Long-kept habbits

House garden

Money saving

other residents nearby who are interested


The Profit

we found that the elders there are happy to communicate and share...

The elders

So,our objective is to make elders who are happy to share and communicate with others... 1. Find their unique social value

Pay back the cummunity Pay back others

Facility Restore Residents Relief ... ...

Community Store more positively

Tiny goal in daily life

new trusted affinity

Sense of competition


CONCEPT GENETATING Target Analysis & Concept Generating We first tried to do targert analysis from the result of our research, then began brain storming,generating the concepts.

The elders are happy when people come to visit them. They always have strong will to communicate with others.

Next-door Veges itself is a community supported project which aims to make use of extra veges from elders who do plantings in urban city.It promotes the sell of extra veges by giving it a new concept:Next-Door Veges.The profit will be totally stored as the community fund and besides,each elder could also gain personal credits which could be exchanged for other community service under the same idea of TIME BANK.



The elders usually gain more than they need,so they usually send veges out and besides, happy to share.








on fo r








i ce










Share build personal relationship


from elders

The elder

MOODBOARD Concept In Images We mixed several pictures to make a visual collage,which contains the main roles of our concept, representing the possible impression of using scenario and the general mood of different roles included in this scheme.



Logic Relationship

Our Expectant Vision

This is the sysem map of our concept, reflecting detailed relationship of different components,besides, showing how the project is running.

This is the poster we made before doing the final presentation, what’s more, reflecting our expectation when Next-door Veges is really carried out all around the city of Wuxi one day.

6:00 am Grandma Li is taking care of her vegetable plot after she gets up

7:00 am Mr. Wang (a worker of NEXT-DOOR VEGGIES) come to collect the extra veggies planted by Grandma Li. Then,they communicate about planting skills.

The income... The income of selling the veges exists in two forms: one is credit which can be exchanged for private service, meanwhile the resident who provide help could gain credit as reward. The private service is various, such as repairing a broken light... The other part of the income serves as the community construction funds. It can be used to build communal facilities , repair and renew them.

Several days later...

8:00 am Vegetables gathered are sent to the community store,nicely packed and put on special shelves.

Ms. Wu favors the veggies planted by grandma Li a lot, she enquires NEXT-DOOR VEGGIES for Grandma Li’s information. Ms. Wu is visiting grandma Li to see how the fresh veges she enjoyed is growing, she chats with Grandma Li and gives her veggies high praise, Grandma Li is very happy.

9:00 am Ms. Wu comes to the store to buy some fresh organic vegetables. Once a glimpse of NEXT-DOOR VEGES,she is absorbed and can’t wait to have a taste.

Meanwhile,every elder can gain a credit according to the amount and quality they devoted, and there is a notice board showing the credit each person keeps.

SOCIAL SIGNIFICANCE STORYBOARD The above Texts&Pictures are the storyboard of Nextdoor Veges, showing detailed scenario of our scheme.

Next-door Veges integrates our core concept including OPEN,SHARE and SELF-SATISFY.It is also the foundation to boost this concepts among certain groups in community. In our opinion, as the pre-condition of social innovation,we should make full use of local resources.Next-door Veges is just the production of this idea. It is not only organic and healthy but also a link to bound the whole society.It not only integrates resources but also boosts the social relationship.We should help the elderly who wish to share with others to achieve their wishful social value (individual labour becoming community fund), meanwhile, the community gives them returns they deserves under the concept of TimeBank,making residents’ life full of communication and mutual help.Then we hope it could extend to more communities nearby and finally,reaching a certain extend of SELF-SATISFY in society.

Project 5



Sometimes, even the most ordinary thing could show its special highlights, as long as you see it in a totally different way. This is a cooperative work designed by me and my friend. This work finished in workshop: “Please have a seat “, which is held by famous Swiss designer: Nicholas Moigne. This work was exhibited at the hall of our school,leaving everyone a deep impression.

