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Vision To be a market leader in providing satellite based solutions and integrated ICT solutions in Africa.

Mission To provide innovative, timely and cost-effective end to end solutions for broadcasting, data, internet and other related technology services. To be the preferred business partner of our customers and enhance their core business through continuous and reliable support services. To sustain an organizational culture that emphasizes integrity, professionalism and accountability amongst its employees.

Why Alldean? Alldean is a one stop shop for organizations seeking to deploy continent-wide networks and integrated solutions with a cost effective and extremely reliable service. Together with our approved partners across Africa, we handle all issues of supply, licensing, installation and maintenance as a single point of contact. Our services are especially attractive for organizations requiring connectivity in several countries. We provide a range of satellite services from basic Internet connection in remote areas to value added voice and fax services, VOIP, video conferencing and broadcast solutions. Given our vast experience with cutting-edge technologies and system integration, organizations can rely on us to design a complete solution, which includes solar power design and implementation as well as LAN and telephony PABX solutions. Our satellite services provide high-speed connectivity virtually anywhere in Africa. Companies from all over the region have selected us to support their essential WAN requirements because of our unique strengths and quality of service. Alldean is already providing cost effective and reliable services to leading companies and international organizations in more than 12 African countries. Alldean's regional services further extend this coverage around the globe for multinational customers.

More than just connectivity

Alldean helps you achieve maximum network ReturnOn-Investment by providing a full suite of managed network services and bundled value-added services. Alldean works hard to ensure that your applications run over the network and are integrated in a turnkey fashion. Unmatched experience

Alldean has years of experience serving the unique needs of its customers, including some of the continent's largest corporations. A complete range of solutions

From shared VSAT packages for small offices or dedicated VSAT packages for larger enterprises to broadcasting solutions, Alldean can offer service to match your needs and fit your budget. True integrated networks

Alldean offers a complete integrated network solution, merging your satellite and terrestrial links into a single seamless network sharing IP space. You can also use both satellite and terrestrial technologies together for traffic sharing or backup. Sleep easy with Alldean

Alldean offers 24x7 monitoring, network management and analysis services so that you can focus on running your business, not your network.

Our Profile Alldean Satellite Networks (K) Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company founded in 2002 and was the first private VSAT Network Operator in Kenya. Alldean was awarded the Unified License by the communications commission of Kenya in 2009. We specialize in Satellite Technology and service all wide area networking and communication needs of organizations by providing enterprise as well as continent wide turnkey solutions which include; teleport hosting, network design, equipment supply, space segment, data center hosting and business continuity solutions amongst other solutions offered. Our state of the art Network Operation Center (NOC) in Nairobi runs high end automated network management

and monitoring systems which our support team uses to proactively monitor our customers’ networks across Africa on a 24x7 basis. All communication with our support partners in the several African countries covered by our services are coordinated from our NOC in Nairobi, Kenya. Alldean has continuously researched, tested and implemented high quality, affordable and reliable solutions that meet current and future specific customer needs while ensuring a return of value for our customer’s investment. As a result we have built solid partnerships with technology giants such as Gilat, Comtech , Radyne, Harmonic, NewSkies, Idirect, NJRC and many others.

With a keen focus on delivering solutions in the broadcasting, banking and telecoms sectors, we continue to serve the needs of large telecommunication companies, leading television and radio broadcasters, major financial institutions and parastatal in the region. We also provide a range of services to a number of international NGO's spread out across Africa.

Using state of the art satellite networks technology, Alldean provides voice, data and Internet services to customers all over the African continent and beyond. Alldean's WAN connectivity solutions take into account the specific, immediate as well as future customer needs and can be implemented either as primary or backup links. Through our teleport in Kenya and by implementing a wide range of satellite products and solutions, Alldean has over the years provided and continues to deliver reliable WAN connectivity to major banks with branches spread out across Africa and Asia, government parastatal and agencies in Eastern Africa, international NGO's, ISPs as well as SME's. Given our experience with various technologies and system integration, organizations can rely on Alldean to design a complete solution, which includes solar power

design and implementation as well as LAN and telephony PABX solutions. Alldean as a single point of contact can provide you with cost effective and reliable services in Africa. Whether you require a medium sized dispersed network with branches in remote areas, SOHO or an enterprise network that spans across different countries or continents, Alldean guarantees to deliver solutions that meet your needs and return value to your investment.

