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Judy Sahagian, Judy Networks

Jing Jing and David Drake, The Soho Loft and Huffington Post

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Detlef Vormschlag and Faith Consolo, Douglas Elliman

Colin McClive, Detlef Vormschlag and David Drake

of establishing a strategy which begins by choosing a country with potential buyers and to approach our colleagues there who are experts in the sector.

an international level are just some of the success stories thanks to this new way of working.

One of those we approached was the company Douglas Elliman where Mrs. Faith Consolo is known world-wide as “The Queen of the Commercial Department with the most success in the city of New York”. Her clients include Buccelati, Cartier, Ivanka Trump, Versace, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Giorgio Armani, Yves Sain Laurent, Louboutin amongst others. So, together with Faith Consolo and Judy Sahagian we discussed the present state of the real estate sector in both worlds and we kept the door open to future cooperation with European investors in New York and American investors in the Costa del Sol. On the other hand we have exchanged opinions about the global real estate market with Sr. David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital, a network of offices whose headquarters are in London, and where Mr. Drake, a connoisseur of serious investment over the last 20 years, advises various investors on an international level. His companies Soho Loft conferences, Drake Hospitality Group and LDJ Real Estate Group hold 200 conferences a year dealing with real estate investment funds. 

On the other hand, our company is a member of one of the most exclusive real estate compilations in the world which includes the best residential properties. “Who’s who in Luxury Real Estate” is a company which, amongst its many achievements, has created such a professional and attractive website that it was declared the best international website in the world by the Forbes magazine.

Hansa Realty’s idea is to create a commercial strategy whereby the alliance with other real estate companies throughout the world, and the possibility of sharing the experience of each member of the alliance, will result in a complete process of advice which begins at the moment that a buyer thinks of purchase a property. Our company, with its offices in Calahonda, Elviria, Marbella and Sotogrande have a portfolio of top quality properties throughout the Costa del Sol and we are ready to offer them to prospective buyers worldwide. Nowadays networking is a tremendously important tool for the real estate business; getting to know new markets, developing marketing strategies, interacting with prestigious colleagues in the sector and reaching investors at

In Luxury Real Estate each member is individually selected by its Chairman Mr. John Brian Losh on the grounds that the eligible companies must be experienced in the sale of luxury residences and in real estate marketing and must prove to have achieved a high percentage of sales in their area. This exclusive network with elite properties has its main offices in Seattle, United States, where professionals of high standing meet armed with an arsenal of powerful tools and solutions, which allow us to show specific and exclusive properties for sale to qualified buyers on an international level. Launching strategies for expansion in a globalised world, finding American investors and introducing them both to a specific range of residential properties and to commercial assets in the Costa del Sol is one of the projects to be developed during 2016, as well as supporting the businesses that the Company Hansa Corporation has set up in the United States. Thanks to the excellent contacts that were acquired during this trip, the welcome and good will that was accorded to our Company, we are launching a project that will reap its rewards in the immediate future. I will be letting readers know how we are developing a business that involves more than just buying and selling, a business where experience is a must in advising everyone, from the small buyer to the large investor.  hansaestates 51

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Hansa Living Magazine2016  

Life style and the best properties on the Costa del Sol. Hansa Realty keeps you informed about the good life. Edited by Maria Elena Paganini

Hansa Living Magazine2016  

Life style and the best properties on the Costa del Sol. Hansa Realty keeps you informed about the good life. Edited by Maria Elena Paganini