Designer: Hansen Wei, Qixing Li


PROCESS: Brain Storming,Concept Sketch,Mock-up Displaying, Commucating,Real Object Making,Presentation

DESCRIPTION: This is a 3-day short term work. So nearly all of the steps mentioned above were done at class. Our initial intention is to design a chair with an interesting story, while Nicholas told us to pay more attention to unconspicuous things around us. He said that the existence of object itself is just a story that we could tell.

MATERIALS: Mops, Iron Wires

FIXING METHODS: 6 Legs : Spiral Binding 8 Legs : Interlaced Binding With the instruction of an engineer at school ,we soon got a clear idea of the possible structure and came up with 2 fixing methods.

Project 6

TANG 唐 缎


I try to seek the beauty of ladies’ clothes in Tang, an ancient dynasty of china. This is a personal work finished in the course: Furniture Design. My theme is to adopt elements of Tang Dynasty into my chair design. This work got the highest mark in my class.

Designer: Hansen Wei


PROCESS: DESIGN PRINCIPLE: Out of interest, I pay more attention to chinese traditional elements, and choose the style of Tang out of my former research cases to start analyzing. Concerning the style of Tang,my understandingis: it may originate from the living attitude&style of Tang Dynasty. Also the unique features of typical Tang Furniture could be taken into consideration. Besides,some highly representive things of Tang Dynasty is what I am focusing on and from which I think I could extract something useful.

ELEMENT EXTRACTION: Silk And Satins, Crescent Stool, Square Stool , Among various representive things of Tang Dynasty, I am most interested in the materials of lady’s clothes: Silk and satins, especially the streamline when satins are blown by breeze. Moreover, my another direction is to re-design ancient funitures of Tang,like Crescent& Square Stools,bringing them back to our modern life.

Concept Sketch Form Development

DERIVED EDITION: Satin Chair With A Cushion Satin Tea-Table

SATIN CHAIR Satin Chair looks like a piece of red satin under gentle breeze,flying freely and casually. With such a wilful form,Satin Chair has a complicated and ingenious manufacturing craft: Inside the “Satin” is a curved Steer Bar, strong enough to support the whole chair. And the part of ”Satin” is made of special-processed shamwood ,with a redwood-like visual effect on the surface.

CRESCENT STOOL It originated from typical ancient crescent stool in Tang Dynasty, but is a totally modern edition, with all patterns and materials re-designed.

SQUARE STOOL It originated from typical ancient square stool in Tang Dynasty, but is a totally contemporary edition, with redesigned materials and the unique mazed legs.



Project 7

TIME IN SILVER SCREEN I like watching movies, and I also like to be lost in memories. One day I realized that maybe I can think deeply about this 2 likings. This is a cooperative work designed by me and my friend. This project finished in the course: Study On Special Subject. Our theme is to discuss the relationship between time and movie, which impressed our tutor a lot, and finally got the highest mark of all.

Designer: Hansen Wei, Jinrui Xu




HOW ? to put in

Memory Container Explore a proper form of production able to load momery. Try to discover various possibilities of this kind of memory.


DISCUSS METHODS: First we found a suitable perspective,then begin brain storm,spreading out vital elements of the perspective via post-it note.

WHAT ? is the memory

OUR POINT TO START: Time in the silver screen We try to seek snatches of movies buried deep in mind and find the media bearing them from long time ago to recent days .

ELEMENT EXTRACTION: Film&Disk Since we have the memory of watching movies, film and disk are the least thing we can avoid . Both of them are important medias bearing movies, so we are focusing on these 2 things and try to dig deeper behind them.

OBJECTIVE: We try to combine the element of film media and the sensation of time flashing,entrusting time the trait of movie style and capturing the process of which time escapes stealthily. Life flows softly as the movie is on.

PROCESS: Concept Sketches Real Object Making

MATERIAL: Woods,Iron Wires,Thick Paper Mechancal Clock,Worn -out Disk,Old Picture Frame

Disk Clock,as its name shows,is a kind of clock made by disk,but what is more unique lies in the fact that this very clock has no indicators.It tells time by the rotating of the small disk which is connected to the gear weer of the mechanical clock’s hour hand.The big disk,on the other hand,is fixed to be the dial plate,setting the top Zero as the regulation.