Business Continuity Solutions Disaster Recovery and Co-location Center

Network redundancy

Your organization's data is a key element of your business and the loss or inaccessibility of that data can have serious repercussions for your business. With this in mind, and in line with Alldean's tradition of delivering solutions, we have invested in a highly secure state of the art Disaster Recovery and Co-location center (DRC). Organizations use our DRC to host their data center and other critical servers. Connectivity between the DRC hosted servers and other servers can be done through terrestrial and VSAT links which are available at Alldean.

We understand that your data network plays a critical role in the running and success of your business and that you require continuous connectivity and redundancy on your network. Alldean therefore offers reliable network redundancy solutions on VSAT and terrestrial networks packaged at an affordable cost. To add value and have greater return on your investment, Alldean's network redundancy solutions can be designed to incorporate delivery of VOIP, video conferencing and digital signage solutions which have in the recent past become a major component of the communication strategy of successful organizations.

Broadcast Solutions Whether your TV or FM station has existed for many years or you have just started a new station, Alldean has the right broadcasting solutions to meet your needs for expanding your coverage in a cost effective manner. Alldean's solutions are designed to enable broadcasters to reach and capture a wider market in Kenya and the greater Eastern and Central African regions.

Alldean's experience and capacity is demonstrated by its long standing relationship with and delivery of broadcast solutions to several media houses in Kenya and other African countries. These solutions include the design, setup and commissioning of broadcasting hubs, signal distribution from its uplink facility, provision of bandwidth on demand for DSNG services and setup of MPEG 4 IP links.

GSM Solutions Using its vast experience in satellite communication technologies, Alldean has, over the years, provided optimized satellite backhaul links for cellular operators in the region thus making it a Carrier of carriers. For cost effective Point to Point, Point to Multipoint or managed hub solutions for larger networks including optimization of those networks, Alldean has the right solution for you.

We have the expertise and capacity to deploy and optimize GSM networks anywhere in Africa within a short time and provide highly reliable and efficient maintenance and support services after the deployment. Our solution includes the complete design of a network comprising of the required link budgets, supply of equipment, system integration, network optimization and provision of space segment.

Turnkey Projects Alldean has implemented numerous complex turnkey projects for its customers. The scope of these projects includes the solution design, equipment supply, system integration and implementation plus ongoing support of the projects after commissioning. Additionally, we also provide training for our customer's technical and non technical teams as required.

Examples of projects implemented include a MPEG4 DVBS2 Broadcast hub in Kenya, a MPEG2 DVBS uplink broadcast hub in Uganda, a VSAT hub and network for Voice and Radar signaling communication for the Aviation industry and a VSAT hub and network for one of Kenya's largest banks.

Alldean guarantees to deliver an all encompassing solution that meets your exact requirement. The scope of our turnkey solutions is designed to ensure you get the maximum return for your investment.

Alldean's state of the art NOC and Earth Station facility center are ideal for teleport hosting services. Our facility is manned 24 x 7 by highly trained engineers. Our unique strengths are: Highly redundant power supply with 3 power generators besides the mains power supply. Highly secure environment with access control systems, electrical perimeter fencing, CCTV monitoring and intrusion detection systems. Spacious facility for hosting your outdoor and indoor equipment. Redundant connectivity links with fiber and microwave links from various providers terminated at our teleport in addition to VSAT connectivity services.

Our Technological Edge


ISO 9001:2008 Certified P.O Box 14400 - 00800 Gen. Mathenge Drive, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: +254-20-344276/3743595/3748732 Fax: +254-20-3740827 Cell-Phone: +254-721-378991; +254-733-328767 Email:

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