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Raymond Dale Asset Protection Advisors

Providing A Safe Harbor For Your Assets

New Realities-New Horizons Burned by the Financial Markets, disillusioned by Wall Street Scandals, frightened by the uncertainty on the chaotic Geo-Political World Scene, people are looking for asset protection. When such winds of change blow it becomes imperative to make adjustments to your financial course. At Raymond Dale Asset Protection Advisors we have designed strategies that use non-traditional approaches to deliver unique solutions for today’s problems. Planning your own financial security often comes down to the freedom to make choices, but which choices are best for you? The many choices available today allow our clients to take personal control of their financial assets. We help navigate the challenges you face. We are in the Asset Protection Business. We perform Asset Valuations on Real Estate, Mortgage notes,Business and Private Investments. Our valuations are used to establish reasonable values to be used in acquisition and merger negotiations and deal structures. Also, we can provide values for Estate and Income Tax purposes, as well as divorce resolutions. Additionally, we perform valuations for IRA and 401k assets for the purpose of reducing income tax and and administration fees. Our experience includes Real Estate and Business consulting to Private Investors, Banks, Law Firms, Mortgage Lenders, Realtors, and sail Trust Administrators. We identify problems William A. Ward and reccommend solutions. We are ERISA Law Consultants. We perform Probate asset valuations for the courts and conservators. pe

Who I am & What I believe Hello, I am Raymond Dale... Ray to most people. Over the many years I have been a financial consultant, I have learned many things. The most important thing I have learned is that "No one cares more about your assets than you!"

During my career I have overseen the investment of $250,000,000 in Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and Real Estate Portfolios. I served on the Board of Directors of several Securities Firms, and served on the RIA Advisory Board of Charles Schwab & Co. I was a Premeir Consultant with SEI Trust and Asset Mark Investment Advisors. Twenty of these years were spent as CEO of Investment Selection & Management, Inc. My experience during these years of wealth and tax planning, and managing assets for high net worth families and corporate executives, was the guiding light for Raymond Dale Realty & Raymond Dale Asset Protection Advisor's approach to protecting your wealth. That is why I say we guide- you steer.

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"The pessimist complains about the winds; the optimist expects it to change: the realist adjusts the sails." William A. Ward

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At Raymond Dale Asset Protection Advisors we take a team approach to your asset management. We work with your Attorney, CPA, Financial Planner, and Real Estate Broker. We all work toward the common goal of securing your asset safety. Besides protection from creditors, we focus on the maximization of Income & Estate tax benefits and business continuation planning. Through various organizations and educational institutions we have assembled a brain trust of successful partners.

~ We will identify your asset protection strengths and weaknesses. ~An appropriate Asset Allocation will be devised to meet your specific needs. ~A comprehensive plan of action will be developed. ~A compensation quote will be presented. ~You are invited to review the plan with your other advisors. ~A contract is signed. ~The implementation process begins. You are in control every step of the way. ~Ongoing reviews are scheduled to help you stay the course. ~You have complete access to your team at all times. ~Any of your advisors are welcome to attend the consultations.

“We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.� Aristotle Onassis


Raymond Dale

Our Services  ► Traditional Real Estate tax reduction strategies which may include installment sale contracts.

► 1031 tax deferred exchange consultants and facilitators. Exchange property locators. Analysts of Tenants-in-Common securities as qualified exchange properties. ► Private mortgage banking negotiations that are non-recourse loans. ► Management of Self-Directed IRA accounts designed for holding Real Estate and Mortgage Notes. ► Design and management of Client owned LLCs for Traditional IRA accounts for tax strategies, leverage and asset protection. ► Design and management of Client owned LLCs for Roth IRA accounts for special allocation of taxable gain as a tax elimination strategy and asset liquidation strategy. ► Design, implementation and management of Charitable Trusts as an asset liquidation and estate & income tax reduction strategy. This is an asset protection tool. ► Design and management of Private Annuity Trusts for elimination of capital gains on highly appreciated assets without the need of a 1031 exchange. ► Design of Asset Allocation strategies to include Real Estate assets for a balanced and risk adjusted allocation. ► Retirement plan ERISA advisory and design of participant education programs. Phone: 866.936.9922 email: website:

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