Film Calenda consists of 3 parts: the film like calenda paper,small iron frame with a gap and a small specially made wooden box.The “film� has quite many apertures which seems too tough but,in fact,very simple to make by ordinary binding machine.The calenda paper should be replaced every season and the four seasons are corresbonding to paper with different colors. Besides, it is easy to dismount for the gap on the iron frame.

The large disk is stick to the movement of the mechanic clock ,joining together to make a unity. It also could be separated from the base to set the right time .

Small dots are hidden between each piece of paper,making the paper easy to tear off. The texture of the paper is fine and hard,making pieces tear each day bookmark, docket or even a souvenir film .

DISK CLOCK Day passes as the movie is on

FILM CALENDA Years elapsed in pieces of films

Project 8



Thanks to a special course, I had a precious chance visiting Yunnan, one of the most beautiful places in china. After the splendid journey, I realized that I have a lot to trace back. This is a cooperative work designed by me and 2 of my friends.This project finished in the course: Survey On National Folk Arts, a unique course in School of Design, Jiangnan University. This work received high evaluation from several tutors and then won The 2009 “Daxiangwuxing� Awards: The Most Commercial Potential Award.

Designer: Hansen Wei, Shaochen Li, Jinrui Xu


TARGET PEOPLE: Youngster(20-30) Imaginative,Personnalit,Unique We focused on the field of young people since they are the strongest purchasing power of tourist souvenirs.This group of people are imaginative,personnalit and very sensitive to unique things.

MOTIVATION: “Dongba Poker”

ORIGIN OF CONCEPT: Thanks to Dongba Poker, we have never felt bored during the spare time of our trip days, furthermore, knowing some basic words of Dongba Culture .Besides,after coming back home from the journey, we didn’t forgot the pair of pokers and always took them out to play, which reminds us of the memorable days.

OUR THEME: Souvenir Design “Pocket Journey” Inspired by Dongba Poker, we want to do a souvenir design, which should contain both commemoration and amusement. The main purpose is to give tourists an interesting using experience, recalling their memories.

Prayer Wheel,Windmill,Peach-stone Carving,Snow Mountain


PROCESS: Concept Sketches Form Development

Recollection Amusement

Prayer Ring Prayer Ring consists of 2 parts: the marble part inside and the silver part outside.The silver part,on which carved a text of Tibetan mantra, is rotatable,making the ring just like a miniature of Prayer Wheel.People who believe in buddhism could wear the ring and rotate it frequently. After a long term of touching,with the property of silver, the general silver part would get brighter while the scrub text part gets darker due to oxidation. So it seems like Prayer Ring tells the mantra and the buddha has manifested!

Hidden Tilecat Peach-Stone Carve is quite a peculiar handicraft of Yunnan.We hide an Tilecat chain in a fake Peach-stone carving which is actually made by hard clay. People could carve this“ Peach-stone” with a little stick easily like a folk carver,then getting the chain of Yunnan’s unique folk-custom

Floral Windmill Dali, a famous ancient city in Yunnan, is also a city of windmill and flower. Floral Windmill is a windmill that borrows the power of wind to make the perfume in the rotation axis emit the flavor. The perfume, stored in a certain space, is solid that makes it easy to be replaced.

Candle Mountain Candle Mountain is actually a candlestick, we just borrow the shape of the famous snow mountain “ Meili” in Yunnan. We set contact bins on several peaks of the “mountain”, on which you could insert candles, after the candles are burned out, wax tears makes the whole a snowmountain!

Project 9



My girl friend once told me she want a more quiet and comfortable corner in campus. Then, I decided to send her a Loverland. This is a personal work finished in the course: Public Facilities Design. Our tutor thought this project was done thoroughly and gave me the highest mark in our class.

Designer: Hansen Wei




This is the total layout of this area, from which we could clearly see the ubiety of each facility and the quantity of the facilities we already have.

chair floor



EXISTING FACILITY: We have 3 typical facility here: Wooden Chair,Stone Bench and the Floor, which maybe the origin to redesign.

TARGET INTERVIEW: LOCATION: A Corner In My Campus At the beginning of this course, our tutor suggested that the public facilities design should be placed under a certain circumstance.Due to my motivation, I choose a silent corner in our campus,which is popular among school lovers.

OBJECTIVE: Redesign this area for lovers Although this place is welcomed among school lovers, some aspects to be improved still exist.

By interviewing some students who have always been there, I really got some useful feedbacks,which give me various directions to penetrate.

Dustbin is too far away

I always sit on floors

I like to sit on the grass

We want to have privacy

MY DIRECTIONS: Redesign And Create I have 2 directions: Redesign and Creat, focusing on both people’s practical and mental needs.



MEET PRACTICAL NEEDS Improve Original Ones

Lovers need privacy

Dustbin is too far

Chairs are in lack



Concept Sketches

Add New Facilities

Form Development


Tone in with the original environment Since this place is always attractive and I don’t want to break the landscape style, My design principle is to tone in with original environment in various aspects like form,material,colour,location and so on.

SHELTERING TREES The former landscape shows there were nothing inside the brick stool, so no shelterings exist for lovers. I deside to plant some trees inside the stools, providing a sense of privacy for lovers sitting nearby. before



I add 2 more wooden chairs since most lovers prefer to sit on chairs rather than the brick stools there.

Soft stone is a stone-like chairback,of which the material inside is rubber or silicagel, making it very comfortable for lovers to lie on.With Soft stone,lovers who enjoy the feeling sitting on grass would definitely get a sweet comfort.


FLOOR BENCH For most lovers, sitting on the floor and feeling the breeze touching their faces is quite a romantic thing. However the cold floors are always not so comforble that I decide to add a wooden bench on it, clean and cosy enough to sit on.

WATER TERRACE With these Water Terraces, it becomes far easier to get to this place than before,what you need is just to walk a few steps on these terraces,meanwhile,feeling close to water.

HIDDEN DUSTBIN The original dustbin there is too far away and had a too showy appearance. So I set a Hidden Dustbin in the corner of every brick stools, very close for sitters on chairs to reach.

Project 10



To most chinese people, drinking green tea indicates a slow living style. But in my eyes, what matters if I speed it up? This is a personal work finished in a studio course.This is not only a symple production design but one promoting a new style of green tea drinking to white collars in china .

Designer: Hansen Wei




Put tea drinking into young people’s life with a suitable product form

Fast Life&Slow Tea

FAST How to balance



According to Chinese traditional acquaintance,green tea drinking requires a calm mental state,which,unfortunately,is not that easy to achieve in a faster and faster modern society.

Lead young people to drink tea, feeling the culture of green tea FORWARD

So, my question arised: How can I balance fastness in urban life and the slowness in green tea drinking ? With this question,Istarted to do target analysis.

Young Pressure


Convenient And Fast Life

Young Whitecollars According to the the requirement from my tutor, I choosed young whitecollars as my target people to start my design.

Stylish New Things

Attitude But...

They don’t have the habbit of drinking tea They are busy and in a rush day after day They don’t really understand tea They seldom make tea on their own They indeed accpept the culture of tea They know the healthy effect of tea They won’t resist drinking green tea

TARGET ANALYSIS: By analyzing their character and attitude to tea, I found that it is wiser to adapt tea drinking to young people’s life than the reverse situation.

PUBLIC USE Rest Chat Gossip

Water Dispenser B A

Visible Various Choices


POSSIBLE FORM: Tea Making Machine

Magazine Rack

REFERENCE CASES: Water Dispenser,Magazine Rack

OBJECTIVE: Fast, Fashional, Favourable


This 2 reference cases are both for public use in office.So I try to dig out the potential roles hidden behind this 2 cases to help my design.

Public Use Appliance In Office

To get a cup of tea more conveniently According to the result we got from the target analysis, I put forward a design concept: Fastea, which is a totally new tea drinking style for whitecollars. With Fastea, which is efficient and realistic,drinking tea will become much more fast,fashional and favourable than before, perfectly blending in the life and work of young whitecollars .

Concerning the design occasion, I focus my eyes on the workplace of my target people: The Office. So I have 2 directions: personal use and public use. After a brief comparison I decided to choose public use design since it is more in accord with the aim of Fastea.

PROCESS: Concept Sketches Form Development

Water Dispenser Peripherals Water Dispenser

Rotation Axis



4 1



调节水温中... ...


请等候: 55 sec

85 C/ 92 C

1/3 换茶





3 2


A B Rotate the tea box you want to the front side

1. Current Tea Type 2. Current Condition 3. Time Left 4. Current/Require Temperature 5. Dispose Tea Dust In Advance 6. Soaking Times

The top plate could be lifted to add some tea

A. The outlet of each tea boxes

Water Dispenser Instant Green Tea Maker

could be open only when it is rotated to the front side

Fastea is a water dispenser which offers instant green tea for whitecollars working in office. It contains 8 choices of famous chinese green tea,offering customs a totally new drinking experience, also making the traditional chinese green tea a new fashion.

VARIOUS CHOICES: Visual Design For 8 Famous Chinese Tea

1. Hot Water 2. Soaked Tea 3. Cold Water 4. Filter Box 5. Tea Making Space

B. This device is to make sure the

DETAILS: User Interface Interior Structure Working Principle

quantity of each tea-outdrop just suits for the volum of 1 cup

Tea Dust Disposal System

Tea is in the movable part of the filter box, shifting to back side to be cleaned after tea-making process.

Tea Dust Tank Lift Pumb 2

Hot Water Tank

太湖 碧螺春

西湖 龙井

黄山 毛峰

信阳 毛尖

安吉 白茶

安溪 铁观音

庐山 云雾

六安 瓜片

Water Outflow System

Hot water flows to the tea-making space from the branch of the hot water pipe.

Lift Pumb 1

Suction Pipe Water Barrel

Project 11



When using screwdrivers, we usually have trouble assembling disordered screws. Why not offer them a temporary space? This is a personal work finished in my spare time. It is neither a course task nor a competition work, but a tiny change in daily life.

Designer: Hansen Wei


DESCRIPTION: When using screwdrivers,we usually have a tough problem: we don’t know how to deal with the tiny screws which were just screwed by us.Let them free? There may probably be a loss! Set them in a certain box? That will be too inconvenient to take a box on one’s person! Temporage solves this problem in a very symple way: it offers a temporary space on the bottom of the shaft of screwdriver. Besides, I add a magnet attaching to the inner covering of the space, which makes sure that all screws are attached.


Temp Space

Powerful Magnet

Project 12

A CLOCKWORK GREEN Sometimes when I was away for a short journey, I always worried about my bonsai at home: who will take care of it instead of me? This is a personal work finished in my spare time. It is neither a course task nor a competition work, but a tiny change in daily life.

Designer: Hansen Wei




What a boring workday! Who will take care of my flower?

MOTIVATION: B onsai on the windowsill To maintaining a good mood all day, many people prefer to set a pot of plant on the windowsill at home or office, meanwhile, a problem arises: who will take care of these lovely bonsais when the owners are away for a long term.


Thanks to A Clockwork Green! All I just need do is to screw the clock work.

No Electricity

It will water my flower on time automatically instead of me.

OBJECTIVE: I want to design a small device to help water pottings on time automatically, using the principle of clockwork.

For Green:

But Mechanics


Geer Wheel L

Adhered to the Water Proof Layer 1, driving it to move.

Geer Wheel S

Connected to the clockwork, compressing the iron spring

Initial status: Water outlet coincide, adopting the water

Screw the Clockwork to control the switching of the water outlet every certain time interval Use waste mineral water bottle as the water container

Then, upper layer start to rotate, blocking the water

Water Proof Layer 2

Water Proof Layer 1

Iron Spring (water proofing)

Fixed on the coverings to obsruct water.

Adhered to Geer Weel L, rotating with it.

Get compressed by outer force to offer the main power.

A simple geer structure connecting with the clockwork hides behind the water outlet as a concierge of the water, taking place of people. Extendable frame is used to adjust the height of the device in case of diffenrent pottings.

After a cycle time, water outlet start to coincide again, letting the water pass tardily

DETAIL Structure of core part


DESCRIPTION Introduction Of Components

Project 13



Pulse Diagnosis is an imortant part of traditional Chinese medicine, and I’ve always wanted to bring it into our daily life. This is a personal work designed in my spare time.This work once got an entry to a design competition. Although it was not awarded then, I still think it is a valuable job .

Designer: Hansen Wei


Mouse Pad

DESCRIPTION Nowadays more and more people are depending on computer life,which leads to a huge lack of outdoor exercise,resulting in more or less potential diseases. PULSE TELLS extract the concept of Chinese traditional diagnose method --- BA MAI (feeling the pulse). I borrow the shape of Pulse Pillow to design a mouse pad clip,which is a actually a personal digital sensing device to seize and record the rate of your pulse, Then,it sends the data to your PC via Blueteeth. PULSE TELLS’s exclusive Website will analyze your data when it is uploaded and then give you a health rate,meanwhile,generating a health tip exclusively for you.

Health Tips generated after checking

Click to upload your data and see the results



Pulsing…… Your health rate is

You’d better eat more carrots!

90% 脉 3:16


Click to the Pulse Check Page

Acohol should be hidden ! You haven’t check your body for 2 weeks !

Stop staying up late anymore !

Upload your pulse now!

脉 3:16


脉 3:16


DETAIL: Exclusive Website, System Relationship PULSE TELLS’s website analyses your data and gives you a health tip feed back

脉 Pulse data is sended via Blueteeth

Digital Pulse Pillow

Build Chinese users Pulse database to help get a overview of Chinese’s total health condition.

Upload data to exclusive service website

Personal Computer

Exclusive ServiceWebsite

Users Pulse Data Base

Project 14



“What a mess! “ I always had such complains when I saw various elec-wires huddled together on the socket under my desk in our studio. So to change this situation is always my task. This is a personal work finished in my spare time. It is neither a course task nor a competition work, but a tiny change in our studio.

Designer: Hansen Wei


MATERIALS: Original socket,Screws,Steel Stick,Worn-out Plastics

DESCRIPTION: Since the original socket was located on the floor ,just in front of my feet when I was sitting on my desk, it is very easy that my feet touch wires on the socket and huddle them.So my objective is to erect the socket and set it close to one leg of my desk,hidden under the desktop,out of my sight and my feet’s reach.To accomplish this objective, I specially desighed a little device fixed on a socket’s top,making the socket rotatable and fixable to the destop.Nearly all materials came from worn-out stuff at shool .

Project 15



As a designer, I always had a wish that I can share my PPT with others at any time and anywhere easily without a laptop. This is a personal work finished in my spare time. It is neither a course task nor a competition work, but a tiny change in daily work.

Designer: Hansen Wei



DESCRIPTION: U-Projector is a portable handheld projector with a micro size, and it could be connected with a USB Disk to show any read-only files in it, like a PPT, a JPG Image,or a text of words. U-Projector provides people like designers or business staffs a new style of communicating with others.With U-Projector,they could show their ideas or some important informations at anytime and anywhere,which brings great convenience and efficiency to their daily work.

A Simple Interface

When having a short and informal meeting,laptops are no longer needed,one U-Projector and U disks from each members are completely enough!

Read-only files like PPTs,Images, Texts &Videos could be read and showed by U-Projector.




Rotate the head to power on/off and zoom in/out

NEXT PREVIOUS CANCEL&QUIT USB slot is set in the bottom,suit to any Usb Disks.


To be continued in your school ...

MY PHOTOGRAPHY WORKS: Apart from design, I am also fascinated by taking photos, especially capturing the blinking moment of human, this, however, may originated from my habit of observing people’s behaviors, a typical trait that designers should own.

HansenWei Bachelor Portfolio  
HansenWei Bachelor Portfolio